The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/25/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

At the studio, Dante explains that Felicia is just posing for him. Felicia asks Bridget if she thinks something else is going on. Felicia then accuses Bridget of being emotionally unavailable to Dante despite the fact that he adores her. Dante and Bridget are stunned at Felicia's candor. At Marone, Nick tells Jackie that Brooke deserves to run Forrester. Jackie tells Nick that Brooke has been bribed, but Nick says that he is not fearful of losing her. Jackie receives a call from Stephen who is calling to cancel their dinner date. Stephen explains that he needs to be with a friend that needs some company. Jackie tells him that she is with Nick and that she needs to be with him so she'll take a rain check. Stephen tells Jackie to "tell Nicky, things are looking up" as he sees Taylor come into the restaurant, he assures Jackie that Nick will know what that means. Taylor tells Stephen that their table is ready and tells him that it has been a long time since someone asked her to dinner. Stephen comments that she is just what he needs to get out of his lousy mood.

At home with Ridge, Stephanie comes in with (if-you-can-believe-it) cookies and milk for him as he is hanging up the telephone. Stephanie asks if that was a reported, Ridge confesses that he was calling Brooke. Stephanie tells him that Brooke needs time and that Nick isn't going to let go easily. Ridge says that maybe Brooke just doesn't want him back. At the restaurant, Stephen tries to select a wine when Taylor begins to say what type Ridge liked. Sadly, she tells Stephen that maybe she never knew what Ridge liked. Stephen tells her that he knows it hurts her that Stephanie gave her a tip (the 2% of stock) like a bellhop. Taylor tells him that she doesn't blame Brooke for any of this. Stephen asks what would she say if he were to tell her that there was a way to get back at the Forresters and finally get rid of that greedy bunch.

Felicia continues to question Bridget about whether she minds if she is posing for Dante. Bridget confesses it would bother her if there was more than posing going on. Felicia asks if Dante is free or not. Bridget says of course he is free and he can do what he wants. Dante, confused says that he needs some clarity. Bridget upset at Felicia coming on to Dante tells her sister that she is still not ready for a relationship with Dante. Dante says that he has been waiting a long time. Felicia tells her sister that Dante is waiting for her to get over her feelings for Nick. Felicia also asks if now that there may be a possibility that Nick may be free, what would Bridget do. Stephanie continues to reassure Ridge that because Brooke came running back from Mexico to come to his bedside that she cares. Ridge says that it doesn't mean that she wants to be his wife again. Stephanie tells him that she knows that she is the cause of driving her away and that's why she gave her half of the company. Stephanie tells Ridge that she hopes it works, because she hasn't left herself many outs.

Taylor tells Stephen that she should rip the stocks up. Stephen tells her "the hell she should". Taylor lets him pour her some wine (here we go again !) Stephen confesses that he knew all about the 2% of stock when he came to see her, but Stephanie was there. He tells her that he didn't want Stephanie to know he was there because she may have realized the power she had given Taylor. He is saying to Taylor that with her 2% and Brooke's 50% when Taylor blurts out that together she and Brooke can control Forrester ! Stephanie continues to apologize for what she has done to Ridge and Brooke, when Ridge surprises her by thanking her for fighting for him and for what he wants. Taylor cannot believe what Stephen is suggesting she do. As Taylor sips her wine, Stephen reminds her of who she was and how he remembers her and this dark side of her is not who she is. Bridget tells Felicia to mind her business concerning Dante. Felicia tells her she appreciates how Bridget was willing to step in an take care of her son when she thought she was dying, but Felicia tells her that is it so wrong for her to take a crack at Dante ? Felicia tells her that it would be wonderful if Dino could be raised by his parents. Felicia tells Bridget that she is leaving and to think about what she said, leaving her with Dante. Bridget, confesses to Dante that Felicia is right and asks if he is interested in Felicia. Dante confesses that he is, but if Bridget wants him to wait for her he will. Bridget reluctantly tells Dante that if they were meant to happen they would have by now, Dante agrees. Sadly, Bridget wonders if they will ever find out why it didn't work between them.

Taylor tells Stephen that she is not into revenge. Stephen says that it wouldn't be revenge it would be justice. He tells her that she has the power in her hands and that they are smarter and better people than are the Forresters. Taylor is thinks about teaming up with Brooke to take control of Forrester !

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