The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/4/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick and his mateys land on their island. He unloads all the gear to the spot and in pirate slang brags to them that he’s the master tentmaker. Perhaps they should do the mom thing and he’ll do the guy thing.

Jackie looks for Eric but not finding him, she pops in on Stephanie and asks if she knows where he is? Stephanie comments that if she were Jackie, she wouldn’t waste her time chasing after him. Exasperated, she tells her that she realizes this was a very difficult time that they came together to help their daughter, but she can’t pretend she thought the marriage would last. And she couldn’t have been surprised when he asked her for the divorce. Stephanie states that he didn’t ask her for a divorce. Jackie says, of course he did, last night. Stephanie is happy to tell her they talked about a lot of things all night long, but not about divorce. And she points out, that as a matter of fact, they are closer than they have been in a long time.

Christian stares at Dominick/Dino a long time and finally blurts out this isn’t their son. Bridget explains that no, it’s her sister’s baby. And Dante offers that they are the baby’s parents now. He and Felicia weren’t married, but he is Dino’s father. Thorne jokes that this isn’t the most complicated relationship in the family (Amen to that). Darla adds but the sweetest. They all chuckle; all except Christian. He looks pretty uncomfortable and caught in an awkward moment.

Ridge barges into Massimo’s office and asks “where is he?” Mass asks what has Dominick done now? That’s what Ridge wants to know. He fills him in that he was supposed to pick up R.J. and take him to the car show. He shows up at the house and no one is home. Mass wonders how is that Dominick’s fault? Ridge displays the eye patch he picked up there. Mass says that’s a toy. Ridge says maybe, or perhaps it’s his thieving brother’s calling card.

Nick has Brooke and the kids pick out the spot to set up the tents and he schleps all the heavy baggage to the site. He and Brooke exchange knowing glances and he pronounces it is the perfect spot. Hope wants to help, but he deters her by telling her she needs to save her energy for the treasure hunt. Until then, they can all sit back and watch the Master Tent Builder.

Both Jackie and Stephanie think the other is delusional. Stephanie tells her just to ask Eric; he will tell her the same thing. Jackie points out that Felicia’s death may have brought them closer, but Eric is committed to a future with her. It’s a fact; he’s asked her to marry him. Stephanie seems a bit taken back by that. Jackie pulls out the ring that is around a chain on her neck beneath her blouse.

Christian seems surprised that they are all Forrester’s except Dante. Hector had not mentioned their last names. Hector refreshes Christian’s memory that he and Ridge used to play soccer against each other in high school. Thorne comments too that he had to drag his baby sister, Felicia, around to all of Ridge’s games. She was his biggest fan. He didn’t know then just how lucky he was. Christian’s beeper goes off and without even eating his burger, he tells them it’s his patient and he is sorry that he needs to go.

Master Tent Builder goes to work and declines any offer for help or looking at directions. He states he doesn’t need directions; a tent is a tent. Brooke at least offers to help set the second tent up. Again, he declines and proudly tells her just do the mom thing with the kids and he’ll do the guy thing. She tells him she has been camping before. Very condescendingly, he spouts okay, here’s the tent, here’s the directions. Have at it, he pats the bundle, knock herself out. Go ahead, do it. Gleefully, she comments she might need help and looks toward the kids.

Jackie tells Stephanie to look at the ring. Stephanie acknowledges that it is a beautiful ring. Jackie says it’s an engagement ring. Stephanie wonders why then isn’t she wearing it? She explains they didn’t want to hurt her or Felicia. He couldn’t deny his daughter’s dying wish. But, he couldn’t deny his love for Jackie either. Stephanie comments it certainly seems he wanted to hide it. Jackie opines that he gave her the ring the day he agreed to marry Stephanie because he wanted her to know his love for her was real, and that his marriage to Stephanie was just for show. Stephanie states that things have changed. Jackie agrees – Felicia is gone and Eric is free to move on with his life. She asks is that why Stephanie is finding it so hard to accept Felicia’s death? Once she does, she knows she will have to accept letting go of Eric too? Stephanie asks her to please spare her the five and dime psychoanalysis.

Christian comes into Stephanie's office without realizing Jackie is there and starts talking. Stephanie tells him it’s okay, Jackie was just leaving. “But, keep an eye out for her; she has an eye for younger men.” Perturbed, Jackie says this conversation isn’t finished, as Stephanie halfway bows and escorts her toward the door. Christian closes the door and Stephanie asks with a concerned look if anything is wrong? He tells her no; Felicia is still improving, but it’s the rest of the family. They think Felicia is dead, and it’s killing them.

Bridget tells Dante she is glad their first party was a success. Though he is a little worried about Christian leaving so early; perhaps he didn’t like his cooking. She jokes so he burnt the hotdogs; so what? If you put enough ketchup on it, anything is edible. He boasts that it does add something to their boring American cooking. She flirts; she hopes he doesn’t think everything American is boring and bland! He comments he doesn’t know. Maybe they should just try a little ketchup on her. She tells him, “don’t you dare!” He pulls out her left arm and proceeds to squeeze a big dab right on the top of her hand and then licks it/kisses it off. He adds he doesn’t think so. It would be a travesty to cover up some of her irresistible sweetness and charm. She pulls him closer but not quite a kiss, but puts her arms around his neck and leans on him.

Ridge is exasperated. He tries to reach Brooke and realizes her cell phone is going straight to voicemail so it’s either turned off or she’s out of range. Especially if his brother has taken her somewhere. Mass agrees that would be crossing the line. He lectures – that would be interfering with another man’s family. A family that deserves to be together! He makes a phone call and says he will get to the bottom of this.

Master Tent Builder seems to have been outbested by Camper Mom. She finishes and comes looking for Nick who is slaving away inside while the entire tent seems to be caving in on him. He claims she cheated, she only followed the directions. So she had help from the kids he declares. But, he declines their help and tells R.J. he knows when he has been beaten. A real man can admit defeat gracefully. And besides, he wasn’t beaten by the very competent Camper Mom, but by the tent so she can put that one up with all her talents while he helps them get ready for the treasure hunt. He slinks off on his hands and knees.

Hope asks how are they going to get ready? He puts an eye patch on her and then grabs his guitar and says they must sing the official pirate song, “What Do You Do with A Drunken Sailor?” He gruffs a very bars of that, and then hands her a map and tells her to study it. They can’t find the treasure without the map. He looks up, amazed that Brooke has finished her task. She tells him the kids are so happy. He explains he never had anything like this when he was growing up. So if he can give it to them, it makes him happy.

Christian accepts coffee from Stephanie and remarks to her that he had no idea that all these people were Forrester’s and kin to Felicia. And Dominick/Dino seems a very happy little baby who misses his mommy, but he won’t be missing her much longer if she continues to improve. Bridget and Dante deserve to know that. “Mrs. Forrester, they need to be told that Dominick’s mother is alive.”

As she cares for Dino, Bridget shares with Dante how important he’s become to her. How really good he’s been to her. And she knows this isn’t exactly the relationship he wants, or that they saw themselves in, but she really wants him to know how much it means to her. She vows that she can trust him; she can trust “us”. And that really means a lot coming from her because she has lost so much. He pulls her closer as they nestle with Dino and he tells her she will never lose him…..or Dino…..ever.

Stephanie is hesitant, but she asks Christian why does she think she drug Eric down there? He understands that, but she hasn’t told the rest of the family. She comments that’s because they saw her die in her mother’s arms. And while things may look good now, what if something happens and she has to tell them all over again. He understands that, but it’s not good to let Bridget and Dante continue to bond over Dominick. Stephanie sighs, oh she knows about that. Bridget has been through so much already. Pointblank, she asks can he guarantee her that her daughter is going to live? That is what she has to know first. Of course, he can’t, but here’s what he believes. Her daughter will return to her family and her son. He implores her to return to the clinic with him and see her daughter. Once she does that, there will be no question what she would do.

Mass hangs up the phone and tells Ridge that was the Harbor Master. It’s confirmed, the Shady Marlin left Marina Del Rey about an hour ago. He has no idea where it was going, but it was flying the pirate flag, the Jolly Rodger. Ridge gives him a stupid, what-the-hell? look.

Nick tells the kids a story about a nice pirate who kept candy and toys for little boys and girls. Then Brooke suggests the kids go inside the tent to get out of the sun. Nick eases up and rests on a huge rock. Brooke crawls over to him and observes that he seemed to have as much fun as the kids did. He pushes her hair behind her ears and she comments he’s so good for her and the children. He repeats the same. Nestled, she asks him to promise her something – that he will never leave her. He puts his arms around her, even takes off her do-rag and promises her and seals it with a passionate kiss.

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