The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/21/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

From their respective offices, Stephanie speaks with Dr. Ramirez about Felicia’s treatment that started last night. He tells her they are doing everything they can; now it’s up to Felicia. Stephanie thanks him and tells him to call her any time with any news at all.

She hasn’t even hung up yet when Ridge walks in and startles her. He notices and asks if she is all right? She nods no and he comes and hugs her. She confesses that this helps, but is surprised he is still speaking with her. He tells her he thought she might like to know what happened with Brooke. She tells him she hadn’t even thought about it. He knows she is thinking about Felicia. She says she just prays that God is taking care of her baby.

On The Shady Marlin, Nick is lying down gazing at Nicole’s sonogram. Taylor waltzes in and announces breakfast. She bends down to his level to give it to him, and he proclaims this is a unexpected surprise. She asks about the sonogram and that if Nicole had lived, he and Bridget would still be together. She had set him free. He tells her Bridget had divorce papers drawn up. Taylor comes and sits beside him, handing him the coffee. She even offers that women have been known to change their minds. Nick reminds her that she is set on this. It’s Brooke he is not so sure about. She asks if he thinks Brooke can live with herself being with him and knowing that it might hurt her daughter. After serious thought, he replies that Brooke loves her more than anything in this world, so no he doesn’t think she can.

Brooke shows up and slips into the beach house surprising Bridget. Bridget is still packing up some of Nick’s things and even asks if Brooke would mind taking it to him. She bows out politely by saying she thinks he ought to pick it up here. Bridget gets right to the point and tells her that she ran into Ridge at her house the night of the almost wedding. Ridge had said that Nick walked in on the two of them together. Brooke admits she was with him, but she was ONLY comforting him. Nick walked in and he thought he saw something else. Bridget asks did she go to him? Brooke tries to duck out of this, but Bridget persists and wants to know did she spend the night on Nick’s boat or did she go with Ridge? Brooke finally admits she spent the night alone. So much was happening. She had just been dragged away from the altar and Bridget had just told her she was divorcing Nick. Bridget admits she did, so he could be with Brooke. “So, why are you waiting? He’s in love with you, mom.” Brooke confides to her that she’s the most kindest, unselfish person she knows, but this can’t be easy on her. Is she really sure this is something she will be able to do?

As he holds his mother, Ridge tells her to speak to him. She’s hardly talked to anyone since Felicia died. She asks what, so they can commiserate with one another? He reveals that he lost his baby sister and she lost her youngest daughter, and they need to start accepting that. They need to honor Felicia’s passing so they can start healing. She acts guilty. She tells him it HAS begun. He says not until she accepts this. She tells him she does understand the stages of grief. He tells her he knows she’s angry because she wasn’t ready to let go. She admits she wasn’t. He says no one ever is, but Felicia needs her to release her now. And the longer that Stephanie holds on, the longer she keeps denying this, Felicia’s spirit will never be set free. She needs to let her go and let her be at peace. Stephanie admits that is what she wants; for her to be peaceful; she really does.

Bridget walks away to the porch. Brooke follows. She tells her she has just lost Nicole and then found out that Dante was Dominick’s father, not Nick. It was too much confusion. Bridget admits there is confusion, but throughout all of this, one thing hasn’t changed. Brooke still loves Nick and he loves her. Brooke approaches her and lays her hands on her and proclaims that they BOTH love her. She sighs and tells Bridget she knows she had more time to think about this. Does she really believe this is the right decision? Bridget replies that yes she does. She does not blame Brooke; she doesn’t blame Nick and she doesn’t blame herself, but she can’t do this anymore. She recounts how she made Felicia a promise that she’s going to be Dominick’s mom and she’s going to be a great mom. She’s excited about that and she has to have her life, and Brooke and Nick have to have theirs.

Taylor and Nick continue to talk about Bridget and if she can handle this. Nick says if she can’t, Brooke will be able to sense it. She’d never do anything to hurt one of her kids, that is just the way she is. She confides that he doesn’t know if Taylor knows this but when she was gone, Brooke took care of her kids as well as her own and never complained about it. She felt as though she was lucky. That’s the kind of woman she is now. Taylor admits she must have grown up a lot. He repeats again, that Brooke puts her kids first. And he knows Brooke would never look at him again if it meant bringing her daughter any more pain. Taylor gets him to admit that he’s really crazy about Brooke. She thinks that is nice.

Brooke tells Bridget she doesn’t want to rush into this. That’s how mistakes are made. Bridget tells her that Nick is not a mistake for her. But, Brooke says she is still his wife. Back inside, Bridget shows her the papers that just came this morning; the divorce papers. Brooke is shocked, but Bridget says it’s okay. She’s really going to be happy. She’s not cursed to a life with only men who want to be with her mother more than want to be with her. And she repeats again, that she just wants her mother to be happy. And it doesn’t have to be as complicated that Brooke keeps saying it is. Brooke asks how did she get so lucky to have a wonderful daughter like her? Bridget tells her she does have one favor. The divorce won’t be final for six months (yet Ridge got his in less than a week!) and she wants her to be with Nick and she wants her to have him, but please do it in private. She conveys that she does not want to be in the grocery store checkout and read about them. Brooke tells her that Nick is still her husband, and nothing is going to happen until the divorce is final. She can’t be with him…….not completely. Bridget tells her that is not necessary; it’s her business. But Brooke says she wants to, out of respect for Bridget. Bridget accepts that and says okay. They hug.

Taylor brings Nick a bagel which he chomps down on. She tells him it’s really nice to know a man who is in touch with his feelings. He thanks her but tells her not to say anything to the guys down on the docks. She replies, “oh, okay. Shall I take a blood oath, matey?” He says he trusts her. She asks if he remembers when he said he’d do anything to help her if she ever needed it? He replies yes. She says that is something she is beginning to realize about his character. When he says something, he actually means it. He quips well what good are you otherwise? She replies it’s just good to have someone she can count on. She knows she has been self-medicating. She’s been diagnosed by the best in the business and now she’ll be treated by the best in the business. He asks if she referring to herself here? She remarks that yeah, she can handle it. She knows she’s been messed up. It’s what landed her on his bed. But, she laughs that she doesn’t regret it because friendships come about in the most interesting ways. He replies that is one thing you can’t have too many of.

She admits that she never thought that any man could mean any more to Brooke than Ridge, but when she first heard about Nick, she heard he was this heroic, solitary sea captain guy. And she really didn’t get it, but she thinks she does now. He seems pleased and asks her for a high five. She gives him a hearty one. They lock hands in a bond before she leaves. She says she will see him later.

Stephanie tells Ridge the family will come together all in good time. He reminds her that she does understand that Brooke is a part of that family? She jerks her head around in surprise and replies, “she is? Nick might have a different opinion about that.” He smirks that Brooke doesn’t know which end is up right now. But, he can guarantee his mother that when the dust settles, she will be back in HIS arms. Stephanie gives a disgusted look.

Nick is putting some stuff away on topside, when he looks around and there is Brooke nervously telling him that she just came from seeing Bridget. He asks how is Bridget? She replies okay and she wants them to be together. Cautiously, he asks what does she want? She abruptly goes below and he follows. After a long hesitation, she asks can they really be together? He tells her they have tried not being together and what good has that done Bridget? None. He walks much closer to Brooke and locks eyes with her, not letting her look away. He says she came to this boat last night for a reason. What was it? She says she doesn’t know. He says she does.

Ridge tells his mother that she just needs to keep her distance from Brooke. She chuckles that she’s not the problem. She did not crash his wedding and sweep his bride-to-be off her feet and carry her up the stairs. He vows that he will deal with Nick in due time. Stephanie asks if he has talked to Brooke and tried to work this thing out? Embarrassed, he admits they haven’t spent the night together. She’s still angry at him for walking out on her. Stephanie tells him it’s much MORE than that. Bridget alone is determined that her mother and her husband are going to be together. He thinks that is the last thing Bridget needs, and he and Brooke were working this out. Stephanie is aghast. She knows he’s a proud man. So, even after Brooke allowed Nick to disrupt his wedding day, Ridge wants to make a reconciliation? He says absolutely, he does. She adds even with all the indignity she has poured on him? He reminds her that he was the one that walked out on R.J. Has she forgotten that? She denies that he has ever walked out on his baby. But, he continues that he has so if there was ever a door opened for Nick, he was the one who opened it. He put out the whole welcome mat for the guy. But, now he’s going to fix that.

Brooke laments this is all happening so fast. What are they going to do now? If her little girl isn’t going to be happy, how can she? Nick reminds her that Bridget can’t do anything but tell them the truth, and how she feels and she has done that. So, it’s up to them now. She questions him. “Is it?” She breathes that she wants him so bad. And Bridget does have the divorce papers. He says he knows; she left a message about that. He says he’s ready to sign them. Practically shaking in her tracks, she begs Nick to help her believe this is happening. He asks what does she want him to do? First, she says she doesn’t know, then she asks him to kiss her. Just kiss her! No hands, their lips touch tentatively at first, then he reaches out in hunger for more as their arms envelope one another. Neither wants to let go until she finally pulls apart and tells him that she promised Bridget they would wait. Breathlessly, he asks wait for what? She says to make love, until the divorce is final. He asks how long is that? She tells him six months. He has an awfully sickening look on his face. (anybody for a lot of cold showers?) He repeats sarcastically – six months? She tells him it’s okay, really it’ll be okay (easy for her to say……or maybe not). She laughs and tells him they can still be together….any way he wants, just not THAT way. He asks if she wants to be his wife? Cupping his face, she says yes, so bad. She loves him. They both declare their love for each other. They kiss passionately and completely as he swings her around, her feet off the ground. In the background, the song, “I’m going back again. I’ll take it to the end.”

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