The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/31/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the clinic, Stephanie argues with Dr. Ramirez when he tells her a partial liver transplant is too risky. She states that she’s already been tested, the DNA and tissue match and there is no other donor; and she’s available. She asks what are they going to do, just stand there until she dies?

Felicia has a little soreness in her throat which Eric explains is from the tubes that helped her breathe. They get a blanket and place tightly around her. She asks the doctor can’t he make the sore throat go away? He tells her he doesn’t have what she needs yet. She says simply “okay.”

In the basement at Forrester, Brooke apologizes to Ridge for raising her voice. She says she was angry at him at first. He finishes - her dad walked out on her years before and then Ridge did the same thing. She corrects him. He didn’t just disappear. At least he still saw them. He analyzes it by saying it’s like a bone. You can break an arm or leg and in time it will heal just fine. But, you break it all over again in the very same spot, and no doctor will ever be able to set it just right.

The doctor rushes out and Stephanie and Eric follow. She asks what is he going to do for Felicia? He replies he’s doing it. She argues again then let her be the donor. Emphatically, he says no. It is more likely to kill her than save Felicia. He cites she does not qualify – her age, her blood pressure, her kidneys. He points out she can’t get by with just a half a liver either. She remarks so she will never have another drink again. He fires back that he took an oath to do no harm. That comes first. She grabs him by the arm and says she does not believe he grew up thinking about doing no harm. She impresses upon him the wonder of savings lives, anyone’s life. The sacredness of it, the beauty, “the spark of life that hasn’t gone out is so precious. One more day with air in your lungs. One more day with the sun on your face. That is more important than anything!”

She pleads that she has lived a full life. She’s had all the joy, all the beauty, the love, the passion, and success that anyone could want and she has no regrets. But, that girl in there has just started. She has her whole life ahead of her. And Stephanie is NOT going to let her go, and he has no right to ask her to do so. Emphatically, she says again, take her liver, she doesn’t care about the risk. It doesn’t matter. She’s not going to stand by and let her die. She pounds her heart and says this old body gave her life once before and she will do it again, if he will just let her. She’ll sign any papers and so will her husband. If something goes wrong, no one will hold him responsible. He stares her down and says he has no interest in surrendering his obligations in this case. He’ll have a transplant surgeon here within the hour. Alone with Eric, she lets out a big sigh of relief.

Ridge puts his hands on Brooke’s as she picks up some papers. He muses that with her family history, why did he not know what turning away from her and the kids would mean? She sloughs it off by saying she’s not a child anymore and everyone’s parents disappoint them. He tells her that when he asked her to marry him years ago, he’d asked her to trust him and rely on him, and she did so without hesitation. Then she got kicked in the teeth. And Nick was the “anti-me, the guy who never turned away.” She warns him this isn’t about Nick. He replies no, it was probably about her father. He knows that now. And they are still living their story. They have since the day they met. And Nick was the choice that fear made for her. He’s a lesson he has to learn. But, this isn’t over for them. This is the part they have to learn to come back together.

At Taylor’s, she and Nick are still slugging the bourbon down. She asks if three is the critical number because the fourth didn’t taste like gasoline. He makes a face and says Forrester might have great taste in women, but miserable in booze. She pops him that Ridge doesn’t even like bourbon. This was given her by some patient at Christmas. Her guess is she didn’t like it so she just passed it on. He comments it is sorta like fruitcakes. Nope, she replies, when you’re a psychiatrist, people don’t tend to give you fruitcakes. He gives a big chuckle and reminds her she made a joke, She replies yes she does that every three or four years. He scoffs she certainly married one. She slaps him on the shoulder and gives a hearty laugh, and buries her head on him, continuing the ribald laugh and saying now that was funny! He’s pouring more drinks and can barely hold the bottle from her hitting on him. He offers the guy has perfect teeth and thinks he exists just for everyone to look at him. Add a little cash and ego to that and the guy is clueless. Nick is cracking her up. She asks if he’s so clueless then how come he has them right where he wants them? Nick encourages her to keep drinking up. He reminds her that Brooke isn’t part of Ridge’s life anymore or hers either and that’s a good thing. He tells Taylor that he thinks she is just looking for the next best thing, and right now she thinks it’s this – getting drunk from the liquor stores that bring it right to her door. The best things in life might be free, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be delivered right to her front door like the bourbon. She settles back on the sofa with him, partially because she can barely hold her head up now. She slurs that she doesn’t know about that; look at him. He’s making her feel funny things, some mighty funny things. Then she proceeds to look weird and keels over upchucking in his lap. He jumps, squirms, gives a funny, disgusting look and gasps, “I was hoping that would happen in a different place.”

Moments later, in his cute little tight, black shorts, he’s pouring lots of hot coffee and asking Taylor what she takes in it? She comes out of the bathroom looking like something the cat drug home. She sinks in a chair as he pops off she may not look as fresh as a daisy, but he bets she feels better. She says she may not be an alcoholic; maybe she’s just a bloody mess. He hands her the coffee and says he concurs with that diagnosis. She tells him his pants will be out of the dryer in a minute. He claims pants are overrated. She says he acts like people throw up on him all the time. He replies it’s the hazard of bars and boats. She eases herself down on the floor by the coffee table and regales that women learn nothing about a man when his pants come off………but let her see what’s in his pockets. He calls them off as she holds them up – wallet, change, silly key ring, a lucky rock. From Hope’s aquarium for good luck, and he has his health and is happy. He states he’s lost it five or six times but he keeps going into her room and stealing another one. She tells him no body told her about that in medical school, just throwing up in people’s laps. He muses that can be lucky too. She gives him a big, contented smile.

Eric hovers over Stephanie in the hospital bed. He tells her that Felicia is being prepped also. The nurse prepares a relaxant for Stephanie. Eric seems worried and asks about it. She says it’s very mild; it’ll just make her a little dopey. She quips she likes dopey, she lives for it! Then she tells Eric she wants him to go right home and come back with her will. She took him out of it. He announces that no one cares about that right now. She says okay, never mind, there are two wills. Just burn the top one. He asks the nurse if he can have some time alone with his wife? She leaves and Eric admonishes her to forget all this talk about wills and documents. Awkwardly, he tells her that he can’t lose her. She pats him on the cheek and tells him to get a grip. He’s spent most of his life trying to lose her; that’s been his mission. He proudly tells her it can’t be helped if they hate each other’s guts from time to time, but she’s his bride, the mother of his children. She’s everything to him. She quips if he got one of those dopey shots too? He kisses her and she sighs that God help her, she loves him too. She begins to talk a little loopy and says she knows she’s been hard on him, and being married to her might have put other men in their graves much earlier….but him, it just made him vain and useless, and that’s not so bad. Humoring her, he thanks her for that. She tells him to tell the children she said something wonderful about them, and she has no regrets. He good naturedly asks then why does he have so many? She smiles and pats his cheek again and tells him the regrets come with a perfect jaw line.

Dr. Ramirez interrupts them and says the transplant team is on the way…….with a liver that is a perfect match for their daughter. He looks at Eric and says his wife will be keeping hers, all of it. They smile as he says someone upstairs heard her; in fact everybody heard her. Eric lovingly kisses her hand.

Before he leaves, Ridge asks Brooke about her father. She admits he left a message on her machine for her birthday. He asks if she called him back? She nods no, that’s just the way it is with them. He comments – after all this time? She tells him she thinks it should leave that to Taylor, she’s the shrink! He says he didn’t mean to he offend her. She admits that some of what he says might be true, but she doesn’t think it explains her feelings for Nick…..but it might to why she feels the way she does about Ridge. Then she dismisses it that it really doesn’t matter because she likes her life the way it is. He faces her and says, “there really isn’t any life for me without you.” She replies that she is sorry. She wants a family..……a husband…..a quiet life. “I’m going to have that, but not with you.” She asks him not to blame Nick. Ridge says not Nick, but the man who broke her heart long before Ridge came along and finished the job. She gives him a good, hard look and tells him good-night.

The nurse removes the tube from Stephanie’s arm. She tells Eric that Mrs. Forrester can get dressed when she’s steady enough. He quietly asked if she will remember any of this conversation. She smiles probably not. Eric and Stephanie exchange a few words and he calls her insane. Then he comes over and climbs in bed with her putting his arm beneath her head for a pillow. He tells her she’s wonderful; she gave him back his daughter. She did battle with death and she won. And she was ready to do it again by putting her life on the line. “There’s no one else on Earth like you……. Thank God.” She chuckles at that and then he adds that he loves her like there’s no yesterday. He reflects that he can’t live with her and keep from wanting to strangle her in her sleep every night, but he thanks God for the day he met her and for the day he agree to “that shotgun wedding.” Slightly drowsy, she tells him he is so dramatic. He continues that he lies awake at night and tries to make sense of all the years, all the no-count victories and defeats in life. And what was it all for? – “You…….You are magnificent. I have never deserved the best of you.” As she hmmms, he adds, “and I don’t deserve the worst of you. Without you, I remain, lost, lost, lost!” She nods contentedly and pats his hand that she knows. She yawns and looks like she is going to doze off.

But, she does ask about Felicia’s surgery and he remarks that it will be eight, ten or even twelve hours. She turns a bit and says she feels like she needs a nap and he thinks that is a good idea. He gets up off the bed, shakes his arms out but sits on a stool beside the bed when she asks where he’ll be? He smiles and tells her right there. As she drifts off, she looks at his fair lady and caresses her furrowed brow. (Yes, Jackie, Eric’s in love again).

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