The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/23/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Standing in the living room at their beach house, Bridget tells Nick that he is scaring her. He apologizes. She remarks she does not want an apology; she just wants an answer. “Damn it, Nick, just tell me!” He turns away, resting his hands on a barstool, trying to find the right words. He starts, “Dominick’s dad….Dominick’s father…..” she asks why is he saying it like that? HE is Dominick’s father. He shoots her a look and in that moment, she must know something is amiss.

Brooke walks into her house, puts her purse down on table and Stephanie startles her by saying hello. She’s been sitting on the sofa just waiting her chance. Brooke asks what does she want? Stephanie answers she thought it was a lovely service today. Brooke agrees. Stephanie remarks she didn’t know how Bridget was going to hold up. Brooke takes up for her but admits there is more to come. Stephanie surmises that she knows it’s Dante’s baby and not Nick’s. Brooke says yes, she just came from the beach house. Stephanie asks if Nick told her? Before he told his wife? Brooke howls what is she suggesting? Stephanie regales that she is not suggesting anything. It’s not surprising that he would confide in her considering the situations. It’s a tragedy, but she admits she’s had some time to think about this. She confides the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks this might be the answer to everybody’s prayers.

At a house somewhere, we see a delivery guy bringing in some large boxes to Dante who’s grinning from ear to ear. He signs the delivery slip and remarks that he just found out he was a dad last year and is looking forward to his son coming to live with him.

Bridget commands Nick to look at her and it takes all he can muster to do that. He stammers as he says that Felicia had tests done last night. He clams up again and she demands that he just tell her. Bridget is aghast when he tells her that Felicia had a paternity test. She had Taylor with her and they wanted to be sure before she told anyone. The test results were conclusive. About now, Bridget’s face shows she is probably figuring things out. He states that Felicia was with someone else. “It’s his child…..Dominick is not my son.”

Brooke responds to Stephanie by saying there is NO silver lining to this situation. Stephanie offers that she thinks Brooke may be wrong about that. And Brooke turns on her and says she thinks she is being totally insensitive to her daughter. Stephanie hopes not. “Losing a baby is devastating enough as it is.” Brooke replies exactly and then to find out the boy she’s grown so close to isn’t Nick’s husband’s after all……to lose another child. Stephanie admits that would be heartbreaking……but……she is not convinced this is the way it has to turn out. Brooke asks what is she talking about?

Stephanie tells her she just saw Dante and he put things in perspective for her about this whole situation. Brooke asks what things? Stephanie offers that naturally he wants what is best for what now turns out to be HIS child. Stephanie explains that they will all agree that the best thing for any child is to be raised by a loving mother and father. Brooke is visibly relieved…….so he’s willing to let Nick and Bridget raise Dominick? Stephanie counters with she didn’t say that! She asks what about Bridget and Dante raising the baby? Brooke is aghast again – what? Stephanie says they aren’t exactly strangers. He’s madly in love with her. Brooke utters, “Oh, my God…’re not suggesting? What about Nick?” Her mouth about hits the floor when Stephanie casually says she can have Nick.

Bridget drops her hands and slips away from Nick’s grasp. She wonders how is that possible? Nick says simply, there was another man. Bridget states, so Felicia came back to L.A. and turned their lives upside down by passing off another man’s child as Nick’s son? She had to have known. He corrects Bridget that Felicia didn’t know. They were together only one night. She asks him to tell her this is some kind of sick joke. And she goes on that Felicia asked her to accept him like her own son. And she had because he was HIS son. She bemoans the fact that she fell in love with him because he was Nick’s son. He’s their son. She panics when she asks – they aren’t going to take him away from them? They love him and he loves them. Felicia wouldn’t do that to them! He shhhhhs her and says Felicia wants her to be the mother. It’s the father……he’s the one who pressured her into having the paternity test. She wants to know who the hell is he anyway? Pointblank, Nick says it’s Dante. Dante? She can’t believe that. They barely know each other. Softly, he replies they met in France and they were together just one night.

She reels and then sniffs so this is what they were arguing about when she went to get Dominick today? Then she realizes, “Oh my God…… oh my God……you had just found out! And that’s why you were acting that way today at the service.” It wasn’t just about Nicole…..he had lost his son too, she cries. She goes to him, turns him around and puts her arms around his neck and tells him she is so sorry.

Emphatically, Brooke tells Stephanie that she has told her one hundred thousand times that she is NOT going to come between Bridget and the man she loves. She is not going to hurt her like that again, and she means it! She says Stephanie needs to just open her eyes. Nick is devoted to Bridget. He cares deeply for her. Stephanie agrees that she does see that. She saw it today at the service. She sees that they have developed a genuine love for each other. And she didn’t anticipate that. But, she also sees something else. She sees a very harsh, sad, reality that they are going to have to face. She offers that not many marriages suffer the loss of a baby or child. And here they are on the verge of losing another child. It was the children that kept that marriage together. Brooke sighs, they can STILL have other children. They can still be a family. Stephanie remarks that she is not hearing her. Brooke counters with no, Stephanie is not hearing her. “Nick and Bridget WILL get through this!” Stephanie points out that this sacrifice that Brooke and Nick have made for Bridget’s future, for her happiness, has only delayed the inevitable.

Brooke walks away and says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. So Stephanie tells her. This couple has gone from crisis to crisis. She argues that any kind of happiness they find doesn’t last. She starts to say Brooke and Nick, and Brooke tells her not to go there! Very deliberately and calmly, Stephanie tells her that Bridget is never going to find lasting happiness with Nick and Brooke is never going to find happiness without him. And, this is what she has come to talk to her about. Together they can make Bridget understand this. Stephanie pleads, can’t Brooke see this? Can’t she see this is a win-win situation? Brooke looks right back at her and says what she sees is the person who stands to gain the most here. And she’s looking right at her. Because, if she’s with Nick, she’s not with Ridge. “That’s what this really is all about, isn’t it, Stephanie?”

Bridget continues to hug Nick tightly and laments that this is what Dante was trying to tell her earlier. Then she seems to get a flash and excitedly tells Nick this might not be as bad as it seems. She tells Nick to just listen. Dante was telling her earlier that something really bad might happen, but it wouldn’t be as bad it seemed. He made sure that she knew that he loved her and would NEVER hurt her. More excited, she tells Nick doesn’t he see? Dante was trying to tell her that he was the father, but he would never take Dominick away from them. Nick doesn’t seem as convinced. Does she really think that guy would let another guy raise his son? Because, he sure as hell wouldn’t if the situation were reversed.

The baby cries and they both look at each other and Nick ends up going to him. Beside herself, Bridget decides to leave. Nick comes back just as she is going out the door and asks her where she is going? She replies she is going to see Dante and straighten all of this out. He urges her not to; she will only be setting herself up for a bigger letdown. She shakes her head, no, she doesn’t believe that. Dante would never do that to her. Beaming, she tells him they don’t have to lose their son; nothing has to change. Dante might be the biological father, but Dominick is THEIR son. She touches Dominick and tells Nick that he is his son and her son and they are going to raise him just like Felicia wanted; just like he deserves. She says he’s going to be raised by two parents, and she gives Dominick a kiss and tells him she loves him; they BOTH love him. Despite all of this, Nick has a very worried look on his face as she leaves.

Stephanie points out to Brooke that if she and Ridge were going to be together it would have already have happened. She is in love with Nick and that is why she can not make a commitment to Stephanie’s son. Brooke seems to reject that claim. Stephanie continues that she has said she loved Nick like no other man, so why would she deny herself and him. Why deny Bridget happiness? (well, why has she appointed herself God to decide that Bridget would be happier without Nick?) She has a chance here to be with a young man who would love her, cherish her and be committed to her. Maybe they would have a chance if they raise this baby together. And then Brooke and Nick could raise her little children together.

Stephanie reminds Brooke that she has been through every man in her family, some twice, and why didn’t it work out? Because she did not feel complete. She said that Nick was her heart and soul. Why would she deny herself this? Why? Everybody wants that sort of thing in their life! Bridget too….and she will be fine….she’s strong. She deserves so much more than this. She deserves a man of her own. “She has a chance. You have a chance. It’s THIS moment.” Brooke is thinking it over. “What’s it going to be?, asks Stephanie.

Meanwhile, Nick is struggling with Dominick. He remarks how he felt the first time he saw him, but where do they go from here, young Dominick, where do they go now?

Dante answers his door and is surprised to find Bridget standing there. She tells him she knows now what he was trying to tell her earlier. She comes on in. She relays that Nick told her; he’s Dominick’s father. He remarks it was totally unexpected, not that he doesn’t welcome being a father. He brightens when he says Dominick is the best. She says he means the world to her. And Dante knows how much she loves him and needs him. He tells her he didn’t want to cause her any more pain especially after the loss of her daughter. She agrees, she knew he’d feel that way about her feelings. It’s been that way since the day they met practically. He’s always looked after her. Dante turns away and tells her he doesn’t think her husband will agree with that. She points out that’s because he doesn’t know Dante is the type of man who’d want the best for his child. Just like she and Nick do.

Dante states that she made a promise to Felicia. She nods yes, to be a mother to Dominick and she’s going to keep that promise. He says he wouldn’t have it any other way. They both smile as she says she knew she could count on him. And he says he wants what is best for his son. And she says he will be doing that by letting her and Nick adopt his son. Adopt? No, no, that isn’t what he meant. Seriously, he conveys he wants Dominick to come live with him. With HIM. And he shows her all the things he has bought, a crib, linen. toys. She is amazed that he would want to raise him there by himself. She doesn’t understand since he just said that he wanted her to be the mother. He proclaims he still does; he wants the two of them to raise Dominick. He’ll need help; he’ll need support and what better person than someone who already loves him like he’s her own? Stunned, she asks what is he saying to her? He offers that he always thought Nick came back to her because of the baby. But, now her daughter is gone and Dominick is his son. Things happen for a reason, even painful things.

Slowly, she’s getting the picture. He continues that he was ready to step in and be a father to her child, now he needs her to step in and be a mother to his. He needs to know that she will be there for him. She says she will be; she and Nick…… Dante interrupts, he’s not talking about Nick. “I’m talking about you and me. I want my son to have the best parents he can possibly have.” And that’s him and her; he wants her to please agree. “To raise my…… our son with me.”

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