The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/2/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke has just told the Forrester’s that they are fired. Eric is outraged while Ridge scoffs, he can’t believe it. She tells them she is sorry. And Stephanie is appalled that Taylor turned her stocks over. Brooke amends it by saying actually she sold them. Stephanie asks if to her father and Nick? Then she owns the majority interest? Eric adds – total control! Brooke says this is NOT what she wanted. Ridge stands up and asks why is she doing this? Why is she letting her father and Nick control her?

In Nick’s office, Jackie asks him if he thinks that Brooke can really fire the Forrester’s? Nick laments because she knows it is the right thing to do. She wonders if it is legal? He answers he had it checked; it is legal. She thinks it is a real coup, now 52%, and Stephen made it happen. He’s a good man she coos. Amazing really. Nick picks up on that and asks what does she mean by amazing? She ducks out of it, but he hounds her again, what does she mean by that?

Stephen shows up at Taylor’s door. She tells him that she was expecting him. He smiles and asks did she find his watch? She remarks yes, right where he left it. He spies the floral arrangement from the door and walks on in asking if that was the flowers he sent her? She replies it is. Still a little awkward, he remarks that she still has doubts how Brooke’s father and Ridge’s ex-wife ended up in bed together? He quips for her to get out of her head to which she says that is easier said than done. She tells him again that really wasn’t her. He remarks whoever it was, was a very special woman. She tells him he is a very charming man. He brings up his watch and she sends him upstairs to fetch it while she makes coffee.

At Dante’s studio, Felicia walks around draped only in a sheet as she is admiring the sculpting. Dante comes in with a rather sad look on his face when he sees her. She assumes the position right quick when he wants to get working. She surmises he is mad at her for what she said to Bridget the other night. He says she didn’t need her to say anything. She fires back that somebody had to; he’d been put on hold for months. He tells her not anymore; it’s all over. She gets up and confronts him and asks does he want to talk about it? Sullenly, he says no. He wants her to remove the sheet and them get back to work.

Brooke denies that Nick is controlling her even if Ridge thinks she is doing something she doesn’t want to do. It’s important to their future. Stephanie asks just because Nick is insecure, they are supposed to walk away from the company they created? Eric states this isn’t just some business here or some livelihood. She says she understands. It’s just that she has no choice! Eric demands that of course she has a choice. Stephanie argues that of course she had a choice. They all have choices. She chose to accept her. She chose to give her HALF of everything they have. Ridge points out this just isn’t her. Her father and Nick are using her just to get revenge. She denies it is about revenge. Eric asks then why? What is it about? Fiery, she tells Stephanie that Nick doesn’t believe her change of heart is real. It is only a matter of time before she will turn on her again. Shell shocked, Stephanie asks her what does SHE think? Ridge asks them to give him a few moments with Brooke. But, Stephanie continues that she was trying to make amends. She has taken responsibility for the mistakes she has made in the past concerning Brooke. She almost lost Ridge concerning what she’d done to Brooke. Does Brooke think she’s going to forget that? Brooke states that she doesn’t want to just be tolerated because Ridge almost died. Stephanie vigorously points that of course she doesn’t. She wants to be accepted and respected. And loved….and she deserves nothing less than that! Watching Brooke get misty-eyed, Stephanie continues that it has taken her a long time to get to this place, but she does have a choice. She states that Brooke is a strong woman so she doesn’t know what all of this is about. Stephanie says she is going to trust Brooke to do the right thing. To tell her father and Nick that she won’t have any part of this! “You’re family. Why can’t you see that?” Brooke’s tears flow as Stephanie gives her a big hug.

Nick won’t let Jackie off so easy and continues to ask what does she find so amazing? She wiggles around it by saying Forrester Creations without the Forrester’s, that is amazing. He defends his position by asking why? Plenty of fashion houses change hands. She remarks yeah, usually when someone dies. He adds or gets fired. He laments that Brooke is like quicksand. Every time he pulls her out, the Forrester’s suck her back in. And he just wishes once that she would trust to take his hand. Jackie tells him perhaps he ought to check on Brooke. He glances at his watch and says yes she should have been back by now. Jackie asks if her father is with her? He quips, “yes, Mr. Amazing. And what is that all about?” She answers for him to check on Brooke. He asks if she will walk out with him. She agrees to if he’ll ask no more questions.

Dante sculpts in silence until Felicia asks if he is ever going to forgive her? He replies there is nothing to forgive. She opines she can’t help it; she just says what she is thinking. Some people find that refreshing. He asks her to remain still please. She states Bridget can’t help it either. She still has feelings for Nick. He puts his tool down and says he can’t do this; he’s just not in the mood. She asks if she should leave? He says he doesn’t know. He just needs a minute or two by himself.

Taylor brings two cups of coffee back and hears the doorbell ring. She goes to the door and Stephanie glares at her and barges on in, despite Taylor saying she doesn’t have anything to say to her. Stephanie accuses her – she’d sold the stock she’d given her – to Brooke? Taylor replies yes – to her father. Stephanie states Taylor has destroyed their friendship and the ENTIRE relationship she had with this family. She says if anybody had ever told her that Taylor was capable of this, he would have spit in their face. Angrily, Taylor retorts that all she wanted was to be free of her, all of them! And for Stephanie to stop over-reacting! Stephanie contends that Brooke has control of the company now. Taylor declares she is sure she will use it wisely. There is such a big LOVEFEST over there now. Stephanie tells her that Brooke fired them.

When there is no verbal response, it hits Stephanie and she accuses Taylor of knowing already. “that’s why you gave her the stock……so she could do the dirty work.”

Alone with Ridge, Brooke tells him she knows what he is thinking. That this is all some elaborate scheme. He says payback for all the mistakes he has done to her? She asks is that what he thinks? He admits no, he doesn’t think this is her at all. She says she is not doing this to punish him. He contends he doesn’t think she wants to do this at all! She simply says she has to. He asks why? When did she start taking orders from Nick? She just wishes he could look at it from Nick’s point of view. Ridge maintains that Nick is afraid of him. He’s afraid of what they have always meant to each other. Straight forward, she says she loves Nick and they are going to be married. Surprised, he muses she wants to spend the rest of her life with an angry, vindictive, control freak? She denies that is who he is. Ridge tells her that she loves this company. She loves this family, who by the way is HER family…..and Nick is just using what happened between them to keep them apart. “He knows I didn’t rape you.” She remarks he can’t get past it. He asks if she really wants Forrester without the Forrester’s? Ridge implores her to get rid of both Nick and her father, and come back to him. They are as close as they have ever been to having everything they’ve ever wanted. Nick walks in and slams the door. The brothers have a stare down.

Felicia feels a touch on her shoulder and turns to find a smiling Christian. He remarks that he called her house and Rene said she might be here……..interesting outfit as he looks her up and down. Very Venus di Milo. He asks what’s going on here? She fills him in that Dante has an exhibition coming up soon, and she’s posing. She sits back in position. He tells her he thought maybe they could go to lunch….you know, as friends. She remarks except that she’s not hungry…..for food. Slyly, he asks then what is she hungry for? She grabs him by the arm and pulls him down to her and smothers him with a loving kiss.

Stephanie reminds Taylor that she came to her home to give her back the stock. What happened? Taylor remarks that she SLAPPED her! Stephanie grits her teeth and says she’s lucky she didn’t kill her after the things she said to her. Taylor laments now there’s a mark of true friendship – kill her? They go at it tooth and nail and Stephanie ends by saying obviously her drinking problem is a little more serious than she’d realized. Taylor marches to the door and tells Stephanie to get out!

Stephen comes down the stairs and wants to know what it going on? Stephanie shoots a shocked look at Taylor and says, “you tell me.”

Nick walks toward Ridge and vows that Brooke isn’t changing her mind. Ridge gloats, “why because you’re here to make sure she doesn’t?” And that firing the people who made this company doesn’t make any sense. And Brooke doesn’t like to be told what to do. And why is she looking at Nick? Because he has to tell her what to say? And he fires at Nick that she doesn’t want to be here without the family. Nick states that Thorne can stay. He has no issues with him, and he can represent Ridge’s interest. Ridge scoffs that Thorne isn’t going to want to stay. Sarcastically, Nick asks why? He’s so loyal? Why they have treated him worse than they have treated Brooke. Ridge confronts him. So he’s going to make it all right now to Thorne and Brooke, her father and all the little people they have trampled over the years? Nick says Brooke is going to make it right. Ridge offers she wouldn’t even be doing this if he hadn’t given her an ultimatum. Nick bellows that Brooke doesn’t TRUST him, any of them. And THAT is why she is doing this, so if he wants to blame anybody, blame himself. He brushes past Ridge and tells Brooke for them to go get some lunch while Ridge packs.

Ridge says he’s not going anyplace. Nick snaps – does he want to be dragged out? “We’re done with you. ALL of you!” Smugly, Ridge looks at Brooke and asks is that true? Why doesn’t she tell him what she really needs?

With Felicia coming on pretty strong to him, Christian pulls away and remarks as much as she’s enjoying this, why the change of heart? She responds with practically climbing all over him with another soulful kiss. Dante comes him and tells him to get his hands off of her. He’s scowling, Christian is grinning.

Stephanie asks what is Stephen doing there? Arms folded, Taylor says she doesn’t have to explain anything to her. Slyly, Stephanie says no she doesn’t…..but Brooke’s father? Taylor tells her that her private life is NONE of her business. Stephanie remarks that she had really stepped down to the gutter. Stephen starts to intercede and says that’s it, she’s outta there. She stops him and tells him not to lay a finger on her or he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. He remarks that she’d like to think that, but she and that excuse for a husband of hers think they still have that kind of power, but they don’t. “It’s over. You’re out on your collective behinds.” She states that he’s waited a long time for this. And if he’d exhibited this kind of passion when he was courting Beth, she might have actually found him interesting.

He smarts that him, Taylor and Nick and Jackie all have something in common. It’s Stephanie and her abuse and manipulation. And he smiles, “and we’ve all had enough.” She mocks that he’s put on quite a campaign to get them all to join his little team. “I have a newsflash for you, Stephanie. It didn’t take that much convincing.” She hits below the belt and makes a remark about Taylor and Taylor tells her that’s it. Stephanie eyeballs Stephen and quietly tells him he’s taken advantage of Taylor, “you sneaky son of a bitch.”

Nick tells Ridge that he knows how Brooke feels. She feels abused and violated. Ridge asks is he using Brooke to fight his own battles now? Nick states he is protecting her. Ridge wants to know from what – her own heart? She loves them, they love her. Nick swings around and tells Brooke they have to stay the course. Ridge asks why can’t he see what he is doing to her? Nick challenges her, they have to end this. She can do this. That man has done nothing but hurt her. Ridge maintains that he loves her. His family loves her and this is what they’ve always wanted, right here and now. And all she has to do is make a decision. She says she knows. Nick reminds her that she MADE the decision this morning. She tells Nick she knows he wants what is best for her, but Ridge is right. Forrester Creations isn’t just a company. “It’s a family…….and I want to be part of that family.”

Feeling victorious, Ridge exclaims to Nick, ‘well, there you have it, pal.” Looking dejected, Nick approaches Brooke and tells her they agreed to keep this company, but not with THEM. She can’t have it both ways, and he doesn’t feel he’s being unreasonable. Ridge tells him the decision has been made – get out! Nick tells Brooke that if she stays, she does it without him. So, what’s it gonna be? She replies that she knows he told her to fire Eric, and Stephanie and Ridge, but she can’t. She told him she would, but she can’t. As Ridge smugly looks on, and Brooke’s tears begin to fall, she says,

“I’m sorry.”

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