The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/5/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In the bargain basement office de jour at Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke that if she walks out that door and leaves the company now, they may never get back what they had. She tells him his mother is never going to let them run Forrester. Stephanie chirps that she has a point. Ridge barks at his mother to stay out of this. Brooke tells him that Stephanie can’t. She’s been trying to get rid of her for so long, it’s a compulsion for her and Brooke is sick of it. She’s had it. “It’s finally here, Stephanie. The day that you’ve dreamed about ever since you’ve known me.” She walks away. Ridge looks perturbed; Stephanie like she swallowed the canary.

At Dante’s, he and Bridget discuss how Stephanie can’t do this, but she is the head of the company and if she fires him, he’ll lose his work visa and have to go back to Italy. Bridget says she will call her dad. Dante says he needs a lawyer and Bridget tells him she will get him the best possible one. She takes him by the hand as he tells her he can’t thank her enough for her support. She maintains that he’s Dino’s father and deserves to play a huge part in his life. And she is going to do whatever she can to make sure that happens. She touches his face lovingly.

In Massimo’s office, now Nick’s at Marone, Nick is on the phone telling someone he wants those containers off the ship. He has people who have schedules to keep…..and time………time… There’s a knock at the door and Taylor comes in. Not exactly eager to see her, he says when they talk, bad things happen. She tells him she wants to apologize. She still thinks she was right in telling him that Brooke and Ridge slept together, but she never should have implied that Brooke wasn’t being completely honest. He tells her he didn’t believe her anyway. She tells him that as a psychiatrist and a woman, she’s very ashamed. When it comes to a woman’s past, no matter how suspect it is, with the issue of rape, it’s just not acceptable. She says she is sorry and then asks how is Brooke? Nick sits and goes back to his paperwork, almost dismissing her. But he assures her that everybody is fine. She digs a little deeper. He wasn’t going to let this affect their relationship? Nick answer no, she just couldn’t be around Ridge anymore. She tells him she doesn’t know how that is going to happen and reminds him they work together at Forrester. He says well she is there now dealing with that. Taylor asks if he’s not the slightest bit worried that he might persuade her to stay?

Ridge follows Brooke and tells her he doesn’t care what his mother thinks or wants anymore. All he cares about is her. She lets him know this is just all about Stephanie, and she brings up what happened the other night. He reminds her that she forgave him. She says but Nick won’t, not ever. Ridge says that is between the two of them. She offers that Nick doesn’t want her working there. Incredulously, he asks if Nick is telling her what to do now? “Who in the hell does he think he is?” She tells him he is her future. Ridge doesn’t want to hear that. Stephanie perks up again and asks why doesn’t he listen to what Brooke is telling him? Again, Ridge barks at her to back off. Brooke tells her Stephanie can’t. She realizes that now. What she had dreamed of, having his mother respect her, that was just a fantasy. That’s something that is never going to happen. And the two of them will never happen either. He asks because of her (Stephanie)? Brooke replies nothing was ever good enough. He opines that is his mother’s problem. Brooke says is made her miserable, and she can’t live that way any more. She faces Stephanie and tells her she knew how much she loved her son. She knew how happy they were together. And most mothers----normal mothers----would have been thrilled, but she wasn’t. “And now you don’t have to be. I’m through fighting, Stephanie, you win.”

Dante tells Bridget he thinks they should call her father and get a lawyer right now. Bridget thinks they should wait. She still hopes to work things out with Felicia. She puts her hands on him and says that after all, Dino wouldn’t be the only one that would be heartbroken if he was deported.

Nick laments that Ridge can do whatever he wants to do. It won’t do any good. Taylor says that Brooke has been known to change her mind. Nick says she won’t. She’s with him now and always, and there is nothing anyone can say or do to change that now.

Ridge asks Brooke why she is conceding to her mother? She’d said it wasn’t about her. Stephanie butts in that it makes Brooke the victim. Ridge grabs Brooke by the arm and bellows for Stephanie to stop it and must leave Brooke alone. He yanks Brooke into an adjoining office, but Stephanie even follows them there. Brooke reminds him he’s talking to a woman who faked a heart attack to keep them apart. A woman who pretended to be her friend, and then turned her back the minute Taylor came back into town. She even gave her a gun and told her to shoot herself. He pleads they will leave L.A. and move to Paris. They’ll work out of the international office. She tells him her life is here with Nick. He tells her she wouldn’t even be with Nick if his mother hadn’t broken them up. This is their legacy. Come on, they have a duty to protect it.

With tears in her eyes, she tells him that is not the only reason he wants her to stay. This is where it began. This is where they click. Heads bent over the design table. Taking their bows at the end of the runway. This is where their love affair had began. And it’s only fitting this is where it should end. He shouts no, no, no. She tells him she will never forget their accomplishments here. And part of her will always wonder what more they could have done together. He begs that she doesn’t have to wonder. They can just keep going. She strokes his hair on both sides of his face and tells him that a part of her will always, always love him. Tears streaming down her face now, she kisses him and says but, now she has to go. (no wonder the guy can’t understand the word no. Talk about sending him mixed messages?) She puts the lid on her box and picks up the contents and heads out. Past Stephanie who’s finding this unbelievable……and Ridge dejectedly plops into a chair.

Dante brings himself and Bridget a glass of wine. She tells him he was just thinking of their trip to Italy. He relates how he was so excited about introducing her to his family, and in time he will. She offers that she was really looking forward to spending some time with him alone. Coyly, she tells him she doesn’t say it often enough, but she loves being there with him, sharing the house with him, taking care of Dino with him. It’s really healed her. Slightly embarrassed, he remarks that’s all he could ask for. She continues that she knows he wants more. And that she hasn’t really been there for him the way he’d like her to. She just wasn’t ready. He says he will wait as long as he has to. Looking into his eyes, she says she doesn’t want to wait any longer. Music to his ears, he gives a big smile as she kisses him and he scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom.

Nick is dictating some notes when Brooke walks in. They both look pretty somber, but she says she did it. She walked out from Forrester Creations. She states that Ridge begged her to stay, but she left anyway. That’s what she wanted, but she didn’t expect to feel this way. He gives her a re-assuring kiss on the forehead and a hug. She tells him that Ridge was so hurt when she told him her future was with Nick. And that she still cares about Ridge. She knows Nick wants her to be relieved, and on one level she is, but on the other hand……..Nick gives her a real kiss and tells her he wants her to be HAPPY. He has a surprise for her. Oooh, she’s intrigued.

A poor substitute for Brooke, Stephanie tells Ridge that she knows this is hard. But, she will take care of him. She’ll help him get past all of this. “It’s time to move on with your life, honey. You’ve got to find someone new. Someone who’s really worthy of you.” He asks – someone like her? He tells her Brooke said it was a compulsion, but he thinks it is a LOT worse. With a smugness, he says she is obsessed. And not with Brooke. She’s obsessed with him! She states she loves him. He says she is suffocating him with her love. She was strangling him with it. She tried to keep him all to herself. She differs, that was just Brooke’s perspective. She starts to bring up Taylor and he proceeds to tell her that Taylor was her surrogate, her best friend. She was the one that embodied everything that Stephanie valued and admired. It’s always been about Stephanie. She denies it, no. And do not let Brooke twist Stephanie’s love and concern for him into something that they’re not. He asks what kind of mother makes it her life purpose to deprive her son of the one thing in the world that he wants most?

In the bedroom, Bridget is eager and hungrily pulls Dante on top of her in bed. He takes off his shirt (she’s already down to her short lacy slip) and tells her he hoped for so long. She is beautiful and he wants her. She breathes she wants him too. Suddenly he stops and pulls away….and starts to hop up to go to the nightstand. She’s like what? What? But then thinks she knows what he is after.

Wrong – he pulls out a small, reddish-brown, ring box that she opens to divulge a gigantic diamond ring. He says he’s been saving it for this moment. She’s stunned. He says, “Bridget, I want you now and forever. Will you marry me?”

On the Marone jet, Nick tells Brooke that her bags are packed and onboard. His mother and Catherine are with both the kids right now. “Come, come, come, come”, he gestures. That means they are tucked away under their sheets asleep. He picks up the phone and tells the captain let’s get this bird in the air. She beams that he still hasn’t told her where they are going. He teases, where would she like to go? She says forward, with him! He remarks guess what? They can do that. He gives her a quick peck. She giggles if there happens to be a gorgeous beach and a fruity drink somewhere along the way, that wouldn’t be bad either. Equally as giddy, he tells her that would be his thoughts as well. She says he has no idea how much she needs this. He whispers that he does know. And they rub noses.

Ridge continues his assault on his mom. Telling her that the heart attack, and the gun….years of insults and abuse….he thought she’d finally stop. He thought she’d finally realize that Brooke MADE HIM HAPPY. And she always said she wanted him to be happy. She vows that she did. He remarks that if she did, Brooke wouldn’t have left. Gently, she tells him Brooke picked Nick. He maintains only because she knew Stephanie wouldn’t accept his choice. Even though he chose her over and over and over. Stephanie argues that it would never work out. He states, “because of YOU. If you’d just given us your support……” She tells him he does not NEED Brooke. He pops a vein almost when he shouts that yes, damn it, he does. That’s the one thing his mother never understood. He DOES need her. He’s always needed her. Brooke has given him more love and compassion than anyone in his life. He points his finger at his mother and accuses her of having taken Brooke away from him.

Stephanie tells him that Brooke was never good enough for him. Look what she’s done. He shoots back – look what Stephanie has done. Disrespecting the woman he loves for years. How many times had he plead with her to accept her. But, she wouldn’t no matter how much he asked her. She addresses him as baby and says he does love him. He tells her he hasn’t been her baby for a very long time. He looks at his image in a dressing mirror. He strokes his left arm continuously. Look at him……all the years he has wasted. When he thinks what he has put himself through, with Brooke, Taylor and his kids….how he let himself be manipulated and controlled by her for so long. Brooke was his life. He grimaces, “my life! And you couldn’t accept her. Now she’s gone. You’ve taken my life.”

A panic sits in, he looks helplessly to his mother and suddenly he clutches his heart and collapses to the floor. Stephanie can only watch in horror as he writhes in pain.

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