The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/24/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Barely able to stand up on her own two feet, Brooke continues to let Ridge manipulate her by touchy/feely all over and kissing her. She asks what is he doing? He asks what does she want him to do? Not given a chance to object, he keeps shhhhhing her and saying it’s all right, he’s there and he kisses her more.

Felicia is walking with the walker and is delighted to see both Dante and Bridget. They comment on her walking and she replies it’s just baby steps but she is getting stronger. She’s also happy they are going to Italy for ten days until they inform her they are also taking little Dino. That fact doesn’t sit well with her at all, plus the fact that they didn’t even ask, but just told her.

Nick confronts his father and Megan in Mass’s office and tells them they were really smooth, but he’s on to them. Mass says his relationship with Megan should be of no concern to Nick. Nick says he knows what they did to his mother and what he tried to do with his relationship with Brooke, and they failed!

Brooke pulls away, still unsteady on her feet so she rests herself up against the sofa. Ridge continues to blather that he almost lost her once and he will never take her for granted again. He continues to play with her hair and trying to put the moves on her. He rattles that he knows her complexities, her needs, and he’s the only one that can give them to her. She literally stumbles into his arms against him and he caresses her and tells her tonight, this is what they need. Just hold him, let them communicate this way. “This is us, this is what it’s about. Oh, sweetie, just let it happen.”

She pulls away and tells him she can’t deal with this right now. All of this with her father. Ridge suggests that she let him help her fix that. It won’t happen overnight, but it needs to heal, just like they do. He continues to pat on her hair, kiss it and massage her shoulders. He keeps telling her he wants to be a positive influence in her life again. When they are together, there is nothing they can’t do. They are a team and always have been. Sighing, she says she needs to be alone. She can’t have this conversation. She walks to the stairs and hesitates long enough to call him by name and says she is sorry, she can not deal with this right now.

Mass tells Nick that Brooke has a child with Ridge. She belongs to him. Nick lashes that she is NOT a commodity that he can buy and sell…..and he looks at Megan and tells her she ought to get that straight in her head too. Despite Mass’s evil eye at her, she tells Nick that she is sorry. She did this for his father and she didn’t know his mother would go to jail. And she knows Nick loves Brooke, but Ridge is the only man who has ever made her truly happy. Softly, he tells her that his attorneys will be in contact with her. Make sure she does the right thing. She tells them both that she is sorry, and leaves.

With arms folded, Mass goes into his diatribe that he took Nick into this business and made him a wealthy man. And Jackie M exists because of him. And this is the way he repays him, by denying him his one, simple request? Nick replies that Mass is not God. Mass bellows to this family he is! Nick retorts, “well, doesn’t that say it all?” Mass reminds him that fooling around with his nephew’s mother will bring a curse on this family. Nick says he put his mother in jail; that was the curse. Mass wonders what kind of man Nick is? He didn’t see what she did to him. In his own private hell, she was groveling with that pig – Deacon in front of him. And he’s not bringing all of this up to hurt Nick. But, can’t he see how it is with Brooke and Ridge? They keep going back to each other. “She is the mother of your brother’s child. Dominick, let her go. Let her go before it’s too late.”

Brooke runs her bath water, sits on the edge of her bed in satin robe and spies the pills on the table. She pops another (this is getting way dangerous as she has taken at least 4 in last hour).

Bridget tries to suggest to Felicia this might be a good idea so she can have the time to rest and get her strength back. Felicia informs them she gets her strength from her son. …..and then she explodes that it’s not Dino, but his name is Dominick. She then says it’s cool that they want to take him to Italy and show him the country, but it’s just going to have to wait. Dante asks why? She replies because she doesn’t know how much more time she has, weeks, days, months……Bridget reminds her that the cancer is in remission and she’s accepting the new liver. And Dante offers that his parents aren’t getting any younger. Though Felicia is sure they’d relish a long trip to L.A. instead. Bridget manages to get Dante to go get the neck rest they’ll need on the plane, so she can have privacy with Felicia. Felicia begs her to take Dominick to Italy after she dies, but just don’t take him right now.

After her bath, Brooke comes back into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. She lets it fall by the bed and climbs in. Minutes later, Ridge comes up the stairs and walks into the bedroom. He sees Brooke in bed and comes and sits beside her, caressing her hair and shoulders, kissing the side of her face. He gets up and starts taking off his clothes.

Smugly, Nick tells Massimo that his strength is fading. And before long, it will be gone completely. Mass tells him he doesn’t even know what real power is. Slowly, Nick walks to the desk and picks up the red phone. He holds it up to Mass and tells him to free his mother. Hesitating, Mass picks up the receiver and says two words, “release her.”

Felicia and Bridget are still at odds though Bridget tries to re-negotiate that they will only take Dino for a week. Felicia says that week will be like a year to her without her son. Bridget says he IS Dante’s son too and if he needs to take him to Italy for a week, that is exactly what he should do. She gives Felicia heads up that they are leaving tomorrow night.

Nick awaits his mother in the holding room and she is delighted that she is being released from jail. She always believed in Nick, but wasn’t sure he could pull this off over his father. He tells her it was Megan. She had planted false evidence in the computers and the FBI were only doing their duty. She comments how evil that Massimo is and he hasn’t accomplished anything because Ridge will NEVER have Brooke, NEVER.

Ridge turns off the lamp and slides into bed beside Brooke. He kisses and massages her shoulders. She is aware who he is as she calls him by name and asks what is he doing? He tells her she NEEDS this. He squeezes her and tells her how much he loves her, and their lives are going to fall into place again. She snuggles into her pillow as he advises her to let it happen, all the while planting little kisses on her.

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