The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/18/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Dr. Plotinkov examines Ridge and they banter about him doing remarkably well and that what Ridge really needed, the doc couldn’t give him. Brooke pops in with R.J. and asks is this a bad time? She’s happy to finally meet the doctor who saved Ridge, and he returns the favor by saying, “yours was the kiss that woke the sleeping beauty.” Ridge tells him to get outta there. He missed R.J. and doesn’t want to waste a single moment. He tells Brooke he adores her, R.J. too. They are a family and this is a new beginning for them.

Jackie M. is not yet open, but Jackie lets Nick in the door. He tells her he has papers for her. He’d had the lawyers go over all the divorce papers, deeds, contracts and they were tight as a drum. Massimo couldn’t touch her. The business was 100% hers to do what she pleased. She’s happily relieved; she just had to be sure. She asks about Brooke and he tells her she took R.J. to see his dad. She questions if that is wise? After all, Brooke is very vulnerable and Stephanie has convinced her that she single-handedly has saved Ridge. Nick tells her the Forrester’s are poison and Brooke knows that. Jackie replies yes, on one level, but Brooke wants to belong and Stephanie has offered her a place in the family. Nick points out that she has said no, even though that is a word Stephanie isn’t used to hearing. He reminds his mother that Brooke is with him and there is nothing Stephanie can do to change that. (famous last words).

At Forrester, Stephanie grills Sally about the video. She says Casey is still editing, but it will be ready in time for the press conference. Frantically, Steph asks about flowers? Again, Sally says she knows how to throw a party, even Forrester style. Stephanie offers that is a very important event. Sally quips, “all right, all right. When the press gets wind of what you’ve got planned, tongues are going to be wagging for weeks on end.”

Eric and Thorne rush in and want to know what the hell is going on? Steph thanks Sally and quickly ushers the guys into her office. She says she has some changes to make that she wants to discuss with them. Eric asks what kind of changes? She starts by saying this has been a very difficult time for the both of them. And they have handled it very gracefully and she wants them to know she appreciates it. Thorne asks what changes? She tells him she is stepping aside as CEO. Thorne says it’s her company; has she chosen a successor? She explains that it is “our” company and she knows she has taken it in a more conservative way than he wanted. And she knew he didn’t necessarily agree, but he was 100% supportive. He agrees that sales aren’t what they should be, but they can turn that around. Eric chimes in - with the right leadership. Stephanie agrees and says she knows he’d like to be CEO of his own company again, but she has chosen someone she thinks NEEDS it more now. Eric replies he thinks that would make Ridge very, very, happy. Stephanie says she hopes so. It’s something he’s wanted for a long time. She is bringing Brooke back. She is making her CEO.

Jackie is still skeptical and wants to play the Devil’s Advocate; Stephanie will find another way. Nick thumbs through a rack of clothes as she talks. He doesn’t think there is another way. But, Jackie suggests that everyone has their price. They want fame or power or acceptance. He jokes that Brooke has everything she needs…..well, except maybe this purse. She tells him to stop playing. Of course, she has everything she wants. She has him and she loves him with all her heart, but………He sighs,, “but, what?” Jackie asks if she has everything she WANTS?

Thorne stands dumbfounded; can his mother be serious? She assures him never more in her life. She pours them a cup of coffee as Thorne asks if she remembers what happened the last time Brooke ran things? Stephanie says yes, they made a lot of money. Eric warns that she hated everything she did. Stephanie reports true, but the licensing fee for the BeLieF put them over the top. Eric reminds her she was hell-bent on selling it to the highest bidder. She admits she was wrong. Thorne asks about the Bedroom Line, she knows Brooke will want to bring that back. She quips she is counting on that. As a matter of fact, she thinks she will bring it back. It was one of the most profitable lines they’d had. Eric says but she’d said it made them look cheap and tawdry. Again, she says she was wrong. Eric wonders when she was planning on telling them? She says she is telling them now. And Ridge and Brooke don’t know about it yet. Eric says, “excuse me, but where in the hell are you coming from, with all of this?”

Ridge tells R.J. that soon he will be getting out of there and he’s going to take him to the zoo, just the two of them. Unless, his mother wants to come along to keep them out of trouble. She says maybe. Catherine comes in to take R.J. to his play group. Brooke apologizes but reminds Ridge he does need his rest. Alone, she confides in him that she wasn’t sure she should bring R.J. Maybe all of this would scare him, machines and all. He asks if it scared her? She said Stephanie had tried to warn her, but it wasn’t until she had come there and she saw how fragile he was. That was the scariest time of her life. “Just don’t ever do it again. I don’t think my heart could take it.” He says no pun intended. And he says he remembers what she said. She would never walk away from him again. “We’d always be together.” They have a series of statements back and forth and he asks why is she there? She says she does love him; she always will. He asks is it out of pity because he almost died or because he’s R.J.’s father? He says he doesn’t want her to feel sorry for him; he’s going to be okay soon. She says she knows; he’s looking 100% better already. He tells her he’s been give a second chance, and he’s willing to make the most of it. Brooke tells him he should! He asks her if she believes his mother, the things she said about regretting what she had done to Brooke? Brooke replies, “I believe that she believes it.” He says he knows she has no reason to trust him or his mother, but he swears to her it will be different this time.

Brooke reminds him that Stephanie took away her dignity and her self-respect. And she let her. She was young, naïve and just wanted her acceptance. And he adds that he regrets more than anything not standing up to her a number of times, “not putting you first.” He was the reason they weren’t together. She says for them to not do this. He replies not to love her? He will always love her. “I am never going to stop loving you, Logan.” Brooke says she is sorry. She came back here because he needed her. She wanted him to know he could always count on her. He adds, but he can’t have her? Long silence and then she says she wishes things could have been different. He sighs so does he.

Stephanie says Brooke and Ridge are not together because of her. But, it’s not too late for any of them. Who knows what would have happened to all of their lives if she had just accepted the girl into the family. She looks at Eric and says maybe the two of them wouldn’t have ended up divorced in the first place. Maybe Ridge would have never had his heart broken. Eric doesn’t think this is going to take care of everything. And Thorne reminds her that Brooke is with Nick now. She thinks only because she DROVE her away. She never believed that she could possibly accept her. Eric warns again this is all coming out of left field. Stephanie says she agrees. But, when Brooke ran the company, she did a REALLY outstanding job. She belongs here. She deserves it. And that Eric was the one who always wanted her there. She now needs his support. He looks at Thorne, then finally says okay, she has his support. She turns to Thorne. He looks again at his father and asks is he sure? Eric nods yes so Thorne says if he’s crazy enough to go along with this, guess he can too. She gives a big hug to Thorne and thanks Eric.

Nick sits and talks to his mother. He says he has given everything to Brooke that she wants or needs, but he needs to talk to his mother about business. He thinks she needs a little help around there….someone with experience. He asks how many new stores does she open in a year? She answers two or three. He says exactly, does she know how big an undertaking that is? He thinks Brooke could make Jackie M a household word in every company in the world. Jackie asks if he thinks Brooke would consider it? He tells her just ask. In walks Brooke. She says she is fine, but Ridge wanted something she couldn’t give. He’s confusing caring with commitment. Nick asks how did she leave it? She says she thinks he heard her this time. Nick gives his mom the high sign and she segues way to her boutiques and how she’s worked very, very hard but she’s taken them about as far as she can go. Except to expand, and to do that, she would need help. She would need someone she could really trust, and she’d like that to be Brooke.

Both Nick and Jackie point out that running a chain of boutiques won’t be like running Forrester Creations. But, it could be. It could be anything she wanted. Hire her own designers, launch her own line. She could start this thing from the ground up and have complete freedom. Brooke admits it sounded wonderful, but she doesn’t think she is ready just yet. She had invested too much of her time at Forrester. Jackie tells her that her work was certainly noticed. She made her mark. Fashion is in her blood. And, when she’s ready to go back to work, she will be brilliant. Brooke thanks them for the offer, gives Jackie a hug, and Jackie says it will always be open.

Her cell phone rings and she comments it’s probably Catherine, but it’s Stephanie. She opines that the media have been asking a lot of questions about Ridge and his illness. And that she’d like to have a press conference and bring him out and let them see he is fine. And she would really appreciate if Brooke would attend. Brooke replies she doesn’t think that would be a very good idea. Stephanie understands; Brooke has left the company. Eric takes the phone from Stephanie and tells Brooke that the press is having a field day with this. They’re trying to make it look like Ridge is finished here. She proclaims that is outrageous; she will be there to support him.

He thanks her and then turns to Stephanie and says she is coming. She thanks him. He points his finger and says don’t thank him; this was all her. She confesses she doesn’t know if this is going to work or not. But, she’s hoping that when Brooke walks back into the building, she will know this is where she belongs. Eric states, “and we’ll all live happily ever after.” She quips from his lips to God’s ears. He gives her a quick kiss and a dubious look.

Brooke announces that Stephanie is calling a press conference. Nick asks is that what she just agreed to go to? Jackie says it’s a trap and she doesn’t like it. Nick also gestures no; he doesn’t trust these people. But, Brooke replies that it’ okay. If Stephanie is up to something, she wants to know what it is. She puts her arms around Nick’s neck, cups his face and declares “don’t worry. I can handle her. Stephanie Forrester is not going to get the best of me. I can promise you that!”

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