The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/1/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the beach house, Nick stands in amazement as Bridget tells him she wants him to stop the wedding. He’s the only one who can. It’s the right thing for him; the right thing for all of them.

At Brooke’s, she is about to descend the stairs. Ridge stares up at her lovingly, literally taking his breath away. Eric comments to Stephanie that Bridget is not there yet. Stephanie replies of course not; the wedding isn’t supposed to start for another hour. Eric says he’s going to call her, and Stephanie thinks that is a good idea, and she still doesn’t understand why everyone is in such a hurry, why they can’t wait.

Bridget tells Nick this is what she wants. And she knows this is what he really wants too. She wipes her nose with her hand. She goes and touches him and says that Brooke is in love with him and she knows he’s in love with her too. But, before he goes…….she goes and turns on some music…’s Soul Reason….she returns and holds out her hands to a very quiet Nick and he takes them and holds her closer. She whispers that she has never felt as safe as she did in his arms. With the music softly playing behind them, she glides into his arms and we see montages of happy Nick and Bridget, kissing in the rain; snow sledding, throwing snowballs, cavorting about and acting silly, wedding……. “you’re every breath I take. You’re the soul reason I laugh, I cry, I live, I die and I love you’re my soul reason.” He kisses her on the forehead and she softly cries that she will always love him. He responds that he will always love her too.

The phone rings and the answering machine picks it up as they listen. It’s Eric telling Bridget that he thought she would be at the wedding by now. If she’s on her way, she better hurry. They moved up the wedding an hour and it’s starting right now. Anguished, Nick starts to say something but Bridget tells him he should go. He hasn’t lost her yet. He should go; not let her marry Ridge. Just go……go! She literally pushes him toward the door. He gives one look back and then rushes out.

Eric sits back down and Stephanie asks if he got Bridget? He tells her no, just the machine. Hopefully she and Nick are on their way.

The music starts and Brooke descends slowly down the stairs. Three men with horns play Here Comes The Bride. She’s wearing a white, knee length, empire waist chiffon dress with fitted pumpkin colored torso, complete with golden jeweled spaghetti straps, long dangly crystal earrings, artificial silk flowers in upswept hair, breathtaking! The audience stands and turns toward her. As she inches closer, each in the audience give their smiling approval. Brooke returns these smiles but gives Stephanie a little different one to which Stephanie rolls her eyes. The minister gives gesture for everyone to sit as he welcomes them all there to support Brooke and Ridge pledge themselves in holy matrimony.

Nick jumps into his car saying, “please don’t do it, Brooke. God, please don’t let her do it. Throw me a few green lights while you’re at it.” He steps on it.

The minister states that Ridge has asked him to rearrange the ceremony a bit. He thought it would be best to start by asking if anyone had any reason why Brooke and Ridge should not be wed. Both bride and groom look at the audience and they seem to settle on one – Stephanie, who does an about face back. Brooke even replies that she is sure there is, Reverend, but she better keep her mouth shut! The minister says since there is no objection, they will forever hold their peace. Ridge says, “Amen” and looks again directly at his mother. The minister even mentions that they share the same sense of humor which will be helpful to them as husband and wife. And working together with the help of people around them, they can build an incredible future for themselves and their new families.

Dante suddenly shows up at the beach house. Bridget is sitting inside, quietly licking her wounds. He quickly asks if she is okay? She replies that her mom and Ridge are getting married today. He comments that is great, but she replies it’s not. Nick is on the way over there; he’s trying to stop the wedding. Then he’s incredulous; Nick left her here alone so he could break up Ridge and her mother? Bridget tells him no; she asked him to leave. She just finally realized that things couldn’t go the way they were going. Dante was right. She thinks Nick was only with her because of the baby. She opines that she knows he loved her, and he would have stayed. But, she didn’t want him to. She didn’t let him. It was her decision.

As he races toward Los Angeles, Nick remembers Bridget’s recent statement that he has to stop the wedding. It will be best for everyone. He puts the pedal to the metal and spins forward. Keep moving, keep moving.

Dante wonders what changed Bridget’s mind? She answers that Nick said he couldn’t raise Dominick. Even if Dante agreed to the adoption. He just couldn’t do it. He couldn’t raise another man’s child with her. And he didn’t have to say it; she could see it, the way he is with Hope and R.J. And how much he loves Hope. So, Dante surmises he didn’t have a problem raising another man’s child with Brooke? He tells Bridget he’s very sorry about that. But, he wants her to know when he says this to her, this is the best thing that could happen to her. Bridget replies she doesn’t know if it’s the BEST thing, but she does think it is the right thing. He agrees. She set Nick free to be with her mother, and now she’s also freed herself. This is something he has wanted for her for so long.

She tells him to wait. She whimpers that even if she let Nick go, she still really loves him, and if this is going to be a problem…….He tells her that he would never put any stipulations on her relationship with Dominick. And that’s exactly why he came there, so the three of them could spend some time together. Bridget sighs that she’d really like that, but all she can think of now is if Nick is going to get to her mother in time.

Brooke hands her bouquet to Darla in the front row and the minister asks Ridge and Brooke to join hands. As they are to join together in holy matrimony and become the parent’s of each other’s children, to be respectful and kind to one another in time’s of turmoil and in times of triumph, he now asks them to make their vows to each other.

Ridge starts and he calls her Logan…..and reminds her that she is his sweet Logan again. He says today he feels like the luckiest man in the world. And the stupidest. Lucky, because he has her back in his life, and stupid, because he could have lost her forever. And, he can never ever look into those eyes again and feel like he does right now. He relays that they have something absolutely incredible and he let it slip right through his fingers. Well, he’s there to tell her, and swear in front of God and all these people, THAT will never happen again. “I will spend the rest of my life showing you, R.J. and Hope just how precious you are to me.”

She begins by saying that she too became aware of something while they were apart. She always believed that destiny was something magical…..something supernatural. Predestined. She always thought she would end up with the person she was meant to be with. But, then he left her. And she lost all faith. But, here they are again. Now she doesn’t believe destiny is magic, but she believes it’s something like a force of nature. Like gravity. When two people separate and grow apart, it becomes weaker. But, when they get closer, it’s stronger and stronger, pulling them right back on track. Right where they belong. Tears flowing now, she puts her hands upon his face and continues that yes he does deserve her forgiveness and he has restored her faith. So there is nothing that would bring her more joy than to spend the rest of her life with him and their children. He touches her face as well and gives her a quick, sweet kiss.

Nick is still speeding and saying for Brooke to hang on, she just has to hang on.

The minister asks for the rings and Ridge digs them out of his pocket. The minister says the rings symbolize what they have pledged to each other today, fidelity and love. He asks him to place it on Brooke’s finger, please. He tells her he put it on her finger before and he never intended for her to take it off. Now he gives it to her with more than intentions and more than hope. “I give you this ring with every bit of my heart.” He gives her this ring as a symbol of their enduring love and his sacred commitment to her and their family. The minister gives the ring to Brooke and asks her to make her pledge. She repeats that last part. The minister says by the exchanging of rings…….

The door flies open with an agitated, angry Nick bounding in, saying to hold it. He doesn’t know what part they are at, but this is where it’s going to stop. He charges up the aisle to Brooke. Shocked, she asks what is he doing here, while Ridge says he shouldn’t be here. Nick replies neither should Brooke! He hoists her up over his shoulder and runs like a linebacker up the stairs. Brooke screams. Ridge is about to go after and Stephanie literally grabs him around the waist and shouts no several times; she wants him to give them a minute. Meanwhile, Eric is grabbing Stephanie while she is grabbing Ridge, it’s not a pretty sight. Yet, Stephanie finds it all pretty amusing from the look on her face. She couldn’t have planned it better herself.

Brooke is screaming for Nick to put her down. He does only after he gets to her room and shoves her inside and locks the door. He tells her to shut her mouth and listen to him; they don’t have much time. She tells him he is out of his mind; (he looks it too) this is her wedding day; what is he doing? Coming toward her, he says he can see that talking isn’t going to do any good right now. He grabs her roughly and plants one on her. She groans, twists and turns, then finally turns limp and gives in to the kiss. ……a long, passionate kiss. Ridge comes beating on the door yelling Brooke’s name. Then telling Nick to open the damn door.

Eventually she pulls back and stares wildly at Nick and asks why is he doing this? He doesn’t say a word, but they both are searching deeply into each other’s eyes and souls.

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