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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In Cabo, Stephanie and Brooke stand in an embrace with an angry, cynical, skeptical Nick, arms folded, looking on. Brooke tells Stephanie she doesn’t know how long she has waited to hear those words that she would be accepted into the family. Nick grouses that Stephanie is scared; that is the only reason she is there. Ridge has never been on his deathbed before. It is NOT about Brooke, but about HIM. He accuses Stephanie that her golden boy collapsed because SHE chased Brooke away. Stephanie ignores Nick and pleads again with Brooke to please come back with her to L.A. She doesn’t know how long Ridge can hold on, but they could be there in a couple of hours.

Without hesitating long, Brooke goes to Nick and touches him on the bare arm and says she is sorry, they have to go. Stephanie speaks up and says good, she can just come, they will send for her things later. Nick replies gruffly, no, wherever she goes, he goes. And he looks pointedly at Stephanie and says there is no way he’d leave Brooke alone with HER.

Felicia and Dante are in each other’s arms, but pull away and he wonders what they are doing? She quips if he has to ask, then she must be doing it wrong. She remarks that her brother is sick and may be dying. Does he ever feel like he needs to change the channel; things are getting too heavy and intense? And if you don’t feel something else, you are just gonna go crazy? He only has time for a nod when Bridget walks in the room. She’s concerned when she sees there is no Ridge in the bed. Dante explains he is having more tests. Bridget thought she saw something between Dante and Felicia and Felicia explains she was having a moment and Dante was comforting her. Bridget makes Felicia a little uncomfortable/jealous when she kisses Dante and says he’s so good at that; he’s always comforting her.

Ridge is being wheeled from one room to another when Eric spots him and asks Christian about Ridge. Christian says he should be awake by now, but he’d like to do one more test before taking him back to his room. Eric seems to think no news is good news.

As Ridge is being wheeled away, Jackie and Stephen join Eric. She hugs him. Then Eric spies Stephen and acknowledges him, offers his hand in handshake. Stephen is slow on the draw, but eventually does shake his hand. Frantically, Jackie asks if there is any news? She is sorry to hear about Ridge. She gives her opinion that it is so ridiculous of Stephanie to want to DRAG Brooke all the way back to L.A. to cure him. But, he defends Stephanie by saying if she feels he NEEDS Brooke, then she’s going to bring him here.

On the private jet, Stephanie asks the pilot how long will it be before they can take off? He replies they are third in line, so just a few more minutes. She replies good, just get them there quickly and safely. To no one in particular, she says her son is waiting for Brooke. Both Brooke and Nick are silently seated a ways apart.

Bridget needs assurance that nothing is wrong with Dino and they weren’t arguing about that. Dante explains that Felicia is going to talk to Stephanie about not threatening him about employment and Felicia says she is sorry, but they know her mother. She’ll do ANYTHING for her children. Bridget doesn’t blame Felicia. Bridget hugs Dante again and even gives him permission to go with Felicia to take care of Dino while she stays for Ridge. She rubs Felicia’s shoulders and gives her a hug, telling her to go be with her son. Dante gives Bridget a kiss, with Felicia awkwardly looking on.

Jackie argues with Eric when he says he believes Stephanie is being sincere. For her, it’s a little too much to believe, that just one day, one little day she does this after finally getting rid of Brooke. Eric walks off, but she leaves Stephen and follows. He asks what is she doing, sitting around and conjuring up these conspiracy theories with Brooke’s father? Suddenly it dawns on her that Eric does believe Stephanie. He can’t help but believe the best in her. He replies that yes, he had hoped all these years that Stephanie would finally wake up and put all these vendettas against Brooke behind her. She says she hopes someday he finds it. She takes the chain with engagement ring off her neck and he is aghast that she is returning it. She says it’s been over for a very long time and they both know it. She hopes he won’t think her that unfeeling to give it back at a time when Ridge is so ill. She opens his hand and puts it in it. She tells him that his place is with his family. He remarks that he hopes she knows he does not regret one moment he spent with her. And she says the same to him and they both kiss each other on the cheek. His cell rings and he has to take it.

It’s Stephanie asking if there are any changes? And that she has Brooke and they will land in about an hour. When she hangs up, Brooke comes to her and Stephanie says there are no changes, but he’s hanging in there. And as soon as he hears Brooke’s voice, he will respond. He always has!

In the guest house, with Dino down for a nap, Felicia and Dante have a little tit for tat. She remarks that she thought Bridget turned down his proposal yet she is still living with him. He claims maybe he jumped the gun too soon. She is not even divorced from Nick yet. He needs to give her more time. She scoffs, “more time? Dante, while you’ve been waiting to have a life with Bridget, I’ve had a baby…and chemo and a liver transplant and fought my way back from death.” Had it ever occurred to him that Bridget might never be ready for a life with him? Showing dimples, he says that is not possible. She asks then why did he kiss her? He asks, he kissed her? She tells him looks like she’s not the only one with memory problems. Go work his magic on crying Dino; Papa!

Jackie and Stephen sit and discuss the matter. She rags on this epiphany that Stephanie has had about Brooke. Stephen thinks she seems sincere. And Jackie grumbles that Eric can’t help but defend Stephanie. Stephen asks is that the reason she gave back Eric’s ring? She confesses that was just a formality. Their relationship was over ages ago. But, now she gets it when she sees how quickly he leapt to Stephanie’s defense. Stephen assures her that she did the right thing.

Stephanie, Brooke and Nick step off the elevator and head toward Eric. No change, and he tells them that Bridget is in with him now. Nick is still giving everyone the evil eye. Stephen steps forward and tells Brooke that he’s sorry but he had to tell Stephanie where she was. Brooke says is okay, he did right. Jackie voices her opinion and thinks Stephanie is wrong to drag Brooke into this. It’s not her responsibility to take care of Ridge.

Bridget comes out, surprised to see her mom there. Brooke asks if he is still asking for her? And can she see him? Stephanie grabs her by the hand and says of course, that is why she is there. Jackie grabs Nick and pulls him aside, bending his ear about Stephanie wanting Brooke back in the family. He assures her he will never let that happen.

Stephanie ushers Brooke into Ridge’s room. Stephanie approaches him and whispers that she has brought someone to see him. She’s brought Brooke; she’s come home to be with him…..and she doesn’t want to be anywhere else. She puts his hand in Brooke’s.

Felicia takes Dino and hugs him and smugly tells Dante that okay, maybe SHE kissed him. He offers because of Ridge. She smirks that perhaps it was the same reason she slept with him in Nice. He replies, because he is so irresistible? Simply, she says because it felt good, and she wanted to feel good. She jokes she hopes he can be a big boy because she is not coming back for seconds. He asks if the kiss was just a one time thing? And she gives him a flip answer and tells him he better leave, so she can put Dino down for a real nap.

Stephanie encourages Brooke to talk to Ridge. Brooke asks if he can hear her? Stephanie replies that yes, there is, the doctors think, a real possibility. Teary eyed, she tells Ridge that she has told Brooke everything and apologized for treating her the way she has over the years and she’s sorry for that. Maybe if she had listened to him earlier, this wouldn’t have happened. She tells him it’s not too late.

Brooke takes over and tells him that his mother is right; it’s not too late. She loves him and that day she walked out of Forrester, was the hardest day in her life. She wasn’t walking out on him. They would always be connected because of R.J. and he HAS to come back to them. She begs him over and over to please come back.

She bends over and kisses him on the mouth…..nothing. Dismayed, she tells Stephanie she is sorry.  When all hope seems to be lost, he doesn’t open his eyes but Ridge mutters “Logan?” Brooke answers that yes, his Logan is there. And she tries to talk to him while Stephanie closes her teary eyes in silent thanks.

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