The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/8/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Massimo walks into a mostly darkened room at the guest house. Ridge is standing silently in the corner and laments about his dying baby sister. Massimo joins in his grief but tells Ridge he will always have his memories. Ridge regales that it is hard to prepare for things like this. He was dancing with her at his mom and dad’s wedding and he knew then it might be the last chance he’d have to hold her in his arms. She was so full of live; so beautiful and so happy. Now she had champagne for them to toast her to wish her bon voyage. She was the life of the party right up to the end. Massimo tries to bolster his spirits, hands on, he tells him she loved him so much and looked up to him.

He tells him they can’t stay here. His driver is out front. Why doesn’t he take him home? He’s grieving; he needs to be with his son, and his mother. Ridge admits he does. They embrace. Mass tells him Brooke loves him very much and if he needs her, she will be there for him. (so, pimping heh Massimo?) Ridge says she always has been. Mass says then what are they waiting for, let’s go?

Hector walks into a smoky Chuck’s Place; looks around and spots Taylor sitting alone nursing a glass of wine. By her demeanor it seems she has already had a few. She acts like she is very happy to see him until he asks what is she doing here? When she asked him to pick her up at the marina, this isn’t what he had in mind. She laments she couldn’t go to the Café Ruses and risk running into people she might know, facing their looks of pity. He asks is that why she is drowning her sorrow? Is she upset about Brooke and Ridge’s wedding? She offers no; she is drinking a toast to her dearly, departed sister-in-law. He says he is sorry. She continues that Stephanie called and Felicia died tonight. Her voice cracks as she tells him. And was she there as a family member? Was she there supporting her husband, helping him grieve? Was she supporting my mother-in-law? “No. Where in the hell was I?” She holds her head in sorrow as she finishes her glass of wine.

Brooke, still in black satin robe, is up in her bedroom when Nick calls from the Shady Marlin. She’s glad to hear from him. She asks about Felicia and is devastated when she hears that she is gone. He tells her Stephanie is a wreck. He tells her that it made him think. How short life is. She agrees, this tragedy reminds them just how precious time really is. He tells her there was so much he wanted to tell her today. She says she wants to talk to him too. He wants to come over, but Brooke puts him off. Bridget was very close to Felicia and she thinks she may need this night with her, to help with Dominick. Bridget needs her more. And if she comes over and he’s there……he reminds her this is what Bridget wants. She says again she just thinks Bridget needs her full attention tonight. Then she hears a car pull up and tells him she has to go, it might be Bridget. They both say they love each other. Then he says there is just one more question that he needs an answer to and it can’t wait…….but he realizes she has hung up.

Taylor pooh-poohs Hector’s idea that he take her home, even if he were to stay with her and not be alone. She states that she is not the one who needs consoling; it’s Ridge. Then she spends time telling Hector how close he was to his sister and she has no idea what he’s going through now. She scoffs when Hector asks her if she doesn’t think Brooke will understand? And then she drops the bomb that Ridge and Brooke aren’t even married. The wedding was stopped.

I guess anyone can just walk in the door. Ridge goes upstairs to Brooke’s bedroom and she’s surprised to see him and symphathetic when he tells her Felicia died. She gives him a hug and he clings to her. He remarks it was really hard on his mother. She just wasn’t willing to let go. Right up to the end she was begging Felicia to keep fighting. He keeps replaying it in his mind – the toasts, the champagne, baby Dominick in her arms for the last time. Brooke goes to him again and cups his face and asks what can she do? He answers that just being with her here right now helps. And they share three or four quick kisses. Then he wants to take a shower.

As they discuss the non-wedding, Hector asks Taylor what is she saying? She replies that if Nick’s marriage to Bridget is over, then maybe Brooke is having second thoughts about even marrying Ridge. He seems to know where this conversation is heading and tells her he thinks Brooke is not the only one having second thoughts. And Taylor can not be thinking about a reconciliation. She flings her arms and says, “hey, if Brooke doesn’t want him.” Seriously, he tells her that is the alcohol talking. She has too much self-respect for that. She has to put Ridge behind her. She plunks her hands down on the table twice and asks how? That man is the father of her children. She tears up as she says she has spent more than half her life with him. How does she put that behind her?

Massimo paces downstairs and yet another uninvited guest, Nick walks in. He wants to know what his pop is doing there. Mass tells him he brought Ridge HOME. Nick asks where is he? Mass answers, “where he’s supposed to be….unlike you.” Nick says he needs to talk to Brooke, but Mass tells him not tonight. Ridge has lost his sister and he needs to be with his wife. They dicker over that point as she isn’t his wife yet. Mass tells him dammit, just leave them alone. Nick glances upstairs and asks if she is alone with Ridge? Mass answers that he assumes they are in bed. They haven’t come down in quite a while (and Mass is waiting to see that it is consummated?)

Ridge comes out of the shower with only a towel tucked around his lower body. He sits on the edge of the bed, doing some neck exercises to loosen his muscles. Brooke joins him and asks if he feels better? He only shrugs. She puts her hand on his bare shoulder and remarks that it might help to talk about it. He answers that he keeps asking himself if there was any more he could have done….or something more that he could have said. She reminds him that she is sure he said everything that he needed to. He gets up and asks her if she thinks he was a good brother? Does she think Felicia knew how much he loved her? She replies that yes, of course, she did. She admired him so much growing up – the little starry-eyed sister. She touches him on the heart and says Felicia will always be there. Then she cups his face again and tells him she knows it’s painful, but Felicia is in a better place right now. And she says she is here for Ridge, “right here.” (well, we know what that means). He tells her that he needs her; he really, really needs her. He kisses her; she’s not fighting it.

Taylor joyously orders another drink, but Hector shakes the barkeeper off, that she is okay. She adamantly states to him that she needs her husband; she needs her family and if there is a chance to get that back…..He wants to know at what price? She confesses to Hector that Ridge is the love of her life. He wonders if she is the love of his? He takes her hand and tells her it’s been a really bad day. She thought Brooke and Ridge got married; Felicia died, so she just needs to re-group and pull herself together. She takes umbrage; she NEEDS to talk to Ridge. He doesn’t think so. She has too much pride for that. She replies, “what good is pride, if you’re not happy? What good is pride if you’re all alone?” He tells her Ridge did not make her happy. Again, she differs, yes he did. They had a GREAT life together. She says she does not care about self-respect or pride. She wants her life back with Ridge. She wants her husband back.

Husband is in Brooke’s arms at the moment. He fondles her hair, clearly going to put serious moves on her. She’s coy as she repeats his name several times as he does hers, a slight begging in his voice. She tells him they are both exhausted, it’s been an emotional day. But, instead of walking AWAY from the bed where she knows his interest is, she goes and sits on it. She tells him she knows he’s very confused and upset because he wanted an answer. He sits beside her and says he is not upset with her. And here she is, with him, and he leans in and gives her a little kiss. She remarks she is sure that he had some questions about Nick, but he shakes that off and says not now. She thinks they do have to talk about it and he tells her tomorrow. He continues fondling her hair and says right now he just wants to loose himself in her. He cups her face and gives her a passionate kiss, almost pushing her backward so he can have his way.

Massimo tells Nick don’t. He’s already disrupted the wedding. What does he want to do, interrupt the honeymoon too? Nick offers that they love each other and they aren’t going to deny it anymore. And no one is going to keep them apart! He ignores his dad when Mass tells him Brooke and Ridge almost got married today. He says they didn’t though. And she won’t. Mass asks then why doesn’t Ridge come down? If she is so committed to Nick, then why does she stay up there? (my sentiments exactly).

Ridge unties Brooke’s robe sash, sighs and tells her that he just wants to forget the whole day. Forget everything and just be with her, love her. She tells him she loves him too while caressing his chest, then his hair. He kisses her passionately again and then slides over on the bed (still made) lying back on the pillow with his outstretched arms asking her to come on in!

At that moment, Nick starts to walk away and Mass grabs him and implores him not to go up there. “Man to man, here, pop. You’ve got to let me do what I’ve gotta do.” He bounds up the stairs.

Brooke is now lying basically on top of Ridge, telling him this isn’t going to take away the pain. He replies that it will help! And right now, that’s all he wants.

The door is cracked, Nick slowly opens it. Brooke’s robe has fallen off her shoulder and Ridge is caressing it, both hands on her; she’s smiling. Nick is frozen in space as he processes this gut-wrenching scene.

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