The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/3/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

On Brooke’s sofa, Nick and Brooke are like a twisted pretzel, kissing and a’hugging and interlocking their legs with each other. Sort of getting nasty with their clothes on. They discuss his getting Taylor a bit drunker. It’s an unorthodox method, but it’s his contention that when you deal with a non-alcoholic, the best thing is to send them on a bender. That teaches them not to abuse booze. She shares with him her visit from Ridge last night. He thought she had abandonment issues with her father. And it’s Ridge’s opinion that she turned to Nick because he was very safe and he wasn’t going to walk out on her or the children. Nick confides he knows how hard that must have been and the scars are deep and will never go away entirely. But, she can trust him entirely and he’ll always be there for her, and that’s what really scares Forrester. She tells him she loves him and seals it with a kiss. Just in time for the kids, R.J. and Hope, to come downstairs dressed as pirates, ready to walk the plank, “Uncle Nick.”

Christian Ramirez speaks by phone with Stephanie, who is vastly relieved that Felicia withstood the surgery so well and is holding her own. He tells her he’s not at home at the moment, but he will be checking on his star patient by phone every thirty minutes. Hector comes out of the kitchen and good-naturedly chastises his younger brother that he stayed away in Europe so long, didn’t write or call, didn’t even tell him he was transferred stateside. They accept the fact that Christian is a workaholic. Hector teases him that he thinks he knows why – that star patient of his. Sounds like she’s gotten to him. He’d love to know who she is.

At the front desk at Forrester, Sally hands Ridge an envelope with tickets and she jokes that she had her heart set on dinner and movie. He apologizes and says R.J. loves cars and he’s taking him to the car show this afternoon. Is his mother in? She deadpans, does he have an appointment? He scoffs then walks right on in. Stephanie thinks it is Eric and starts saying she has wonderful news…… Ridge asks what is going on? She hesitates but then says something quite wonderful has happened and she really wants to tell him about it. And, she’s going to, just not right now. He accepts that and tells her he’s just glad that she’s feeling better. Because, he needs her to right a very serious wrong. And, he’s not leaving this office until she does it.

Christian fills his brother in on the patient and that’s why he couldn’t get away until now and has spent practically every waking hour at the clinic. Trying to keep this woman alive and man he thought at times she wasn’t going to make it, but she refuses to give up. And Hector concurs that Christian is not going to give up on her either. He tells Hector he knows he was on his way out, and he just showed up unannounced and doesn’t want to hold him up. Hector says he won’t. He insists that Christian come with him. They’ve got a lot of catching up to do and they can do it on the way over. He’s not forgetting his patient. Christian has his beeper, and if anything changes, the clinic can page him. And besides, he says he’s already told Bridget about him and she’s looking forward to meeting him. Christian throws him one of those exasperated fixing-him-up looks. Hector says he can thank his brother later. Christian thinks she must be a firefighter too. Hector adds no, she’s a doctor. The two of them can talk shop. Maybe she’ll get more information out of him than Hector did.

On the patio at Dante’s, he and Bridget are entertaining Darla and Thorne, drinking sodas and discussing Dino. Thorne comments he can’t help but think that Felicia is looking down and smiling, so happy that her son is being raised by two people who love him so very much. Bridget slips her arm around Dante and leans on his shoulder, seems very secure and content.

Stephanie tells Ridge that she will do anything for him, and she can. He adds, “because you love me and want what’s best for me, right?” She says because she always tries to protect her children. Then he goes and blows it by saying in that way she is exactly like Brooke. Stephanie appears baffled. He states that Brooke is trying to protect her kids from him. And he doesn’t blame her. He blames himself for not figuring out sooner what was going on. And figuring out why it happened. It all boiled down to her father, Stephen Logan.

Now with earring, eye-patch and do-rag on his head, Nick sports a blimey accent and talks to his mateys. There’s a hidden treasure out there and they are going to find every bit of it or his name isn’t Captain Yo-ho-ho. They all give a big arrrrrr. Brooke laughs and he calls her his saucy wench. There’s adventure out there, but it’s not for the faint hearted. She asks he is talking about a pretend island with a pretend treasure hunt? Pretend? Nothing. He remarks their bags are packaged and they board the Marlin and hoist the sail with the skull and cross-bone, down to the bruddy deep. She doesn’t think he’s serious. He continues – his hearties had planned it all, in secret. And all she had to do is don her eye-patch and weigh anchor and they could have two days of pillaging and plundering….all in good family fun, of course. She asks about work? She can’t just drop everything. He jokes that if she acts like that, they will have her walk the plank. More arrrrrrs.

He encourages her to call work and just tell them she is not showing up. Look at the kids, they want to go. Hope begs her mommy to go since R.J. has never been on a treasure hunt. In his best pirate’s voice, he asks so what’s it going to be? “Are ya with us or are ya a yellow-bellied land-lubber?” She answers with an arrrrrr. He returns the arrrrr and tells them off to the ship then. In a normal voice, he thanks Brooke as he doesn’t think he could do this alone. His head is buried somewhere in her bosom. She straightens up and puts her arms around him, kisses him as she says guess what? He’ll never have to.

Dante and Thorne are manning the grill making burgers while the gals go inside and the subject turns to Dante and Bridget getting pretty close. Darla thinks that is neat, not that she is matchmaking or anything. Bridget admits he’s a pretty amazing man. A great father……the only thing she is a little worried about his barbecuing skills. Darla laughs and comments that there is a lot of smoke coming from that grill. Right on cue, Hector says it’s a good thing she invited a fireman. He’s bearing a gift of a six pack. He introduces them to his brother, Christian, and they shake hands. And a doctor, no less. Bridget asks where is he practicing? He tells her until recently, it was in Europe and Darla tells him that’s where Bridget went, to Copenhagen for a few semesters. Bridget asks what’s his specialty? He replies there are several, but right now it’s exclusively with a cancer patient. This brings her dobber down and they tell him it’s because her sister recently died from cancer. Bridget opines she wishes he could have come back to L.A. sooner; perhaps he could have helped her.

Nick and the kids impatiently ask Brooke to hurry up; they’re ready to go to sea. She finally does, dressed in a tight, black, t-shirt with a skull and cross-bone do-rag on her head. They chuckle and Nick wants to see the back of the outfit. Again chuckles as he reads, “Pirate Booty”. She doesn’t see the humor and runs to the mirror to look at it. Hope wants to know what it means? Brooke sighs, then gasps and proceeds to tell Nick he’s a bad, bad, boy with a round of arrrr again from everybody.

Ridge and Stephanie discuss Brooke’s abandonment and her feelings about her father. Stephanie doesn’t think it’s the same since Stephen took off for parts unknown. She starts to say no one heard from him again until she……..She stops and tells Ridge she knows he’d never do that. He offers but that is the way it felt when he walked out on her. Stephanie can’t deny that being abandoned by a parent is a terrible thing. But, she suggests there are a lot of people in this world who have had both their mother or their father walk out on them. And they don’t, or haven’t, done the things that Brooke has done all these years. He offers he thinks she just needs the feeling of security and stability she lost when she was a kid. She concurs that may explain part of her behavior, but it certainly doesn’t excuse it or make it right. He re-iterates again that he just is saying that he understands why she won’t forgive him. And he understands he needs to work extra hard to make her understand that he will never ever walk out on her and the kids again. And, that’s where Stephanie comes in, he says.

She’s surprised, and then he goes on to tell her that he wants her to tear up the piece of paper that says she is the head of the company. Let him and Brooke run Forrester Creations again together. She tells him he can’t be serious? He states that he’s very serious, and she had said she’d do anything for him. She sighs, yes, to protect him, absolutely. But, this is just about Brooke, as usual. He argues that it isn’t. It’s about a vision he has about where their life is going. It’s about creating a home and a family and meaning it when he says he won’t walk out on them again. “Mother, I NEED Brooke. I need my son. They are the world to me. They are everything to me, mother.” And he compares it with her envisioning her life without him or Thorne or…..She finishes for him – Felicia. He sympathizes. He knows she blames herself for not saving Felicia. That was out of her hands; this isn’t. And, he’s asking her now to help him get his son back. Help him get his life and his family back. Please help him do this!

Enthusiastically, Brooke takes a pirate quiz from Nick’s Pirate Lingo manual. He’s the taskmaster and quizzes her on words like blimey, shiver me timbers, even pirate booty. Demurely, she cautions him to stop it. So, he passes her with flying colors. She’s a full fledged pirate. Time for her to hoist the skull and cross-bone, and he pulls out the appropriate pirate flag. She knows she’s going to need some help with that. He calls Hope a lass and R.J. Bucko and chastises Brooke when she calls them sweetie. But, okay, with these two they can. He gives her a quick kiss, then swipes it off his lips. He has an image to uphold, he extols. He turns her around and gives her a hearty pat on the behind. Then he gives her another saying something about being careful with that nice pirate booty as he scoots them out the door to upper deck.

Ridge apparently lets himself into Brooke’s house. He lays the tickets and keys on table and starts calling out to R.J……Brooke…..Katherine, anybody home? No answer and he finally spies an eye-patch on the table and turns it around, wondering what this might mean.

Bridget thanks everyone for being there today and for their support the last few weeks when things have been really hard. She states she is especially grateful to Dante who has been extremely caring and understanding. She looks directly at him and lovingly says she is proud to be raising a child with him. Especially such a special little boy that has already brought so much joy into their lives. She knows that he misses his mom, but he seems to be doing okay and he seems really happy. Dino cries and she quips that obviously he’s ready to join the party, so she excuses herself, she’ll be right back.

Dante flips the burgers and he comments to Christian how amazing she is. He can’t wait to take her and Dino back to Italy to meet his parents. Darla chides him that he hasn’t exactly kept it a secret how he feels about Bridget. He mentions that he doesn’t want to put any pressure on her, but if the time is right, who knows? Bridget brings Dino out and introduces him to the group, mainly to Christian, who turns around and says, “Oh, my God.” Sudden flashes of Stephanie holding him by Felicia’s bed go through his head. Bridget hears his comments and asks if something wrong?

Nick lets Hope have a turn at the wheel. He gives orders for her “to hold the course, good, good, good.” Brooke is on the phone to Megan at the office and tells her it’s only overnight and they’ll be back tomorrow. Megan tries to discourage her by reminding her she has appointments. Brooke says they can wait until tomorrow afternoon. Megan then tells her she shouldn’t be going at all; she should be trying to work it out with Ridge. Brooke tells her she knows what she is doing. Megan tells her she’s said that before also. Nick overhears enough to ask if she has a job-prob? She says no, everything is okay. The kids are having a great time; that’s what really counts. She comments that R.J. wants to be a real pirate now.

Nick puts his arms around her neck and asks how does she feel about pirates in general? She answers she likes the one she’s looking at. They sneak in a few kisses and he quips then they can get back to that pirate booty. She cautions him to quit bringing that up in front of the kids. He ventures they don’t know what it means. She says good, they should keep it that way. He announces, “okay, fine. I’m not interested in your pirate booty anyway.” She tells him yes he is. He says no, not interested. She takes his hands and puts them on her derriere, and asks what about now? One word – interested. She giggles she thought so. They sneak in a few more kisses.

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