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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke sneaks up behind Nick in his office while he finishes a phone call. He tells this person to use his discretion and ton top of this, but call him when he has something. Brooke quietly puts her arms around Nick from the back and massages his chest. Oooh, we know it feels good. She turns him around and gives him a kiss, saying she thought he needed that. She asks about Massimo; is he getting his mother out of jail? He offers that he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what’s he’s done or what he might do.

Thorne, Darla, Ridge and Kristen continue to rally around Felicia who tells them they’d better believe it because a lot of people went to a lot of trouble to get her here. She looks at her mom and asks “right?” And she wishes she could have been there to see just how much she did mean to this family. Thorne proposes a toast and Felicia wants to have a sip, but Dr. Ramirez tells her no politely. She comments she doesn’t know why girls dream of marrying doctors, “you are really uptight.” Christian replies only when he is on duty. Darla replies that is right because he was very sweet at Bridget’s barbeque. Speak of the devil, in walks Bridget and Dante. Felicia spies her baby boy and wants to hold him. She fawns over him and declares that this little man saved her life. Dante almost looks sadder than Bridget does to give him up. Christian says he hates to break this up, but they really need to get back to the guest house. Felicia counters with only if Dominick can go. Dante says he will get Dino’s stuff from the car. This is the first Felicia has heard of ‘Dino’. Yeah, that’s what they are calling him. Bridget senses that Felicia doesn’t like it. She remarks that no, it’s fine if you’re a dinosaur or a lounge singer partial to martinis. Everyone chuckles and Felicia offers she was kidding, it’s cute. The word miracle comes up and Ridge comments that especially for this little guy; now he has his mommy back. They all laugh again……all that is except Bridget, who probably feels like a fifth wheel about now.

Eric is shown into a visiting room and tells Jackie he came as soon as he could. Stoically, she tells him if he came for his engagement ring, she doesn’t have it. They took it with all her personal possessions when they booked her. He tells her he came because he wanted to help. She softens and tells him thank you; goes to him and hugs him and sobs it again four times.

Brooke asks why wouldn’t Massimo help Nick’s mother? He certainly couldn’t believe she was guilty of the things she was accused of. He pulls away from her hug and confesses to Brooke that his old man doesn’t like them being together. And he doesn’t like what his mother has done to him in the past. And on top of that, he thinks his old man is responsible for what is happening to his mother now.

Felicia states that they say laughter is the best medicine, but she thinks they are wrong. She thinks it’s the love you get from a child. Christian remarks it’s going to take a lot more than love to get her back to where they need her. She vows she will do whatever it takes. Bridget reminds her that she won’t be able to do it alone; she’ll need some help. Christian says she will have a nurse. And Felicia adds, “a very dedicated doctor out on the couch.” Bridget assures Dr. Ramirez that she won’t be alone that much. She plans on visiting a lot. Felicia says she is counting on that so she can see Dominick more and she carries on over her baby, her sweet little boy.

Stephanie repeats again how sad she felt lying to them, but she hated for them to have false hopes and then put them through it a second time. Ridge tells her they just thought she was nuts. And Thorne adds especially when they saw the room this way. Stephanie tells them this was Felicia’s idea. She wanted it to look like the night of the wedding ceremony. Speaking of which, Kristen asks, where did their dad run off to? Stephanie reveals she thinks he is down at the Federal Building. Jackie has apparently gotten herself arrested for money laundering and tax fraud. And Eric feels a sense of obligation to her. He’d even asked her to marry him.

As Jackie wipes her eyes, Eric says he understands if she is upset with him. She tells him no; she’s just having a real unlucky week, that’s all. And he adds that he had no idea his daughter was alive. She tells him to stop. How could he ever think she wasn’t happy about Felicia? But, she did think that he loved her too. He tells her he does. She says, “no, you’re not with Stephanie out of obligation. you’re with her because you love her.”

Brooke and Nick continue to commiserate about Jackie’s situation; and Mass using her as leverage. Nick confesses he’d tried to make a deal with him. Mass would help his mother if Nick ended his relationship with Brooke.

Dante laments that they have a crib set up for Dino. Felicia adds that she wanted Dominick/Dino to sleep in the same bed with her, “but my heartless, tyrant of a doctor, says no.” Bridget is standing but rocking Dino to sleep on her chest. She says she thinks that is a good idea as he might not be able to get to sleep with all the machines around. Felicia declares is she kidding. He could sleep through a 21-gun salute. Can she have him back now?

Dante is silent but stares as he watches a very uncomfortable Bridget ease the baby down to Felicia’s side, and he continues to sleep like a baby. She comments she needs him as much as he needs her.

Ridge asks Stephanie – dad is engaged to Jackie? Kristen says that is why she stays in Florida. This doesn’t make sense. If Jackie is the one he wanted to marry, then why……..Stephanie finishes for her – because he wanted to accommodate Felicia’s dying wish. So what happens now? That is a good question.

Eric confesses to Jackie that he can’t deny he has feelings for his wife. She says it doesn’t matter; she’s going to spend the next 25 years in jail. He opines that she is not. She’s not going to spend another minute in there; not another day. He’s going to see to that. He will not let this sully her reputation, personal or professional. He has their P.R. people working on damage control as they speak. She tells him she is scared but sobs thank you. He tells her he will stand by her just like she stood by him. And they hug.

Brooke tells Nick she will NOT let Massimo come between them. She cups his face, neck and says she loves him too much; she won’t let that happen. He kisses her and says okay, then it won’t happen. They are still going at it when a phone interrupts. He says it’s the attorney so he needs to take this. Back with Brooke, he tells her the hearing is not until tomorrow so his mother has to spend the night there. She asks how his mother is holding up? Nick says he doesn’t know. Why would she be denied a visit from her attorney?

Jackie is led back to her cell. Off in the darkened corner, we see Massimo, arms folded, waiting. She’s startled when he says, “hello, Jacqueline.” She runs to him, calling him by name and saying thank God, he came. She KNEW he’d come. Did Nicky tell him what was happening? She was innocent but she’d been accused of some serious crimes. Was he there to help her? He says that is what families are for – to help each other; stand by each other. He helps her; she helps him. …..only she hadn’t. He’d needed her support lately, and she’d let him down. She asks what is he talking about? He reminds her it’s Dominick. She liked the idea of him with Brooke, but that disappointed Massimo very, very, much.

Christian feels the tension and tells Felicia that Bridget had bonded with little Dino. Felicia claims that is what she wanted. He adds but when she thought she was dying. She said she didn’t and she misses her son and wants to be with him. Bridget understands that.

Dante catches Bridget at a moment on the porch when she looks like she is going to cry. She assures him she is okay; she should have known. Dino is Felicia’s son. Of course she would want to be with him. He says it’s only one night, okay? But, she points out it’s more than that and he knows it. She points out everything has changed already. As happy as she is in the miracle and that Felicia is alive….she loves seeing her and Dino together…….it makes her so happy, but……she adds she is also afraid. She knows that Felicia is his mother, but she doesn’t want to lose him either. When she lost Nicole, he saved her. And she thinks she needs him as much as Felicia does. She peeks through the shudders and sees mother and son in bed nestled in each other’s arms.

Astonished, Jackie says she is in jail and they are discussing their son’s love life? This is a little off the subject, doesn’t he think? Sternly, he tells her she needs his help; he needs hers. Up to now, she has always encouraged Nick’s connection with Brooke. Jackie adds because they are in love. Mass points out that she would go back to Ridge in a second if Nick weren’t available. Talk to him. He’ll listen to her. She laments, “and if I don’t? This is an ultimatum. Convince me to end this relationship with Brooke or I rot in jail.” He shrugs and coldly walks away and says she has the night to think it over. He calls the guard to let him out. She defies him by saying Nicky will get her out of there. He replies yes he’d come to see him. Unfortunately there was nothing he could do tonight. She looks scared again and devastated as the door clangs again.

Nick grouses to Brooke he can’t believe his mother is going to spend the night in jail and his old man is going to let it happen. She tells him they will get her out and they won’t have to split up to make it happen. He tells her that was never an option. She says she knows. She can’t believe his father would even think that. Not somebody even as rich and powerful as Massimo Marone could keep them apart. He chuckles and says for the first time, he’s not worried about them. But, he can’t stand the thought of his mother being in jail and him not being able to do something about it.

Brooke goes to him and puts her arms around his neck and caresses him and tells him he can lean on her. He’s always been her rock for so long. So she wants to be there for him. To support him and be there for him. He tells her she already is. She sighs and tells him then don’t worry. They will find a way to get his mother out of jail. And she’s going to be there every step of the way helping him….because she loves him. He is temporarily appeased; he wants to believe her.

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