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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke is trying to calm Nick down as he paces around outside the courtroom. He’s astounded that his mother had to spend the night in jail there and that his old man let her! Brooke consoles by saying Jackie will be released today. It’s just a matter of getting the charges dropped, which were a mistake to begin with.

Ridge steps off the elevator and first sight he spies the lovebirds huddling chest to chest. He stops cold in his tracks until Massimo catches his attention. Ridge spouts that he thought Mass was going to take care of THAT! Mass says it has been taken care of. Ridge snorts well obviously not fast enough. Massimo tells him that the Marone family has enough problems with Jacqueline being arrested. He doesn’t want to add more shame by brother fighting brother in a courthouse today, okay? He dismisses Ridge by ordering him to leave the courthouse, and he will call him later. Ridge fires, “either this gets settled soon, or I’ll handle it my way.”

Jackie is next off the elevator and Mass accosts her and points out her darling Nicky and Brooke who are lovey-dovey over in the corner. He asks her if she has thought over what he said? This has got to stop! There’s a war brewing in the Marone family over a woman who belongs to Ridge. Jackie is disgusted. Mass is talking about Brooke like she’s a piece of poverty. “You’re asking me to stand between our son and Brooke. Never!” With that, she walks away in a huff.

Bridget sits in the living room eating her breakfast. Dante barely walks into the room before she asks if it’s too early to call Felicia and tell her they are picking up Dino? Dante laments that he’s going to let her have this time with her son. Besides, he’s probably sleeping anyway. She regales in the fact that Felicia is back and doing so well. She hopes they don’t think she is uncaring or being insensitive, and it is a miracle that she is alive. He offers that he’s still the father and Felicia chose them to raise him, and that was still going to happen.

Christian catches Felicia out of bed hovering over the baby’s crib. She tells him no offense, but being close to Dominick again is the best medicine. He says he agrees, and now that she’s had a dose, how about he helps her back in bed. She flashes a big smile at him and flirts, “well, since you put it that way.” As she eases in the bed, she deliberately places her hand over his. He seems surprised; pleasantly, but surprised. She thanks him, not just for tucking her in, but for everything. He flashes his dimples and tells her she’s easily the best patient he’s ever had. She tells him, so it’s true. He moved in here to be with his star pupil; to make sure she didn’t slip up. He says so she has him figured out.

Jackie has her cuffs removed in the chambers. Nick comes forward and hugs her and he wants to introduce her to her lawyer, Peter McCoy. He calls her Mrs. Marone, and that they are going to get her out of there. Jackie thanks them for hiring the best defense attorney in L.A. but this shouldn’t be complicated. She had done nothing wrong. They’d made a very bad mistake. Nick tells her to take it easy; they’d get it all straightened out.

Christian tells Felicia he knows how much she loves her son, but he’s also noticed how much Bridget loves him too. Almost like he’s her own son. She tells him about Bridget losing her little Nicole. Her phone rings and she reaches for it. It’s Bridget who hopes it’s not too early to call. Felicia says not at all. Bridget wants to know how last night went? Felicia tells her it couldn’t have gone better. He slept through the night. Bridget is glad and then says she and Dante would like to stop by. A little less than enthusiastically, Felicia says that would be fine. She tells Christian this Mohawk seemed really a good idea at the time, but it’s going to fall out too. He tells her he’s pretty good with a razor too, and hey, if she needs a stylist……. She praises him; he has so many talents!

The bailiff calls the Honorable Judge Morrissey as presiding. He explains he is holding the hearing in his chambers but everyone is obligated to speak the truth at all times. He asks Ms. Gilmore what are the charges against the defendant? When she rattles them off, Jackie blurts out that they are all not true. Brooke comments and Nick says loudly he thinks her boys have been looking in the wrong garbage cans. Even Eric says there has to be some explanation. Finally Mass calls for quiet and tells everyone to remain calm. He asks the Judge if he may speak? Because Jacqueline is the mother of his son, he would like to post bail. He is certain he will have sufficient funds to cover any amount. Nick suddenly tells Brooke maybe he was wrong about his father. Ms. Gilmore rises and says because they consider Mrs. Marone a flight risk, they ask the bail be denied. Nick leads the charge. What the hell is this? It’s insane. Everyone starts clamoring at once; mutiny will surely ensue.

Felicia hands Christian the electric razor and asks if he’s done this before? He replies no, but she lets him do it anyway. Slowly and methodically, he shears her hair and hands her the mirror. He tells her she’s beautiful and he’s not one to hand out empty compliments. They both lean in and kiss one another. She seems surprised she enjoyed it so much. She tells him he has one hell of a bedside manner and he’s glad she thinks so.

One by one, with little regard to the courtroom, all have their say about Jackie, if she’s a flight risk, if she isn’t. Eric states she is a respected businesswoman with an international reputation. She does not deserve to be dragged in here and vilified. Ms. Gilmore asks if she doesn’t take frequent trips to Buenos Aires? She replies she has boutiques there, so of course. Ms. Gilmore continues and this is just across the river for Uruguay, a country which he United States has no extradition treaty. Again, pandemonium breaks out and the Judge has to gavel them to silence. Massimo speaks again. He was married to this woman. No one probably knows her better than he. “So, set your bail as high as you wish, and I will be responsible for it.” He says he would not sit back and watch his son’s mother spend another night in jail. He explains to the court that Jackie had nothing to gain, neither money nor prestige. He made sure she had a generous divorce settlement which included the Jackie M. boutique empire. She is falsely accused and she should be allowed to post bail immediately.

Ms. Gilmore wants to question Mass on a few points. She asks if their divorce was amicable? And if he still had any financial structure in the business? When he replies no, then she gathers Mr. Marone really has no idea how the company’s finances are handled. He says he knows his ex-wife is not a thief. She asks if Jackie was a loyal wife? Or what was the reason for the divorce? Massimo doesn’t see the reason for this line of questioning. But, the Judge allows it. He sighs that he divorced Jacqueline because she was having a relationship with another man, an affair. Was he aware that Deacon Sharpe had a criminal past? Mass answers not initially, but he had some private investigators confirm it. His crimes are a matter of public record. Ms. Gilmore accuses his wife of having an affair with a criminal. Jackie blurts out it wasn’t like that! And the Judge keeps at Mass until he confesses that Deacon had the affair in front of him; when he was incapacitated, in a wheelchair, on a ventilator.

Ms. Gilmore twists it to make it sound so sordid. At a time when Massimo was most vulnerable, she was in the arms of another man, a man with a criminal past. The woman who promised to love and honor him? Mass says he has nothing more to say. This was one of the most difficult times of his life.

Christian tells Felicia that her mother gave him a DVD so he could find out more about this woman with so much life. She knows now she has more to thank her mother for. Bridget and Dante come in and Felicia tells them they are the first to see her new look. What do they think? They joke she’s the prettiest bald woman they have ever seen. And Bridget is impressed that Felicia has Dino right back on schedule sleeping so good. That means they need to arrange for more sleepovers soon. Felicia questions – sleepovers? “Dominick is living here now.”

Ms. Gilmore continues to argue her case of no bail. Hold her in federal custody until the completion of her trial. The Judge says he is ready to make his judgment.

Jackie makes one last plea. She begs to the Judge that she won’t go anywhere. She promises him. “You can’t put me behind bars. I’m begging you.”

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