The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/8/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

It’s a new day at Brooke’s and she is pouring coffee when Nick slips up on her with the milk, but bends and bites her at the waist. She giggles, and he kisses her hair and gently turns her face so he can kiss her. He asks what’s with the kids, do they sleep all day (hoping)? He kisses her three or four more times and she asks if he can pick up R.J. from Play-Day? At this point, he’d probably agree to anything. His shirt is open and he’s only half dressed so he says he has to go finish getting dressed, would she like to go in together? Lovingly, she says she’d like to but she has something else to do first. But, she does love him, quick kiss, kiss. He slithers up the stairs sort of cock-eyed, amusing as she looks on. Soon as he is gone, she calls her father.

Stephen is in bed and picks up his cell phone from the bedside table. Brooke comes right to the point; she needs to see him. He’s concerned. If it’s about Stephanie, surely she knew that Stephanie would be upset losing control of Forrester, but he says don’t let it disrupt her relationship with Nick. She informs him that it won’t, she’s engaged. He repeats the word ‘engaged’ and thinks that is wonderful. We see a female arm reach over and stroke his chest….and then ask who’s engaged? He tells Brooke he is sure she and Nick will be very happy together. Jackie perks up, “Nicky proposed?” Brooke asks Stephen if someone is there with him? Is that Taylor? Jackie snuggles closer. Brooke says she knows he slept with Taylor. That is what she needs to talk to him about. Nervously, he says he knows. They need to talk so he’ll come see her in a short while. Jackie giggles; she is ecstatic that they are making it official, wonderful news. And everything is finally coming together and not just for Nicky and Brooke, but for her too. And she thanks him for last night and being “a breath of fresh air in my life.” She says she hasn’t felt this good in her life in a long time.

At the hospital, Bridget and Christian chit-chat as they enter the office and he jokes about being assigned to the brightest intern. She yawns and he comments on her pulling a double shift. She remarks she doesn’t have much else doing on in her life. He tells her he thought she was really spending a lot of time with Dante and Dino. She tells him that is over. He’s sorry, they seemed so happy together. She says she was. For a time there, it was the happiest time in her life.

Another couple are also in bed. Felicia watches as Dante awakes. He wakes with a smile on his face and tells her “buon giorno, bella” She kisses him and tells him this is his only chance if he wants to take it back, the proposal, this gorgeous ring. He quips he will. She’s crestfallen until he smiles and says then he’d do it all over again. She gives him a big smile too and says he even wakes up charming. He mentions he didn’t get much sleep last night. She wonders if she has that effect on him and he says yes she does. He states he has spent two nights with her. The craziest two nights of his life. The first night, she conceived their son and the second was when he asked her to marry him. She laughs, boy the pressure is on tonight! He tells her his son is sleeping down the hall and his mother is sleeping next to him. It can’t get any better. She jokes where is his ambition? She thought these bighearted Italians all wanted huge families with kids all over the place. He grins and nods in agreement. They lock up again, ready to go another round.

Bridget tells Christian she thinks they need to drop the subject. He asks if it’s too personal? She says no, just too embarrassing. She confesses she’s been such an idiot. He disagrees. She’s one of the most intelligent people he knows. She says yeah, maybe about science, anatomy or chemistry, but not about love. Definitely not about men. He quips that is a subject nobody masters. She remarks she can’t even get past her ex – and he’s about to marry her mother. And she points out that here she has this amazing, available guy, who moved half way around the world to be with HER and offering her everything she wants – a devoted, loving husband….a happy baby, a happy, stabile, family and she let him go! He surmises that Dante proposed and she said no and now she regrets her decision. She tells him that Dante caught her so off-guard. She didn’t know he was thinking about marriage…..and he had this ring, yet she wasn’t ready. She sighs. He says so she doesn’t regret it? She continues that she thinks she wasn’t ready because deep down she was holding out this hope that maybe her ex and she wouldn’t get divorced. But she knows now, they will never get together. Christian tells her that if Dante loved her enough to propose, he is sure his feelings didn’t change the minute she said no. That seems to brighten her day and she tells him perhaps he is right. Perhaps it is not too late.

Still snuggling in bed, Dante asks Felicia how does she think her family is going to react? She laughs, the way they always do. Their eyes will glaze over and they will nod. He’s worried about her mother since she threatened to deport him. She reminds him that she just didn’t want to see her grandson sucked into a custody battle. But, now that he’s going to be raised by both of his parents, she will love that. He kisses her, but the baby cries and Dante immediately says he’ll get that. She tells Pa Pa to hurry back.

Brooke brings the paper in but is interrupted by Nick as he bounds down the stairs, all bright and bushy-tailed, ready for work. He’d taken time to have a little pre-play date with R.J. and some blocks. She offers so building empires with him is more important than running his own? He answers absolutely….and he has a wish. She asks what is the wish? He replies that he wishes he could marry her right now. He gives her a kiss and she returns with two. She says she wishes that too but pretty soon his divorce will be final and they’ll be able to get married. That’s what Bridget wants and Brooke believes her. And then they will really be able to get down to business. She growls and makes a passing bite at his throat. He laughs – no marks as he pats himself. Then he says – the business, let’s talk about the business! She says he didn’t want her working with Ridge, so she isn’t. Very concerned, he looks at the paper and then tells her then if she is running Forrester Creations, whose idea was this, as he holds out the entire back page of the Style section with Brooke wearing her trashy lingerie. She’s stunned.

Christian counsels Bridget that if Dante is the man she wants, then she has to tell him. But, she is afraid. She refused his proposal, she hurt him. Christian says, “you made a mistake. Apologize. But don’t wait. If you are sure about this, go to him now!” She stammers that she can’t go now, she’s working. But he tells her she will be no good there if her mind is somewhere else. Go ahead, he’ll take care of everything, just go! She grabs and gives him a big hug and rushes out.

Felicia is up and wearing one of Dante’s shirts, standing on the patio admiring her ring. Dante brings Dominick in and she takes the ‘pumpkin’ and starts telling him that his dad is going to make an honest woman out of her. Dante beams that means they are getting married. She acknowledges yes, and it means they will be living together. Then she wonders how Bridget is going to take this? He tells her that she refused his proposal. Felicia says she knows, but that still doesn’t mean she wants him to marry her sister. Dante says Bridget isn’t like that. But, she offers that she’s a woman. She is bound to be a little jealous. He says perhaps, if she was marrying Nick. Felicia asks if Bridget is still hung up on Nick? That’s too bad. He says it is, because she deserves the best. They go indoors and sit down. Felicia says Bridget will find love. Look at her. She was practically dead and now she’s starting a whole new life. Dante says she won’t deny her that. No way. Bridget has one of the most amazing hearts he has ever known. She asks if he will regret he’s not the man to win it? He answers, “look, I will always care for Bridget. But, right now, I don’t regret a thing.” She opines that neither does she. Who would have thought it? After all her bad relationships and screw-ups, she’s finally getting married and starting a family. And she laughs, “and all because I got drunk and accidentally had a one night stand with Mr. Right.” He gives Felicia two kisses and then one to Dino.

Brooke tells Nick that she didn’t authorize that ad. Angrily, he says well somebody did. This has Forrester’s sweaty mitts all over it. Brooke defends by saying Ridge is just excited about the line. And she reminds him it’s just an ad. He counters with Forrester is trying to get her back by bringing up the good old days. And what if this were reversed? He flips the newspaper at her and asks, what if he were the one in the underwear ads? She admits, good point. Okay, okay, she thinks Ridge did cross the line and she will speak with him. But for him not to worry. There’s nothing anyone can do to make her change her mind about Nick. She slips her arms around his neck and tells him to “kiss me, you fool.” As he does, Stephen bursts through the front door. (somebody tell these people there is a cute little invention called the lock and key). Stephen heads straight toward them and congratulates them and he offers a handshake to Nick. Immediately Nick says he’s late for a meeting and he has to go. Stephen seems euphoric, less than 24 hours after getting rid of the Forrester's and things are improving. Nick corrects him that she did NOT fire the Forrester's. Stephen is surprised and wants to know what happened? Brooke says she made a compromise. She is working out of Marone Industries but still running Forrester Creations. Nick tells Stephen don’t bother to argue with her. He gave her a ring, and he still loses. He gives her a quick kiss and says he loves her.

Stephen asks if Stephanie threatened her? Is that the reason she didn’t go through with this? She makes sure Nick is completely gone and then tells her dad that is NOT the reason she asked him here. She scolds – Taylor? He slept with Taylor? What the hell was he doing?

Bridget knocks on Dante’s door, but then goes on in. He is surprised and asks what is she doing there? She replies she had to see him. He thinks that is funny as he was going to come by and see her as well. He has something to tell her. She says she has something to tell him too and she’d better just say it otherwise she may never get it out. And she goes into a long diatribe about how sorry she is and taking their relationship for granted. For being so preoccupied with Nick. How many times he had told her that Nick wasn’t good for her, and he was right. He’d been right about a lot of things, and she wouldn’t listen. She is sorry; she should have been more open and understanding. She is sorry the way she acted and what she put him through. She should have known better. She takes his face and cups it with her hands and kisses him. Trouble is, he doesn’t respond back. Yet she continues. She doesn’t know where this will go, but she really wants to try. “I really want you. I want, you, Dante.”

She starts to kiss him again and he tells her to wait, and he pulls her hands down. There’s something he has to tell her. Her cell phone rings and she is afraid it might be an emergency at the hospital, so she has to get it. It’s a cheerful Felicia. Bridget tells her she is sort of in the middle of something. Can she call her back? Felicia says this will only take a second, she has huge news and she really wants her to hear it from her. She blurts it out, that something amazing happened last night and she’s hoping Bridget can be happy for them. She and Dante are engaged.

Bridget’s feathers fall as she repeats it, ‘engaged?’ She looks at Dante who realizes the gig is up. Felicia gloats that their son is going to grow up with both parents. They are going to be a real family. Bridget is shell shocked, mouth open, eyes tearing up but she tries to mouth a “that’s wonderful” and hangs up.

Brooke continues to harangue her father – him and Taylor? He asks if Stephanie told her? She says of course, and she’s livid about it. Stephen tells her that if Stephanie cared a damn about Taylor, she would have treated her better. Brooke shoots back, the way HE treated her? Seducing her for her 2%? He tells her to stop right there! She says she doesn’t want to hear all the details. She just wants to know that it’s over! He says well it is, and she thinks that is good. He defends further by saying he wasn’t using Taylor. She is vulnerable, but he didn’t take advantage. “She and I shared something real. Or at least I thought it was.” But, it probably smacked of revenge to Stephanie. But, it had nothing to do with the stock. Brooke says with disdain, the 2% stock has caused nothing but problems. Stephen thought she would be pleased. She mouths, “pleased? Ridge, his family and I, were on the verge of a breakthrough. And now Ridge is sending me love letters in the form of ad campaigns and Stephanie is throwing letter openers at my back.” Stephen says he was only trying to help her. Sassily, she tells him she needed his help when she was a little girl, she doesn’t need it now.

She turns to leave as he says there are so many things he needs to make up for. She tells him he can’t. He can’t just waltz back into her life and make things better. He could buy her twelve other companies, but it won’t undo what happened. “Every time you come back into my life, you bring chaos. And I don’t want that.” He tells her he is sorry if he made a mistake. She says no, it was her mistake to think that he could change. He approaches her and challenges that he has changed! She says no. His motives have changed, but the results are just the same. She confesses she doesn’t want him to ruin her life again. She wants him to go. He says okay, but when she calms down…….

She snaps NO! She wants him out of L.A. She wants him out of this city. “And I want you out of my life, FOREVER!”

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