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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Forrester’s, the place is abuzz with the press conference. Stephanie checks with Sally to make sure she hasn’t told a reporter, Jarrett, any of the juicy news. Sally answers, “what, about your plan to anoint Brooke Logan as Chief Executive Officer of Forrester Creations before the entire world? Never. You can relax, Highness. Nothing is going to spoil this for you.” Before Stephanie can walk away, Felicia pounces on her. She denounces her for threatening to deport Dante if he doesn’t sign away his rights as Dominick’s father. Stephanie waves her off and says that is the least of her worries now. She only did that to protect Felicia. Felicia says she knows and she thanks her. But, to please stop. She and Dante have had a chance to talk and they are going to figure out what’s best for their son. Just wanting to dismiss her, Stephanie says fine, please excuse her. Felicia latches onto Sally and asks what does she know that Felicia doesn’t? She knows this isn’t just about Ridge’s health. Something about Brooke, maybe?

At Jackie M, Brooke tells Nick and Jackie that’s why Stephanie wants her there today, to support Ridge. She wants to reassure the press that Forrester Creations isn’t going to lose its top designer. Cynically, Jackie wonders if this isn’t really more about Stephanie’s desire to woo Brooke back into the family. Brooke tells her not to worry. That isn’t going to happen. Her life is with Nick. Her future is with Nick. Even though she knows it’s going to be hard walking in there knowing it’s probably going to be for the last time. But hey, what better time to announce her resignation to the press. Nick tells Brooke that he has a conference call with the Marone board, but if she’d like him to cancel it……. She replies no, she can handle this. They say goodbye to Jackie and leave; her mind is obviously elsewhere.

She picks up a framed photo of Nick and Brooke and studies it, then goes directly to the telephone and calls someone and says it is her and she needs to see him right away at the Boutique.

At the hospital, Ridge sits on his bed all dressed with Eric packing his things. Occasionally Ridge grimaces and clutches his chest. He’s questioning the press conference; he knows it’s his mother’s idea. Eric answers yes, but she has his best interest at heart. Yes, he regales, that is why they are relegated to the basement. And, now that Brooke is gone, well they can face it….Forrester Creations is only a shadow of its former self when he and Brooke were running the place. Eric says yeah, well maybe Stephanie is going to fix that.

At Marone Industries, Taylor pops into Nick’s office. She tells him that Shelley said his conference call was delayed so she could come on in. He motions her to come in. He imagines she is there to pick his brain about the proposal he sent her. Taylor replies that she received it and really liked it. His employees are away from home for extended periods of time, and it causes a lot of stress for them and their families. And she really thinks they could benefit from some professional counseling and discussing those issues. So she says she will give it serious consideration in helping him get it off the ground. He says excellent, and invites her to sit down. While she is there, he can pick her brain for some free advice. Impersonating Sigmund Freud she coos, “vat seems to be ze problem?” He tells her it’s Stephanie’s fixation with Brooke. All of a sudden she NEEDS her after years of hoping she’d fall off a building. What’s up with that?

Stephen tells Jackie that he’s glad she called. And he doesn’t think she’s over-reacting; her instincts are dead on. She snarks that when it comes to Stephanie, believe her, she’s had plenty of practice. And Stephanie had specifically asked that Brooke be at the press conference, and she didn’t like that at all. Neither does Stephen. Jackie says, “you’re thinking we should be at the press conference, aren’t you? Even though we are the two people most likely not to be welcome.” Stephen says not to worry; he has ways to make sure that is not a problem. He tells her to get her keys, and they leave.

As Ridge signs his release papers, Christian tells him that his father asked him to tag along today, just in case…..Ridge finishes, “in case my ticker goes kablooey again.” Christian assures him Dr. Plotnikov wouldn’t release him if he thought there was any chance of that. But, he has had major surgery and he doesn’t need to push himself. He tells him he will go get a wheelchair and they’ll be on their way. Eric asks if he is okay with the press conference? Ridge is only surprised that Brooke will be there since she resigned from Forrester. Why would she want to come back? Eric tells him to trust him. The feud between his mother and Brooke is over as of today. What’s going to come of it, is a little too soon to tell. But, this family needs to come together in a way it never has before. And he claims he thinks it will. In a way that will make them all proud….and Brooke too.

Alone in the conference room set up for the video shoot, Brooke walks through and touches row upon row of chairs. She glances at the screen and becomes misty eyed as she recalls happier professional times with Ridge. Stephanie catches a glimpse of her and surprises her by saying she loves his place, doesn’t she? She knows it’s going to be difficult for her. Brooke is all choked up and says she has been there many, many years. She has a lot of good memories. Good memories that Stephanie hadn’t managed to ruin. But, then she took over the company and managed to squash everything. Apologetically, Stephanie says perhaps she over-reacted. Brooke says she came because she wanted to support Ridge, but she’s not sure she can still do that. It’s too painful. She tells her again, all she really wanted was her respect. She says she has to go. Stephanie stops her and urges her to wait a minute. Please stay, if she will, she promises she will be really happy.

The place is filled with the Forrester’s, including Bridget, Felicia and Darla on the front row. Thorne is on the stage with his mother at the mike. She’s very concerned because suddenly they can’t find Brooke and she needs to talk to her before the conference. He tells her there is no time.

Stephen and Jackie quietly slip in and stand on the back row. He wonders what the heck is going on?

The director gives the quiet cue and waits for the cameras. Stephanie is charming and welcomes everyone. First things first. She knows everyone is wanting to know about her son, Ridge. And she wants them to know he is fine. The doctor’s have given him a clean bill of health. And the family is grateful for that. …and next, despite the upheaval the last few months, Forrester Creations has turned a corner and she predicts a very bright future. And she thinks they will all agree when she tells them the direction she wants to take the company in and who she wants to run it. The room becomes atwitter with mumblings. Brooke slips into the back among the crowd.

Taylor confides she does not know what Stephanie is thinking, but clearly it has something to do with Ridge nearly dying. Nick says it doesn’t mean it’s real or that it’s going to last. Taylor says true, but better than it has been for the last few years. He quips that is not Brooke’s fault. And Taylor reminds him that he’s not exactly objective. He also says he knows she has had her differences with Brooke too, and he understands that. She offers that no one knows Brooke’s vulnerabilities better than Stephanie. Nick reveals that she may know or thinks she knows anything she wants, but the woman can not do or say anything to change the way Brooke feels about him.

As Jarrett asks a question, Stephanie answers that she thinks they are going to be very pleasantly surprised. Eric wheels Ridge out on stage. He addresses the audience and says Forrester has never rested on its laurels. They are constantly looking for innovation and new paths to creativity. And no one more than this gentleman right here as he puts his hands on Ridge’s shoulders. Stephanie asks how he’s feeling? He laughs and says wait and ask him after he’s been grilled by these characters. The room laughs and start firing questions. They want to know if he’s really out of the woods, and how soon before he returns to work? And what about Brooke Logan? Rumor has it that she is no longer at Forrester, can he confirm that? He confesses that unfortunately Brooke cleaned out her desk shortly before he was hospitalized. And it was a major disappointment to the company and to him personally. When asked if that was official, simultaneously Ridge says yes while Stephanie says no. …and then explains that at least she hopes it isn’t. She goes on that she told them there were two reasons they were here today…..and the second was to thank Brooke Logan for her contributions to Forrester all these years. She spots Brooke in the back and beckons her to come to the stage. She has to coax but urges her to come forward and introduces her as Brooke Logan Forrester.

Cameras shutter and heads turn to look toward the back as Brooke reluctantly comes forward. Thorne looks rather dismayed as does Jackie and Stephen. When she gets on stage, Stephanie says she has another surprise and she whispers to Brooke that she had publicity put this together and she thinks she will be very pleasantly surprised.

The montage begins, narrated by Stephanie herself, “cut from a different cloth, Brooke Logan Forrester has always written her own rules of fashion. Without her, Forrester Creations would not be what it is today.” Everyone, including Brooke looks pleased.

Taylor tells Nick there has always been a very complex love-hate relationship between Stephanie and Brooke. But, he says they are finished with that now. Brooke is at the press conference, making her resignation speech as they speak. The phone rings and it’s Jackie who has whipped out her cell phone. With a bee in her bonnet, she tells Nick that she knows he is confident that Brooke can take care of herself, but Stephanie is definitely up to something. He’d better turn on the television, fashion channel, and he’s going to see why she is so concerned, and he should be too.

Nick grabs the remote and flips on the TV to listen to the glistening report of one Brooke Logan Forrester with her passion for flair and her ingenuity that had made Forrester flourish, and they proudly honor her now. Brooke keeps looking toward Stephanie, happy but not quite believing this honor. Ridge reaches for her hand and lovingly holds and kisses it. She beams.

Stephanie acknowledges it’s time for Brooke to be honored and she’s announcing that Brooke’s Bedroom and the Men’s Line are back in production…….long speech……blah, blah, blah....Ridge and Brooke are the future of Forrester, no doubt in her mind about it. It’s a team she wants to see reinstated. She unites their hands before the public.

And she announces that as of this moment she is stepping aside as CEO and offering Brooke this position. And by Brooke’s surprise, everyone can see she didn’t see it coming. Stephanie leads the applause and says, “the company needs you more than ever. The family wants you here, and I want you here. I hold 100% stock in Forrester Creations. And I’m going to give you, Brooke, 50%. Ridge needs you. The company needs you.” She goes on to say it’s hers to run as it should have been all these years….all hers…..lock, stock and CEO on top. It’s her legacy for the children, and for the grandchildren. Jackie looks good and miffed. Thorne looks at Darla; Bridget to Dante, Stephen to Jackie; at Marone’s Taylor does a double take as does Nick. Outside of Brooke, Ridge is probably the most surprised of all. He gives her one of those ‘what have you done with my mother’ looks?

Brooke asks if this is real; is she serious? Stephanie assures her she has never been more serious in her life. Forrester Creations is hers to run. “Yours and Ridge’s. Welcome to the family, Brooke.” She gives her a big hug while the audience is clapping, and nudges Brooke to the podium, where she stands in wonderment, utterly speechless.

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