The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/2/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Big Bear, alone in the cabin, Brooke has Nick up against the wall and repeats to him that she did not know what was happening. She is frantic for him to believe her. She did not want that! was over before she could even…….he HAS to believe her. Blankly, he stares at her.

Bridget lets herself into Brooke’s house, only to find Taylor there. She tells her Brooke is up at Big Bear and she’s watching Hope and R.J. There’s a little situation going on. Bridget sighs and asks what happened? Taylor hesitates and says there is no delicate way of saying this, but Ridge and her mother slept together last night and Nick found out about it. Bridget is bug-eyed.

In Massimo’s office, Ridge tells him that he is dealing with a hell of a lot more than he knows…..and on top of that, he and Megan framed Jackie? Mass tells him he was trying to buy some time so that he and Brooke could work things out. Ridge fusses at him, but Mass replies that he did what had to be done. Then he spies the bruise on Ridge’s face and guesses it was from Dominick. Ridge says the guy has anger management issues, but Ridge needs Mass to stop fighting his battles. Mass blows up. He says he’s doing this FOR Ridge. For the family. But, brother fighting brother over a woman, this is EXACTLY what he didn’t want to happen. He wants to know from Ridge that he’s made progress with Brooke and she has to re-commit to HIM. Otherwise, this feud with his brother is NEVER going to end.

Brooke puts her hands on Nick’s face and says she needs to know what he is thinking. Why can’t he look at her? She watches him slip away. He mutters that he just can’t understand. He doesn’t take pills. He can get into a good bottle of rum, but nothing like this has ever happened to him. He needs a little help here in understanding. She tells him she did not expect the medication to affect her the way it did. She puts her hands on his shoulders and tells him that she is still the woman that he fell in love with. He jerks her hands off of him and holds them in front of her and says then she has to be honest. As HONEST as she’s ever been. He says he gets the pills, but is there any part of her….any part at all that wanted this?

Bridget is shocked and says she doesn’t believe it – her mom slept with Ridge? Bridget asks how does she know? Taylor tells her she spoke with Ridge and he didn’t deny it, nor had Brooke. Bridget offers but she loves Nick! Taylor replies yes and she did say it was something she didn’t want to happen…..she was on medication. Bridget asks what does that have to do with sleeping with Ridge? Taylor explains that apparently her mom took too much medication but what happened after that is still up for debate. Nonetheless, they ended up in bed together even though she said she didn’t want it to happen. And Nick knows. Bridget bets he’s ready to kill Ridge.

Ridge tells Mass that feud is just getting started. Nick now knows that he and Brooke slept together. Mass finds this great news. He pounds on Ridge and says why didn’t he tell him? Now all is NOT lost! Ridge rubs his hands together and tells him it wasn’t exactly the kind of homecoming he dreamed of. Brooke was on some sort of medication. They slept together but she insists it was something that she didn’t really want to happen. Now Nick is accusing him of rape. Massimo declares that is absurd. Brooke would never allow him into her bed unless she wanted it, unless she still loved Ridge. He knows that. And the important thing is that Dominick knows that.

Brooke is devastated. Nick needs to understand that she did not want this. He says she is a strong woman. So if she said no, then how did this happen? He says she keeps leaving the door open and he keeps coming through but maybe it’s what she wanted. She says no, this is not what happened. He says he thinks he doesn’t believe her. “I need to know that you don’t want him.” She doesn’t understand why he would even be questioning this after all they have been through. He states that he’s questioning himself. This is a life long commitment so they both need to know that this is what she wants. So if she has any underlining desire for this man, they can’t have it coming out later. “I want to know NOW!” She cries that she wants HIM. He asks again, then how did it happen? She turns away, wipes her eyes and begins her story. She says she went upstairs. She needed some time alone. And she asked Ridge to leave. Obviously he didn’t. She had been so overwhelmed with everything that was happening with her father……Jackie…..and she’d taken too many pills and passed out. Softly, he asks if Ridge came in the bedroom? She nods yes and she woke up and Ridge was there in bed with her. She did not know what was going on. She didn’t realize what was really happening. Then when she did, she just wanted it to stop. He approaches her and tells Brooke they have to do something about this. The SON OF A BITCH! She slumps onto the couch and says she just wants to forget. He kneels before her and holds her head and kisses her face. Then he slips down on the couch beside her with her folded in his arms as he strokes her hair. She cries that she needs him now more than ever. Please don’t let her go. She tells him they can’t let Ridge ruin what they have. Then that means he wins. She begs him to love her.

He tells her to know that she’s been violated, he just can’t FORGET that. He just can’t. He wants to kill Forrester. He can’t turn the other cheek. He just can’t pretend it didn’t happen! Meekly, she asks, “what about me?........can you accept me after what happened?,” as she sits before him. Will he be able to love her and trust her the way be did before? Before this happened? She begs him to look at her. He can’t. She cups his face and lifts it to her and begs him to tell her that he’s not shutting hr out. Again, he can’t look at her. Despair…..confusion…..disgust….. is written all over his face. She watches him get up and walk out the door.

Mass pours a drink and tells Ridge that Dominick will never be able to look at Brooke the same way. He’ll never be able to look at her without knowing that she made love to Ridge because she wanted to. He hands him a drink and says, “son, what you and Brooke have together can not be denied.” They are meant to be together. Ridge says he always believed that. Mass says because it’s true. Now they just have to hope that Dominick will realize it and leave Brooke alone once and for all.

Outside the cabin, Nick paces….what to do? …..what to do? He doesn’t want to go back in, but he doesn’t want to leave. He looks forlornly through the window at Brooke crying and wiping her eyes. Finally, Brooke looks up as she hears Nick walk back in. Slowly, he walks toward her; she stands up to face him; searching his face for the answers. He holds her by the neck and hair and tells her he’s not going anywhere. She leans forward into his arms and sighs. They cling to each other. He finds her hungry lips and they kiss passionately. She takes his hand from her shoulder and pulls it down to her bosom. Slowly, he takes off her blouse revealing only a black bra underneath. She takes off his shirt and throws it aside. They are standing flesh to flesh, belly to belly. She pants yes, yes………He unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down and she steps out of them, all the while hungrily kissing each other. Before the blazing fire, they lower themselves to the floor on a bearskin rug.

Ridge proclaims he doesn’t care what Nick thinks. But, somehow he has to make Brooke understand. But, now he’s up there at Big Bear trying to WORK it out. Massimo states he is sure Brooke will have some justification for being with Ridge. Ridge states she knows it wasn’t rape. Mass wonders what will happen if Dominick doesn’t accept what happened between the two of them? If Brooke allowed Ridge in her bed because she cared for him, Dominick is going to find someone to blame. Ridge says, “me.” Mass chimes in him too!

In the afterglow, both Nick and Brooke say WOW. She says she was so afraid. He tells her he told her he wasn’t going anywhere. She acknowledges that she knows he’s not. She grins that they’d agreed to wait, but they didn’t. But, Bridget is happy and she wants them happy. She asks if he forgives her? He says there is nothing to forgive. Ridge and the old man tried to tear them apart. She laments it almost happened. He says the key word is almost. He tells her he trusts her and he loves her. She tells him she loves him too…… and forever. They kiss and nestle into each other’s arms. All is right with the world?

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