The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/7/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ensconced on the Marone jet, Nick glares at Massimo while he pours more champagne. Nick states that he’s very serious about this? Mass asks what is it that he doesn’t like about Vegas? Granted, it was once very raw and crass……Nick spits, “leave my relationship with Brooke alone.” Mass continues on with his Vegas bit. It has matured. It saw it’s mistakes and corrected them. Nick wonders what is his point? Mass says his point is that a disreputable city that improves itself earns its own applause. Not less so for a disreputable woman. Mass sighs and takes a step closer to Nick who’s still scowling. He states to him that his brother, Ridge, has elected to accept Brooke back as his wife. Nick’s intensions disgrace him, disgraces Ridge, disgraces all of them. She is not for him.

At Jackie M’s, Megan closes the door to Jackie’s office and is about to leave when she runs into her in the hallway. Jackie seems surprised to see her. Megan tells her she left a folder on her desk. She’s now in promotions at Forrester’s. Jackie offers her congratulations; she had heard she had moved up. Excitedly, Megan says about the note. If Jackie found any materials that would help her sales, just say the word. Jackie thanks her for the personal touch.

She walks into her office, picks up the folder and looks incredulously at it. Eric is close behind and asks what is that frown on her face? Never mind, it’s gone now that she sees him. She tells him she goes a little crazy when she doesn’t see him. He tells her him too. He’s gotten all her messages and read them about ten times. He’s sorry. She tells him not to be. She really understands, and she can’t imagine what life must be like since losing Felicia. And she adds that she is sorry if her run-in with Stephanie made things more difficult. “Run-in? What run-in?, he asks. She quickly states that in her defense, she thought he had asked Stephanie for a divorce. That the marriage would be dissolved once Felicia was gone. Happily, he tells her a miracle has happened. Felicia is alive.

At Brooke’s, she stands facing Ridge and says they are not the subject here. And she should not have to apologize for taking R.J. away overnight. Weeks would go by and he wouldn’t even know if he was in Malibu or Madagascar. Calmly, he tells her that she’s hurt and confused and she thinks the past is beyond recovering, but she’s wrong. He’d even gone to his mother and asked her to step down so that the two of them could run Forrester Creations again. She scoffs, Stephanie must have had a pretty big laugh about that one. He replies well, not really. She’s a pretty strong-willed woman. And she raised a strong-willed son. She knows when he’s not going to give up. And, if Brooke doesn’t know that about him yet, she should!

Nick picks up the phone and tells the pilot that his father has changed his mind. Take them back to Van Nuys now. His father states that he’s found it a little too comfortable speaking for him, hasn’t he? Nick offers that he thinks it’s the other way around. Massimo points out that Brooke is the mother of his wife. The mother of his nephew, R.J. She has a family with his brother. Any closer connection would be disgraceful. Nick shoots him a look and says he’s sorry he feels that way. “I’m sure in time you’ll adjust.” His father says in time, he could be sorrier still.

The wind is knocked out of her sails. Jackie sits on the couch and says that Stephanie let them all think Felicia was cremated and she let Eric hold a memorial service. He explains that Stephanie didn’t want everybody to get their hopes up and just lose Felicia again. She seems shocked that he would accept this. He says yes, well no. If he had known what she was doing, he would have put a stop to it. But, in the end, he’s glad she lied. It wasn’t Felicia’s wish to die. Jackie says of course not, but if that experimental treatment hadn’t worked, what would he have wanted? For the woman to basically just be tormented until her last breath and in secret? He states but it did work; can’t she get behind this? When he thinks he almost lost Felicia, it damn near killed him. She argues that was Stephanie’s doing. Why is he all right with that? And why is this so different from the woman’s infamous non-heart attack……which Jackie had also watched him suffer through? Gleefully, he says there is no comparison at all. He’s been given this wonderful gift. “My God, Stephanie was just minutes away from giving Felicia half of her liver, for God’s sake.” It isn’t what he would have done, but he has his daughter back now. It’s a wonderful, wonderful gift, and he can not feel anything but gratitude.

Nick eases into a chair and faces his dad. He slaps his knee and asks what is she going to do now – break his knee-caps? He is his right hand man. He knows how he operates. Mass shakes his head in disgust. Is this the way Nick speaks to him, his father? And, over a woman? Nick states he is happy, but he doesn’t expect Mass to understand what its like to feel that way about someone. Mass reminds him he was idealistic once. And what good did it do him? He had a wife with an insatiable appetite for betrayal. Nick barks for him not to bring his mother into this. And besides, he’s sure he doesn’t want to get into a discussion about who’s better at betraying whom. Mass chuckles and reminds Nick that not to think he’s such an old fogie that he can’t appreciate the attraction of one Brooke Logan. She’s warm, she’s simple, she’s loyal….to far too many men, but she’s loyal in her own way. Nick states that he thinks he’s the ONLY man she wants to have a life with. Mass counters with – this month. What does Nick take him for? Some weakling like Eric Forrester? Does he think he will be content to stand by and watch scandal eat its way through his family like it did Eric’s? “You can’t do this to your brother. You’ve got to let Brooke go!” Nick reminds him that Ridge walked out on Brooke, his son, Massimo’s grandson. Yes, Massimo admits, only to be replaced as his father when Nick gets out of the picture. He tells him he is not good at self-deception. He’s not rescuing a family here, he’s destroying one. Nick fires back at him that Forrester did that, and he knows it. Mass says he’s not saying that Ridge has not made mistakes, but, if Dominick refuses to believe that he’s wrong here… least he’ll have one son….one set of grandchildren that can enjoy what he has spent a lifetime amassing for them.

Brooke tells Ridge that she loved the life they had. And she wanted it to last forever. But, Ridge was the one who threw that away, and there’s no getting it back. He tells her his mother didn’t say no. Brooke laments but she’s not going to say yes either. Turning Forrester over to her? He reminds her it would be “us”. And don’t be so sure. His mother had lost her appetite for playing corporate mogul. Since Felicia died, she’s never there. She relies on his dad more than she ever has. He adds Brooke is going to run out of reasons; she knows that, doesn’t she? Exasperated, she says okay, if she takes R.J. out of town, she’ll let him know. He thanks her, but in the future she’s not going to have to look any further than the side of the bed. She tells him he has to listen. That is not going to happen. He asks because she thinks he’s a risk? She says no, because she is committed to Nick. He states because she thinks Nick is not a risk. He’s going to change her mind on that one too. “I’m gonna show you who it’s safe to trust.” She tells him there is a problem here. When she commits to someone, she doesn’t change her mind. He does! He gloats that she’ll see. She’ll see. He walks off shaking his finger at her.

Nick asks so what happens now? Is Massimo going to cut off his allowance? Pop tells him he’s being childish now. Nick doesn’t think so. He states when it comes to what’s really important to him, where does he think that inheritance falls? “I’ve been broke before. I do broke very well.” Massimo says he is aware of that, but it was love and loyalty, not to mention hard work and loyalty that secured his position at Marone. But, he thought a place in this family still MEANT something to him. Nick replies that it does, but he’s not going to say how high when he says jump. Massimo chuckles and opines that he doesn’t think that he’s as autocratic as that. He points out that Nick seems to do what he wants despite his advice most of the time. This is different. “This would have you cuckolding your brother. And it would follow through generations.” And he states it is not a matter that can be left up to individual choice. He is the head of the family. Sometimes difficult choices must be made. “I have made this one.” Nick tells them then they are at crossroads, because loyal he is, but he knows where his happiness lies. And he knows what he can do without, “which is your money and your approval.” If a door closes between them, he won’t be the one to shut it. “But, I won’t fight it. Just be sure that making an enemy of me is what you intend.”

Jackie tells Eric now she sees why Stephanie is so sure of herself, and of him. He tries to explain that he and Stephanie haven’t even begun to discuss their marriage or anything personal. She doesn’t even know where things stand between the two of them. Jackie says well she does now. She told her because she thought he had. He remarks that their minds have been on other things. “Yes, so you keep saying”, she extols. “God, it must be terribly trivial of me to bring up anything that isn’t a matter of life and death.” She snaps for him not to, don’t ask her to be patient or understanding because she has been both. When does it get to be her turn? And why does she feel so selfish even asking? Why does she have to remind him of promises he made to her? Not understanding her completely, he asks is it so hard for her to understand what has happened for Felicia here? She’s the way he looks at everything. She replies it is very obvious to her. Stephanie thinks by bringing Felicia back to life, she’s done the same for her marriage. “Is it true?”

Brooke rushes to the door and greets Nick with a kiss, telling him it took him long enough. He meekly says he’s sorry. She replies it’s just as well; Ridge had been there. Nick surmises that was interesting timing. He just had what he thinks was lunch at 30,000 feet with his old man. She asks what did he want? He grabs her and pulls him to her with his hands on her shoulders and asks would she still love him if all he had was the shirt on his back? “’Cause if you had your eyes on my stock at Marone Industries, Ridge is gonna look a lot better to you. As of this afternoon, it’s all his.”

Eric is incredulous. Does Jackie think that Stephanie saved Felicia’s life just to hold onto him? She’s agitated and says she doesn’t know what to think. That is why she is asking. And she’s not getting any answers. All she hears is him defending his wife, like a good, loyal, husband. He remarks would it be incomprehensible to her if he said he wasn’t up to this conversation right now? He states he hasn’t had a good meal or a night’s sleep in days. She tells him she’s sorry. Go eat, go sleep, go do whatever it is he has to do. She has her answer. She turns away. He stops her and says no, she thinks he’s trying to backpedal his way out of their engagement, and he’s not. He admits that he and Stephanie do not have a romantic marriage. But, what they have is this avalanche of family complexities coming down on them….and he just doesn’t know how a divorce right now would help them deal with that. She softens a little and says she doesn’t either. She has said it so many times before and she will say it again. She cups his face and says take all the time that he needs. “Go. You look exhausted, go get some sleep. I’ll beat up on you another time.” She’s almost apologetic by now as he says he will call and she tells him he’d better.

Nick tells Brooke he’s not telling her this to worry her. He was fine before he worked for his old man, and he’ll be fine afterwards. She remarks he loves that job. He states he might feel a little differently about it after today. Brooke can’t believe Massimo threatened him. He tells her come on, not to be naïve here. Men like him don’t get to be rich and powerful by walking little old ladies across the street. He tells her, besides, he has what he needs right here. He gives her a kiss and says he’ll just have to ask his mom to baby-sit every once in a while, maybe. Brooke remarks that he seems like a lonely, old, man. And she never really understood why he and Jackie couldn’t work things out. Nick laments well now maybe she can. She comments that gee, she never cost somebody a billion dollars before. He asks and how was she going to make that up to him anyway? He takes him by the arm and turns him around, cups his face and goes “hmm, let me see” as she kisses him.

Frowning, deep in thought, Massimo takes the phone call. He asks, “Is it done? Excellent. Excellent indeed.” He gets up and turns on the opera music. Segue way to Jackie as she is almost sobbing, she too deep in thought, putting her engagement ring on her finger. The music is playing there too. We see two sets of men’s feet walk up behind her….then Nick and Brooke kissing passionately…..back to Massimo….. back to Jackie as two men and a lady make her swirl around and they flash their badges at her……slap cuffs on her wrists….she with a frightened look on her face…..back to this evil man, Massimo.

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