The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/13/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

On The Marlin, Nick slowly walks toward Brooke and tells her that they can let what happened tonight tear them apart, or they can move forward together. Pick one!

At Brooke’s, Ridge is frantically trying to call Catherine on the phone with no luck. He knows it’s late but he really needs her to watch R.J. and Hope.

Bridget comes in and tells Ridge she just saw Jackie’s car leave the driveway, and asks what is he doing here? He bypasses that and tells her he needs her to watch the kids. She asks about her mom and he replies she’s probably on her way to Popeye’s boat as they speak. Bridget opines then Brooke has chosen Nick? Ridge gloats no. Nick came in and caught them in bed, and that’s all he wants to say right now. Bridget then asks if her mom picked him? Ridge admits she didn’t come right out and say it, but…….Bridget offers then he doesn’t know for sure. His expression is a dead give-away he thinks it’s yours truly. She points out if Brooke is with Nick now, doesn’t that tell him something? Yeah, he surmises she wants to let him down EASY.

At Taylor’s, she is remembering her earlier in her drunken night and accidentally running into Nick at the bar and following him back to his boat, and hanging on and pretty much making a spectacle of herself. Then falling on his bed in a stupor and Brooke finding them in a compromising position.

Stephanie makes coffee and hands it to Taylor and insists she drink it. Stephanie asks if she wants to talk……or not. Taylor shakes her head, she can’t decide. But, she laments that something TERRIBLE has happened. She starts off that she met Hector for a drink. Stephanie jumps to wild conclusions and asks if he got her drunk and tried to take advantage of her? She assures her not. If anything, he was looking out for her. She mentions Chuck’s down at the Marina and Stephanie gives a funny face look and denotes she knows that place well! She’d been there once with Nick. So, Taylor had done some heavy drinking? She replies yeah, it was like the last straw with Felicia, and now she’s so sorry. She starts to sob but Stephanie tells her it’s okay. She hopes Felicia is in a better place now. (nothing about being dead, and all in present tense). Taylor says anyplace is better than here. Stephanie keeps encouraging her to drink more coffee.

Nick grabs Brooke roughly and asks if she needs him to repeat the choices? Inches away from his lips, she tells him no. Then they do lock lips with a passionate kiss. He is shirtless; she only has Jackie’s coat thrown over her sexy black robe.

Ridge has changed clothes and Bridget quickly follows him downstairs begging him not to go over to Nick’s to get her mom. He declares that he needs his wife. She points out that Brooke is NOT his wife. He turns around and pointblank tells her that he gets it. Her mom CARES for Nick and she’s concerned how he will react when he finds out they are still together now. Bridget tells him no. Brooke is still in love with Nick, and as hard as it was for her (Bridget) to let him go, she had to do it. Whatever is going on between them, they can’t fight it. Ridge had his chance, and now it was time for her mom to be with Nick. He tells her it’s very sweet of her to be so concerned about him, thank you very much, but she’s wrong. Will she just stay and watch Hope and R.J. until he and Brooke get back?

Stephanie is encouraging. She tells Taylor that she and Ridge can get back together as nothing has been resolved. Emphatically, Taylor says no. Stephanie points out that Bridget has walked away from Nick; he’s free. Taylor says it really doesn’t matter. Stephanie says it does. It means Brooke will choose Nick and Ridge will eventually understand that is the best thing. Taylor says it’s too late. Stephanie scolds her for saying all these things. Her son is NEVER going to find someone like her if he looks the rest of his life. She is his moral compass. She bemoans that she is lost. Stephanie says he will find her. And she will help her fight this; whatever it takes. She and Ridge deserve to be together. Taylor shouts NO right in Stephanie’s face. Stephanie chastises her to stop this nonsense. She doesn’t know what’s going on with Taylor, but whatever it is, it couldn’t be any worse than anything Brooke has done. She and Ridge are going to be all right! Taylor shakes her head and repeats no, no they aren’t. Not after what she did tonight!

Reluctantly, Brooke breaks away from the kiss but still clinging to Nick’s body. She pants that as much as she loves him, and she does, she wants to be sensitive. Nick tells her that Forrester has his whole family to lean on. She says she knows, and she knows he wants her to move on. He tells her he wants her to be honest with him and herself. She tells him she is, or at least she is trying to be. But, it’s been a very confusing day, especially for Bridget. He swings her around and says that Bridget has never been more clear. They don’t have to live in denial anymore. It’s okay.

Nick and Brooke nose to nose, Ridge with a smirk on his face, enters the boat. He looks around, “well, what’s this? Bed’s a mess….you trying to COMFORT my wife?” Nick says actually, it’s ex-wife. Sorry, he couldn’t resist. Brooke tells Ridge they are in the middle of something. Ridge spots some clothes and shoes on the floor; women’s apparel. He picks it up and makes a big deal of what is this?

Bridget tells Dante that he didn’t have to come all the way over. He tells her that phone call sounded like an SOS to him and besides he offers she is doing him a favor because the little guy couldn’t get to sleep. She suspects it’s because this is Dominick’s first night without Felicia. He says he took him around town in his new Carrera (sports car) and he was out like a light. Now he wants to know what’s going on? Another crisis? Her mother? He asks if Brooke has made a decision. That’s why Bridget had ended things with Nick today. “Exactly, this craziness has to stop,” she states. He asks how is she doing, and she replies just sort of numb. He tells her it will just take some time. She can handle that, but what is her mother’s excuse? She wants to be with Nick so badly, so what is she waiting on?

Dante thinks it’s a good thing that she is with him on The Marlin until Bridget tells him that Ridge is there also. Dante knows he’s looking for trouble. Bridget tells him she doesn’t know all the details, but from what she can gather, Ridge and her mom were up in the bedroom and Nick walked in on them, and now her mom has gone over to Nick’s to explain. Ridge followed and she knows this is painful and she feels terrible. But, he needs to understand, that like it or not, Nick and her mother belong to together. And there is nothing Ridge or anyone else can do to keep them apart.

Taylor paces; she confesses to Stephanie that ever since Ridge left, she’s been sad and alone and drinking too much. Tonight was the absolute worst! Stephanie says she can see that. Taylor rambles. Hector took her keys and gave Chuck some money for a cab to get her home and then he left. That’s when HE walked in. And he was feeling the exact same way she was. Lost. Like, she doesn’t know, like the first time Ridge walked out on her. It was like the first time someone understood her. Yet, she doesn’t know why she did what she did. She doesn’t know why she let it happen. Perhaps it was the alcohol (a good start) but he seemed to know how she was feeling. Stephanie listens and asks who is HE? Taylor warns her that she won’t like it. She might even hate her. Stephanie puts her hands on her shoulder, brushes the hair back out of Taylor’s eyes and offers that nothing Taylor could say or do would make her change her mind about her. “You’re my angel.”

Taylor rambles and explains more that she tried to find Chuck but couldn’t. She didn’t know how she was going to get home, so she wandered to HIS place. And then she doesn’t know what happened, but she fell into HIS arms. And then they fell on the bed, but nothing happened. Stephanie thinks they are just talking about some guy. Taylor clues her, it’s Nick! Needless to say, Stephanie is shocked.

Ridge looks to Brooke and asks if these clothes are hers? She replies no. So, it was another woman? The plot thickens. “Forrester design. Good taste in design, but not men. Must be a real loser to hang with you.” Right back at him, Nick grunts that he’d say that woman had hung with worse. Ridge thinks Nick is showing his true colors. Nick scoffs that as usual, Ridge doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Ridge asks Nick who was she? She must have run out of there pretty fast to leave her shoes. Brooke tells him just to leave it alone. Ridge continues. Did Logan see her? Was she someone’s wife…..someone’s mother? She reminds him Nick was just hurt. He’d seen the two of them in bed together. He spouts, “oh, so I shouldn’t rub it in. Hurt people go to a doctor, Nick. Or a psychiatrist. Not some strange woman and a bottle of cheap booze.” He tells him he’s sick in the head. He needs a shrink. Maybe he should call Taylor and get a referral. Nick says it’s a little late for that. Ridge says yeah, he’s right about that. And to Brooke he adds if there was ever a decision to be made between Nick and him, “there ain’t anymore.”

Bridget attends to Dominick and tells Dante that after doing that, she does understand what Ridge is fighting for – his family. And Dante knows it’s not just about R.J., but he loves Brooke too. But, he hasn’t always been good to her. And that’s why Bridget wants her to end up with Nick. She corrects him and says no, she just wants her mother to be happy. And what about Hope? She adores Nick. She practically thinks of him as her father. And after all they have been through, they deserve a man they can count on. He tells her so does she. She made a heck of a sacrifice today because she knows there is only one woman for Nick, and that is her mother.

Stephanie concedes, okay, Taylor was with Nick. She can understand that. She was angry with Ridge. He left her, he went back to Brooke, so she decided to hurt him. Again, she seems confused. She doesn’t know. Nick had told her that Brooke had chosen to stay with Ridge. And shortly thereafter he found them in bed together. But she guesses nothing ever happened and Nick misinterpreted the entire thing. She rambles again that she didn’t expect to see Nick at Chuck’s. She just wanted someone to talk to; just needed someone who understood what she was dealing with. Stephanie takes her hand and tells her this is a huge lapse in judgment. But, having said that she really thinks they can fix this. “I think we can straighten this out. I’ll take care of it, all right? I’ll take care of everything.”

Smoking on his old stogie, Nick states that Forrester thinks he has it all figured out. Ridge replies that he made it awfully easy. Valiant effort though; very dramatic. Interrupting their wedding, sweeping the bride off her feet, only to be rejected in the end. He says he tried to get Brooke to see what he was all about. But she only wanted to believe the best of him. “Now you’ve pretty much done all of that for me. She finally sees you for what you are. A waste of time.”

He motions Logan to come on. He’s had enough of these games. They need to get out of there. He starts out, then stops as he realizes she is NOT following and everyone gives a knowing look toward each other.

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