The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/27/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In their beach house, still in her black Nicole memorial service dress, Bridget sadly tells Nick they already tried that when he says they will work together to figure the situation out. She reminds him they keep putting these phantoms in front of themselves; a child that couldn’t be born; a child they couldn’t have. They keep reaching for them when they really are reaching for a life with each other. Thoughtfully he tells her they can have children of their own. She counters with that marriage is supposed to make them a family. He says it has! She replies no; they keep wanting a family to make them a marriage when they both know what the truth is. They’ve never had the right marriage to make themselves a family.

Like a carrot stick, Ridge holds the velvet ring box up in front of Brooke. Stephanie tells him to put it away; Brooke does not want him. He replies if Stephanie would let Brooke answer, maybe he’d find out. Stephanie states, “not with Bridget’s and Nick’s marriage unraveling. Not if she can get him fair and square.” Brooke adds that nothing is unraveling, except for her sick mind. Stephanie goes on further, that marriage is not going to hold together without that baby; without some child!

Ridge looks at Brooke and tells her she can prove his mother wrong by saying yes to him right now. And to hell with Nick. He realizes he was a fool to walk away and all he can think about night and day is getting her back. Is that what she wants as well? He asks her to tell him that she will marry him? She contemplates, she smiles and then utters that she has a FEW conditions. Stephanie’s face turns in horror.

Nick and Bridget continue to quietly stare at each other. He says they need to step back here because they are disagreeing with a very specific question. He doesn’t want them to make it out to be what they are to each other. She says, but it is! Emphatically, he states that he can not raise a child that is going to be taken from him and she knows that is inevitable. She shoots back that they made a PROMISE. Yes, he replies, but they didn’t promise THIS! She lashes back that she knew what she was promising. She always knew Dominick wasn’t hers, but for him, she sees that obviously doesn’t really matter. He looks on in disbelief. She continues that she knows he loves her, but that she also knows that is not the real reason he married her or the reason he came back. (what’s taken her this long to admit it?)

He blurts out, “are you unhappy? Do I make you unhappy?” She starts simpering and finally says no, it’s like he said, just reality. They just keep their eyes on the future and it’s a future they are never getting closer to. ……other people see it. Dante even told her the real reason she came over tonight was not to discuss Dominick…..but to try and save her marriage. She looks at him with tear-stained eyes and says Dante was right……she doesn’t think she can.

She walks away but he follows and asks her what has the last six months been about? All the talking and listening and the apologizes and promises. She tells him this is different. This isn’t about him being in love with her mother. She sighs; there it is. That is what this really comes down to, doesn’t it? But, look at her now. She’s actually in control and she’s taken it back. He agrees; she has taken it back. They’ve done this and they do have a good marriage and she certainly can’t say that about anyone else in her family. She says it’s just a little easier for them…..because they are professionals at getting their hearts broken. “And from one professional to another, Nick. Your heart isn’t in this. Because your heart is somewhere else.”

Before her fireplace, Brooke lists her conditions. Number one, she is NOT leaving this house. Ridge agrees, okay, number two? Number two she regales is that she wants the extended families to be comfortable there and welcome at all times. Ridge exclaims present company excluded. Stephanie looks like she swallowed a maggot. Brooke offers that she is getting to that. But, brothers, sisters, parents (purposely looking at Stephanie) ex-spouses and their children; her own children. Ridge says “check.” She adds, “and their spouses……that includes Nick.” He fiddles with the ring box he’s been tightly holding with his fingers, but adds that with her married to him, he has no issue with Nick. She differs. That is not true; they never got along. Ridge says and he thinks Nick would be more comfortable if they kept it that way. She again disagrees and says no; that Nick is his brother. He’s to treat him like one. He finally acquiesces and says okay, what else?

She smiles demurely and says, “number three. Stephanie is your mother so you will have to give her all the love and attention and the respect she is due.” And she adds that will be very little because he is going to have to give her all the love, attention and respect that he owes her FIRST. And, if she disagrees with her, he stands by HER side. Ridge nods, seems to find this amusing. And she continues. Stephanie has no say so in their marriage how they raise their children. And NO influence over him whatsoever! He puts his finger to his lips and ponders, how’s he doing so far today? She replies really good. Otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten this far. He tells her all conditions accepted. She can barely contain her joy. She beams, “well then, I am PROUD to be Mrs. Ridge Forrester.” He pops open the box to display a huge, gregarious diamond ring. She gasps; he takes it out and puts it on her finger and says beautiful, just like her. They seal it with a kiss. Stephanie is frowning nearby.

Endless smooching until Ridge finally pulls away and tells her, “let’s set a date. How about the day after today?” She giggles he can’t be serious. He says of course he is. They’ve already done the big, grandiose, horses and acrobats wedding. They never should have let that be undone, and he wants to correct that mistake. He wants to be married to her and he wants to do it before anything can go wrong (looking back at Stephanie now with sour look on her face). With glee, she agrees, tomorrow, the day after today, okay! He kisses her again. Then turns to his mother and says he guesses congratulations is too much to expect? She innocently points to herself and asks is she permitted to speak? Well, he’s a bigger idiot than Eric ever was. Ridge’s eyes roll. Stephanie finishes with at least Eric never expected the happily ever after! He was going to be happy and satisfied with just a few quickies.

Feeling jolly, Ridge tells her okay, that’s it. She’s outta there. She says, “you bet I am. This is me leaving the asylum.” She looks back over the shoulder and says, “because there is nothing here but insane people.” Brooke declares that Stephanie is going to cause trouble. Ridge jokes that between today and tomorrow? Does she really think she is? She states the obvious; Stephanie will go straight to Nick and Bridget. He asks if they are going to be happy for them? She replies that Bridget will. Nick? She’ll have to have the same talk she had with Ridge. But, there is no reason for them to be antaganistic to each other. He smirks. Then adds, “maybe one.” And then continues that the sight on that woman’s face when she realized her worse nightmare was everything she deserved. But, if there is anything Brooke said before that she wants to take back, tell him now. She smiles at him and simply takes his hand and leads him toward the stairs.

As they approach the banister, he stops her and puts his hands on her shoulders. He tells her they always avoided a lot of questions by just jumping in bed with each other…..not that he’s complaining…..but he just wants to know. She whispers that she just wants to show him. And she takes him by the hand and gently leads him up the stairs (smiling like a possum as he goes).

Nick tells Bridget that he’s never been unfaithful to her and he and Brooke will NEVER be together. She offers that perhaps they should be. He vows that he loves HER; he loves “us.” And She is HOME to him so don’t throw that away. She confesses that no man will ever be what he is to her. But, she knows how hard it is for him to have her know that he loves her mother. She knows he feels like it’s some secret shame that he needs to hide and she doesn’t want that; he doesn’t want that, so just LET IT GO. “Let me go!” She begs him; they both know this has got to happen. He shakes his head in the negative.

He lambastes her. Why is it that he feels like the best thing that has ever happened to him is turning their back and walking away from him? She cries this is the hardest thing she’s ever asked him to do. And she doesn’t know that they need to talk about it anymore. Maybe he should just go and spend the night on The Marlin. He says he doesn’t want to leave her. As she massages her own shoulders, she says she will be fine. She won’t be alone; she has Dominick. Maybe he just needs some time to decide if what she is saying is really so wrong. He remarks that maybe things will look a little different in the morning to her too. He slowly picks up his coat; gives her one last longing look at the door, then leaves. She dissolves in tears.

Brooke leads Ridge to R.J.’s wooden crib. They look down on him and she remarks that she thinks of him as her heart. You can’t hear it or see it, but it’s there. The center of your universe; you’re everything. With a very satisfied look, she turns and tells Ridge there isn’t anything that she said tonight…..or any other time…..that she’d take back. She tells him she does not regret loving him for one minute. No matter how young and crazy they were or how awful and angry they got. Looking at him was looking back at her life. “All the good and the bad…….and loving it all.” He reaches and kisses her on the cheek.

Bridget starts to turn out the lights but there is a knock at the door. She peeks out and see it’s Stephanie. Opening the door but blocking the way, she tells Stephanie that she’d ask her in but she just put Dominick back down to sleep and she was going too. Stephanie remarks that she didn’t see Nick’s car outside. Bridget looks down. Stephanie makes a big old assumption; it’s already happened! Bridget sets her straight. Nothing has happened; he’s just not there. Stephanie offers that she is sorry. Bridget says condolences aren’t necessary. Stephanie remarks that she was thinking of Dominick. Bridget tells her that who is father is doesn’t change her feelings at all. They walk on into the house and close the door. Stephanie tells her she knew Bridget would feel that way, and Nick would not. Sarcastically as she can be, Bridget says she doesn’t know then why she came all the way down there when she could have stayed home and knew everything about them.

Stephanie informs her that Brooke and Ridge are getting married tomorrow. Bridget offers that she’s happy for them, if that is what they want. Stephanie states, “you know damn well that is NOT what your mother wants.” Bridget fires back and she knows damn well that makes Stephanie want to blow something up and the first thing she usually thinks of is Bridget. Stephanie asks her if she thinks tonight is some sort of coincidence? Her mother knows that without a child, this marriage is going to fall apart. Bridget thanks her; she’ll keep that in mind. Matter of factly, Stephanie tells her she didn’t say that to hurt her. She can see by her face that has already been accomplished. And then proceeds to enlighten her that they are two nice people who are wrong for each other, and no need to apologize for that. The question is does she love him enough to let him go and be happy? And she doesn’t have a lot of time to decide. “Your mother knows this marriage of yours with Nick is falling apart and she’s using Ridge, to close the door to him, just the way she did with your father.” So, she’ll have to ask herself is that what she wants?

Ridge ascends the stairs holding Brooke’s hand. He tells her they should be celebrating. She asks where; he says nowhere. But, he’d like to get down on his knees and thank her for taking him back. At the bottom of the stairs, she lingers, he steps on the opposite side of banister, still holding her hand. He says he got scared. The possibility that he’d screwed it all up. That he realized what a fool he was, that he’d given up everything for a second chance with her. But, she couldn’t love him anymore because that part of her life that he occupied was already filled. She tells him that nobody else is a father to her son. Nobody else could rip her clothes off and sew them back together. Nobody else knows the worst about her and can only remember the best. She lovingly touches his face and says, “of course I love you. I’ve loved you for so long, I can’t even remember how not to.” Her tears flow and they kiss passionately, separated even by the banister.

Bridget glares at Stephanie and tells her that she’s going to have to get someone else to do her dirty work. Stephanie says no one else can. Exasperated, Bridget asks her does she know how outrageous she is? Stephanie tells her she’s willing to bet even Bridget doesn’t want to see her mother and Nick go through this silly routine of sacrificing and denial and not being available to each other. It makes everyone who loves them miserable. Bridget remarks that her mother is her own woman; what can she do about it? Stephanie honestly asks what is she willing to do? “Your mother looks upon Nick as her gift to you. Why aren’t you giving back?”

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