The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/9/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Outside the cracked door of Brooke’s bedroom, Nick is aghast at what he is seeing – Brooke laying on top of Ridge with her black sexy robe on, draped off the shoulder, Ridge’s hands on her, hers all over his face and chest. She’s smiling; she’s enjoying herself. He backs out and grabs the wall to lean against in horror.

Downstairs, Massimo opens the door to find Jackie, who is surprised to see him. And there is tension between her and Mass; she tells him she came by to see Brooke but she guesses that doesn’t matter now. She saw Nick’s car in the driveway and not Ridge’s. Mass takes delight in telling her that he drove Ridge over and that both Ridge and Nick are upstairs now with Brooke. Sarcastically, she says at least Mass had the good sense to stay downstairs this time! They argue again about this being Ridge’s home. Yes, Jackie says if they had actually been married. Mass says they will be, and he needs to be with his wife right now. And he’s furious at Nick for running up there and telling everyone that Brooke is still in love with him.

At that moment, a shaken, bewildered Nick comes stumbling down the stairs, steadies himself on Jackie’s arms as if he wants to say something, then bolts for the door without saying a word.

Taylor and Hector are sitting at Chuck’s Bar and she is being served another glass of wine. It’s plain she’s already had too much. Hector asks her hasn’t she had enough already? She ignores that and says she knows it hurts him that she wants to go back to Ridge. Hector says it hurts him because he knows Ridge is not the right man for her. She opines that not only is he the right man; he’s the ONLY man. She confesses she is MISERABLE without him. He tells it like it is. She’s miserable because she hasn’t stopped drinking since Ridge left! She takes another sip, points her finger at him and tells him he has NO idea what she’s going through. He says what he does know is that she is not going to make it any better chasing after Ridge. She stumbles over her words, but manages to say that she knows Brooke and Ridge didn’t get married. And if Brooke and Nick get back together, then maybe there is a chance for her and Ridge.

He shakes his head almost in disgust. His beeper goes off and it’s the station. He tells her he has to go. She tells him loudly, “Go!” He quickly grabs for her car keys from her purse; making her mad and she fights him for it. But, he won’t leave them for her to drive. He’ll give the barkeeper money and have her take a cab. He does pay from his own pocket and then returns to Taylor and leans in and tells her that he’ll call her later. And he doesn’t want her doing anything until they have a chance to talk. Her body language shrieks that she is ready to dismiss him; she could care less. She even throws a peanut shell at "Fire Boy".

Ridge gets a little more aggressive but Brooke finally comes to her senses and pulls the robe back around her and gets up. He is astonished. He says he has been waiting all day to be with her like this (yeah, he’s grieving for his sister, all right.) He kisses her on the hair. She says she knows, this was supposed to be their wedding night. He offers then why don’t they pretend that it is? He kisses her again and there would be more except she ties her sash and tells him no, no more pretending. They have always been honest with each other and that’s the way it’s going to be. She tells him he’s in pain and she wants to be there for him. He keeps saying she is; she’s in his arms. He’s still stroking her hair, clearly wanting her back IN the bed.

Nick breezes into Chuck’s, hurrying past Taylor sitting alone and tells the barkeeper to line ‘em up, keep ‘em coming. He sits at the bar, swipes off the peanut shells and tells him tequila, right here! He downs several as quickly as he can pick up the shot glass and then sucks on a lemon, asking for more. When Chuck looks askance and hesitates, Nick grabs the bottle from his hands and pours it himself.

Still holding her glass of wine, Taylor slips up on him and offers her condolences about Felicia and starts spouting that she knows what it’s like losing someone.

Ridge reminds Brooke that it is their wedding night. Everything will be fine now. She buys some time by saying she needs to go check on the kids. Reluctantly, he lets her go by saying don’t take too long.

Jackie and Mass continue to bicker about Nick being there in the first place. She tries to stop him; let her talk to Nicky instead, but Mass storms off to do just that. Brooke descends the stairs to find Jackie about to depart as well. Jackie says she came there to talk to her and she was surprised to hear she was upstairs with Ridge. Brooke is surprised then when she hears Nick was just there and left without seeing her…..make that talk to her. Between the two of them, she realizes what Nick saw and what he assumed though she says she did not re-connect with Ridge; she was only comforting him. Oh my God, she panics that she needs to explain. She starts to head out, realizing she still has on her robe. Jackie takes off her coat and quickly puts it on Brooke and shoves her out the door.

Still throwing the drinks back, Nick tells Taylor gruffly that he’s not looking for company. If she really understood, she wouldn’t be here as he wants to be alone! She horns in anyway, sits at a stool and tells him it would be much healthier choice if he expressed his grief. (I’ve lost count but Nick has drank more than half the bottle.) Taylor laments that he doesn’t much like her, does he? He is honest; he says no. She comments that she is not the one he should discuss it with anyway; it should be Brooke.

With disdain, he asks how did she get here? What is she doing here? She slaps him on the arm and says it’s okay, she knows he crashed the wedding. Where is Brooke? Why isn’t she here? He bellows that Brooke made her choice. She finds that hard to believe, that she left HIM! And even more surprised when he surmises that he found them in bed so they must have slept together. And then he wants her to excuse him, leave him alone! “while I try to drown those memories out of my mind!” Of course she is devastated……not from his actions, but what he said about Ridge and Brooke.

Jackie is sitting when Ridge comes down in his robe. He asks what is she doing here? She replies that she heard about Felicia and is concerned about Brooke. He grins, “I’m sure you were.” He knows she hoped Brooke would be alone so she could lobby for Nick. She tells him that he doesn’t need her to sing his praises to Brooke. He accuses her of being as bad as his mother and meddling in everybody’s business. And he knows she would do anything to get her precious little Nicky whatever he wants, but not this time. She starts to tell him that she knows he’s upset about his sister, and she’s sorry, but there is no need…….He tells her she’s wasting her breath. Brooke isn’t interested in anything that either of them have to say. She slyly quips that she thinks that Brooke is more than interested. He tells her then she is more delusional than her son. And he proudly proclaims that he and Brooke are going to have a life together and there is nothing that she or anybody else can do about that! …..then he asks, so where is Brooke?

Brooke is racing in her car to get to Nick. She’s got to find him and she has to explain.

Taylor can’t believe what Nick said. The way Stephanie explained it…….Nick tells her forget Stephanie. He was there; he SAW it. He opened the bedroom door; they were in bed (technically no, both Ridge and Brooke were laying on top of the covers). She grimaces but puts away a shot of tequila herself. She lowers her head to the bar. He knows the truth hurts.

He tells her they are going to need another bottle of this, but then he can’t get Chuck’s attention. Instead, he asks Taylor if she likes the ocean? She sort of signals that yeah she does. Like one good old drinking buddy to another, rambling and slurring their words, he tells her it’s dangerous out there. With a sneer, he says at least they’re free. When he’s on land, there is always women and kids….and families…..and none of them turn out to be his. Like something in a bad dream, only it’s not a dream. He leans in and whispers, does she know how that feels? She cries yes. Poetically, he tells her they are in the same boat, and he thinks it’s time for him to go. He gives her a pat on the shoulder in parting. Is it for comfort, or support to get up? Anyway, she’s left reeling, almost looking like she is going to fall off the barstool.

In the car, Brooke leaves a message for Nick on his phone at the Marlin. She tells him she knows why he’s not picking up. She knows what he saw at her house and there is an explanation. If he’s not at the Marlin now, she wants him to meet her there. Please be there!

He literally stumbles down the stairs on his boat; slugging one beer with the rest of the six pack in hand. He slams them down on the table, looks around dejectedly and shouts, “you suck, Nick!” He throws the empty beer can down on the floor, scratches his head and contemplates his next move. First thing he does is pull off his t-shirt, he wants to get rid of the new Nick and get back to the old Nick. And he’s going to need – gas; got that……sunscreen, and some fishing stuff. …..and more beer!

Upon those words, Taylor slowly slings her body down the stairs and asks if one of those beers is for her? He quips if he gives her one, there might not be enough for him. (One word here – PATHETIC.) She looks in her purse and bemoans that she has no keys, she doesn’t have any money so she can’t get a cab. Her body is bobbing up and down, she’s drunk as a skunk. He says he can’t drive her and he knows he can’t get her home by boat. (if he can’t drive in his condition, I doubt he can maneuver a boat either).

She starts crying. He suddenly feels sorry and walks toward her. She tells him she doesn’t have any other place to go and she literally drapes herself over his bare shoulders. She’s clinging to him like a lifeboat.

Jackie tells Ridge that if he doesn’t know where Brooke is, then how would she know? If she went to check on her kids, then he should look there. He said she wasn’t there, so he assumed she was downstairs. She laments he has been doing a lot of that lately – making assumptions of what Brooke WANTS. He says no, it’s not an assumption at all. His relationship with Brooke is a fact. She looks him in the face and asks is he that sure that Brooke wants to be with him? He tells her they are getting married. She says he shouldn’t press the tux yet. He walks closer and says she doesn’t seem to get what’s going on here. Married or not, this is their wedding night. Brooke and him are together. She HAS made her decision. With one final parting, she states that yes, Brooke HAS made her decision.

Brooke walks up to the Marlin. She sees the lights on. That’s a good sign; he’s there. Inside, Taylor is draped all over Nick and she dreamily says she doesn’t know why, but he understands and being there with him is……their noses are touching, their lips are one nanosecond away from touching. Just as it looks like they are going to kiss, she pulls back and says she can’t. She stumbles, she reels, she falls into his arms with him falling back on the unmade, disheveled, bed underneath her.

It looks real and very compromising. Brooke walks in with a big smile and starts to say something and then sees this image, “my God, what are you doing?”

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