The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/22/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Lying on the couch on The Marlin, Brooke and Nick are going at it rather hot and heavy. She’s mussing his hair and telling him this feels so good, until he groans, “but six months?” She mentions that it was she that asked that they wait. He is dumbfounded and tells her she realizes it is taking every ounce of energy he has for him to keep from making love to her right now. She sighs that she knows; she even feels guilty just kissing him. Riddled with passion, he reminds her that Bridget asked for the divorce… she could move on with her life and they could move on with theirs. Seriously, she asks what if it comes down to it and Bridget can’t sign the papers? She’s pleased when he conveys that Bridget called and left a message and she wants him to come by today to sign them. Brooke thinks WOW, today? Then go. And he says if she is too torn up about it, he’ll wait until she is ready. She first, but they declare their love for each other. He plays with her bottom lip, caresses her bottom, then hops up with a mission at hand.

Stephanie is on the phone with Dr. Ramirez again asking about Felicia’s condition. He tells her they have completed the chemo and it’s too soon to tell. She states that if for any reason he doesn’t think this is working out, she doesn’t want him to drag this out too long. He assures her they are doing everything to keep her daughter alive. She hears Eric so must quickly hang up. Eric spots her and says he has something he needs to talk to her about. He tells her he knows how she feels about a memorial service for her daughter, but he also needs to be able to say goodbye to her. With a forlorn look on her face, she sighs that she’s just been overwhelmed by all of this. He says he understands. That’s why he has gone ahead and planned something for tomorrow, right there at the house. When she doesn’t seem too pleased, he admonishes her that Felicia was his daughter too. They all need this; Stephanie needs it. She differs, “weeping and wailing? Felicia doesn’t want that!” He asks her God, did she just hear what she just said? She’s referring to Felicia in the present tense.

At the beach house, Bridget drags more boxes into the living room. She stares at a particular photo album and finally sits on the couch and opens it. She’s looking at a picture of she and Nick when he walks on in. She brushes a tear away but neither speak.

Brooke opens her door and there sits Ridge with R.J. She asks what’s he doing there? He says he was just explaining to his son that Daddy’s home. She glances and can’t help but notice his suitcases are sitting by the stairs. He gloats, “it ain’t over, Logan, not by a long shot.”

Upon seeing Nick, Bridget braces herself, takes a deep breath, closes the album and points toward the divorce papers for Nick to see. She tells him that she also packed up some of his things. He closes the door, telling her she didn’t have to do that. She nervously jokes that she needs the closet space. Then she asks if he spoke with her mom? He nods yes. She tells him if he’s worried that she really means this, she does. She doesn’t want to stand in his way. He tells her she is NOT standing in his way. She knows he has always loved her. She feels embarrassed and doesn’t want to hear any more. But he tells her she knows it is true. She remarks to him there is still something there with her mom and that hasn’t changed. There’s awkward silence and he shakes his head and says it just doesn’t feel right. She sniffs that they shared a lot of really wonderful memories. She tears up more when she tells him he brought her a lot of joy. As she dabs her nose and eyes, she swears she was not going to cry and how she hates good-byes.

He approaches her and tells her that she has to be honest with him, as honest as she has ever been in her life. He turns her around to face him and asks her pointblank is she completely sure this divorce is what she wants?

Brooke comes down the stairs and Ridge asks is R.J. out? She replies yes, he’s wiped out. Ridge has a way of doing that to him. She looks at the suitcases with disdain and asks about them. He remarks he thinks that is obvious; he’s moving in. She bristles as she asks if he heard a single word she said last night. He vows every word, but she says but he didn’t listen, as usual. He agrees he didn’t, but okay, he’ll move to the guest house. He picks up his bags to go, but she says no, not even a chance. He gets it, she hasn’t forgiven him yet. He puts the bags down as she says so moving in with her is the answer without even discussing it with her? He tells her he just has to move on with his life. She blasts him – what about her? What about what she wants? Smirking, he wants to know if she thinks he is bulldozing his way in there? She remarks that yes she does. That is exactly what he is doing. He reminds her that less than 24 hours ago they were exchanging vows. But, she reminds him they didn’t; they didn’t get married. He says because of Nick, but she says no, because it was HER choice. And she had a long talk with Bridget this morning. She’s still in love with Nick but she can’t be married to someone who is in love with someone else. So she is going through with the divorce. Ridge thinks that is good. She should divorce him; in fact she shouldn’t have married him in the first place.

She sighs and explains that everyone makes mistakes. He replies, “and learn from them. God knows I have.” She tells him she’s sorry. She doesn’t want to hurt him. He says then don’t. She offers that he needs to hear this. She needs to tell him that she is in love with Nick. He asks what in the hell happened between last night and this morning? She can only offer that she’s been doing a lot of thinking. Ridge counters that Nick ruined Bridget’s life and they argue that is HIS view. He wonders what his view should be? She tells him she knows this isn’t something he WANTS to hear, she doesn’t like it either, but the divorce is going to be final in six months. And she points out they were married, and had everything he says he wants. She blasts him that he threw it away, so if he wants to be angry at anyone, he can be angry at himself.

He tells her fine, if she wants to be angry at him for picking Taylor over her, do it. He can take it. She defends that is not what she is doing. But, he seems to think this hell he’s in is penance for every rotten thing he has done to Brooke. She tells him he’s not listening to her. He grabs her by the back of her head and says she’s right; he’s not listening anymore and he forces a kiss upon her. She struggles against him.

Bridget tells Nick that in her perfect world, does she want this marriage to end, of course not? But, they both know it has to be. And for him not to feel sorry for her, she has Dominick. She really loves that little boy. He needs her and she needs him. She says her heart is so full and she’s ready to move on. She wipes her eyes and then pulls out the divorce papers. She tells him she has looked them over and they look okay; they just need their signatures. Before she signs, she tells him she just wants him to know that if he’d never met her mother that she would fight for him and never let him go. As long as he understands that…….

Slowly she signs her name and walks away. Playing nervously with her kleenex, she watches as he reluctantly signs his name as well. He walks to her to say something, but she waves him off saying she is fine and for him not to forget his boxes. They stare at each other silently forever until he finally grabs the two boxes and walks out the door. Bridget crumbles to the couch and sobs. Nick backtracks and looks through the door pane one last time.

Brooke softens her struggle but when she pulls away she tells Ridge that she will never stop loving him. And probably never will. He grouses then why won’t she let him in? He’s not fighting just for her, but for Hope and R.J. as well. He needs all of them. She cries that she needs him to respect her decision. He fires, “damn it, Logan, I’m not going to let that bastard raise my son!” She asks him to please just go. He repeats – six months? She’s not moving forward with any of this until HIS divorce is final? She seems to know where his mind is going and says nothing is going to change. He gives a quickie point with his hands and picks up his bags. With a big, big smile he tells her, “I’m not losing you, Logan. Not ever!” He picks up his bags and happily out the door he goes.

Eric comes up behind Stephanie and repeats to her that they all need closure so they can begin to heal. He turns her around and states that she will be at the service tomorrow? She explains this will be the hardest thing she has ever had to do in her whole life. He tells her he’s proud of her. She gulps and instinctively goes into his arms and he hugs her. When he leaves, she calls Dr. Ramirez again. He has to tell her that her daughter’s vitals are weakening. This round of chemo may have been too much for her. Stephanie is adamant; not to give up on her; please swear to that. He says they will let her know of there is any change.

Brooke answers her door to find Nick standing there. He asks if he can come in? With anticipation, she urges him to do so. She takes him by the arm and asks what happened? He grabs her around the neck and hugs her tightly and simply says they signed the divorce papers. She’s elated, she’s weepy, she asks is Bridget all right? He tells her it was rough, but she’s all right, everything will be okay. He squeezes her tighter and vows that, “as long as we have this, it’s all going to be okay.”

Oops, segue way to the patio and we see through the paned door a very stoic, determined, tight-jawed, arrogant looking Ridge, arms folded, watching the lovebirds. Six months is a long time!

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