The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/30/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Forrester’s, Brooke is the most shocked and surprised person in the room when Nick informs them that Brooke will accept being CEO of Forrester Creations. She’s in charge; she runs the place. She pulls him aside and asks him if he’s sure? He tells her to forget what he previously said. She is what made this company what it is today and he can’t take that away from her. Nobody should! He wants her to be happy. She beams and gives him a big hug. Ridge looks on with a hint of jealousy and skepticism on Eric and Stephanie’s part. Nick says he has to go, and she stops him to give him another big hug and kiss, telling him he won’t regret this. He tells her to go take charge.

At the guest house, Dr. Chris is attending Felicia. She pulls her blouse aside for him to listen to her heart and then gives a big heave before he even asks her to breathe in. Then she flirts and warns him that no, he’s not going to touch her skin until that thing is warmed up. She grabs the stethoscope and puts it to her mouth and blows hot air on it looking at him with a devilish twinkle in her eye. Then she takes it and puts it deep down on her chest, not taking her eye off of him. He takes it and asks her to breathe deep and then twice. She asks if it tells him what she is thinking? He flashes his dimples and says it only listens to her heart…..excellent. When he’s done, she asks for the prognosis. He teases by saying – not good. When she’s alarmed, he tells her that he’s afraid she no longer needs her physician living under the same roof. He says her recovery is solid and he knew she could do it. She’s thrilled. There’s a long, pregnant, pause as they gaze at each other and finally he says she can tie her blouse now. She laughs and asks does she have to? He tells her he’s going to miss her.

He lingers a bit and she confronts him and asks what is it? He remarks that every since he was little he wanted to be a doctor. He hated to see people sick. But, since then it seems all he has been doing is studying, working and never looking up. People just sort of became organisms. Not her, he learned a lot from her. And not just as a patient, but her, as a woman. It reminded him of what it is to really care. She broadcasts a big smile.

Ridge tells Brooke that enough with the suspense already, make it official. She almost busts a seam when she proclaims that she accepts their offer as CEO of Forrester Creations. Eric shouts bravo and they all, including Stephanie, clap their hands. Eric gives her a big hug as does Stephanie, who tells her this is a new beginning, she will see! Ridge tells her she is home at last and she chuckles as she glides into his arms for a congratulatory hug.

Nick steps off the elevator at Marone Industries and rushes into his office. Stephen is waiting. Nick tells him he just agreed to let Brooke be CEO at Forrester, so he’d better have what he says he has. Stephen flashes the document at him saying it’s Taylor’s 2% signed over to Brooke. Nick grabs it, looking it over quickly and announcing that now Brooke has controlling interest. Stephen confirms, yes, now she won’t have to choose between him and the company. She has both. Nick picks up the phone and calls his attorneys. He tells Stephen that if this is legit, then he’s done something amazing. He’s given his daughter a great gift – freedom. Freedom from that Forrester family once and for all.

Christian explains that he moved in with her, took her mother’s offer to live with her, not because of her liver, but because of who she was. She jokes that he barely knew her. She was just an organism to him. He says he had the video from her mother. She quips that even so, trust her, those were her best moments. If she included the bad ones, not only would she be lucky enough to get an R rating, but it would take him years to watch. He says it did show him who she was. And he found time to watch late at night. She says she likes the sound of that. He remarks that he’s being serious and she’s making jokes. She says she has to. Either she jokes or she will blush. He says he likes her jokes, and he’d like to see her blush. She asks is it pretty much her, or does every woman quiver when he touches their scar? He starts to answer and she interrupts and tells him not to answer that. And that she’s really surprised that while they were living under the same roof she had done no more than kiss him that one time. She’s very direct. She tells him she doesn’t know where things stand between Bridget and Dante. But, if there’s a chance that Dominick could be raised by both parents……. He understands…..Dominick deserves that. She grins that she’s not saying that is going to happen, but she really feels like she has to try. They keep looking at each other and finally she tells him he’d better get out of there…….before she does something impulsive. He says he is going, but there’s something she should know. He’d really like to stay.

Seated, with everyone watching, Brooke signs some papers making it official. Ridge opines that it feels good, doesn’t it? She replies yes indeed. She came here thinking she would be returning the stocks and turning down the offer of CEO. Eric asks her what changed her mind? She replies Nick. Stephanie offers that he did seem to suddenly to have a change of heart. Ridge adds that he wanted her to say no and walk out on all of them? And she agreed, because Nick means that much to her. Ridge wonders what made him change his mind? Eric takes her left hand and says it doesn’t matter. All he cares about is that she is back where she belongs. She thanks him. Likewise, Ridge takes her right hand and says, “and that goes for me too, Logan. All that matters is that you are here.” Brooke beams like a Cheshire Cat. Only Stephanie shows a slight sign of a doubting eye.

Nick espouses to Stephen that when the Forrester’s find out about this, they are going to fight it. It HAS to be ironclad. It can not be contested. Stephen tells him he spoke with his attorneys before he even talked to Taylor. Nick asks if the last time he mentioned Taylor, she was hanging onto her stock. What happened? Stephen explains that was her intentions. But, Nick knows Stephanie. She’s never wrong and she had to make Taylor see things her way. Well, now Taylor knows exactly who she is. Things got heated and Stephanie slapped her. Nick says ouch, big mistake. Stephen replies yes, with epic proportions.

The attorneys knock and come in. Nick informs them that he wants them to go over the papers and see if they are valid. And check the Forrester By-Laws and make sure there is nothing to prohibit this sale or transfer of stock. Turning to Stephen, he confides that he knows what this means if this is legitimate? It means the Forrester’s, the company….….its all over. They’re finished.

As the attorney’s huddle, Nick tells Stephen there is something he doesn’t understand. Taylor could have been part of this but she sold her stock instead. Why would she do that? Stephen replies that what he saw as justice, she saw as revenge. Either way, she was through with the Forrester’s once and for all. And maybe that is for the best. He knows how much she loves Forrester Creations. Nick remarks that he doesn’t want to see her get hurt again. He tells Stephen he doesn’t want to see her disappointed again by those same people – Eric, Stephanie and Ridge! He gives a smile of satisfaction when Stephen tells him that when Brooke is in charge, her first order of business can be to fire Eric, Stephanie and Ridge.

Nick asks the attorneys what is the word? One says that Forrester’s is a privately owned company whose stock can be sold. The other one says there is nothing in the By-Laws to prevent it, providing the signature on this agreement is authentic. Stephen provides that – he saw Taylor sign it. So they tell them that Brooke is the new majority stockholder of Forrester Creations and has irrevocable control of the company….providing the agreed upon amount is deposited in Taylor Forrester’s account. Nick tells them, “you boys go do that. Actually…….. double that amount.” Stephen and Nick both give each other a satisfied grin. Stephen says he is a very generous man. Nick replies, “sometimes.”

Eric tells Brooke that they will have all of her stuff moved up there by the end of the day. She refutes that by saying it SHOULD be his office. He differs, saying the change has done him good. He’s had his turn up there, now it’s hers. Stephanie pipes in that he’s right. And she tells Eric that he’s being very gracious, and gives him a peck on the cheek. It should be Brooke’s office and she suggests they leave.

Brooke’s mouth is still almost agape, she isn’t believing this is going so well. But, she gives a jubilant okay. Ridge wants to follow through with all their plans and possibilities, like their bedroom line, the biggest re-launch in history. Eric says not to get ahead of themselves too much; there might still be SOME resistance. Stephanie knows he is speaking about her and she gestures that look she already said the company is headed in a new direction, and the bedroom line is fine with her.

Thorne and Darla walk in about now and he can’t believe what he just heard. Eric announces it’s true, it’s a done deal. Brooke is the new CEO. Thorne goes to her and congratulates her, he couldn’t be happier. He gives her a big hug, followed by one from Darla as well. Thorne tells them the rumors are flying everywhere. Ridge maintains they are going to have to make a formal announcement now. Brooke agrees and Thorne tells them the press has been camped outside the building ever since his mother made the offer. Brooke gushes so much to do, while Ridge says, “fun, fun, fun.” She admits it’s the best because she feels like she is back where she belongs. Only this time it’s much better. Better than she ever imagined because she gestures, “I now have your acceptance.” Stephanie chuckles that it’s a new beginning, not just for all of them, but the company, the family. She walks up to Brooke and looks her in the eye and says she IS part of the family. “Let’s just never forget that.” The women hug.

Felicia helps Christian with his bags and says she would tell him she hates to see him go…….He remarks he’d believe her, but he’s taken a job in the University Hospital, so he’ll still be in town. She says they will be so lucky to have him. Seriously, he tells her she’s doing the right thing thinking about her son….a chance with Dante. She asks if he has a place to stay and he replies yeah with his brother until he finds his own place. She quips he’d better be careful. Fireman can get you in a lot of trouble. He says okay, he’ll keep that in mind…….and why does it feel like he’s walking out on the best thing that ever happened to him? She flirts by saying, “trust me, you’re better off without me. I am just a messed up naughty girl who’s full of contradictions. You are this straight-laced doctor.”

He grabs her suddenly and kisses her. “Who happens to be the greatest kisser.” Shyly he remarks the best in his class. She holds him around the neck, looking deep into his eyes and purrs, “father of my child or a great kissing doctor who saved my life? What’s a girl to do?”

After all the others have left, Brooke sits in a chair opposite Ridge and remarks that she hopes he doesn’t overdo. There’s been a lot going on around here for someone with a heart condition. He brags that the condition of his heart is fine; good as new. “Logan, having you back here, where you belong, has done more for my heart than any doctor or any medicine ever could.” She says good, because she can’t have anything going wrong with her lead designer. She has big plans for him. Then she asks is this really happening? He replies yes, it’s really happening. She gets up and goes and sits right beside him while he says his seeing his mother hugging and talking to her, that’s what they always wanted. With her as CEO and his mother’s support, Forrester Creations is going to be better than it ever was. “We are going to take over the fashion industry.” They joke about no prisoners; none whatsoever. And he remarks that their son is going to grow up in a family without all the conflicts, all the stuff that was going on. That’s all over. He puts his arm up around her on the sofa and says that anything is possible now…..anything’s possible. She gets serious and reminds him that he knows she’s committed to Nick. He offers that she’s also committed to the company. It’s been so much a part of their lives. She tells him not to use their proximity. He boasts that he doesn’t have to use anything. It’s always just happened for them, hasn’t it? Uncomfortable, she says she doesn’t think they should be having this conversation. He says he just wants to get back to work. He feels like his inspiration is back. “Watch out, Logan. This company, you and I working together again…..the best is yet to come.” She lays her head on his shoulder and they hug.

Stephen confides in Nick that against the Forrester’s he was so helpless. But, those days are over. He’s waited so long to redeem himself in his daughter’s eyes. And now she has the company she loves. All her hard work has paid off. Nick tells him he has done a good thing for the right reasons. “You know that Brooke and I are family. And my mother and you are part of it. Ridge and Stephanie are finally out of her life. They don’t have a hold on her anymore. She’s free….she’s finally free.” But, we see an image of a happy, contented, delighted, Brooke hugging and being hugged and massaged by Ridge.

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