The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/5/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

On their little island adventure, Nick makes s’mores for the pirate crew. For the novice, that would be two graham crackers with a slice of thin chocolate (Hershey bar) on top of one side, with a roasted marshmallow on top of the chocolate to melt it and the top half of cracker to make a sandwich; some more please (thus s’mores). Hope wants more but tells on Brooke that she’s had the most. Nick says he sees the evidence, and insists on wiping the chocolate from her lips and tasting it himself.

Eric and Stephanie visit the clinic and Dr. Ramirez encounters them and says he understands they want to keep this a secret from the family and not get their hopes up just yet, but he’d like them to see the latest test results and see Felicia. She still has a way to go, but she’s improving dramatically. There is every indication that she is going to make it. Stephanie asks if he is sure, and he advises them to see it for themselves.

Both Massimo and Ridge are making separate phone calls still trying to find out where Brooke is or where Nick might be headed on The Marlin. Mass states that the harbormaster got no call as to Nick’s heading and no ships were coming in or out of port in passing, so no one has seen them. They could be going anywhere. Ridge is agitated. Wherever it is, he took Brooke and the kids with him. “That bastard has hijacked my family.”

Brooke drags out Nick’s guitar. He jokes that she’s going to sing; she chides him that he is. Being on the island wouldn’t be the same without his singing. He recommends they sing a song they all know and comes up with the delightful “If You’re Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands.” Then he states he thinks all pirates under four feet tall should be going to bed. Hope wants to hear a story first. Brooke says one story and then bedtime. Hope asks for a long story. Nick comes up with Blue-Eyed Bill, the handsomest sailor of the Seven Seas on the Soaring Seagull. Tall and strong and a string of young ladies in port waving their handkerchiefs to him, but he only had eyes for one special maiden. Hope wants to know if this is a love story? He replies yes. She also wants to know if it will have a happy ending? He asks if she wants it to? She nods yes, and he lovingly tousles her hair and says then it will have a happy ending and then looks knowingly to Brooke.

It finally dawns on Ridge just where Nick has taken Brooke – Channel Islands. They were deserted there once before; this is where it all started, only this time he had drug his kids into it. He commands Massimo to call the airfield and have the copter on the roof in fifteen minutes. “I’m bringing my family back……TONIGHT!”

Nick’s little story took Hope right out. Brooke tells him it isn’t because the story was boring, but because they’d had such a great day. He vows it’s not over yet either, at least not for the grownups. Again, they exchange the sweet, knowing looks.

With Eric looking on, Stephanie holds Felicia’s hand. They tell her they are there; can she hear them? She responds by only slightly moving her finger. They are encouraged so they call out her name again. Slowly, she opens her eyes. It’s fuzzy at first, then a little clearer and her first words are a soft, “am I in Heaven?” They assure her they are right there with her, she is alive and all right. She seems a bit confused, but Eric lovingly touches her on the chin and calls her his sweet, happy, girl.

Massimo demands that Ridge calm down. He’s not going anywhere. He argues that to solve this problem, he can’t do it with a sledgehammer, but with a scalpel.

After Brooke puts the kids to bed in their tent, she snuggles with Nick and they share kisses. He brings up Bridget and that she will be okay. He knows Brooke does a mental bed check and prayers every night for all of her children. She tells him she says one for him too and he’s honored. She touches upon the fact that this is where they fell in love; where she is content, finally at last. The answer to so many of her prayers. After a few kisses, she asks him to sing her another song, their song. He asks if she remembers the words and she replies yes. She can’t get it out of her head. It was the one thing that gave her hope. He starts strumming and singing “Going Back Again.”

Thoughtfully, Felicia thanks them, mostly her mother, for saving her life when they fill her in that they put her on life support, she went through chemo and radiation, and then a liver transplant. Stephanie gives credit to plenty of other people, nurses and doctors and then introduces Dr. Ramirez. He tells her she’s been through a lot and he wants her to rest. She thanks him. He too says he can’t take all the credit. She then wants to see her baby. Stephanie whispers that he’s the one who got her through this. She tells her how she brought him to her while she was on life support and laid him on her heart so she could feel his heart. And she KNOWS he’s the reason she is here. Felicia says she needs him now. Stephanie gives her a little liquid, and Eric tells her they will bring him soon. Dr. Ramirez tells her no more crying; she needs to conserve all her strength for the weeks ahead. He’ll answer all of her questions later. She asks her mother will she stay? Stephanie says of course, they aren’t going anywhere, and more importantly neither is Felicia. Felicia tells her she loves her. She loves them both so much. Stephanie repeats it to her while Dr. Ramirez beams.

Ridge bristles when Mass tells him if he makes the wrong move now, Nick won’t be responsible for derailing that relationship, but he will. Ridge grouses that he has to try something. Mass offers to let him try. Ridge says he’s tried that already. Mass says this time he will tell Nick how high the stakes are and this time he’ll listen. Because if he doesn’t there will be consequences.

Brooke tells Nick that even when she was trying to forget about him, she couldn’t forget that song. It was the one absolute truth amid all the confusion when they were trying to deny how they felt about each other; trying to do the right thing. She just kept hearing that song. She says they have gone back again, to what is real. Back to each other. He puts the guitar aside and says well…….not really….not yet. She agrees not completely, not physically, but in their hearts. And that’s what is really important, the real connection. He swears that it will never be broken. She tells him he doesn’t know how much she wants to believe that.

So, he says, putting her hands on his face, “I’m here…..we’re here. You have my word….I will never leave you…..or your children…….ever.” A tear falls from her cheek as they snuggle and kiss.

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