The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/6/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick has the awesome task of dismantling the tents while Brooke and the kids pack up the gear to head back home. She takes pride in offering him help though and he tells her to quit busting his chops about the tent! She enjoys gloating a little that if she hadn’t helped yesterday with the tent, he’d be sleeping on the beach. He throws the tent down and approaches her and asks if she wouldn’t share her tent with him? She hugs him and remarks about being all alone in the dark, lying next to his body; listening to him breathe? She coos she doesn’t think she would have slept a wink. He glances at the kids playing in the sand, to make sure they aren’t being spied on, and then they grab a few quick kisses. ….and a few more breathless, passionate ones. He’s making her dizzy, and she bemoans the fact she doesn’t know how they are going to tough this out until the divorce. He only wants to make her happy, and she proclaims that he has.

Ridge bursts into Massimo’s office again at Marone Industries and tells him that time’s up. It’s been twenty four hours and they’re not back yet. He points his finger at Mass and with gritted teeth belts out, “if that S.O.B. lays a hand on Brooke, I swear I’ll kill him!”

Stephanie and Eric drop in on Dante and Bridget. Stephanie likes the new nickname Dino for Dominick. Eric tells them they have some wonderful news. Just trust them and follow them. She’ll understand later and she won’t be disappointed. We see a framed photo of Felicia and baby as they leave.

Dr. Ramirez takes Felicia’s vitals and remarks that he understands she is going to have some visitors today. She tells him her baby and her sister, and she can’t wait. As he is about to leave, she calls him Dr. R. and asks him how much time? How much time does she have to live? He approaches her bedside again and says in his best bedside manner, “you are not going anywhere any time soon”. They both smile.

With the kids safely strapped in and sleeping, Nick tells Brooke the fog hasn’t lifted yet, and it might be a little rough, but he doesn’t see any danger. He suggests it’s only pea soup; she should just sit back and relax, smile, and try not to throw up. She gives him an “ai, ai, Captain.” She massages his shoulders as he steers and she remarks that he really is a simple man. He looks at her askance and reminds her it’s the sea air. She states that he can be happy with next to nothing. He says but it does help to have her. She regales in the fact that she didn’t have much growing up. They were comfortable, but she didn’t have the things she thought would make her happy – like fancy cars, big house, designer clothing. He adds like the things she has now. She agrees, and nothing that really means anything. But, she had to find that out, and he seems to have always known that. And they are very lucky. Most people spend most of their lives trying to figure that out. He says he realizes he is lucky. They cuddle and kiss some more.

Mass shows Ridge some charts and where he thinks Nick is pulling into harbor. Ridge states he is going over there. Mass stops him and rebukes Ridge that Nick did NOT kidnap anyone. He confronts Ridge and tells him basically they are on the same page here. They are in total agreement. What Dominick is doing is wrong, and it must be stopped. But, peacefully, and in a manner that his brother will understand. He immediately picks up his phone to his secretary, Shelly, and tells her to call his driver and pick up his son at the marina and meet him at the jet. Ridge asks if he is going somewhere? Mass says yes, and with no interruptions. Dominick may be stubborn, but he’s not a fool.

The phone rings and Mass says he’d better get that. Ridge quips is that the Pope or the President? Mass says it could be either. As he dismisses him, he assures Ridge his brother is not going to be a problem anymore. To the mysterious person on the other end, Mass tells him his timing couldn’t have been more perfect. He wants him to do something for him right away.

Bridget is led down a long hallway at a private hospital, which she doesn’t associate usually with good news. They tell her there is no easy way to prepare her. Stephanie asks Dante to take the baby and just give them a moment. Bridget is surprised when she sees Dr. Ramirez there. He leads her into Felicia’s room.

Hope doesn’t want to say good-bye, but Brooke promises they will have many more of these trips and Nick promises as well. Within minutes, smoking his cigar, bare chest glistening with sweat, he’s swabbing the deck when Mass’s driver suddenly appears and tells him his father wants to see him. Nick suggests he come aboard. The driver says he wants him to come see him. Nick states as he can see, he’s kinda busy. Driver says he hopes he’s not too busy. He stands there in foreboding manner and Nick understands that no is not an option.

When Brooke and kids return home, Ridge is sitting on the sofa ready to greet them. Hope sees him first and runs to “Daddy Ridge’s” open arms. She clamors where they have been and maybe next time he can come too. Ridge wants to hold his son a few minutes before Catherine takes them upstairs for a bath. As Catherine does take them upstairs, Brooke turns her back for a moment and Ridge spies and reads out loud, “Pirate Booty” on the back of her t-shirt. She informs him it was a joke. He deadpans that was very funny. She knows he’s just upset because she was with Nick. Nervously, he’s swinging both his arms and quietly clapping his hands. He tells her he was supposed to take R.J. to a car show and he was really looking forward to spending some time with their son. She’s sorry, it completely slipped her mind. But, she also knows this isn’t just about R.J. This may be hard for him to accept, “but, my future is with Nick.”

On the Marone jet, Massimo is leaning back with eyes closed, basking in the joy of his opera music, ala The Godfather, when Nick comes aboard and remarks that he wanted to see him? Mass gets up and claps his hands in glee and tells him he’s delighted he could meet him. It’s obvious from Nick’s expression, he knows something is up and especially when he says like he had a choice? Mass hopes he hasn’t eaten. Nick says okay, he hasn’t eaten. Mass gives him a guilt trip of how long it’s been since they shared a meal together. He has some business in Long Beach and he figured they could kill two birds with one stone. He states that Dominick is his son, his right hand. Both things require nurturing. He picks up the phone to the pilot and tells him when they get there, circle the port, there is something he wants his son to see. Then he brings out the champagne. Nick asks what are they celebrating? He pours it and hands the glass to Nick and tells him they are celebrating their time together – salute. “La famiglia.”

Bridget is aghast as she sees Felicia smiling back at her. Felicia quips, “looks who’s back. Heaven wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.” Stephanie has to re-assure her, it’s all right, Felicia is alive. And Felicia tells her to come closer, she won’t bite. Bridget can’t believe this, but wants to know how? They fill her in on the details. They both end up sobbing and expressing their love for each other.

Brooke tells Ridge she has a right to have a life. He suggests that she has chosen the wrong one. She argues that is not his decision. He remarks there are bigger forces at work here. She asks what? He mentions fate, destiny. She answers, “I told you, I don’t believe in our destiny anymore.” He says well lucky for them, he does.

Mass sits before a large table filled with delicacies. He offers Nick some caviar, Beluga, the finest. Twice Nick declines. Mass asks him to look out the window. See that? He points out Long Beach, California – one of the busiest seaports. And see all those tankers down there and what’s the name on all of them – Marone! Unenthused and unimpressed, Nick does say – very impressive. Mass says damned right it is. And he built all of this empire with his own two hands….for Dominick and for the family. Nick goes along and says it’s quite an accomplishment. Mass remarks it’s also quite a responsibility. Nicks says he will do his best. Mass tells him he knows he will. And when it comes time for him and Ridge to take over…….but, in meantime, it’s his job to protect the business from enemies outside the family and within. He points out again to look down there. Everything that he worked a lifetime to accomplish could be jeopardized—destroyed by a very beautiful, very dangerous woman. He chuckles, he sure as hell isn’t going to stand by and watch that happen. “You and Brooke…… it’s over, Dominick,” he opines. And then segues way into another subject. What does Dominick say? Mass was thinking of taking a little jaunt up to Vegas? Let their hair down. What does Dominick say? Nothing, at all, but Nick sure gives him an evil eye when Mass has his back turned.

Bridget questions the procedure, the cancer in remission. Eric tells her they didn’t want to tell anyone else to give them false hope. If Felicia didn’t pull through, they’d have to go through this all again. (baloney! If Stephanie could accept this burden, so could all the rest of the family and friends). Bridget holds tightly to her sister’s hand, still not really believing she’s alive. Dante joins them and he too is stunned. Felicia tells the big lug to come closer, she won’t break. Then Stephanie brings Dino in and says she has a little man who can’t wait another moment to see his mommy. It’s a Kodak moment. Felicia sobs, she’s not leaving him so easily, not for all the angels in the world. Not yet. Thanks to Grandma and Dr. Ramirez, she’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Bridget looks on, happy for her sister, but tears flowing and nervously showing what she knows this moment is going to mean in the future.

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