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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick and Brooke continue their honeymoon-like vacation in Cabo. Her eyes shoot open the exact moment that Ridge tries to utter the word Brooke. Nick and Brooke snuggle. In fact, he thinks they should stay in bed all day. Timidly, she tells him she really wants to call home. He chides her, but finally relents and suggests she do so. She’s dumbfounded when she goes to call to find the message from Stephanie that she NEEDS her.

Stephanie and Eric visit Ridge and she is still very concerned that he hasn’t opened his eyes or that the one person that he wants isn’t here. She's also worried that Brooke hasn’t returned her call. Eric asks if she told him what was wrong? She replies no and he urges her to call again and at least tell her Ridge is seriously ill.

Thomas and Taylor rush in to see Ridge and meet up with Eric who fills them in. Hector introduces Christian as his brother and Taylor asks how Ridge is? He explains the surgery went well and Ridge is stable, although not yet awake.

Stephanie leaves a message for Brooke at the office on the outside chance she will check in there. Thomas and Taylor come into Ridge’s room; the ladies hug. They sit and Taylor holds Ridge’s hand, tries to stay upbeat but sniffles a little and asks him why is he scaring them like this? He’s the strongest man she knows. Thomas questions Stephanie that his dad and her were fighting. Taylor remarks that isn’t what caused this; it was probably predisposed from birth. Stephanie still blames herself though. Sensing the situation, Eric massages Steph’s shoulders and urges her out of the room to give them some privacy. She laments if Ridge dies, it will be all her fault. How many times had he told her, how many times she didn’t hear him because she didn’t want to hear him? She hated Brooke! Eric tries to get her to quit this nonsense. She comments that Brooke is his life. He NEEDS her.

At Brooke’s, Jackie bounds down the stairs to get the door. She’s dressed in a long red boa and tiara. She’s surprised by Stephen who gives her a queen’s curtsy and calls her “her majesty.” Likewise surprised, she tells him she has been playing dress up with Hope, and invites him in. She giggles that she feels like a cross between a queen and a stripper. He remarks that she looks beautiful and his eyes simply crinkle and light up the room when he says that. (yes, I’d say Mr. Logan is smitten). He asks if his daughter is there? Jackie says no, Nick came and swept her off to Cabo. He thinks that is very nice. Wistfully, she states she wishes someone would sweep her off to Cabo, but she’s here with the children. She tells him she was about ready to put the kids down for a nap since they have been up since the crack of dawn. She is dying for some coffee, would he like to stay and join her? He’s delighted.

Finally out of bed, shirtless but wearing his St. Jude’s medal, Nick noshes on some fruit, orange slices, green grapes, strawberries. He pushes a grape into Brooke’s mouth, who is lamenting that Stephanie NEEDS her, she never did before, what’s up with that? He takes a bite of orange, kisses Brooke and good-naturedly tells her to let it go! In the midst of this, the phone rings and Brooke answers and sees it is Stephanie. She barely lets her get in a word edgewise when she hangs up. And the last words were not to call back, she was not going to pick up.

Taylor makes small talk telling Ridge she got an e-mail from the girls in London and Steffy was already speaking with an English accent before she got off the plane. Thomas is deep in thought and he interrupts asking more details about the fight. Reluctantly, she tells him it was about Brooke.

Nick sticks a small cigar in his mouth and asks if Stephanie told Brooke what she wanted? She takes the cigar out of his mouth and lays it down and says it doesn’t matter, she is through jumping through Stephanie’s hoops. They play phone tag with him taking it from her and her back again. She says she will call home and then teases him that he will then have all the attention. She pretends to kiss him, then doesn’t, leaving him dangling.

The phone rings at Brooke’s. Jackie is upstairs so Stephen finally gets it. Both are surprised to hear from the other, but Brooke deduces that all is okay. She reveals she just had a funny feeling that something was not quite right, but she is re-assured when Stephen tells her that her kids couldn’t be any safer. She is adamant that if Stephanie calls, don’t tell her where they are. He wants to know what is going on and she fills him in briefly that she quit her job at Forrester, and Stephanie has been hounding her ever since.

Nick is patiently waiting on the bed and she tells him she is all his and slips into his arms and he rolls her over in the bed with a passionate kiss.

Stephen is about to go upstairs when the doorbell rings. It’ Stephanie and both are surprised. She bursts on in asking for Brooke. He says Brooke doesn’t want to see her. Stephanie continues – wherever she is, she needs her down here right now. He remarks that her days of threatening his daughter……and him…… are over.

Taylor asks Eric how is Stephanie holding up? He says not well, she is blaming herself. Taylor asks what happened? He explains that Brooke was cleaning out her office; she was leaving Forrester. Ridge witnessed part of it and turned it all back on his mother. And now Stephanie is berating herself for not letting him live his life; for not accepting Brooke years ago. And Stephanie is determined to make it up to him. Last night he asked for Brooke. Taylor lowers her head in shameful acknowledgement.

While Nick continues in his quest of trying to make out with Brooke, she is harping on old Steph again, wondering if she should call her back. Nick flops back on his side of the bed, running both hands through his hair and says, “My God, this woman has tortured you your entire life and she’s still torturing you. She can’t stand for you to be happy!” Brooke opines that all she really ever wanted was Stephanie to like her…..and respect her. Softly, he offers that all she has to do is look at herself through HIS eyes, what does she see? She answers love. He states, “unconditional….undeniable…..pure.”

Stephen tells Stephanie his daughter wants nothing to do with her. She claims this has nothing to do with her and Brooke. He says he let her come between him and his daughter once before, but never again. She quickly tells him about Ridge’s heart surgery. He quips he didn’t know he had one. She barks and asks if he is going to stand there and play games? He barks back that her son put his daughter through hell. She fires that he wants to make it up to her. He states that he RAPED her, so he doesn’t give a damn what Ridge wants.

Thomas and Taylor thank Hector for helping Ridge. She remarks he helped save his life? He tells a doubting Thomas that Ridge’s heart could have ruptured, but it didn’t. So they have to stay positive. Christian joins them plus Eric and reports what Ridge’s doctor said. That Ridge isn’t responding as well as they had hoped by now. They had done all they could possibly do for him medically. Taylor adds, but the one thing that could make a difference – Brooke.

Showing only the bottom of the bed, Brooke begs for Nick not to stop. Then we see the top half with him giving her a back massage and wondering when it’s going to be his turn? She replies, “I need it worse than you do.” He grimaces and says she is NOT going to say the S word…….not Sssssstephanie? She giggles she doesn’t want to say that word again…..or even think about her again. She only wants to think about him. She turns for a kiss.

Stephanie faces Stephen and tells him that Ridge loves Brooke, and she would never hurt her in that way. She knows that and has already forgiven him. Pathetically, he says they are all so used to getting their way…..”get out!”. She continues, and he asks is she going to leave or is he going to have to throw her out? She implores him. Ridge loves Brooke in ways that most people can’t even imagine. He asks if she is just figuring that out now? She replies yes.

He ushers her toward the door and says she is crazy and he doesn’t believe a word of it. He says it ends now, this destructive relationship between their families. She argues that Brooke belongs to Ridge, even though she is with Nick. She will always belong to Ridge. Is he going to deny her that? She begs again for him to tell her where Brooke is. When he doesn’t, she resolves that okay, at least tell Brooke that Ridge is seriously ill. “And let her decide.”

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