The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/21/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke is nervously, anxiously waiting on The Shady Marlin to talk with Nick. She pops a pill to calm her down. Ridge calls and announces that he’s coming back over to the house. She tells him no, this is not a good time, but he insists that she made a breakthrough with her father. She may not be ready to totally forgive him, but it’s a start. And if she can open her heart to her father, then she can open her heart to him. She hears footsteps and tells him she has to go. He ends by saying he will come over later after he takes care of something.

Nick joins her and says they were right, his old man is involved in all of this. But, he’s not alone. He has someone doing his dirty work, and Nick’s going to find out who it is. He also tells her that he gave back the Marone ring, and he’s done with Massimo.

From Brooke’s house, Megan calls Massimo and says she’d like to see him. He declares he wants to see her too, but they have to be more careful. Dominick is on a rant and if he doesn’t resolve this right away, he might lose him. She suggests that she talk with Brooke. She’s her good friend and she could convince Brooke she should be with Ridge. Massimo convinces her to do nothing, he does not want to put her in more jeopardy. Ridge interrupts so he cuts his conversation short. He implores Ridge to tell him that he has made some headway and that he is on the verge of reuniting with the mother of his child.

Brooke is surprised when she enters her house to find Megan there. Megan emphasizes they are friends and she’s never disappointed her before, right? Brooke acknowledges this and Megan says she hopes it will remain that way when she tells her what she has to say.

Massimo wants to know what happened with Brooke. Ridge notices the disarray and broken glass and asks Mass what happened here? Mass tells him Dominick, because Mass sided with Ridge. Ridge calls Nick a spoiled child. Mass agrees but that his brother is not one to bluff, and he could cause them a lot of trouble. Ridge says he will talk to him. Mass replies no, his priority should be Brooke. Mass would handle Dominick. Ridge can also understand why Nick would think that Mass was behind his mother being in jail.

Meanwhile, Nick calls Carl, the head of his dad’s security guard to see if he had been working on any special projects for Mass. He’s told no. Eric shows up asking about Jackie. In the conversation, Nick thanks him for sending Megan over a few nights ago. Eric replies that he didn’t and that he never had a key to Jackie M’s. They know they have caught Megan in a lie. Eric leaves but tells him to keep in touch if Jackie needs anything. Nick is more determined than ever to find out what Megan has to do with this.

Megan tells Brooke that she is making a huge mistake with Nick. She realizes she is mad at Ridge, and she has every right to be. But, she also has to know how much he loves her. Brooke fills her in that Ridge brought her father from Paris. She was really angry and didn’t want to see him at all. But, then she saw him with Hope and she realized just how much she does care for him. She sighs that she guesses they could work through some of their issues together. Megan states that Ridge took a huge risk, and doesn’t that count for something? Brooke tells her that Ridge always said he knew her better than she knew herself. Maybe he was right.

Ridge tells Mass that he knew bringing Stephen back from Paris was a good idea. He just didn’t know it was going to come together so quickly. He reminds him she hasn’t seen her father since Mass offered him that bribe a few years ago. But, the truth is she hasn’t forgiven him for abandoning his family. She wants to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And if she can find a way to forgive her father, Ridge thinks she can find a way to forgive him for walking out on her when Taylor came back. When Massimo questions him about it, he can’t give him an exact date and time, but soon. Massimo tells him fine, how about he gives him one. By the end of today! He wants them reconciled by tonight. Make it happen. No more delays! Commit to Brooke. Make this damn thing happen. Promise her anything.

Megan continues her championing of Ridge to Brooke…..and that they will always end up back together. She knows it’s going to happen, perhaps it has already started. Nick calls and needs her to do something for him. She tells him she is busy with Megan at the moment. He cautions her not to let Megan know it’s him on the line or that they are discussing her. When Megan leaves, Brooke also catches her in the same lie by asking her to go by Jackie M’s and pick up some clothes. Megan says she can’t, she doesn’t have Eric’s key, she gave it back. When she leaves, Brooke pops another pill.

Nick comes over and she tells him that Megan lied. Nick surmises that Megan was in the boutique and she brought up the computers, the ones the feds confiscated. She must be working with the old man. Friend or not, you throw enough cash at people and they’ll do anything. Brooke is beside herself, almost hyperventilating. She doesn’t understand all of this, first his mother, then Ridge, and her father and now this with Megan! Nick tries to re-assure and calm her. Can she just suck it up and hang in there a little longer? She says she will do her best.

Megan shows up at Mass’s office. He drags her inside the door, fearful that someone saw her. He chastises her for deliberately trying to sabotage his plans. She’s worried and says she needs to talk to him. He points out that is what the hotline (red phone) is for. She goes on; she thinks she made a huge mistake. His son caught her in a lie about Jackie M’s key.

Like popping candy, Brooke takes another pill all the while lamenting about Massimo won’t stop. He wants her with Ridge and now Megan’s involved……Ridge……her father……

The doorbell rings and it’s Ridge. He points a finger at her and says he was right. Bringing her father here and he knows she is glad he did it. The two of them connected, and it was great to watch. Now they can start working on these old issues of abandonment, being betrayed and let down. And they can finally get past all of that. Just barely hanging on and being coherent, she says it’s possible and she answers that she is not angry with him. He blathers that he knows it’s going to take some time, but he wants to be there for her when it happens. It’s a lot more than just her and her father; it’s about them as well. And now they all can get past it, a fresh start, from the beginning. Again, almost in a haze and woozy on her feet, she tells him she is confused (what part of any of this doesn’t he understand, the word NO or her unresponsiveness or hesitation?).

He says it will be all okay. But she doesn’t want to talk. He kisses her on the forehead and caresses her hair. He says he doesn’t want to talk either. That isn’t what they are about. Maybe that is why they haven’t been connecting. They are spending too much time trying to fill in the space with words. Too many words. When this is all they needed right here. He becomes a little more amorous, she says no. He asks if she needs any more explanation or promises? She replies no. He continues kissing her, telling her this is what she needs though it is obvious looking at her with her eyes closed, that she is ready to fall down any moment and is only half-way going through the motions of what she is doing.

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