The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/6/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

At Forrester, Stephanie demands Brooke to tell her if she's with her or against her so that they both know where they stand. Stephanie tells her she wants to know so that she can let Brooke know what she is going to do about it. Jackie is surprised when she finds Stephen at her door. Stephen asks if it's a bad time and Jackie jokes that she doesn't have a man in her bedroom. Stephen tells her that he is in no position to pass judgment on her if she did. He then tells her that Eric was a fool not to marry her.

At the beach house, Nick apologizes again to Bridget for dumping his problems with Brooke on her. Nick says that he should get going as Bridget tells him that she believes that her mother was letting go of Ridge for good until he had his heart attack. Nick tells her that he is afraid that Brooke is going to get sucked right back into the Forrester family and asks Bridget what she thinks. Bridget tells him that both Stephanie and Ridge will use his illness to pull Brooke back in, but especially Stephanie. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Stephanie that she sounds as if she is threatening her, but Stephanie tells her that she just wants Brooke to be honest. Stephanie wants to know what more she has to do to prove herself to her. Brooke tells her that she takes back firing them, but she will run Forrester from an office over at Marone. Stephanie tells her that she is letting Stephen and Nick pull her strings and wants to know if Brooke wants to be part of the family.

Jackie tells Stephen that she thinks he is there to celebrate getting Taylor's stock for Brooke. Stephen is modest about it, but Jackie tells him that it was a brilliant idea. Stephen is caught off guard when Jackie asks how he convinced Taylor to give up the stock. Nick sees Nicole's blanket and questions Bridget as to why it isn't over at Dante's. Bridget admits that she is no longer living with Dante and Nick asks what happened. Bridget explains that although Dante was in love with her, she was in love with the idea of raising Dino with Dante. Nick acknowledges that Dante was there for her when she needed him instead of him. Brooke tells Stephanie that she does want to be part of the family, but Stephanie demands to know why she is letting them manipulate her. Stephanie argues that Stephen and Nick are just trying to get back at the Forresters. Brooke is stunned when Stephanie tells her that her father slept with Taylor in order to get the stock from her. Nick and Bridget wonders what would have happened had Nicole lived. Nick tells her that he keeps Nicole's sonogram picture in his wallet and talks to it and Bridget is touched. Bridget tells him that she knows that he still loves Nicole very much and Nick says that he still loves her as well.

Stephen tells Jackie that Taylor wanted to sever all ties with the Forresters and after the way Stephanie betrayed her, he didn't have to try to hard to convince her. Jackie is curious about the warm way he talks about Taylor, but Stephen tells her that he is there to celebrate so she runs off to get a bottle of champagne. Stephanie tells Brooke that she just left Taylor's and that she and Stephen did not deny sleeping together when she accused them. Brooke is unconvinced so Stephanie admits that they did not confirm it either but it's not impossible. Stephanie accuses Brooke of being part of her father and Nick's vendetta against the Forresters. Brooke tells her that she wants to run the company with her, Ridge and Eric. Stephanie says that if that's true, Brooke shouldn't have a problem giving the stock back to her. Brooke says that if Stephanie trusts her to do what's best for the company, why would she want to take the stock back from her. Stephanie tells her that it's Stephen and Nick she doesn't trust and tells Brooke that she has to choose if she's with her family or not. Jackie and Stephen toast to Stephen's success in securing control of Forrester for Brooke. Jackie admits that she would like to get to know Stephen better and the two kiss.

Bridget apologizes for crying over the memories of Nicole in front of Nick. Nick tells her that he knows she is tough and she tells him that he should go. Nick sees a copy of Wuthering Heights that Rick read from at their first wedding. Nick tells Bridget that he really had wanted their marriage to work. Bridget tells him that maybe it will happen for her again someday.

Brooke tells Stephanie that Nick and Stephen don't control her. Stephanie tells her that she can give her all the love and approval she has been seeking her entire life. Stephanie tells her again that her perspective changed after Ridge's brush with death. She warns that if Brooke doesn't choose their family she will lose her one chance to have her love. Steph picks up the phone and demands that Brooke call Nick and tell him that she is not going to run Forrester from a Marone office. Brooke tells her that she cannot do that for her. Steph begins to lose it and lashes out at Brooke telling her "you can't do this for ME ??! Think of what I've done for you ! I've given you half of this company, are you going to stand here and throw it back in my face ?? You're going to tell me that you are going to run this company from somewhere across town ?? I'm NOT going to let that happen !" Brooke picks up her things and walks towards the door as Stephanie yells "I have offered you every single thing you have ever wanted, EVERYTHING and what have you offered me in return ? a KNIFE in the BACK !" Just as Brooke reaches the door Steph hurls a letter opener, missing Brooke by inches ! As Brooke stands there in horror and disbelief, Steph stalks over to her and yells in her face "You BETRAYED me, you've hurt me and betrayed me and you've hurt this family over and over again and I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU DO IT AGAIN, I'M NOT !!!"

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