The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/25/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ridge is in Brooke’s bed rattling on and on about how they needed this beautiful thing and not to doubt he loved her. She drifts in and out of her pill-induced stupor just long enough to call his name.

Felicia does everything but beg to Bridget not to take her son out of the country. She meant to share him with Bridget, but not this. And she can invite Dante’s whole Italian family to Los Angeles and she will pay for it. When Bridget persists that he wants to show him Italy and at their home, Felicia strongly suggests she wait until she is gone, not now. Please don’t make her beg. Stephanie joins the fray and asks what is going on? Felicia fills her in. Bridget suggests that someone forgot to mention it to Felicia. Stephanie states she assumed the trip was now off. And, she states she does not think it is a very good idea. Dominick should stay here with his mother where he belongs.

There to bring his mother home from jail, Nick looks around to see his dad standing there and wonders why? Massimo says they need to talk. And that in a strange, funny way, he’s proud that he stood up for what he believed. He knows Dominick is angry at him now, but someday he’ll understand the bigger picture – family – family is everything, the history, the future…..Jackie adds their morality. He scoffs at her for daring to use that word to him. She sneers that she is not afraid of him. He wonders if she enjoyed being imprisoned and being stripped of her dignity? She opines she may have been framed and falsely arrested, but she never lost her dignity. She says she didn’t deserve this. Not for having an affair with Deacon Sharp, or for supporting their son in his relationship with Brooke. She will NEVER forgive him. Massimo sighs and says he is there to make things right with his son, and she’s damn well going to listen too. He debates one more time that Brooke has a son with Ridge and everyone should respect that. Nick states he can not respect a man who has treated her like dirt for the last two decades. Massimo tells him then he’s going to lose. However Ridge has treated her, Brooke has gone back to him time and time again. “And this time is not going to be any different.” Nick offers that the only one who’s going to lose here is Forrester. He’s chasing something that is never going to happen.

Meanwhile Ridge continues to Brooke that he loves her and when he holds her like this, all is right with the world. He’s missed her. She makes his heart race after all these years. He kisses her shoulder and says he knows it will take time, but the important thing is they are together again, in every sense of the word. Brooke fights to wake up and slowly becomes aware of what is happening around her. She turns over facing him and calls his name, more like it’s the first time she’s seen him. In horror, she recoils in what has probably happened.

Stephanie obviously takes Felicia’s side and tells Bridget she thinks she is in denial about this. She’s a kind, loving, generous person and would be a wonderful mother, but the situation has changed. Felicia did not die, she’s alive. And Felicia admits there will come a day that she will need to be replaced. Bridget states that she can not have it both ways – she can’t cut her out and then pull her back when she needs her. That good old Aunt Bridget isn’t good enough any more. Stephanie puts in her two cents again, that the baby needs his mother and Felicia gets her strength from him. And the sooner that Bridget accepts this, the better it will be for everyone.

Ridge looks at Brooke quizzically as she stares at him blankly and asks what has he done? He asks what is going on with her? She sighs – the pills. He asks then spies them on the bedside table. Shockingly, he asks how many did she take? She replies too many. She passed out. He’s shocked and says he didn’t know and he certainly never would have……She tells him to go, just go!

Stephanie continues that she thinks it would be better if Dante’s family came here. Bridget snipes that everything has to always be on her terms. And she can’t live like this, always waiting by the phone and wondering when it might ring to find out when she might need her. She feels like she is her understudy. Stephanie says she is absolutely right, it’s not fair. Felicia can’t expect Bridge to be a part-time mother any more than Bridget can expect Felicia to be one. She is his mother 100%. And she’s been thinking about this for a few days and she thinks the best thing for everyone if something happens to Felicia is that Stephanie raises the baby. Bridget is shocked and lashes out that she’s the grandmother; Dominick has a father, Dante. And he will NEVER ever just give him away. She says she doesn’t even know why she is there. They do not consider how she or Dante feels. Stephanie tries to calm her and tells her she loves her and she doesn’t want to see her being hurt during this. Bridget spouts that for the record, Dante doesn’t need permission to take his son to Italy to meet his parents, and neither does she. She plays the old guardianship card by stating she has legal guardianship of Dominick. That was back when Felicia trusted her. And all she is asking that she trust her again. She offers the papers to them and then puts them down for them to look at later. Before she goes, she states she is sorry but she and Dante have a legal right to take his child to Italy to meet his parents, and that is exactly what they are going to do. (thinking she might want to get this in writing legally). She’ll call her tomorrow night when they come by before their flight. When they are alone, Felicia frets that what if they take him and something happens to her and she never sees her son again? Stephanie tells her papers or no papers, she doesn’t care. They aren’t going to take that child out of the country. If they do, it’ll be the biggest mistake of their lives.

Massimo proudly states that he thinks Nick is underestimating Ridge’s power of persuasion. Simply Nick states that their conversation about Ridge or anything else is over. He tells Jackie he is going to take her home and then go to Brooke’s. Massimo says, “I would knock first. I don’t think I have to remind you what happened the last time you barged in. They were in bed together, for God’s sake.”

Brooke sits in bed with her knees pulled up to her chin, not even looking at Ridge as he dresses. He prattles that he had no idea at all or he never would have followed her upstairs. She has to know he’d cut out his own heart before he’d ever take advantage of her. She utters Nick’s name. Ridge says he will make this right somehow. She asks him to just go. Before he does, again he says he is sorry and he will make this right, he promises. Brooke sobs.

Bridget returns and tells Felicia she felt they got off on the wrong foot. She thinks they are dealing with a very unique, challenging situation here. Felicia states it’s the sharing that is tough. Bridget says it doesn’t have to be that way. The more that Dino is loved, the better. Felicia says no argument with her there. Bridget tells her they just need to find a way without threatening each other. And yes, that she is feeling threatened. That is why she dug in her heels so and wanted Dominick to come to Italy with her and Dante. She never meant to upset Felicia though. Felicia says she understands that. Bridget doesn’t think that Stephanie is helping the situation either. But, Felicia says they can’t blame this on her mother. Bridget says they just need to focus on the baby and it doesn’t matter how many legal papers are drawn up or how close she and Dante get, Felicia is always going to be his mother and Bridget will never ever take her place in his life. Felicia tears up and says she wants to believe that. But, when she’s telling her she’s taking her son out of the country regardless of how she feels, then she has to question that. Bridget tells her don’t. She didn’t come here tonight to try to convince her in accepting them taking Dino to Italy. She came to tell her how much they admired her. Felicia laughs that she has a funny way of showing it. Bridget apologizes if she has been insensitive or selfish. They laugh at Felicia’s bald head. Bridget hugs her and says she knows they haven’t resolved anything here. Felicia admits they haven’t, but it’s okay. Bridget says it’s okay because she is still there. And she’s getting spunkier and healthier every day, more rebellious every single day. “More you.” And that means Dino and everyone that loves her will have her in their lives a really, really, long time. She hugs her again and tells her no matter what happens, don’t forget that she loves her.

Dejectedly, Ridge returns to his office and relives in his head what has just happened. In frustration, he rubs his head and asks himself what has he done?

Brooke comes out of the shower back to the bedroom and walks to the table and picks up the bottle of pills. She’s reviled, almost like they are a rattlesnake. She’s probably about to destroy them but Nick walks in. He tells her he didn’t ring the bell because he didn’t want to wake up the entire house. She says she is sorry, she was in the shower. He starts in that she was right. It was Megan and his old man together in this. He set up his mother. Brooke backs up and kerplunks on the loveseat. He realizes something is dreadfully wrong. He asks her if she is okay? He spots the bottle and has to pry it from her fingers. He remarks they are tranquilizers. She is barely coherent, but mentions her father. He holds her and hugs her tightly and mentions that she is trembling; was her father there tonight? She replies no. Then he asks about Ridge, was he there? He wants her to tell him what happened there tonight. Her mouth is open but she can't speak. Her silence and horrorified face is deafening and a dead give-away.

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