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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

It’s the next day at her house and Stephanie is contemplating what happened the night before. How she brought Dominick to see Felicia in her hospital bed and she suddenly responded in a small way and her vital signs were okay after being taken off life support.

Bridget bursts in, ready to take Dominick home. She’s surprised when Stephanie says he is still sleeping. She is afraid she kept him up too late last night past his bedtime. They sit and discuss ‘this amazing kid’, Bridget says he’s just like a dose of sunshine. She impresses upon Stephanie how he’s helping her cope with the loss of Nicole when nothing else could; “the most important thing in my life.” But, she tells Stephanie that she knows he’s important to his grandmother too, so anytime she needs him, just let them know. Stephanie tells her that having him there last night was just what the doctor ordered.

At the clinic, Dr. Ramirez is checking in on Felicia, taking her vital signs, holding her hand as he checks her pulse. He lovingly straightens her hand back out and gently lays it by her side. He has a slight smile on his face as he sits and speaks with her. He picks up the pretty blue baby blanket laying beside a picture of Dominick and places it close to Felicia. He tells her that her mother has been telling him about her and her baby. She’s been telling him that he means the world to Felicia and he can see why. He’s just as beautiful as his mom.

Still brandished to the Forrester basement, Eric is trying his darnest to do some sketches. Jackie pops in with some coffee, or is it tea and sympathy? She sees he isn’t accomplishing much. She puts her arms around his back and lovingly touches his face and declares that he’s still grieving Felicia as it should be, and will be for some time to come. He bemoans the fact that he’s not getting anything done and the rest of his life is slipping through his fingers - his future with her. He states he misses her. She coos that she misses him too, but his family needs him right now, especially Stephanie. In fact, she’s amazed after the way she acted at the memorial that Eric isn’t with her right now. He acknowledges there is absolutely no way they can comfort each other. She won’t talk to anybody and half the time he doesn’t even know where she is. And he doesn’t even see the point of being married to each other if it does neither of them any good. And, Jackie has been so patient. She asks is he thinking of leaving Stephanie? He remarks that he IS thinking of his life with her. He touches her throat, then her face and hair. She beams that there is nothing more that she wants than to be married to him, but if Stephanie needs him……he swears that she doesn’t. She’s made that very clear. And when he sees her today, he’s going to talk to her about their divorce. Jackie is delighted, but asks is he sure? He tells her he’s absolutely sure; he wants a life with her. They only got married to give their dying daughter some peace, and now he sees no reason to continue the charade now that Felicia is gone. They hug.

Stephanie goes and gets Dominick and hands him over to Bridget, who calls herself mommy. Stephanie takes notice how very much she is attached to him already and considers herself his mommy and her child. She says it’s only been a few days, but already it’s beginning to feel like a family with Dante. Stephanie reminds her that she IS his family. Even if she didn’t help raise him, she’s still his aunt. Bridget declares that she is 100% committed to helping Dante raise him and feels better now that she is a legal guardian. This surprises Stephanie. In fact, she’s stunned since Felicia had told her nothing about this. She’s sure Bridget will do a wonderful job, but she certainly doesn’t want Bridget to give up her own career.

Eric walks in on this moment and asks what career are they talking about? Bridget assures him that she’s not, but she has talked to her supervisor about cutting back on a few hours. She knows it won’t be easy, and her first priority will always be Dominick. Stephanie points out that is what is bothering her; that Bridget has become so attached to him. Bridget doesn’t understand why Stephanie would say something like that. Felicia WANTED him to be with Bridget. She’s his mother now! Stephanie isn’t relieved. She still has a very concerned, worried, look on her face as Bridget fawns over, kisses Dominick.

Dr. Ramirez is taking more than a personal interest in this. He looks again at the DVD on his computer and states Felicia is so young and so much to live for….. a beautiful son and a family who loves her. He goes to Felicia’s beside and tells her, “Felicia, I’m going to help you. We’ll do it together.” Gently, he squeezes her wrist.

Eric tells Bridget good-bye and then chastises Stephanie for voicing her concerns. He seems to think she should be grateful that Bridget has little Dominick to focus on. Awkwardly, she says she is afraid she is going to focus on him too much. He can’t believe she said that. That is what Felicia wanted. She begs to differ. What Felicia wanted, she says, is to raise her own child. Eric states well now she can’t. But, Dante and Bridget will. Stephanie tells him it’s not that simple. And she can’t explain it; he won’t understand. He tells her that part is true. He doesn’t understand ANY of this. In fact, nothing she has done since Felicia died has made any sense at all!

Bridget brings Dominick home and Dante can’t wait to get his hands on “Dino” – that’s his new nickname. He says he knows it’s tragic what happened to Felicia, but Dominick is blessed. He has her as a mommy now.

Dr. Ramirez holds Felicia’s hand and tells her that he’s not going to let her die. He vows he will bring her back. Back to her son, back to her family. But, she has to fight. He’s doing everything he can to give her a second chance to be the vibrant woman that she was, but she has got to fight! Silently, she tells him, “I AM fighting.”

Eric tells Stephanie that she can’t go on like this. She has to accept that Felicia is gone. She tells him she can’t. He tells her he knows she can. She can deal with anything. She replies, “not this!” They argue that Felicia gave up or accepted what happened to her, just the way they have to accept it now. He tries to break it gently. It’s hard, but they have to move on; all of them. He puts his hands on her back and reminds her they did everything they could. They even married to give her peace, but she’s gone now.

All the while, Stephanie has been present but just barely listening, her mind intent on what she must do. She tells Eric that she needs him. She has something to tell him. She takes a big gulp and says she can’t carry this thing any longer. He senses her wariness and suggests that perhaps she needs to talk to Taylor. She tells him no, just him, but he’s afraid of how he’s going to react. She’s even afraid he may hate her. He remarks if he seems angry, it’s only because he’s concerned about her.

She confesses she has done something, and she’s not sure she has done the right thing. He inquires what is it? What is she talking about? Painfully, she explains that he knows her. He knows she can’t just sit back and do nothing. Again, he asks what has she done? Unable to get the words out, she tells him perhaps he just needs to come with her and she’ll show him.

Dante invites Bridget to stay and have a bite to eat. She says she doesn’t want to encroach on his time with Dominick. He gives all sorts of excuses to get her to stay. He’s not going into work today so she can hang out with Dino while his daddy draws. They joke about his future as an artist or as a doctor like his mommy. Bridget says she has been thinking about that. How well they got along when he was living with her. He agrees they made an awesome team. She tells him she knows this sounds crazy, and to stop her if she gets to rambling on, but she doesn’t think she’s going to be satisfied with just being a part-time parent. Dante had said he deserves to have both parents in his life, so she was just thinking it would be easier if she just moved in. That’s presuming a lot, she knows. She kicked him out of her beach house, so why would he want to take her in now?

He flashes those big dimples and tells her he’s not saying no. He has a spare room that he uses as an office, and it’s all hers. Astonished, she asks is he sure? He comes and gives her a sweet kiss and tells her he’s sure. “Maybe someday I’ll get my office back. But right now, having you under this roof, will be really good for me and Dino.” She thanks him with a big hug. And thanks him for letting her be such a huge part of Dino’s life. He remarks things have been bad for Felicia, especially for Dominick, but he’s starting to think maybe they now will be all right.

Stephanie is leading Eric down a long, mysterious hallway. He asks is this where she has been disappearing to? Somehow he’s gotten the idea she’s seeing a psychiatrist. She tells him no, she’s not the patient. She tells him she knows she hasn’t always done things that he has approved of. But, he knows she has always done them out of love.

Dr. Ramirez comes around the corner and calls out to Mrs. Forrester. She introduces him to her husband. The doctor is quite taken aback. She assures him it’s okay. She wants her husband to know. The doctor says to follow him.

Before Eric enters the room, Stephanie stops him and tells him even if he never forgives her, she doesn’t regret any of this. Because when you love someone, and there’s just the tiniest glimmer of hope, you just never give up.

He walks in and stands beyond the foot of the bed. Very somber, very dark, he sees a form, an outline on the bed, not quite sure what his eyes are seeing and what to behold.

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