The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/16/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Just like in the fairytales, Ridge wakes up from his coma state when Brooke kisses him. He calls her Logan. Brooke strokes his hair and face and Stephanie assures him it is his Logan and she has come back to him and isn’t going anywhere else. (Hope you haven't had your sugar fix for the day as it gets pretty sickly sweet in here.)

Outside the room, Bridget and Eric are talking and she wonders what is going on in there. She knows Nick is pretty skeptical. But, they both know if anyone can get through to Ridge, her mother can. Eric gives her a quick kiss on the forehead. As he walks away, Stephen steps up to her. She’s a little formal and cool but polite toward him. He offers her coffee but she declines. She also looks at him rather skeptically when he says he hasn’t been able to see much of her since he’s come back to L.A., but she has to know it’s more than just her mother that he has to make amends with. But, he says he is determined to show her how much he has changed. She brushes him off by saying she thinks they all need to focus on Ridge right now. He tells her okay, she can do that. But, in the meantime he’s going to be looking out for her mother. She scoffs. He doesn’t trust this sudden change in Stephanie’s attitude; this sudden show of remorse. Bridget says for her, she thinks it’s about time. He remarks but what if it’s all for show? Even if she feels guilty as hell. What if Ridge recovers? Does she really think that Stephanie can forgive Brooke overnight? He doesn’t believe that.

Jackie continues to follow Nick around lamenting on how Stephanie spent years trying to drive Brooke away and now she’s doing all in her power to accept her back into the family and be part of Ridge’s life. It makes no sense. He says he wished Brooke felt that way. Jackie says Stephen did at first, but he’s having second thoughts too. Maybe Brooke will also. He’s skeptical because Stephanie has just offered her everything she has ever wanted, acceptance, approval, and respect. She maintains, but at what price? She’s got to go back to Ridge. And he declares that won’t happen though that is what Stephanie wants to happen. She pulled out all the stops, pushed all the buttons, she laid it on thick. Jackie states that Brooke loves HIM, and there are no buttons to push that off… he can put that worry right out of his mind.

It’s a regular love fest in Ridge’s room. Stephanie keeps leaning her head lovingly on Brooke, hugging her, thanking her and stating to Ridge he’s going to be all right because of Brooke. They both fill him in on a little of what happened during the argument and that he had surgery. And Stephanie keep repeating over and over how sorry she is that she didn’t see his side much earlier, and it won’ happen again. She cries that she just didn’t know Brooke meant that much to him. But, when they were arguing, he’d said she had taken his life from him. “Well, here she is, she’s back, here’s your Logan”, and she puts Brooke’s hands in his.

Stephen speaks with Jackie as Bridget pairs up with Nick. He wants to be sure that Nick’s relationship with Brooke isn’t in jeopardy. Jackie doesn’t think so, not after all they have been through to get together. But, Stephen thinks it could have an impact on Brooke just by looking at how Stephanie is treating her now. And Jackie agrees, and haven’t they been through enough?

Nick paces but stops long enough to tell Bridget that Stephanie wants Brooke and Ridge together……as a couple.…the future of the Forrester’s. Bridget is surprised. He remarks well she has given them the keys to the Kingdom. He’s not sure her attitude really has changed, but he does know he doesn’t want any part of it.

Stephanie keeps shaking her head and says they belong together; she finally understands that. And she tells Ridge, it’s not the medication. She actually is admitting she was wrong. And she just hopes that the both of them will give her a chance to prove it. He tells Brooke he thought he had lost her. She says she came as soon as his mother told her what happened. Eric walks in with Dr. Ramirez, and is delighted to see Ridge with his eyes open and talking. He rushes to him and says he always knew he’d pull through. Bridget and Nick join them and inquire what is going on? Stephanie beams again that he came to as soon as he heard her mother’s voice.

Dr. Ramirez clears the room for the cardiologist and he tells Ridge that he’s on the way, but he’d like to examine him a little right now. Christian tells him the surgery was a success and his doctor will explain it more fully to him later. Ridge remembers nothing…..just Logan. Stephanie pops up again and keeps telling him that’s why she brought her home. She realizes they share a bond that is unbreakable. Nick doesn’t look too happy as he sees his Brooke tenderly holding Ridge’s hands. He slips up behind Stephanie and says, “let’s us have a talk.” When she basically ignores him, he adds a stern, “now!”

Jackie and Stephen walk the halls and she can’t believe that Stephanie is fighting to get Ridge and Brooke back together. He claims she is NOT going to succeed. But, Jackie says Stephanie is trying, so that means trouble for Nicky. He comments that he looks like a man that can handle it. She says yeah, just another hurdle, but there have been SO many! He takes her hands and tells her they are going to be fine, and he and Jackie are going to make sure of that. She looks him deeply in the eyes and says, “wherever you came from, Stephen Logan, don’t you ever go back!”

Stephanie leads the way to another room with Nick in tow and turns and asks him what does he want to talk about? Determined, hands on hips, he states for her to stay away from Brooke. One word, Stephanie says no. He continues that Brooke may be buying all of this, but he’s not. She says she is sorry, but his feelings on this matter are not her main concern. He explains that it’s not his feelings she should be concerned about, but Brooke’s feelings for him should. She quips that remains to be seen. He remarks, so it’s her, Ridge and Brooke, one big, happy family? She says yes, if he’s the woman that he wants, then yes. He says she’s a liar. She offers that’s she’s not. For his edification, her point of view has changed. So, he states, now she loves Brooke? She says she loves her son. And her not accepting Brooke all these years has literally broke his heart. He scoffs. He’s seen her in action, what does she take him for? She has always hated Brooke and she always will. Looking him dead in the eye, she vows she wants her son’s happiness. and if that means Brooke, then she will fight just as hard to get her back in his life as she spent trying to get her out of it.

Dr. Chris adjusts the bed for Ridge and says he needs to get as much rest as he can before the doctor comes. Brooke enters and he tells her the same thing. The doctor is on the way, Ridge needs to rest as the doctor will probably want to put him through more tests. She goes to his side and takes his hand, smiles. He asks if he scared her? She replies yes, he scared all of them. But, he needed her, and she knew it. She had the strangest feeling that something was wrong and it wasn’t her kids…..”it was YOU, you were in trouble… came back to ME. And I am so relieved.” She cries that she could never tell R.J. he’d lost his father. She couldn’t imagine her life without him. Slowly, she lays her head on his chest.

Later, Nick walks in and tells Ridge he was looking for Brooke. Ridge looks perturbed. Nick remarks that he sees he’s looking better. Ridge is silent. Like something that is sticking in his craw, Nick stoically says that he was on his vacation with Brooke when his mother came to get her. And whether that helped or not, he’s not sure. But, two things happened – he is doing better, and that’s a good thing. And the second – Brooke obviously cares for him because of their history and they share a child together…….”but, don’t get confused…..she’s moved on….and she’s moved on with me.”

Brooke is in the hallway looking for Nick when Stephanie spots her and asks isn’t she going to be in Ridge’s room? He needs HER right now. Brooke says Dr. Ramirez says he is doing quite well, and no one is more relieved than her. Stephanie replies except herself. And it gives her a chance to make things right. She tears up and almost breaks up as she tells Brooke that she IS sorry. She never gave her the credit she deserves…..personally or professionally. Brooke tells her that she doesn’t’ want any credit, especially where Ridge is concerned. Stephanie can’t stop. She even follows Brooke and reminds her that all the medicine in the world couldn’t cure him. She doesn’t think he wanted to live without her. Brooke had always been his motivation and his inspiration. She admits that for years she belittled that and degraded that. Stephanie tried to make it all about sex, but that’s now what it is. It’s a real, deep PASSION. And, that’s what brought him back, his passion for her. There was electricity in the room when he heard her voice. He opened his eyes; he looked at Brooke. It was a miracle. Brooke admits it was incredible.

Nick rounds the corner just in time to hear Stephanie beg Brooke to give her one last chance to prove to her that she is committed…….committed to bringing Brooke back into the family. Softly, she says, “give me one last chance to prove that I can make it all right. I won’t let you down. I promise……I promise.” She looks and sees Nick, then Brooke sees her and turns and looks at him as well. Silently, both Nick and Stephanie give each other the steely-eye stare down.

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