The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/10/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Sitting on the couch before a big, roaring fire, Nick tells Brooke that as long as they have each other, there is nothing his old man can do to them. They hug.

In Nick’s office at Marone Industries, we see a man’s hand reach down and look at all the pictures taken on the pirate adventure. He picks one up that shows Brooke holding R.J. We see that it is Ridge. He has the most hateful, disgusting look on his face and he wastes no time in sweeping the entire batch onto the floor with his hands. Mass walks in at this moment and chastises him, but Ridge shakes his finger and tells him not to say one word. Not when everywhere he turns, he is reminded over and over of how his stinking punk brother is trying to steal his family. He points out his stinking cigars, his stupid pinball machines and he’s damn well had it with him playing Papa Nick to his little boy. Mass tells him he has got to get a grip. Ridge offers that he has got to teach that bro of his a lesson. A lesson he’ll never forget and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Mass grabs him by the arm to restrain him. They struggle. Mass tells him he knows how frustrated he is, but he’s told him before that he’s not going to take things into his own hands. Mass is his father, and he will handle things. He tells Ridge he has spoken with Dominick and made his case with him. He knows exactly what he expects. Ridge doesn’t seem impressed. He can guess what Nick told him – to shove it! Okay, Mass agrees, his brother is headstrong, but there are ways to make him see how futile his constant defiance is. He takes Ridge by the shoulders and begs him that please, he has the situation firmly under control.

Jackie is led down a long, winding hallway into a interrogation room at the police station, the door shut tight behind her. She assures them they have made a terrible mistake, and they haven’t even told her what she is being charged with. And she knows her rights. She is allowed a phone call and she wants to make that one call.

Brooke and Nick cling to each other. She tells him she appreciates him wanting to re-assure her, but she’s worried. She doesn’t want to alienate him from his father or cause problems for the Marone family. He tells her he wants to get something straight. Anything that is happening isn’t because of her. He makes his own decisions. He’s not going to let his father tell him how to run his life or who he can love. He claims it wouldn’t make any difference because nothing is going to pull them part. He won’t let that happen. He gives her a quick kiss before the phone rings.

It’s Jackie, who is thankful that he is there. She tells him she has been arrested. She’s at the Federal Building in Westwood. Incredulous, he asks what happened? She doesn’t know, but when she gets to the bottom of this, heads will roll! She asks him to come quickly. She doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Ridge vows that he doesn’t need his father fighting his battles. He can take care of Nick. And Mass states to him that he’s not going to allow the bad blood between him and his brother over Brooke to escalate any further. That’s why he has acted swiftly and decisively to put a stop to it. Ridge wants to know what in the hell does that mean? Mass replies – justice. He has seen to it that people who act in a certain way get what they deserve. He points out that he has been betrayed by his brother; his own flesh and blood. He says he has been betrayed too. That’s why he knows the pain Ridge is going through. He knows what it is because he has been through it. To sit there and watch someone else take over your entire world; feeling helpless to do anything to stop it. We see a quick flashback of Mass strapped in his upright chair, ventilator with Deacon taunting him about being with his wife. Mass says he has lived that horror, and he’s not going to let the same thing happen to Ridge. Ridge tells him he doesn’t think he’s just talking about Nick. Mass repeats he is NOT going to let this family or the Marone name to be compromised in any way. It almost happened once, and he grits his teeth and says it’s not going to happen again.

Jackie states that this is like a BAD movie; she has never been so humiliated in her life. And she’d at least like to know what charges she is facing. Nick is let in and immediately asks if they can have the cuffs taken off of her? The agent tells her he will for now, but Mrs. Marone is facing some serious charges – tax fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. And that if Mrs. Marone is convinced, she is looking at a minimum of 25 years. He pulls the agent, Ron, aside and tells him that he and his boys have made a mistake. She is not guilty of anything they say, but in meantime, he needs to know what the bail is? Ron advises he probably doesn’t even have to worry about that, considering what they know, she won’t be granted bail.

Nick asks what must he do? Ron repeats again that there will have to be a bail hearing but most likely she will not be granted bail. But, if she is, it will be steep – a million dollars. She’s stunned; she doesn’t have that kind of money lying around. Ron says first they will get her booked and then in a cell. Again, Jackie is horrified. Nick tells her to settle down; he’s going to the old man and try to get this cleared up. She’s glad; he’ll know exactly what to do. Brooke says she will stay with her in meantime.

Massimo tells Ridge that it seems they understand this, but Jacqueline and Dominick don’t. Ridge advises him not to even get started on Jackie. That woman has done nothing but encourage Nick to go after his wife and family. She should have just kept her high-falooting nose out of it. He doesn’t know what Mass ever saw in her! And now it seems they even have Bridget on their bandwagon. Mass knows that hurts since he and Bridget have always been so close. Ridge barks that what hurts the most is that everyone seems to be rallying around Nick. And he’s done nothing but disrespect Ridge, Massimo and this whole family. Massimo tries to get him to settle down. Let all of this work itself out; be patient. He knows it’s not going to be easy, but trust him, his brother will come to his senses.

Jackie is led from one locked cell through other locked doors to another office. One cuff is unlocked so she can put her hands up behind her head. There she must endure the pat-down frisk to which she frowns and makes a face. She must take off her jewelry and have it bagged, even Eric's engagement ring around her neck. And then she is fingerprinted, and photographed.

Nick comes back to his office to find the disarray of pictures all over the floor. Massimo is laying in wait and tells him he tried to tell him his brother is very angry. Nick tells him his mother has been arrested and he needs his help. All Massimo says is that he asked for his help earlier. Nick says they are talking the Federal Building here and real time and real crime, not about Forrester. Mass warns him that he’d told him unless the problems between he and his brother and Brooke are resolved, the family problems have just begun. Dominick didn’t want to listen to him, so why should he listen to him?

Brooke tries to re-assure Jackie that Mass will move heaven and earth to get her cleared, so not to worry. Her family loves her and there is nothing they, “we” won’t do to help her. The agents come and take Jackie away again to put her in a holding cell until her hearing.

Mass again gives a mini lecture that Ridge will always fight for Brooke, which is the way it should be. That’s the reason he is telling him to stay away from Brooke. Let Ridge and Brooke be. Nick wonders if he is playing matchmaker with him? Mass offers that he wants his happiness every much as he wants Ridge’s, but if he continues down this path……..he reminds him he lost Brooke once and it ripped his heart out, and he doesn’t want to see that happen again. And it will, unless he accepts that Brooke belongs to Ridge. Nick says he will NEVER accept that. Mass says he will. “Because this is more than what YOU want.” He rants on, to please understand that. Ridge and Brooke have a son that they both wanted desperately. And that sweet, little, boy should be raised by both his mother and his father. Dominick has got to respect that.

Nick tells him he did not come here for a lecture. Massimo is the most powerful man he knows. And the situation with Forrester is not why his mother is in jail. Ahh………then it dawns on him, “or is it?”

Jackie is led to another dark, dank cell. The agent tells her it’s not exactly the comforts of home, but then it could be worse. At least she has some privacy although that will change in the federal penitentiary. She glances around and reluctantly sits on the solitary bed.

Nick accuses his father. So he won’t go along with his plans and he’s going to punish him by not helping his mother out? Or is there more? He really wouldn’t do something like this, would he? “Hurt my mother, to show me who’s in charge?” With no answer forthcoming, he shouts at his dad to “answer me!” Massimo just turns his steely eyes toward him and gives him a defiant look.

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