The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/17/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick catches Megan red-handed standing in Jackie’s office in the dark. Since the Boutique has been closed since Jackie’s arrest, he wonders why she is there?

Stephanie is elated that Felicia’s white blood count is almost back to normal. Felicia quips normal – whatever that is where she is concerned. Bridget joins them and answers Felicia that Dante has taken Dominick for a walk. Christian puts in his two cents that Felicia needs to go back to the guest house. Stephanie cajoles about Doctor’s orders; wished she had known that all these years. She also senses some friction between Felicia and Bridget.

Brooke finishes her conversation with Massimo at Marone Industries. He doesn’t know what she is accusing him of, but does she have proof? All she knows is that Nick will despise him for the rest of his life if he really did frame his mother. Mass assures her he is not that cold-hearted. She states she knows that he wouldn’t stand by and watch the demise of the Marone Empire. He adds but not by sacrificing Dominick and his mother. And he’s appalled if this is the way she has always felt about him. She tells him she really doesn’t want him to be the enemy. He offers that he doesn’t want that either because he does believe she loves his son…..but Ridge, not Dominick has her heart. Before he can elaborate on this, Ridge enters the office. Mass greets him openly and is happy he is there. He wants the two of them to stand there and work this out because he knows they both love each other.

Megan gives some lame excuse that she was checking on some back orders between Jackie M’s and Forrester’s (at night, with no lights on, her dressed all in black including leather gloves?) and she’s shocked to hear that Jackie has been denied bail. He mentions the door was locked; how did she get in. Again, she gives some excuse that the keys were Eric’s and she borrowed them.

Massimo preaches that he wants them to address this right now. Forgive each other, then get on with it. And he doesn’t want her to complicate it by dragging Dominick into it as well. She says she is not dragging Dominick into this. He was there when Ridge wasn’t. And Ridge admits he will always regret that for the rest of his life. He confronts Brooke and says the loss of trust, the feeling like she’s been abandoned all over again; he understands that. But, he’s done something that he’s hoping will shed some light on that if she will just hear him out. Massimo suggests that she listen with her heart. She sighs as Ridge thinks he is going to begin. But, she tells him no, she has made her decision. Her future is with Nick. She knows this is hard for him and Massimo to accept, but they are going to have to because that is the way it is. Ridge follows her to the door. Even blocks the way so she can’t open it. She implores him to accept this – her decision for all of their sakes. Reluctantly, he lets her go this time and then turns toward Mass as he says, “wrong, Brooke, there is something I can do……I already have.”

Nick stays to look through some of his mother’s files. He wants to thank Megan as he knows Brooke considers her one of her best friends.

Stephanie tells Bridget she knows she is too decent to ever say anything, but given the circumstances, can she really be happy that Felicia is okay? And then she goes on and praises Bridget for doing a wonderful job with Dominick when she thought Felicia was dying……but she’s not. Bridget assures her they’ve had this talk and they’ve figured it out that they both are going to mother little Dominick. They haven’t figured out all the details, but they will. And Stephanie points out that in the meantime, Bridget can barely be separated from him. And Bridget realizes that Stephanie knew this all along that Felicia was not dead and cautioned Bridget not to get too close to Dino. She didn’t realize it at the time, but now she does. Stephanie says she is concerned about her; still is, and she wants to help her. Bridget wonders if she really does or is there a little part of her that just wants her to go away and leave her grandson just for Felicia?

Felicia confides in Christian that she’s also worried about Bridget. She knows how attached she is to Dominick, especially after what happened with Nicole. She just hopes her mother will stay out of it.

Stephanie begs Bridget to please not misunderstand her. She just wants her to be sensitive to everything that Felicia has gone through. The tests results were good this week, but they don’t know how much time Felicia has. It could be 6 weeks, 6 months, she is just living on borrowed time! Stephanie urges Bridget to let Felicia have as much time as she needs with her son. Stephanie is shocked when Bridget breaks it down that this really is about Stephanie and her daughter versus Brooke and her daughter. Stephanie is taking sides and Bridget thought this time it really might be different.

Ridge tells his father he needs a favor. Mass says anything. Ridge says the Marone jet. Mass says it will be at his disposal. He’s delighted when he hears the destination is Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world. Now Ridge is thinking! Ridge counters with it isn’t what Mass is thinking. He does have a plan. One he hopes will help win Brooke back. His thoughts are interrupted by a phone call to Mass. He puts off the person on the other end until he can get back with them. Ridge thanks him and says he appreciates his putting everything else aside and making his problems his concern. Mass puts his hand on his shoulder and tells Ridge that he is his first born….and family ALWAYS……ALWAYS comes first. And it may not seem like it, but he promises him that progress is being made.

At Brooke’s, Nick and Brooke embrace. He’s pretty frustrated as he tells her that the Feds grabbed most of the books and files, computers from Jackie M’s so there’s not much he can do. Casually, he mentions that Megan was there when he arrived. Brooke remarks that is very thoughtful of her but not surprising, considering how she feels about Jackie. He tells her he’s missing something. It’s right there, but he’s missing it. Otherwise, it is just about accounting mistakes. And he knows his old man wouldn’t let this happen. He set up the financial structure of this company himself.

She confides to Nick that she visited Massimo while Nick was at the Boutique. She told him there was nothing he could do or say that would change her mind, and she meant it. She states, “your father is NOT going to come between us.” She cups his face and kisses him.

Bridget opines that Stephanie wants her to step back and let Felicia raise her baby, yet, she knows the minute she is really gone……Bridget will be the one. And God knows, that isn’t what she is hoping for. But, she is going to play a very significant role in that child’s life. Stephanie thinks that is good; she’s enthusiastic about that. But, under these circumstances, can’t Bridget just let go a little? Bridget shakes her head and repeats, “no, no, no. Stephanie, that little boy already has my heart.” She wants to hold him and protect him forever. Of course, Felicia is his mother, but please don’t ask her to let go, she can’t! Stephanie nods in agreement that she understands, and gives her a hug.

Ridge returns the fellowship with Mass and tells him he appreciates all he is doing to help. He has a plan, and he hopes it works. Mass tells him, “Ridge, do it. Make Brooke yours.”

Nick tells Brooke that his father has met his match in her. She bows to her knees in front of him and says but she doesn’t want him to lose his inheritance, his position at Marone or his family. He tells her she is his family. And when they are together like this, well……….they kiss and everything else seems to fall by the wayside. Then he adds that he has to get his mother out. And he needs proof to tie his old man to all of this. Somebody has that proof, and he just has to find out who that somebody is.

Ridge thanks Mass again and is about to leave when Megan interrupts them. She covers by making it seem that she was dropping off papers, following Ridge with them when he wasn’t at Forrester’s. He offers what would they do without her?

Minutes later after she has left and Mass is settled with his drink and his music, Megan returns. Arms folded, she seems very familiar with Mass and she addresses him by his first name. She says, “Massimo, you and I need to talk. I can’t do this anymore.”

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