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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Looking down on Nick and Taylor in a compromising position in the boat's bed, Brooke tells Nick to please tell her this isn’t what it looks like. That there is another explanation. That he and Taylor weren’t about to…….

Stephanie walks into her house and Bridget states they were beginning to worry. Stephanie remarks she had things to take care of, and asks where Eric is? Bridget tells her he’s upstairs calling Kristen, telling her about Felicia. Stephanie wishes he hadn’t done that. She asks where the baby is and Bridget tells her that he’s right here, waiting for his grandma. Dante offers his condolences and Stephanie tells him there is no need to be sorry. When she sees old Squiggle Puss, she sees his mother’s face. He remarks he knows she must feel that Dominick is all that she has left of her daughter. She replies actually not. They haven’t lost Felicia. She is still with them in every way that counts. (this will all make more sense if we find out later that somehow Felicia survived and didn’t die after all).

At Brooke’s, Ridge tells Jackie not so fast, lady, she’s not going anywhere until he gets a straight answer. Did she see Brooke? Does she know where she is? “Damn it, Jackie, answer me.” He grabs her arm and she asks him to let go of her. He accuses her of knowing more than she is saying. She tells him he is very distraught. He quips he doesn’t know why he should be. Her son just threw his wedding into chaos and his little sister died tonight. And now Brooke has gone somewhere and he doesn’t know where. And he accuses her again of standing there pretending she knows nothing when he knows damn well she does. So where is his wife? She states that Brooke is NOT his wife, but she did go out. He finds that incredulous; it’s their wedding night! She delights in saying obviously it isn’t, is it?

Both Taylor and Nick mumble and try to right a wrong situation by saying no to whatever Brooke believes she is seeing. Brooke realizes they are drunk; both of them. So this is their explanation. Get intoxicated and they can do whatever the hell they want? He shoots back at her that what’s her excuse? This is wrong, but what she does is okay? She starts to explain and he continues that he came over to her house with great expectations and found her in bed with Forrester. As per her usual rationale, Brooke says that Ridge lost his sister and he was a wreck. He came over for her support and she gave it to him. He quips, “did you ever!” Brooke repeats again that he was in pain and she comforted him. Nick asks if they had sex? She denies it, of course, because of her feelings for him. He tells her then she shouldn’t have been in bed with him! She’s incredulous too at the situation and walks away and says she will talk to him later. He tells her they will talk about it right now!

Stephanie fawns over Dominick about being his mother’s pride and joy. Dante adds and his dad’s too. He hopes Felicia knew that and knew he only wanted the best for Dominick. Stephanie confides that he is a sweet and decent man, but there are just some things that only a mother can give a child. He tells her that’s why he is glad he’s not doing this alone. Bridget will always be there. Dominick will always be a Forrester, if that is what she is worried about. She thanks him; that is very reassuring. Bridget seems skeptical and asks if something else is going on?

Sarcastically, Ridge says it would have been his wedding night if Popeye hadn’t interfered. Jackie replies Nicky did what he had to do. He tells her Nick is delusional and so is she if she thinks he ever had a chance with Brooke. She points out that her son loves Brooke deeply and has been there for her time and time again when Ridge hasn’t. He reminds her that he had another family; one he couldn’t turn his back on. She snides that he’s just making excuses; he deserted Brooke. He mocks by saying and oh yeah, Nick just loved stepping into his place. Telling her everything she wanted to hear. Never mind that he was involved with her daughter. Jackie has conveniently forgotten that, hasn’t she? She scoffs that he’s just making things up. He says he’s not. She’s just doing what she always does and that is defending her loser son when she should be consoling him because Brooke chose Ridge. She tells him it isn’t official; they aren’t yet man and wife. Ridge tells her that it doesn’t change the facts that she made her decision. He and Brooke were in bed tonight, starting their life together. “And now Brooke has suddenly disappeared, and hmm, here you are.” And it wouldn’t surprise him if she and Nick were in cahoots with all of this. He is sure she is going to deny it. But, if she is, then Captain Bly is planning to kidnap Brooke and sail off to the South Seas. He can promise Jackie that he will organize the mutiny on his bounty.

Nick tells Brooke this had nothing to do with Taylor. Although she keeps pointing out she was in his bed. He throws back in her face that Forrester was in HER bed, but she’d told him that was misleading, that he’d misread that. Well the same thing goes here. And then he adds, let’s not forget why he came over to her house in the first place. He wanted to look her in the eye and tell her he loved her. And he wanted to ask her if she wanted a life together. “And I opened your bedroom door, and I got my answer.” She accuses him of then running to his brother’s ex-wife. If she decided to stay with Ridge, doesn’t Nick think she would have told him first? He says he saw what he saw. She remarks she knows what he saw. He asks is that why she is there? Because she wanted to tell him what? “Why are you here, Brooke?”

Stephanie says the number of things that Felicia ever asked her to do she could count on one hand. Mostly she just wanted her to stay out of her life. Bridget concurs, that sounds like Felicia, the free spirit, definitely living life on her terms. And she rambles on that she knows how much she loved Felicia and would have done anything she asked, anything to save her. She respected her and honored her wishes.

Taylor’s name comes up and Bridget tells Stephanie she should be with her and she is sure she would come if she just called. Stephanie tells Bridget no, don’t. But, she’s right, she thinks she needs to see Taylor and she’ll drive herself. She could use the time alone. She tells them to take good care of the baby.

Dante tells Bridget he was hoping she would let him keep him the first night, but Bridget was more than welcome to come as well. She declines saying he will be just fine; Dominick will too. And if he needs help, she is only a phone call away. He apologizes if he put any pressure on her. It doesn’t have to be this way. He keeps hoping that someday they will be raising this child together the way Felicia wanted them to.

Nick tells Brooke that he’s waiting. Why is she here? She asks if Nick kissed Taylor? He replies no. Then she asks if Taylor kissed him? He replies he’s not sure; looking at Taylor asking if she did? Taylor adds no they didn’t. With disdain, Brooke asks then what was it? She knows she’s found herself in a lot of compromising situations lately. “Did you just figure that your little halo is so tarnished that any man is fair game?” Or was she so angry at Ridge for leaving her that she thought she’d just stick it to him? Taylor tells her just go grow up! Nick adds hey, there had a little too much to drink (you think?) and they were just comforting each other. Of course, she should know how that is! Brooke is disgusted and tells him perhaps he should have put on the brakes, or maybe not, but she can’t believe he’s doing this and she’s outta there!

Taylor speaks her peace. She’s the one who’s out and she pleads with Brooke not to say anything to anybody. She really didn’t mean to cause a problem between the two of them. And she wants Brooke to think about this for the sake of the children. (maybe she herself should have thought of that sooner). She doesn’t want Brooke to say anything to Ridge. She’s begging her, please.

He explains to Brooke that he went over to Chuck’s to get really drunk. He didn’t know Taylor was there and she came over to him. Brooke doesn’t get it. Taylor was in so much pain that instead of commiserating over drinks, the both came over here to The Marlin? He’s divorcing her daughter, and then he stops her wedding because he wanted to tell her how much he loved her and how he wanted to spend his life with her. And then she finds him here drunk with Taylor in his bed. He says, “well, I guess we’ve both been to bed tonight, haven’t we? She tells him she never thought he would let her down and hurt her this way, but tonight he did.

The cabdriver offers to help Taylor inside her house. She declines, starts looking for money in her purse. He tells her it’s been taken care of. He hands her the keys Chuck gave him. Somehow she manages to actually use the key and enters the house.

Jackie tells Ridge he’s overreacting though he doubts it. She tells him Brooke is fine; better than fine. Which only piques him more that Jackie knows where she is. Quit playing games and just tell him! She assures him she is not playing games…….and neither was her son when he was here earlier. He’s surprised. Nick was here? She replies yes, and he saw Ridge and Brooke in bedroom together. Ridge smirks, “well, well, well, so he got an eyeful, did he? Good! Good! Maybe he’ll finally get it through his thick skull that Brooke loves ME.” Jackie adds but that is not all. When Brooke came down and Jackie told her what happened, she was horrified. She said Nick had misinterpreted. He offers that Brooke had made a decision tonight. Jackie says yes she had. And that’s why she’s with Nick right now. She’s with the man she believes she wants to spend the rest of her life with. And that Jackie is afraid it is Ridge who has misinterpreted. He’s just lost his sister, and she’s sorry about that. Felicia was a gutsy young woman. She didn’t deserve to die so young. But Brooke assured her she was only comforting Ridge, which is why she raced out of here. She raced out of here to tell Nicky that is all it was.

He tells her she is just as crazy as her son. He didn’t misinterpret anything. He and Brooke were going to make love. But, Jackie had misinterpreted if she had any doubts that Brooke wanted to be with him. If Brooke did go see Nick, it was only to let him down easy (at THAT moment?) “But, I guarantee you, she is coming back to see me here tonight, no matter how much wishful thinking you and your son do, Jackie.”

The door is ajar and Stephanie walks into Taylor’s home and looks around until she spots her slinking, head down, in the corner. She rushes to her and inquires if she is okay, is she ill? Is this about Felicia? Is she okay? Taylor tells her she doesn’t understand. Stephanie smells alcohol and does understand. “You’ve just had a little too much to drink, honey.” Taylor says yeah, but don’t hate her. She tells her she doesn’t, now is anything wrong? Is she all right? Tell her!

Nick remarks that he’s let Brooke down. And she said he swore he never would. But, he did. And she trusted him, even above Ridge. Her phone rings and it’s Ridge. Nick grabs the phone and tells her to give him that. “This isn’t happening again. And you have no room to throw stones, young lady.” He says they have two choices. They can let what happened tonight tear them apart, or they can suck it up and start their life together. “What’s it gonna be?”

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