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Written By Wanda
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Stephen is holding on to Ridge’s shoulders, loving to manhandle him right out of the house. But, Brooke begs him to let him go. He tells her he is not going to leave her alone in this house with Ridge. She claims she is not afraid of Ridge. She reassures him that she is sure; just please go! When he’s gone, she turns to Ridge and says this is a conversation she does not want to have nor probably is ready to have, but as always what he wants comes first. Apologetically, Ridge says thank you for telling her father that she wasn’t afraid of him. She replies that mostly she is ashamed. And she shouldn’t have taken the pills. He offers that he wanted her so much, he just thought it was their time again. He just heard what he wanted to hear. He tells her again that he is so sorry.

Nick corners Taylor in Ridge’s office and wants to know what happened between Brooke and Ridge last night. She waves her hands and says she does not want to be involved. He continues, what did Ridge tell her? She apologizes and says he will have to find a way to deal with this and come to peace with it the way the rest of them have had to. He wonders who she is talking about. She replies all of them, who have had to venture into Ridge and Brooke’s world. When he hesitates, she continues for him to remember when he went to Chuck’s bar, what he was trying to drown out. What he thought he saw. He says she is talking like they slept together……and that didn’t happen. Her silence is deafening.

Christian opens the door to Dante at Felicia’s guest house. He asks is she ready? Christian says yes, he helped her pack. Felicia walks in with a bag and says Dominick is ready, she isn’t!

Same time, Stephanie opens the door to Bridget who says she got her message. Stephanie tells her not to do it. Bridget grumbles she knew it and she lambastes Stephanie that as usual she is in the middle of something she should remove herself from. Instead of stirring things up and putting words in people’s mouths – it’s only one week! Stephanie argues but it’s in Italy, she needs the baby here! Bridget reminds her that she and the father, Dante, have every right to do this. Stephanie tells her not to be so sure of those documents, they might not even be legal. She had the papers drawn up when she thought she was dying. Bridget says she hates to tell her, but she still might. Then what is Stephanie going to do? Reintroduce her to Dino after 6 months or a year or two? They’ll be total strangers – no, no! Stephanie tries to explain that he doesn’t need Bridget quite so much anymore. He has his mother and Stephanie. Felicia trusted her when she had the papers drawn up that she would respect her wishes for her son! Bridget admits she loves Dominick very much and she thinks in a few days that Felicia will realize how unreasonable she is being, IF Stephanie stops agitating. As Bridget starts to leave, Stephanie follows her to the door and begs her to think about it one more time, not to take the baby. Bridget turns and says, “or, you’ll do what?” She has a smirk on her face, ball is in Stephanie’s court.

Dante and Felicia exchange information. He has a list of names, places she can call in Italy. She reminds him of certain clothes Dominick should wear at various times, not to be too hot or cold. She worries what they will feed him and he might get sick. Christian reminds her Bridget’s last classes were in pediatrics, so she will be prepared. Felicia also barks that he can stop looking down his nose at Christian; he’s the only reason she is able to deal with Dante at all. Dante replies that he’s not. He tries to smooth the feathers by telling Felicia this is what life is going to be about; what sharing is all about. Bridget joins them with Stephanie close behind, and she looks at Felicia and remarks that she tried.

When Brooke walks away from Ridge, he asks her to tell him that he hasn’t ruined everything? Solemnly, she tells him he has. He has a sinking feeling. She says he ruined what she was trying to do with her life, the kind of person she was trying to be for Nick, for herself…..for the mother of their child. Sorrowfully, he tells her that’s one of the worst things. He feels like he has ruined something holy between them. She approaches him and puts her hand on the side of his face. He puts one of his on hers. She tells him she knows that he loves her. He tells her more than she will ever know how much. She continues that she knows he did not want to hurt her. He says NEVER. She slips her hand from his face and says but she can’t forget……now if he’s asking her to forgive, she may be giving him one allowance too many, but she does. He gulps and looks relieved.

Nick belts out to Taylor that Ridge did NOT sleep with Brooke. Why is Taylor even saying all of this? She gestures with her hands and says she is not saying a thing. Nick accuses Forrester then. He’s desperate and would do or say anything right now to get her back. Taylor agrees probably so, but is Brooke on some sort of medication? He wonders what that has to do with anything? She hems and haws and says maybe it just wasn’t exactly………consensual. He looks at her long and hard and then asks if she means to say that Forrester took advantage of Brooke while she was taking those pills? She grabs her purse and says she doesn’t want to be involved. But, this is what she has been trying to tell him all along. Somehow Brooke and Ridge will end up together. That is the way it always is. Sometimes it’s what they say they don’t want, but it ends up it still happens. Reflecting, he goes to the phone and calls Brooke. In a broken voice, he asks, “did he do what I think he did to you last night? Softly, she says she is all right. He yells NO, while punching a mannequin, and knocking stuff over, and saying he will kill that bastard. He barks at her not to go anywhere.

Brooke turns and tells Ridge that “oh my god, Nick found out about what happened last night.” She urges him to go before he gets there. He tells her that he doesn’t give a damn about Nick; he only cares about her. She argues that Nick is not going to understand…..and she urges Ridge to go up to Big Bear…..just for a couple of days until she can get Nick to calm down. He opines why should it be up to her to make everything okay for Nick? She tells Ridge he is the one who put her in this position in the first place. She begs him to do this for her. He hesitates and finally thanks her for at least giving him some hope that he can make things okay between them. He quickly adds that he knows she thinks there is no “us", but he really can’t accept that. Again, she urges him to just go, and he says he will for her.

Nick is racing through Forrester’s as he passes Sally’s desk and she is on the phone saying she wishes someone had told her. As she calls another number, she tells Nick that she apologizes. When she sent him to Ridge’s office, she didn’t know he was playing hide and seek. She asks a courier to pick up a package for Ridge Forrester at Big Bear. Big ears returns and picks up the package and says he just so happens to be going up there right now and will deliver it.

Bridget asks Felicia how angry is she? Felicia replies she just doesn’t think it’s fair. Bridget reminds her it’s only for a week. She thinks Felicia needs to consider Dante’s needs as a father. Felicia says that is what she really resents. Dante hauling Dominick around Italy to show off like some trophy. She got drunk and he followed her back to her hotel, and for that he gets a lifetime reward? Bridget laughs and says she thinks she is going to have to let that story go. If you think about it, in the history of the world, how many people were born to parents that were drunk, or angry, or indifferent, even total strangers when they were conceived? She is sure that number would outnumber those that are totally in love. And she adds Dante is a really good man. He wants to be part of Dino’s life; be glad for that. She grabs Felicia’s scarfed head and hugs her and tells her how precious she is to her. How beautiful and how much she loves her. Felicia tells her she loves her too. That’s why it hurts to know she’s wrong because she always think she is right. Bridget asks her if they can agree on one thing. There is no rule book; no right and wrong, so if they end up hurting each other, it wasn’t from being malicious. Felicia nods in agreement. Bridget laughs when Felicia says she can ask her mother when she was in school, not one single report card said she shares well with others.

Brooke opens the door to Taylor, who immediately asks if she is all right? Quizzically, Brooke wonders why she would ask, shouldn’t she be? Taylor barges on in and says she knew Ridge was there, but Nick didn’t and he charged out. Have they torn each other to pieces? Brooke is shocked, that Nick heard about last night from Taylor? She says she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. First, she finds Ridge in his office all guilt ridden, and the next thing she knew Nick was in her face. Was Brooke going to keep it a secret? She replies no, but she could have found a way to explain it without……Taylor finishes – without hating Brooke or tearing Ridge apart. How would that go? Taylor then says she doesn’t know exactly what happened, but Brooke should know that he’s deeply ashamed of himself. Brooke replies she knows, he was just there.

Felicia holds Dominick as they all gather to say goodbye and take Dominick away. She bravely tells them to have a good trip; she loves Dominick. Stephanie stands up and asks Bridget to please reconsider this. It’s not too late to change their minds. Dante only smiles and says it is late, they have to go. Bridget tells Christian to take good care of her sister. Felicia walks out and accuses her mother. She swore to her this wasn’t going to happen. Stephanie takes a big sigh and says to herself out loud, “yes, I did.”

Taylor pontificates that “so, you get to have your cake and eat it too?” Brooke offers that if Ridge told her what happened, then Taylor knows she is not to blame for any of this (how come with others, she does want to take some blame?) Taylor remarks that yes, that is the beauty of it. She manages to get everything she wants, and ends up being the injured party. Brooke wonders how is that what she WANTS? She and Nick are going to be married just as soon as his divorce is final. That is what she wants. That is what would mean something to her. Taylor sympathizes, yes, but that is months away and a long time to go without sex, especially when you are under the influence of what is it - psychotherapeutic drugs? Brooke can’t believe she is saying these things to her. Taylor piles on – Ridge without guilt. That is what she got last night and Taylor can’t think of anything better. Brooke tells her again she is NOT responsible. Taylor delves more. What kind of pills were those – mood elevators, or hypnotic sedative? She offers that she has prescribed a lot of pills and she’s never had a patient say to her, “it was the weirdest thing, Doc. I was having sex and realized I was having sex with someone I really didn’t want to.” “But, that is your story and you’re sticking to it,” says, Taylor. Triumphatically, she says she just wonders how long Nick will buy that?

At the cabin, Ridge is stoking the fire. When he turns his back, a package hits him squarely in the back. He turns around to see an angry Nick standing in the door. He says, “special delivery.” Smugly, Ridge says well he guesses he knows what he thinks. Nick says tell him, what does he think he thinks? Ridge says he’s already apologized to Brooke. Nick grins, so he forced himself on her and then apologizes? Ridge says that is not the way it happened. Nick barks that she TRUSTED him. She’d spent half her life dealing with his act, and now he did THIS to her!

Ridge tells him anything else, he can take it up with Brooke. He turns his back on him and walks to a nearby inside door. Nick calls him a PIG. Ridge reaches for the rifle over the door, and warns Nick to “back off, little brother,” as he brandishes the gun.

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