The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/7/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Moments after throwing a dagger (letter opener) at Brooke, Stephanie excessively claims she is sorry, sorry, sorry. Old habits die hard. Brooke cautiously hands her back the potential weapon. For some reason, instead of leaving, Brooke walks back on in. Stephanie says she just wants him to be happy, and she sees that Brooke makes him happy….and she just needs to believe that Brooke wants to be there with them. She softly implores her not to turn away. Don’t run away from them; it’s not too late.

At the beach house, Bridget confides in Nick that she’s really happy for him. Love can be tricky sometimes with her mom, but he seems up to the challenge. And, he should go be with her and not hanging out there with her. He shoots her a look, then gets up and wanders about and tells her not to wait…..he loves her and wants her to be happy. She echoes that she wants him to be happy too. He says he is, but he knows she thinks he’s not. She rolls her eyes and reminds him that sometimes with her mother, it’s hard to see things as what they really are.

At his place, Dante sits and plays lovingly with Dominick on his knee. Felicia is close by and she tells him she wants to be the kind of person that he sees her as. He tells her he remembers everything he said about her – she’s sensitive and loving and a really good mommy. She smiles that he has a good memory. But, she could be a little less impetuous, impulsive, crazy even. He tells her that is the best thing about her. She joins him on the floor and says she is being serious. He fires back, so is he! What better role model? She cares about their son; shows him love and it just so happens that she and Dante are cut from a different cloth. They both agree life would be a little boring without some impulsiveness. And that Dominick is the best thing to ever happen to her. He says for him too! She decides to go put Dominick to bed. Dante stares at a ring box on the table.

Felicia returns and proclaims she thinks Dominick likes it with them being all together; makes him feel good. Dante says he knows family is important. He hands Felicia a drink. She remarks she is sure his family must be ticked at her. She cost them a visit from Dante, but she got that all smoothed out with her mom. No more talk of deportation. He thanks her. And tells her that his family understands the situation. She jokes that she couldn’t let the father of her son be known as a criminal. She really wants her son to get to know his family. He tells her they really are amazing people. She jokes how could they not be? They are responsible for making Mr. Nice Guy. He quips yes they talk about her all the time. Asking what is wrong with her? Why aren’t they married yet? She tells him seriously, it’s nice to know that he cares. He says of course he does. She is the mother of his son. Impulsively, he asks why doesn’t she come to Italy with him, her and Dino? She asks is he sure about this invite? He responds that yes, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked her if he wasn’t sure. Felicia’s mouth widens from a small curve to a great big smile, and a twinkle in her eye. He tells her to say yes, so she does. He gives her a quick, sweet kiss.

Stephanie pleads that she has tried so hard to embrace Brooke and accept her. Why won’t she let her in? Brooke reminds her they’ve been down this road before. Stephanie says she knows, but they are HERE, right now in this moment. And she keeps letting other people influence her. Brooke shouts for her to STOP. If she keeps hearing her say that over and over, her head is going to explode. Stephanie states that Ridge is a proud man, and he’s begged her over and over. And for gosh sake’s, he’s the father of her baby! Brooke says so humility is too much to ask after what he put her through…..after what Stephanie put her through? Stephanie says she has been humble, she’s gone on public record…..what does Brooke want her to do – grovel? First Brooke shouts yes, then she says no, not really. She just wants her to accept the fact that she made a decision that she will work out of Marone Industries. Stephanie holds her hands out and says okay, fine. Just don’t forget about what she is asking. Brooke asks and what about the 2% controlling interest? Stephanie tells her if she won’t make a problem of it, she won’t make a problem out of it. But, she just has to know that Brooke will come back here to Ridge and the family. Brooke asks if she can really trust her? Stephanie replies yes, she belongs here. “We’re your home. Can’t you see that?” She gives her a hug. Ridge walks in and sees a tearful look on Brooke’s face and he approves.

Bridget stands before Nick and touches his hand and simply states that they had something beautiful, didn’t they? He says yes they did. And they always will. He chuckles – maybe he’s the stupid one here. She assures him he’s not stupid. He asks pig-headed? She nods maybe just a little bit. She gets serious and says it’s time to let go. They look deep into each other’s eyes in agreement and she gently glides into his arms and with tears in her eyes, they each give the other a comforting hug…..and then he slips away into the night. She picks up Nicole’s blanket and lovingly touches it to her face and sighs.

Felicia and Dante share a real kiss. She asks if she can tell him something, but she doesn’t want it to go to his head. That night in Nice……she remembers how he kissed her. He responds that he remembers how she kissed him too. He jokes that she left him with a hickey. They laugh and he tells her it was okay because she put it in a place that wasn’t so hard for him to conceal. He then asks if they should be a little impetuous now? She says that sounds good.

He turns his back long enough to hesitate over the ring box. Then turns around and Felicia asks what is that – Bridget’s ring? He grins that she didn’t want it. And look, he knows this is going to sound crazy……She finishes, he wants her to wear it to Italy? His family is old fashioned and it would be easier if they were engaged? Yeah, she can go along with that. Seriously, he says as he shakes his head that he doesn’t want to pretend any more. He wants this to be real. He slowly opens the box exposing a huge vintage diamond ring and asks, “will you marry me?”

Brooke leaves and Ridge proclaims to his mother that seeing her and Brooke hugging…..if he hadn’t seen it for himself…..She says she doesn’t know what Brooke is going to do. He denotes that he can see his mother is trying and he very much appreciates that. She replies she just wants him happy. He says he knows, but he also knows she can’t be too happy knowing Brooke has controlling interest in Forrester Creations. Sarcastically, she says no, she’s not. She confesses that there was a moment when she didn’t know whether she wanted to hug her or kill her. But, she did want Brooke to believe that she was sincere and that they want her back with them. He reminds her that won’t happen overnight. She laments she doesn’t care how long it takes. They just need to convince her that she belongs here with the family.

Brooke is pacing around on the patio, deep in thought when Nick walks up and says hi. Immediately he says he went to see Bridget to make some sense of all of this. He doesn’t want her working with that family! And she opines that she doesn’t want to throw them out of their own company. She tries to explain to him that she’d worked out a compromise. “I will work out of Marone Industries….out of an office there…..running Forrester Creations. Don’t worry, I can handle this. You can trust me.” He offers it is Forrester that he doesn’t trust. She understands that he’s sensitive to Ridge. He states that is not the word he’d use. Brooke says he can’t do anything to her, but Nick argues that he already has! She says in time he will see that she is committed to Nick. Nick says, “Brooke, he is not going to back off. He will do ANYTHING to have you. Now, you have chosen to let them stay….so I guess we’ll see what you really want.” And with that, he walks away.

Felicia says talk about being impulsive – marry him? Dante says look, the best thing that happened to either of them was on impulse – their son - Dino. She asks does he love her? He replies that she has fascinated him ever since he met her. And, she is the mother of his son. So, of course, he loves her! “And you know what? When I see you with my son, my life feels complete.” He jokes that maybe he’s not doing this right. Felicia has sat down by now, so he gets down on his knee. She quips that he is crazier than she is, “you know that……oh God, what a pair we’ll make.” He says they’ll make a family and it’ll be perfecto. And getting very serious he tells her to please say yes. She giggles yes…..”yes, Dante Damiano. Yes, I will marry you.” He beams and says perfecto. He slips the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Ridge tells his mother that none of this matters. He has much bigger plans going on here. She asks – even if Nick pushes her to get married? Ridge implies that the marriage is never gonna happen. But, Stephanie offers that Nick is pretty determined. He tells her that he’s very proud of her new found acceptance of Brooke. But, please, please, please, don’t let all of that frustration and anger come back again. And she warns him not to take all of this sitting down. He says he doesn’t intend to. It’s gonna be months Nick’s divorce with Bridget is final. He holds up a poster of a sexy layout pose and mentions Brooke’s Bedroom, their most profitable line and one that is close to his and Brooke’s heart. She’s his model and his muse. They’ll be spending a lot of time together. He gloats, “by the time this new line shows, I guarantee you, we’re gonna be back together.”

Brooke follows Nick indoors. He’s relaxing on the sofa. She says she knows what she wants. He wants her to be sure. She sits on the coffee table and says she is sure. She wants to marry him and be the mother of his children because she loves him. He tells her he knows what the company means to her. He gets that. She built it. And he does trust her, but he also wants to PROTECT her. And she says he does. Then he says, who is he kidding here? She’s done pretty good for herself all these years. And she adds, and now she has him. He quips yes she does have him! And then he remembers, he almost forgot. He pulls something out of his pocket. Says he picked it up on his way over…..something to match her eyes. He holds up a ring box and asks her to open it.

She does and it takes her breath away – a huge rock. He asks her one thing – at least say she will love and honor. “Cause I know you’re not going to obey.” She giggles okay, and that it was so beautiful. He asks if she’d like to put it on? And she nods. Looking deeply into her eyes, he slips in on her finger and exclaims that what do you know, it fits. He asks how does it feel? She says really, really good. He slides off the sofa and down on his knees and asks, “Brooke Logan, will you be my wife?” She giggles yes, she never thought he’d ask. He kisses her several times and then doing an acrobatic fallback on the couch with her on top, Brooke giggling while kissing at same time.

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