The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/7/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Day four and counting of the non-wedding. Ridge announces to Stephanie and Nick that he wants the two of them to get out. Stephanie issues a quick mouthful to Brooke that she knows she is right; she’s in love with Nick.

Downstairs in Brooke's iving room, Eric, Massimo and Jackie continue to bicker. Massimo has taken the staunch position that he came to see Ridge and Brooke marry, and nothing less will do. Dominick shouldn’t even be there. Massimo told him he will not interfere in the wedding, and neither should he!

When anyone disagrees with Massimo, he flatly puts his foot down and points out that Brooke and Ridge have a son, his grandson and he will not ALLOW this boy to grow up tainted in a scandal. He mentions they almost got married. Bridget pipes up that was before she thought that Nick and she were still together. Massimo shows disdain by telling her she should be. “You Forresters – you treat marriage as if it’s a square dance. You keep switching partners whenever you want.” Eric steps in and tries to calm and quieten him, but Massimo continues that it’s reprehensible, “and dammit Bridget, it’s just not like you.” Eric does defend and tells him his daughter has made her decision. He accuses Massimo of being like Stephanie. He’s running around here pushing his own agenda. He says they have to let their children lead their own lives.

At the guest house, Dante touches Felicia’s head and gets no response. He says he will have to call an ambulance. That brings some life back to her and she motions no. She needs her family. Now!

With all the chaos in the background, Thorne picks up the telephone as Dante tells him it’s Felicia; she’s very, very sick and they need to hurry over. She needs to see all of them right away. He hurries back to Eric and tells him it’s Felicia. She’s bad and they have to go. Eric tells him he will go up and get his mother.

Ridge faces his mother and says Brooke’s future is with “ME”. But, Stephanie turns to Brooke and says her heart belongs to Nick, doesn’t it? Brooke tells her to stop it. Stephanie tells her she’s the one who needs to stop it. Tell her son what he needs to hear. Let him go.

Eric bursts in, but Stephanie tells him not now. He says yes, it’s Felicia; something is wrong. Stephanie says, “Oh, my God.” Ridge says, “come on, let’s go.” Everyone starts bailing out, even Brooke until Stephanie squashes that by standing pat and telling her Felicia wants her family, and Brooke isn’t part of it. Brooke grunts and slams the door behind the old bat, Stephanie.

Dante continues to hover over Felicia while telling her that the family will be here any minute; does she need anything else? He also thinks she needs to go to the hospital although she is dead-set against it. She only needs him. He wonders what can he do?

Brooke comes downstairs in her black silk robe, hair down, just wanting to unwind, only to find Massimo alone sitting and sipping his champagne. She remarks she thought everybody had left. He said he didn’t want to intrude on Felicia’s time with her family. Brooke pours herself a big glass of bubbly too. She relays how Stephanie wouldn’t let her be there. Here her daughter may be dying and she’s taking shots at her. He tells her she doesn’t deserve that, but it will give them time to talk. She remarks that she is all-talked out. He says okay, then just listen. He states to her that he doesn’t want her worrying about Stephanie anymore. He’ll make sure she doesn’t bother her anymore (oh yeah. What’s he going to do, get her a muzzle?) And neither will Dominick. She and Ridge will be free to run their own lives and make their own decisions for themselves and their children. “You and Ridge are practically married already. And you will be, Brooke. It’s the only way I will ALLOW it.”

The wedding guests all file into the guest house as Dante greets them and Stephanie leads the way to the bedroom, sitting on Felicia’s bed. She tells Felicia she thinks she should be in the hospital now. And when Felicia says it’s too late, Stephanie argues that it’s not. Dante says this is what Felicia wants. And Ridge notices he’s pouring champagne. Stephanie tells her she thinks it’s her liver; not the cancer yet. And if it is, she shouldn’t be having any alcohol. Eric quips when have they ever heard Felicia take no for an answer? She wants it her way. Dante tells everyone to take a glass. They do and Nick says well he for one could use a drink. He’s usually a beer guy, but seeing as it’s Felicia, “a toast to the life of the party and the coolest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of…..” She squeaks that the pleasure was all hers. She wiggles her finger at him to come closer and he maneuvers around Stephanie and also sits on the edge of the bed by Felicia. He leans in and she tells him she is sorry. For Dominick; she really believed he was Nick’s son. He touches her; caresses her face and tells her she doesn’t have to be sorry for that. She doesn’t have to be sorry about anything. He leans in to kiss her on the cheek and at last moment, she turns quickly so it’s full on the mouth and she grins, “one for the road.” And he leads the group to raise their glasses – to Felicia. He holds a glass to her with a straw in it so she manages to put it between her lips.

One by one they come forward with their joyful goodbyes. Thorne says they all love her so much. Ridge reminds her she always was the life of the party, “kiddo”, but she brought more. She brought the family back together, teaching them a lesson of what was really important. How strong a mother’s love can be. He tells her they are all going to take care of Dominick, not to worry. Almost breaking down, Thorne cries that he can’t fathom her not being there.

Eric sits by her and gives a moving speech about her coming home; how happy they were to see her. They were all a mess, fighting over the company, at each other’s throats. And she reminded them how much they meant to each other. “Thanks, well, you’re just this black sheep, aren’t you? Black sheep of the family, and you’re so proud of it.” He tells her it’s a dubious honor. The best---from the first day she learned to say no, she was determined to be an outsider, but she’s not. And she never will be. She had this special place of her own in this family, and she always will. And he loves her. She manages an “I Love You Too, Daddy” and he kisses her one last time and calls her his little girl.

Stephanie looks on but tells Felicia she is going to call the hospital right now. Felicia nods her head negatively and pleads with her eyes to Eric not to.

Massimo continues to press Brooke to stay with Ridge. Give her son a proper family. Exasperated, Brooke tells him he doesn’t have to remind her what’s at stake here. He tells her he thinks she and her daughter need to be reminded what it was like for her to be growing up in the shadow of her parent’s scandals. That’s not what she wants for R.J., he knows that. She cared for Ridge; she was ready to marry him. She remarks yes, but that she never stopped loving Nick. He even reminds her dammit that Ridge left Taylor and the kids for her! She reminds him AFTER he left her for them. He tells her okay, if she is afraid to go ahead with this marriage because of Stephanie or if she takes one step toward Dominick, her problems with Stephanie will be like a walk in the park compared to what she’ll get from him!

Stephanie tells whomever on the phone to hurry please. The others tell her this is what Felicia wants. As hard as it is on Stephanie, she should let this go. She wants to be with them; as a family.

Dominick fusses a bit and Bridget brings him in, apologizing that she thought perhaps Felicia would want to see him. She places him in Felicia’s arms. Stephanie watches her but abides to tell her that if she won’t fight for herself, fight for this little baby. This baby needs “YOU, more than anyone else.” She begs, she pleads with Felicia to hang on, keep fighting, don’t walk away from this child. She tells her she can have an organ transplant. It’ll buy her some time with the baby. Listen to her, she can buy her that time. She sniffs that nothing means anything except her and the baby. She can’t walk away from this child; she has a duty to him. To them all….and she’s sorry that she wasn’t always there for Felicia. Felicia cries but she is now. Her face tightens, the tears roll, she grimaces as she tries with all her sapped strength to lift her head, asking them to help her.

Stephanie puts her arms around her and lifts her toward her shoulder where Felicia falls in a dead weight. Horrorstricken, Stephanie cries as she rocks Felicia back and forth in her arms, “Felicia, oh, baby girl. Oh, my God, no. Oh, God, no. Not my baby. Please, not my baby. Oh, God, please!” The camera pans to each and every face in the room showing their bereavement.

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