The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/27/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

With Stephanie intently looking on, the doctors closely watch the monitor as they unhook Felicia’s tubes and ventilator. They take her off life support; she must make it on her own. Her blood pressure is dropping though and the beepers are going off; Stephanie is more than worried.

At Dante’s, Bridget is elated that she has been chosen guardian, along with Dante, to Dominick. Felicia had official papers drawn up. Dante reminds her how he feels about her too. Dominick begins to get a little fussy, and Bridget remarks that it sounds like they need one more opinion.

Dr. Harwood physically has to get Stephanie to step back and let Dr. Ramirez do what he needs to do without her interfering. She laments that if this isn’t going to work, they can put her back on life support. She doesn’t want Felicia to die. Meanwhile Dr. Ramirez is talking steadily to Felicia, trying to get her to fight with them. Minutes of tension go by, but eventually her vitals improve and her heart rate is steady. She’s breathing on her own. Stephanie lets out a very visible sigh of relief. Dr. Ramirez tells Dr. Harwood to get the donation list ready. Dr. Harwood argues that her vitals don’t justify……but, Ramirez tells him to just do it! Dr. Harwood leaves to go get the paper work done. Stephanie asks if she is going to make it? Dr. Ramirez says they are doing all they can. At this point, Felicia has to help them. She needs to decide to stay with them. They can only hope. Stephanie remarks they need more than hope. She turns to leave, saying she knows what it is and she’s going to get it.

On The Shady Marlin, Brooke and Nick are entwined as one on the huge chaise lounge on deck. Eventually, he pulls away, breathing heavily and looking a little green around the gills. He tells her they need to make a few ground rules. He demonstrates a few techniques they might employ. First, a big kiss on the cheek. Brooks okays that. Then he pushes her hair back and clears out a spot on her neck right below the ear and kisses it. Yeah, according to Brooke, that is all right too. Then he pinches her lip, only one corner of it……and says no tongue….. and asks if that is okay? She says as long as it’s innocent. He presses to kiss her and says innocent is not what he’s thinking. When they are both hot and bothered and all over each other, he pulls away saying whoa, whoa, whoa. Back to high school here. First the malt shop, then the drive-in and back home and chew his arm off. Or go to Tibet and stay with the monks and practice celibacy. She tells him please don’t do that. He pulls his hair and remarks perhaps it should just paint his boat. That would take a good six months. She thinks that is a good idea. He continues, he could varnish the floor inside and out. She comments, “or you could erect the mast.” He gives her a look and tells her that is so not fair! He gets up to walk it off. She follows, putting her arms around his waist from behind, leaning heavily against him. Rubbing his chest, she tells him why can’t he just promise to love her, and stay home, okay? He laments – for six whole months? She turns him around and wraps herself in his arms and says that they will have to do that forever. Their mouths lock in a passionate kiss.

Heretofore barefooted, Nicks puts on and ties Brooke’s sneakers, but tells her he truly thinks he would be better undressing her than dressing her. She agrees with that. So he jokes perhaps they can try that in six months! Then he grabs her and jerks her to him and tells her seriously, he wants her to tell him if anything comes up with Forrester. He means it; he wants him to leave her alone. She says all right; he’s her future now. This family they had today is her life, and she couldn’t be happier. She gives him a light kiss, tells him she loves him, but she’d better go. One last kiss and she’s off. He swats her playfully on the bottom.

Dante tells Bridget she was made to be a mother. She’s not sure of that. She can’t seem to get Dominick to settle down and go to sleep. Dante informs her that he’s fine; he slept all day. Ahh, that explains it. She laments, he needs to be on a schedule. He doesn’t understand. Dominick sleeps when he’s tired and is awake when he isn’t. He then tells her that if she wants him to sleep, he has an easy solution. He pulls out his car keys and brags that he is like his father, loves cars. Just take him for a drive and he’s knocked right out. She tells him just to lead the way. As they head out, Stephanie is about to knock on the door. She says she was hoping to take the baby and he could spend the night with her. When they are less than enthusiastic, she pleads that he’s her only hope.

Nick is whistling as he’s cleaning up when Taylor pokes her face in. She remarks that he seems to be in a good mood. She tells him she was there earlier but saw Brooke and decided to take off. How did the night go? He tells her good; Hope deserves a good father and Taylor replies just like Brooke deserves a good husband. And she wishes him all the luck in the world. She confesses she’s never met anyone quite like him. He deserves to be happy. He’s a little perplexed. He thanks her, but says he’s not sure where she is going with this. She reveals that he seems convinced that Brooke is going to make him happy. She thinks that is really wonderful, she really does, but she doesn’t want to see him unhappy when Brooke lets him down.

Stephanie knows it’s late, but tells them that she really NEEDS Dominick tonight. Just put it down to the fact that she’ going through a lot with Felicia, and she’d like to be with her baby. She has the car seat and everything all set up. When Bridget isn’t relenting, Stephanie reminds her that sometimes you just need family around you and this is one of those nights. She promises to have him back in the morning. “Bridget, I need this.” Dante intercedes and says maybe it’s not such a bad thing for him to spend some time with his grandmother. It can be good for all of them. He tells Bridget they are going to have him the rest of their lives, and this is only one night. He hands Stephanie the diaper bag and she says she will take care of everything else. She thanks Dante over and over. Bridget hands Dominick to her and then gives him one last kiss, calling him a miracle worker. Stephanie tells her that’s what she is hoping for.

Nick asks Taylor why would she say such a thing like that? She shrugs that she doesn’t want to see a good man like him get burned. He says he really doesn’t think she knows what she’s talking about. Taylor says she is well aware of how intoxicating Brooke can be. How many men have been exactly where Nick is? Thorne, Eric, Grant, James….the list goes on…..all good men. But, as mesmerizing as Brooke can be, she tells Nick, she just wants him to step back and think, really think. She doesn’t think there is but one man who has walked away from Brooke unscathed. He says they are different. Taylor says she’s not sure about that, but she knows Brooke. Probably better than Brooke knows herself. She’s a little hesitant and doesn’t know how to say it, other than just come right out and say it. She thinks Nick may just be a bandage to Brooke. It’s always been Brooke and Ridge, and she’s afraid that is the way it’s always going to be. As he walks off, she tells him that she’s only telling him this because she admires and respects him and what kind of friend would she be if she didn’t just come right out and speak up and tell him what she thinks? Okay, he can listen or not, take it or not, but……she’s seen how Brooke has used men in the past and she doesn’t want him to be another statistic.

Stephanie calls Dr. Ramirez from her car, asking if there has been any change? Is Felicia all right? He asks where did she go? She really needs to be there. He doesn’t know how much longer she has. Stephanie tells him to tell Felicia that her mother is coming and she’s bringing her baby boy.

Taylor apologizes. She just wanted him to be prepared, that’s all. She tells him she’s known Brooke a lot longer than he has. She asks if he knows the entire history with Brooke and Ridge? He stops her short and says he’s sorry that it hasn’t worked out between her and Ridge. She comments this isn’t about her, but him. He’s really a special man and she just wants him to keep his eyes open.

Dante pours some champagne for Bridget and tells her to look at it this way. If Stephanie hadn’t shown up, the champagne would have gone to waste. Bridget says she misses Dominick already although Dante reminds her it’s only for one night. Bridget also thinks Stephanie was sort of desperate. Dante tells her that Dominick is hers. No one will ever take him away, ever!

Stephanie is stopped by Dr. Harwood as she enters Felicia’s room. He reminds her she can’t come in; it’s sterile. She says she knows exactly what she is doing. Dr. Ramirez tells Dr. Harwood it’s okay. He makes a place for Stephanie and she goes straight to Felicia’s side and shows her comatose daughter that she has brought her baby boy. She places her hand on him and then lays him on the bed. She point out to Dominick how brave and strong his mommy is. And she tells Felicia he needs her; they all need her. Felicia is daydreaming or seeing images. Faintly, she sees her mother, her baby and the heart monitor suddenly beeps, her heart rate is increasing. Enthused and encouraged, Stephanie tells her to keep fighting. They’re jubilant that she is stabilizing.

Stephanie chuckles and tells Dominick that what did she tell him? “She just needed you. She just needed her baby boy.“ She pleads with Felicia that this is it. Stay with them, please. Look, it’s Dominick and he loves her; they all love her…..keep fighting, yes!

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