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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the clinic by her daughter’s side, Stephanie watches lovingly as Eric has absorbed all of this, his daughter still being alive. She gently takes him by the hand and pulls him away for a more private conversation. She faces him and tells him she knows he will be angry with her. He wonders why suddenly is that a reason for concern? She reminds him it’s been that way from the very first day she met him. He’s always so sure that she thinks she is right. He replies no, that’s what she thinks. She states to him no, it is him. It usually takes him to say what he does before she knows what she’s going to say back. And, she’s not sure of a damn thing until they usually have shouted at each other at the top of their lungs. Eric smiles; he seems amused, this new Stephanie – a softer, gentler, kinder mother and wife. He caresses her face as she says Felicia loves him more than ever, and that’s why she couldn’t let him go on grieving. She’s sorry for that. He’s accepting and pulls her into a hug.

Dr. Ramirez interrupts and asks if they can leave the room so he can check on Felicia? He checks her signs and then pulls up a stool. He tells her that she’s done her part. He’s the one who has fell down on the job; he doesn’t want to lose her now. Slowly, her eyes flutter and she opens them just a little. He's pleased.

At Taylor’s, the doorbell rings and rings and she can not answer. She is passed out on the sofa. Cautiously, Nick lets himself in, looks around and surveys the damage with wine bottles strewn around and Taylor sleeping it off. Gently, he arouses her and pulls her upright beside him on the sofa. He holds the bottle to her face and remarks he thought she was going to give that up. She manages to garble that she changed her mind. He jokes that she can kiss that gold medal he brought good-bye. She utters that she’s kissed all sorts of things good-bye lately…….and what is he doing there? He reminds her that he told her he would stop by and check up on her now and then. As she twists and turns around on the sofa trying to make her nest, she offers that is the sort of things people say but never do. She asks what happened to privacy? (hey, what happened to locking the doors?) He comments that it looks like she has all of that she needs right here.

Under a disapproving stare, she pours herself another glass of wine and tells him it helps her sleep. She takes a sip and then pops him one on the shoulder; why does he care anyway? He should go, be with Brooke! But, then he’d better take a number, she mouths…..but that never stopped anyone.

In her basement office, Brooke asks Ridge why is he being so obnoxious and self-centered? She states that to him, her life is all about Ridge Forrester. He adds that his life is all about her. Anything that hasn’t to do with their future together is out of here. He’s committed himself. Looking him squarely in the eye, she remarks that he couldn’t do it when it counted. He tells her she doesn’t have to settle for a second choice life with a second choice man anymore. She asks what is it going to take for her to get through to him? He remarks that she’s done that pretty good already. She says maybe it is just too late for them. He differs; there is no such thing as too late. How long have they been doing this dance? She points out that she’s stuck around half her life and let him kick her around like a beach ball, and now he wants her to stick around and do it another half while he tells her he shouldn’t have done that and won’t do it again?

He counters with that she’s not being fair. She’s acting like nothing is different, that it was like ten years ago or even five. She is the one who is always talking about people learning from their mistakes. Is he not allowed to do that too? Is she the only one that can grow up? He also comments that he feels bad for Taylor right now. She’s going through some sort of tail-spin and he’s not sure he can do anything to help her through it. And he feels bad for his mother too. Losing Felicia caused something to snap inside of her. But, he’s got to keep his distance; he can only get so close. And his kids, Thomas and the girls, they tell him that he’s working, working, working all the time and sleeping somewhere else. Why, because he’s in love with Brooke and just waiting for her to see it. Callously, she tells him that is a problem she can not help him with now. He vows he won’t leave the office without an answer. Is it because of Nick? Does she love him more? The same? Differently? Holding hands by the fireplace? “Come on, give me both barrels here because that’s what it’s going to take.” He makes it clear this thing with Nick; he’s just not buying it.

Stephanie and Eric sit and discuss the experimental treatment and she fills him in on she had them test her for the close tissue match. He’s astonished but relieved when Stephanie says they told her it was too risky. He’s also non too pleased when he realizes Stephanie has falsified his name on the papers. What sort of lunatic is she? Her only justification is that she saw Felicia had a chance and she took it. Clearly po’d at her, he asks how many times have they married? She replies three. He comments then isn’t it funny that the minister isn’t asked if anyone sees any reason this guy shouldn’t be allowed to marry this lunatic? But, he keeps doing it. He gives her a knowing smile of acceptance. For the moment, the two seem in sync.

Dr. Ramirez explains a little more about the liver process and the good news is that Felicia is regaining consciousness…….of sorts. Stephanie rushes in to her bedside and speaks her name. Again, slowly Felicia opens her eyes and Stephanie is amazed with glee. But, Felicia’s first words are, “I hate you……get away from me.” Eric joins them and he’s delighted to see her awake. But, Felicia repeats it again, “tell her, Daddy. Tell her I hate her.”

Nick pours Taylor some bourbon. She’s on her feet now and she scoffs that she doesn’t like bourbon. He states she might as well start with that as she will get to that sooner or later. She thinks he’s just trying to be funny. He says no, just friendly. And no one likes getting loaded alone, so he’ll get loaded with her. She surmises that a real friend would probably take someone to a local A.A. meeting. He states he doesn’t think she’s an alcoholic, just a wannabe. She’s someone who feels sorry for herself because her husband dumped her. She wants to develop an addiction so she can sit in a room with a bunch of strangers and tell them how she’s powerless over a $60 bottle of cheap wine……well, he doesn’t buy that! If she wants to be a drunk……then drink like one. He hands her a shot of bourbon. Instead, she turns her head and grabs the wine bottle and puts it to her mouth, telling him she doesn’t like his attitude.

Brooke opens the door to her office wanting to usher Ridge out. She tells him she is not going to discuss Nick with him. He wonders why not? The guy barged into their wedding AFTER she told him she loved their life together and that’s what she really wanted. Was that a lie? She’s not sure what it was. He says then he’ll tell her; it was her heart talking. Everyone thinks she is so impulsive, acting on a whim. “But, it was always the real deal between us, Logan, you know that.” He rattles off that she was young and he was selfish and spoiled and she was insecure, and those were the things that got in their way. And so was Nick. She asks, so now Nick is an insecurity?

He offers that as a bride, she had the jitters. Every bride does. And she thought about all the things that he’d done to hurt her. She didn’t want to because she loved him. But, he’d proposed, she’d accepted. No one forced her. But, as the wedding progressed, she just couldn’t seem to get this out of her head. That day when she’d taken R.J. and Hope and left. Just as she was about to say I Do, she was still thinking of this. And then HE showed up – the guy who never hurt her; never let her down. She never wanted him before, but at least he’d never hurt her. She wonders what’s Ridge’s point? He states that Nick is all the screw-ups he’s ever done. All the times he has gone back on his word. She really didn’t choose Nick over him. She chose to believe that Ridge still couldn’t be trusted.

She lashes out at him. Why should she TRUST him? Why should she put her children through the same position she did when she ……(Oh here we go. Blame it on Daddy!) She walks away but he stops her by putting his hands on her shoulders. He remarks that she’s trembling. Why doesn’t she finish the sentence, say what she is thinking now? She keeps repeating that her future is with Nick. He tells her that she is never going to do what her mother did – she’d never give her love to a man who’d walk away from his wife and children. She says it – why would she let him or anybody else do to Hope and R.J. what her father did to her? Why would she let them lie in their bed and wonder where their father went and if he was ever coming home? Why would she keep a closet full of clothes just like her mother did, and clean them, wash them and iron them, for what? Just in case? She confronts him, “I trusted you, Ridge. I trusted my father……and YOU let me down.” So, no, she’s NEVER going to give her children a father who has nothing to offer them but his DNA! She steels herself to say, “NEVER….. NEVER….. NEVER!”

Felicia tries to speak and Stephanie realizes it is the same argument they had when she was about fifteen years old. Dr. Ramirez warns them that her liver is not able to detoxify her system and there are consequences for all her organs, including the brain. He says he’s notified the transplant system that her situation is critical. Eric asks just exactly where is Felicia on this list? Stephanie remarks they haven’t put her through this just to lose her to some list? He tells her she knew there would be risks and they might not find a liver donor in time. She agrees, that is why she wants them to take part of hers; she’s even already been tested. He tells her a partial transplant is too risky for her. She laments that she’s already lived her life….what she wants now is for Felicia and her child to have theirs. Eric refutes this about her having lived her life.

Emphatically, she tells them she is prepared to take this risk. Pointing a finger, she says, “I’m telling you, Doctor, if you don’t do this, I’ll find someone who will. I am NOT going to let her die.”

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