The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/20/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At home on the phone, Brooke asks her doctor about her anxiety medication. She’s not used to taking sedatives and she wants to be sure she’s not taking too much. Nick rushes in and finds her still very shaky from confronting her father earlier. He gives her a quick kiss and a hug and holds her. He wonders why Forrester even brought him there? She says to heal her from her abandonment issues. If he brought in another man who was worse to her than Ridge was, then he would look good in comparison. She tells Nick what really became clear is how lucky she is to have him. And that she sent her father back to Paris. Nick hopes that was the right thing to do. He tells her she does know that his old man and Forrester are working in this together, to keep them apart? They just don’t know that is not possible. He tells her he has to go wrestle a bull, and he hates to leave her in case Forrester and her dad come back. She says she will be okay and encourages him to go wrestle that bull.

At Forrester, Sally gets testy with Megan about some office phone calls. Even Stephanie asks her not to be so touchy. She needs more information from Megan about the Jackie M operations. What is their potential loss of sales if she goes under? She then manages to get Sally out of the room to work on another phone call. She asks Megan what is up?

Ridge and Stephen waltz right into Brooke’s house. Stephen says he wants to help his daughter, but another confrontation might make things worse. Ridge quips that she’s planning a life with Nick; things couldn’t get any worse. Stephen asks if he wasn’t concerned about her reaction yesterday? Ridge answers no, she just wasn’t ready to hear it. Stephen replies that he has hurt her too much, she might not be ready to hear it today either. Ridge seems to think that’s why it’s so important. He asks Stephen to stay there, he’ll go find Brooke.

Alone, looking at the house and the pictures on the table, he turns around to find Hope looking at him and declares she must be Hope. She asks who he is? He replies that he is her grandpa.

Nick barges into Massimo’s office and stands there with hands on hips and says he was hoping to hear that he got his mother out of jail. Mass quips, “overnight? With the courts closed, the judges sleeping? You flatter me, Dominick.” Nick takes steps toward him and says flattery is not what he had in mind.

Stephanie gets Megan to confide in her. Is she not happy with her new promotion? This is not about gratitude, but their best efforts and she doesn’t feel like she is getting that from Megan. Megan offers some excuse that she is not sure the position is right for her. And she claims she really is honored that Stephanie is acknowledging her dedication to the company, more responsibility and more money, but…..Stephanie confesses she did not move her up because of longevity but because she always thought her talents and abilities were unappreciated. Stephanie senses that she misses all the action up here on the Executive level and Megan admits she does. But, what she really misses is the closeness of the Forrester family.

Nick frowns at his father and tells him to get his mother out. Mass pours himself a stiff drink and says he’s not the one standing in the way of her freedom. Nick says he is NOT leaving Brooke. Mass sighs that then he sees nothing but strife in the life of the Marone’s, and that includes his mother. Nick opines that if the Marone family falls apart, that will be on Mass, him and his obsessive need for control. Nicks says he’s through with it. Mass asks if he means him? Nick says the both of them. He thinks they are just getting started.

Stephen speaks lovingly to Hope and tells her he is her mommy’s daddy, the grandpa from Paris. He is very busy there and apologizes for not visiting her sooner. He’d like to make up for that. She wants to show him a picture and shows him one she drew from their Pirate adventure. They discuss camping which he used to do with Brooke when she was little. Hope called her his night bird; he said night owl. And she liked to stay up and watch the stars, and he’d let her do just about anything she wanted. Even as a little girl Brooke was way smarter than him. Brooke eases down the stairs and hears this. He continues that she soaked up everything about her. She had a sense of wonder and curiosity and he sees that in Hope too. Hope asks if he can come camping the next time with them? He replies he really would love too. Brooke comes on down and tells them unfortunately that isn’t going to be possible. Her grandpa has to go back to Paris tonight. Why doesn’t she say good-bye and go find Catherine and get a snack. The grownups need to talk. Hope gives her grandpa a hug and trudges off. He remarks that she is so beautiful, and so much like Brooke. She tells him she’s glad that he enjoyed meeting her because it is never going to happen again.

Father and son have a stare down. Mass tells Nick that he doesn’t want to fight with him. Nick states he wants his mother out of jail and for Forrester to back off. Mass repeats again he doesn’t want to fight with him, but he will if it means saving this family. Nick scoffs, “saving this family? You choose one son over the other, but it’s my love life that is screwing this family up?” Mass tells him that he and Ridge are equal. Nick raises his voice and tells his pop that Ridge is NOT a Marone. Forget about blood. He’s a Forrester at heart. Always was, always will be! Then he gives a long speech that as for himself, he respected Massimo’s name long before it was his own. He says when he made captain, it was the second proudest day in his life. When he found out he was Massimo’s son, that was the first because Marone meant something to him. It meant hard work, loyalty and honor. “Now you tell me where the honor is in what you are doing to my mother, and what you’re doing to my relationship with Brooke?” And he shouts and what is the point? For what? Tell him! He points at things in the office and asks, “this, or this? I don’t buy any of it!” He points and slaps at busts sitting on pedestals, yelling that they are just hollow. The pictures he scatters about – all for show. He breaks a couple as Mass stands with arms folded watching him go beserk. Nick tells him it’s all for show, all of it. He looks down at his last vestige, his ring and takes it off his finger and slams it down on the table in front of Massimo. He says, “your Marone dynasty? It’s all garbage to me.” I don’t know who is more surprised but with a scowl on his face, Massimo hauls off and slaps Nick across the face while shouting, “Enough!” Another stare down ensues.

Brooke is angry and she asks Ridge why did he bring her father back here? Same old, same old, he says he thought they needed another chance to talk. She says Nick warned her that Ridge might try to do that. Ridge justifies it by saying he is trying to help her. She offers he is only trying to help himself. He tells her this problem affects all of them so why can’t they face it together? She bellows that she has faced it, every day of her life. And she cries that there is another little girl here that looked to Ridge as if he were her father and Ridge abandoned just like her dad abandoned her. And now he wants them both back. “Well, you can’t. It happened. And I’ll be damned if I let it happen again.”

Megan gets off track and tries to persuade Stephanie despite everything else, she has to admit Ridge and Brooke have great chemistry. Stephanie tells her pardon her if she doesn’t respond to that right now. She’s like to get back to her job and lack of satisfaction in it. Megan says maybe she is just at a point in her life that she wants to focus her energy somewhere else. There were times she often wondered if there was a life outside these walls? Stephanie asks if she is thinking of leaving? Megan replies she is not sure Forrester is the right place to be for her, but she can’t imagine any other place either. She’s sort of coy when she says she doesn’t know what the future holds for her. Stephanie advises her not to rush into something. And then asks if she is seeing someone new? She admits she is seeing someone new and just trying to keep it between the two of them for now. She’s really hoping everything will work out. Stephanie replies she hopes he is a very nice guy.

With the wind obviously taken out of his sails, Mass leans on the knuckles on both of his hands on the desk, fighting for composure. Nick stands behind and whispers, “I gave you a chance to save yourself. And you didn’t take it…... ………remember that.” he storms off and Mass reluctantly picks up the coveted ring and we see him choking back tears.

Brooke tells her dad she wants him to leave. When he doesn’t she cries what more does he want? Does he want more time with Hope; family photos? Money? How about some money? He says he just wants to talk. She says they’ve done that. Ridge suggests she just hear Stephen out. She says she has heard enough already. Ridge pontificates that he wouldn’t have brought him there unless he thought it would help. Her father is the only person that can help her heal all these issues that are pulling the family apart….if they want the future that they want to have. She shrieks that she has the future she wants……with Nick! Finally Ridge says if she won’t give him another chance, at least give it to her father. She admits she can’t. And she asks him to just leave! He tells Ridge he’s caused Brooke enough pain. If she doesn’t want him there, he can’t stay. Ridge reminds him that she needs him.

Stephan replies, “right now, she needs me to leave.” He gets to the door with his hand on the knob. Suddenly he turns around and comes back to Brooke who has her back turned. She senses he is there and turns to face him, tears streaming down her face. He softly says, “Good-bye, Brooke……..I AM sorry……for everything.” Slowly she dissolves into his arms as he holds her like a little girl, and tears are falling from his eyes as well.

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