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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the guest house, Felicia catches Dante spying through the window at her doing her exercises. She motions for him to come on in before she thinks he’s a Peeping Tom and calls the cops. He wonders if she should be doing Yoga exercises after a liver transplant? She teases what else did he have in mind? And no, Christian probably wouldn’t like it either, but since when did she play by the rules? She stops and takes a sip of water from her bottle. He asks BTW, where was Christian? She replies as much as she likes having her own private physician, she does have to share him with other sick people. She’s wearing black stretch leggings and a cropped halter top. He notices and mentions her large scar. She says it was a large organ. She asks if she should just leave it or have a plastic surgeon wave his magic wand? He rubs his finger down and around it. She offers he doesn’t have to tell her today. She picks up the mat from the floor to fold it up and asks why was he lurking outside her door? He says he thought they were friends and that she wanted him to be part of his son’s future. She replies she does. And she apologizes for saying no to Italy, she knows they were very excited to go. Then he tells her something she does not already know. That her mother was threatening to deport him.

Stephanie sits by Ridge’s bedside. Eric comes bounding in and takes over her spot. He gives his usual dying message which he must have given several times in the last few months. He turns to Stephanie and wants to know what in the hell is going on. How could Ridge have some sort of condition like this and them not know about it? She tries to explain that they repaired the tear. It’s the next 48 hours that is critical, and he has to improve. He tells Ridge he must fight it. It’s not his time; it’s too soon. Stephanie starts on herself again. That she just didn’t listen to what Ridge really wanted. Now maybe it was too late. She has to explain to Eric that Brooke and she were having words just before this happened. She is leaving Forrester. Eric realizes this is what brought all of this on.

In Cabo San Lucas, Brooke and Nick excitedly check into their room. She looks around and takes in the view from the terrace and thinks it’s all beautiful and tells Nick how much she needed this. She’s positively giddy as he puts his arms around her from the back and says their lives are starting right now. She says that is pretty accurate and they kiss.

Christian explains to Thorne and Darla with Hector standing nearby about the surgery and the next 48 hours. Hector slaps Christian on the back and tells them his brother is going to keep a close watch on Ridge. Stephanie walks by and she has memory flashes of Ridge’s last words before his collapse.

Felicia is stunned. Her mother has another whole tool to use when she doesn’t get her way. Dante explains that he likes his job, he likes it at Forrester and being around all the Forrester’s in very inspiring. She inquires about Bridget? He says he loves Bridget, but more importantly he loves their son and he wants to know where he stands? She tells him she has seen what a good father he is. And she thinks Dominick is the luckiest little boy in the world to have him as a dad. She takes his hand and says he is counting on him to be a part of his life. He tells her she doesn’t know what that means to him to have her say that.

Darla and Thorne watch over Ridge and lament about the occasions and tensions they have had over the years and vow to start anew and get along.

Brooke, sipping on her margarita, talks to Jackie on the phone. All is okay with Hope and R.J. she relays to Nick who is putting (make that throwing) wild Hawaiian shirts on the top closet shelf. She comments on his loving mother – her future mother-in-law, who unlike Stephanie, she only wanted her acceptance. He teases that he has her, she has him, they are on vacation and hey look around……he scoops her up and bounces on the bed and locks into a kiss.

Christian gives Eric and Stephanie an update. Suddenly it dawns on Eric he should call Massimo and he heads off to do that. (what about Taylor and those kids?) Stephanie glances through the glass partition at Ridge and has memory flashbacks of she and Brooke and she and Ridge in much unhappier times. Eric notices and asks if she is all right? She cradles her head on his shoulder and says no she’s not all right. This is all her fault.

Felicia cuts into an apple and questions Dante why doesn’t he take her up on her offer of the other day? Send for his parents, put them up in a hotel, whatever, she will pay for all of it. He says what he really needed was just to know that they both had Dino’s best interest at heart……especially after what he went through today. She quips she hopes it just got a little better. It’s all about their son, Dominick, her mother be damned! He gives a big dimpled smile.

Eric tells Stephanie that he thinks she is still blowing this all out of proportion. Yes, Ridge came in and heard them arguing, but it’s not like he hadn’t heard that before. Stephanie argues that he heard her say that she was the problem, then Brooke just up and left. And Stephanie admits that she is the problem. All she’d really ever tried to do is protect her kids, and do what she thought was best for Ridge, but…….no, she had NEVER accepted his love of Brooke and now he was in there fighting for his life. She only wanted to protect her boy, but look what she had done.

Nick lights the candles and practices his matador bit with a sarape (blanket). Brooke marches in with a colorful pancho on. Whoa…..he stops and tells her that he will forever change the way he looks at a pancho. And she coos and for her the way she looks at a matador. She slithers into his arms and he remarks that less is more as he removes the pancho, revealing a hot pink satin teddy. They kiss and seductively she beckons him to follow and that she has something for him. She sits on the bed with him and hands him a small package. He unwraps a gold chain with medal. She explains it is Saint Jude (for non-Catholics, patron of hopeless causes). And she had it blessed. It’s her way of telling him she will always be there for him. He says he will never take it off. He kisses her and they lay back on the bed.

Dante tells Felicia he is just glad that she doesn’t hate him. She remarks that she could never hate him. She didn’t expect to have a child with him, but now that they do, she’s glad Dino has him for a father. He comments that she called him Dino. She smiles that yes, it’s growing on her. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug (I’ll go out on a limb here and say this probably means more to her than it does to him).

Eric states that this is NOT Stephanie’s fault. But she argues that Ridge had begged her for years and years, so had Eric, everyone had, but she never listened. He scoffs, so now all is forgiven? That won’t work. All of this can’t be glossed over and just go away. She says she knows that, but at some point you have to grow up and realize it is not all about ME. It’s about Ridge and his rights, respecting his family, who he chooses as his wife, their lives……and she hasn’t done that.

Afterwards, blissful in bed, Brooke confesses to Nick that she loves him, but she wants to be honest how she feels after all that has happened. “I can’t stop thinking about Ridge. How I broke his heart.”

Stephanie comes into Ridge’s room and hugs both Darla and Thorne and thanks them for coming, and they leave and she takes their spot. She kisses him on the forehead and gives a big sigh before saying she is sorry. He’d told her over and over that he loved Brooke, but she just couldn’t accept it. “I drove her away. I drove her from you. I took her from you……..And I can get her back for you.”

She gets up and uses her cell phone. She reaches voicemail and leaves a message, “Brooke, it’s Stephanie. Brooke, I need you.”

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