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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Forrester, Nick questions Brooke that she can’t fire the Forrester’s? She still wants to be part of them? She tells him she knows he has his concerns, but she is the only one who can know what she has to do. He argues that she has complete control of Forrester Creations. And it is her lifelong dream. She can have it ALL. “You just can’t have me…..and be a Forrester.” Ridge is smugly looking on.

At Dante’s studio, he confronts an overly friendly Christian and Felicia draped all over him. Christian tells him he thinks there’s been a little misunderstanding here. Dante says he’ll throw him out himself if he has to. Christian stands and says he will leave when Felicia asks him to. Dante reminds him that it is HIS studio. Christian asks, “and your woman?” He glances at Felicia but doesn’t answer. She dismisses Christian for the moment. Turning to Dante, she says, “wow, and here I thought the caveman was extinct.” He points his finger at her and tells her not to make a joke. She asks what is she supposed to do? He swaggers in there like a cheap Italian John Wayne and throws a perfectly nice guy out of the room….a guy that actually might be interested in her. Which she should mention that he isn’t, and then she shouldn’t mention that his behavior is freaking bizarre? He bellows why does she make it so hard for people to care about her? She asks does that mean that HE cares about her?

At Taylor’s, Stephanie apologizes, saying this is all her fault. When Ridge left her, she just didn’t realize how vulnerable Taylor was. Otherwise, she knows she wouldn’t have said all those things to her if she hadn’t been in so much pain herself. Stephen speaks up and tells her to wait a minute – now Stephanie is the victim? Stephanie points at him and tells the loser that he is responsible for all of this and he can’t come back here and think he’s going to get back at her and her family. He’s poisoned Taylor’s mind against her. Taylor yells that HE didn’t betray her. Stephanie argues that he USED her. She’s Ridge’s wife and he’s the father of her worst enemy. Can’t she figure out what he’s done here? Standing by Taylor’s side, he tells Stephanie that Taylor’s life is no longer any of her business.

Bridget waters the plants and flowers on her porch. Ridge’s words echo in her mind. “You know if Nick and your mother are having problems now, that relationship isn’t going to last.”

Nick whispers to Brooke that he knows how hard this is for her….her history with this family…..this business…..but she can not have a life with them and a life with him. Unless she has changed her mind about them. She replies no. She tells him she does want to make things work, “for you and me.” But, she also wants to make things work for Ridge’s family. She realizes Nick doesn’t want her to work closely with Ridge; she understands that. But, she has been thinking about this and she really thinks she has found a way this can work. She can still be CEO and never see Ridge. Nick looks at her incrediously. She offers that she can run Forrester Creations from Marone Industries. She’d have an office right next to his. Doesn’t he see? This could work out for everybody. Again, Ridge hasn’t spoken but he hasn’t taken his eyes or smug look off of them.

Dante laments that he wasn’t gone two minutes and she threw herself at another guy. She differs that she just wanted to have a little fun. He shouts – fun? If he hadn’t shown up, she would have had the guy right there. What was she thinking? She fires at him, “excuse me Grandma Damiano, but you didn’t have a problem with my thinking when I took you home and had sex and didn’t even remember your name!” Angrily, he asks who says he didn’t have a problem with that? And why does she always have to act like a slut? She accuses him that is a nice thing to say about the mother of his son. He wants to shake her as he grabs her and asks her doesn’t she get it? She’s better than that!

Stephanie tells Taylor that Stephen came after her for one reason and one reason only – the stock. Oh, she adds – and a little sex, which is like sticking it to Ridge twice. Never in her life did she think Taylor would be so STUPID for falling for something so obvious. She then implores Taylor to save what self-respect she has and give her back her stock.

Nick looks doubtful but Brooke continues that she doesn’t actually have to be here to run Forrester. He doesn’t like the fact that Ridge will still be in her life. She reminds him that both Eric and Ridge ARE Forrester Creations and it would be morally wrong to fire them, not to mention bad business. Losing the two lead designers would send the clients into a panic and the company into a tailspin.

Finally, Ridge speaks. He walks over and says that is why she is CEO of the company. She is able to see past all the garbage and do what is best for the company. She asks if Ridge can do the same? Can he do what’s best for the company? Respect her and her future with Nick because she is doing what is best for his family. “But, I could change my mind in a second, and don’t think I won’t.” With hesitation, she says if he doesn’t mind, she’d like some privacy while she packs up her things. Ridge replies, “as you wish.” When he leaves, Nick says he doesn’t like it. But, Brooke says it has to be this way. She tenderly holds him by both shoulders and tries to explain that she does love him and wants to make a life with him, but she can’t do something that she really doesn’t believe in. Not even for him! On the surface, he seems to accept that and says guess she wouldn’t be the woman he loves if she did.

Dante sits Felicia down and argues why does she do this? She is a walking contradiction. She wants people to care about her, become close to her and then she pushes them away, scaring them away by doing something like this. Why? And she’s a grown woman; he knows what she is doing. She replies maybe that is just who she is. He asks does she even know who that is? Because he doesn’t think she’s this perfectly dangerous, hurtful person she claims to be. He tells her he thinks she is this smart, intelligent, loving, caring woman. She sheepishly says she didn’t mean to hurt him. He scolds her that she hurt herself most of all. And this has got to stop. She can’t keep throwing herself away. She has to see herself for who she is! The way he sees her; the way their son sees her. Can she do that? She wipes the tears away.

Stephen smiles as he says he is afraid what Stephanie is asking isn’t possible. He’s already assigned those stocks over to Brooke. Stephanie turns to her and says the lawyers can fix this. Just tell them she was drinking. Stephanie asks her to ask Stephen to leave; she doesn’t think they should be in the same room. Taylor replies she is right, she doesn’t think the two of them should be in the same room. She looks toward Stephen, but then asks Stephanie to leave. Stunned, Stephanie asks if she is going to side “with this bum?” Taylor asks if that is the way she sees it? Everybody who isn’t a Forrester? People she has nothing to gain from? Stephanie says Taylor knows that is not true. Taylor says what she does know is that she fought like hell to live….to come home….to be with her family who she knew would walk through fire with her. People who she knew would look after her and protect her.

She spits, “THAT is the family I thought I had, Stephanie.” And she says she only sold 2% because apparently that is all Stephanie thought she was worth. Why doesn’t she go talk to the person who she thought was worth half of everything she owns? She respects Brooke; she admires her. She is sorry she deprived Ridge of all her love all these years. And that makes it okay because she tells her that she thinks she understands because Taylor was probably just drunk. And that’s the way to get back into her heart. She looks her in the face and declares that Stephanie is selfish…and narcissistic and dangerous. And Taylor feels like a fool because she didn’t see it a WAY long time ago. She really snaps as she points her finger and tells Stephanie she doesn’t want to see her anymore. She doesn’t want to ever look at her again! Without a word, Stephanie assesses the situation and walks out. Taylor sits down and dissolves in tears. Stephen tries to quietly comfort her.

Nick sneaks up on Bridget still on the porch and she asks is he alright? He seemed really upset on the phone. He says well things have changed. And he wanted her to be the first one he talked to about it. He starts with that her mother now owns 52% of Forrester stock. She didn’t know this, only the 50%. He explains that Taylor sold him her 2% and they did that to protect her mother. She voices her opinion that she thought it was wrong for Brooke to work at Forrester Creations. He says it’s insane. And she says it might have worked in theory to fire Eric, Ridge and Stephanie, but her mother would never do something like that. He explains that she wants to run Forrester from Marone Industries, but those people will still be in her life! She sits beside him and asks how does he feel about that? He admits he feels a little lost.

Brooke is packing up some boxes and she lovingly holds a framed photo of her and Ridge and the kids. He knocks on the opened door and comes in saying he really likes her style –finding a way to let Nick down easy. He says he wishes she was going to be working there with him, but he’ll take what he can get when he can get it these days. But, he admits that some things just can’t be done by the phone – like picking fabric and last minute things. And though he knows her body pretty well, there’s the Bedroom Line……She tells him to stop. He has to respect her relationship with Nick. He tells her what she did today, for the company and the family, that is the woman he loves. “That’s why you’ll always be my Logan.” He reaches in and picks up the photo she just boxed and tells her she already has determined their future. All that is left is playing it out.

Felicia softly tells Dante she doesn’t know what he wants. He goes and sits beside her and says he doesn’t need much. But, he just needs some time to get to know her better without complications like this……finding a stray doctor in the neighborhood in bed with her. Sleeping around isn’t going to make her feel any better. She replies, “ya think?” He admits he thinks that’s what happened to him when their son was conceived. She says no one has ever talked to her like this before. She smiles as he quips that perhaps she just hasn’t ever found that cheap, Italian John Wayne until now. They both laugh and he beckons her to come and she lays her head on his broad shoulders.

With some reflection, Taylor tells Stephen that what happened between them was very nice but it has to end here. He remarks that Stephanie got to her, didn’t she? She says it would be nice, but he’s Brooke’s father and with that history…….He says they all have baggage. She asks if they can be friends? He jokes, “no goodbye kiss?” He walks to the door, but then comes back and does give her a hearty goodbye kiss and winks at her as he leaves.

Nick leads Bridget inside the beach house and spouts that her family – they should lock them all up and throw away the key. The trouble is they would probably find a way out or her mother would let them out. He paces and finally says he’s sorry. He didn’t mean to come here and dump on her like this. He asks why did she ever put up with him anyway? After a long hesitation, she approaches and says she just wants what is best for him and she thinks he will figure that out.

Stephanie rushes back to the office and bursts in on Brooke and says she just came from seeing her father and it is absolutely clear, she gestures, what is going on here. She says Brooke’s behavior this morning – she knew it wasn’t her. It’s the two of them. Brooke wonders who? Stephanie replies Stephen and Nick. And she goes further by saying she has placed herself in a very vulnerable position because she has done what she thought was the right thing. And now they are trying to seize this opportunity to destroy her. But, she thinks they made a miscalculation by underestimating Brooke. “If you stand with me, we can stop this. I believe my trust in you is not mistaken. Are you with me or against me? What’s it gonna be?"

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