The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/11/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick continues to question his dad of how would he know what was happening to his mother?

Ridge, Thorne, Darla and Kristen peek into the living room at Stephanie’s and comment on how creepy it is; almost like a shrine. They really need to have a talk with their mother to have her get over this obsession. Felicia is gone and she needs to let go of her.

Meanwhile Felicia is wheeled into the Guest House. Eric questions that maybe she should have stayed at the clinic. She won’t hear of it; she wanted to be here with her family.

Stephanie sees Eric pick up his cell phone to check messages and she asks nicely if he’s perhaps expecting a call from Jacqueline? He states this might all be cleared up tonight. She agrees; certainly it couldn’t be a mistake. She hasn’t lied to the IRS……or even about marriage proposals. He starts to explain, but Stephanie stops him. Tonight it not about them, but their daughter. And her seeing the rest of her family. It’s not about their marriage, and it’s certainly not about his lady friend, Jack-u-leeeeen.

While Jackie paces in her jail cell, Massimo asks Dominick if he really thought he’d have his mother imprisoned? Nick states he has the power to do most anything he wants. Mass asks why would he do that? He had cut off his connections to his mother a long time ago. Nick adds except for him. And Mass says for that he is grateful. It’s too bad that her other choices couldn’t be as beneficial. Nick gives it some thought and asks is he talking about Deacon Sharpe? Mass comments that he certainly disagreed with a lot of his mother’s choices. Nick replies that he certainly thinks this goes deeper than a choice……And he stands there and watches as Massimo loses it and barks at him that that damn man was a criminal. He terrorized him while he was in a wheelchair. And he seduced his wife right under his own roof. Nick replies he can see that he hasn’t quite let go of this.

Felicia looks into the mirror and is horrified when Stephanie touches her hair and out comes a big clump. She picks up some scissors from her hospital pack and tells her mother to cut it off; cut it all off.

Jackie is disheartened when the agent tells her that her bail hearing has been scheduled first thing in the morning. She thought it would be cleared up tonight, but he says only if she confesses.

It segues way from Deacon Sharpe to his mother’s legal problems. Mass says his mother hasn’t upset him recently. But, Nick claims he has. Mass smiles and points his finger. To that he will readily admit, but he doesn’t see the connection between her problems with the IRS and his unfortunate relationship with Brooke. Nicks says he loves them both and he knows how Massimo equates love with control. But, this isn’t even about Brooke or his mother. It’s about him and his obsession with controlling everything. “You want me to stay away from Brooke, and I won’t give you what you want. So, where does that leave us, Pop?”

Felicia tells her mother several times to go ahead and cut it. Even when Stephanie argues and says she know nothing about cutting hair. And she offers she is not crying because of her hair, but because she is going to see her family tonight and her baby son. And Dr. Ramirez praises her that she is doing a great thing donating her hair to make wigs for children that are undergoing chemo. Before she is finished, Felicia commands her to get the clippers and buzz it off.

Jackie threatens the agent that he won’t have two nickels to rub together when her husband hears how she is being treated here. He questions ‘the husband’ – she says okay ex-husband, but it’s Massimo Marone, a very, very, powerful man. He tells her she better be careful what she says next. She wouldn’t want him to add threatening a federal agent to her list of crimes. She’s in enough trouble already.

Massimo makes an analogy to Nick and the pinball machine that is close at hand. He feels like he’s being hammered by his father. Nick says no, he’s not a victim. Mass says good, because he certainly isn’t being victimized by him, neither is his mother. Nick looks him right in the face and asks if he didn’t have anything to do with his mother’s arrest? Mass points his finger at him and says and he won’t have anything to do with her release if Dominick doesn’t change his tone. Nick spouts that it drives him crazy to even think that Mass might have had something to do with having his mother locked up. He wants his mother out of jail.

Mass gives him a mini lecture that they all want something. He wants Dominick to respect the traditions and heritage of this family. He wants him to start making the right decisions for himself. “You’re a Marone, dammit!” He’s not ruled by his desires like some hormone-soaked teenager. He’s been awarded a legacy….a legacy that he wants to endure. And if there is on thing that history teaches us is that dynasties are not destroyed from without but from within.

Stephanie and Eric join the rest of the family in the main house. They guess this summons has something to do with Felicia from the looks of things. Stephanie tries to prepare them, but they all just think she’s crazy. She begs them to forgive hr. She knows they will be hurt and angry but perhaps when they understand it all, they will feel differently.

Kristen drops her glass and it shatters when she sees the ghost of Felicia being wheeled into the room. Felicia grins and tells her mother she told her the new ‘do’ would be too much for them. True rebel, not only is it buzzed, but right on top long enough that she combed it upward in spikes.

Massimo returns to his first order of business. He had warned Dominick not to let his desire for Brooke cloud his judgment. He HAS to respect hi brother’s family. Nick says fine, let’s talk about family. Loyalty. That is what he is asking right now for himself and for his mother. Mass turns a deaf ear. First, if wants help, he has to help himself. He has to let Brooke go and respect his brother’s life. Nick opines he is not walking away from Brooke. Mass tells him he’s making a big mistake. Nick says he is too, trying to blackmail him. Mass offers that is such an ugly word. Nicks tells him he will give him a word he can understand. He holds up his finger and says, “and that word is one. Unless you get my mother out of jail, you will only have ONE son to carry on your precious Marone legacy.” He slams the door on his way out.

The siblings all gather around Felicia in disbelief since they had seen her die. They are stunned and even resentful at first that Stephanie kept this from them. She says because she didn’t want to build up false hopes and have them go through this again. Felicia cracks that she thinks she is going to be around long enough to get on their nerves again. Ridge finally says to his mother he’s glad she didn’t give up. Felicia states that please……Stephanie just wanted the last word. It was she who had taken her to the clinic, but it was her handsome doctor back there who brought her back from the brink.

She ponders for a moment and says come to think of it, she could be very angry with him. He gypped her of seeing Heaven. But, on second thought, scratch that. “’Cause, I’ve got Heaven right here with you guys. I couldn’t leave.”

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