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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick holding Dominick, in the Forrester study, he tells Bridget there is something he needs to tell her. She hangs on in anticipation. She does take Dominick though and asks Nick if this can wait until they get home? She needs to talk over a few things with Felicia. Then she turns to Felicia to make sure it’s all right that they take Dominick for the night. Stephanie intercedes and asks doesn’t she think that she and Nick need some time alone tonight? But, Felicia says it is okay and Bridget seems determined that they take him; just for tonight, so all agree. He gives her a kiss as Dominick tugs on his tie.

On the way out, Stephanie whispers to Nick that she has to tell Bridget that Dante is the father and he has to tell her tonight. Bridget thanks Felicia again; she knows they will have Dominick for the rest of their lives, but he means everything to her right now. Felicia states how could she say no, after all that Bridget has done for her. She gives her a big hug though you know her heart is breaking for what lies ahead for Bridget when Nick tells her the truth.

Stephanie storms into the guest cottage and accuses Dante of telling Nick. Dante confesses yes, he did. He’s his son and Nick needed to know. She wants to be sure he didn’t tell Bridget as well. Dante says no, he was leaving that up to Nick, but if he doesn’t say anything soon, he will. Stephanie opines that he needs to stay out of this for Bridget’s sake. Dante says he can’t; he’s a father now. She promises he will have a place in this little child’s life, but not right now. There are so many issues that need sorting out, and she has to make Bridget her number one priority; her first concern. He counters with HE’S been more concerned about Bridget than anyone in this family. And if Stephanie wants to say something; say it right now! But, he warns her he is not going to walk away from Bridget.

Nick slowly walks into the silent, darkened beach house. He throws his keys on the desk and bends down before it almost in prayer, obviously just thinking of the task ahead. He’s startled when Brooke comes out of the bedroom. She tells him she just brought Nicole’s baby blanket and some of the flowers from the service. He says thanks but other than that, he’s silent. He walks toward her, looks intently at her, then walks away. She senses something is wrong, She asks him what is wrong? Is there something she should know about? When he doesn’t answer, she takes him by the back of his shoulders and turns him around and tells him he knows he can talk to her. He can’t find the words. Finally he says, it’s Dominick. He’s scaring her; she wonders is he sick or something? Nick answers no, then slowly admits he’s not his father. Dominick is not his son.

Felicia and Bridget sit and commiserate how they are both so lucky to have the other in their lives. Felicia says of all the people in the family, they are probably the ones with the least in common. Her the black sheep and Bridget the star. Bridget denies that; Felicia is the star as she has handled everything so perfectly. And Bridget comments that she has been so angry. Felicia tells her a little anger now and then may be the only thing that keeps them sane. Bridget tells Felicia she is so strong and so accepting. Felicia tells her not to let that cool façade fool her. “I’ve had plenty of foul words for the Big Man up there.” She tells Bridget that she is the exceptional person. She faces life’s challenges head on, she survives them and comes out even stronger. “The little twerp of a half-sister turned out to be pretty amazing.”

Stephanie states to Dante that things are happening so fast, she just doesn’t think he’s thinking of what’s best for Bridget. He counters that he is. But, she doesn’t know how he can be. He just learned that he was a father; he must be confused. He vows that he’s not confused. He was just spending time with Bridget and Dominick, the three of them together and for the first time, it’s all making sense to him. She asks about what? He says his life. His future. Sometimes things happen for a reason. She suddenly sees the light, and asks that he surely doesn’t think this means that he and Bridget will end up together? He tells her he’s not going to use his son to get them together, but it’s going to happen all on it’s own. And he suggests that she look at Bridget and Nick’s marriage. They have been having one crisis after another. And, they both know why. Because Nick is still in love with Brooke. He says he does not want Bridget to go through that kind of pain and humiliation again! He wants to save her from being with a man, who like it or not, is still in love with her mother.

Brooke asks Nick what is he talking about? Of course Dominick is his son. Nick argues that he’s not. Felicia was wrong on that. She doesn’t understand. Why would Felicia pass off another man’s child as his? (gosh, Brooke, haven’t women been doing that since the beginning of time…..and right there is this family). And is he sure that he is not his son? He reveals there was a paternity test. She tells him they should have it re-checked as they are wrong sometimes. He snaps that it’s not wrong; he’s NOT the father. Dante is. She’s aghast – Dante? He replies they met in France. She tells him she is so sorry. He comments further. He doesn’t get it; him and children. Every time he gets close to a child, it’s taken away from him. Why is that? He really thought he was meant to have his own child. She tells him he will. He is so wonderful with those children and they love him. Then he barks, “why can’t any of them be MINE?” A tear falls from Brooke’s eye and she hugs him; he buries his head in her hair.

Felicia is adamant and she makes Bridget promise that she will stay the same strong woman she has become. She has to know that she will never abandon her boy. Bridget repeats never! Felicia sobs that her looking out for him is the only thing that is giving her peace of mind. Otherwise, she doesn’t know how she can say goodbye. She emphasizes to Bridget that no matter what happens, her connection to him is strong and it will override anything that life throws at her, right? Bridget assures her that yes, it will. She thinks of Dominick as her son. He’s her son with Nick; the perfect reflection of them. She gives Felicia a big hug and promises her that nothing ever, ever, will come between her and that little boy.

Dante says again that Nick loves Brooke. Even Stephanie told Bridget to divorce him for the same reason. She maintains but that was then. Now, they have become very close. He replies yes, because they were having a baby. He points out that Nick is only with her out of obligation. Remember what Nick did when he thought Bridget wasn’t pregnant any more? He ran right back to Brooke. And why does Stephanie think Brooke isn’t with Ridge? She softly concedes that she’s still in love with Nick. He says exactly, and it’s only a matter of time before they get back together. He doesn’t want Bridget to go through that kind of pain again. He thinks Bridget deserves to be happy. She wants her to be happy too especially after all she has been through. He tells Stephanie he can make Bridget happy…..with her support. She looks back at him, obviously thinking on what he just said and is suggesting.

Nick paces and tells Brooke that he never should have stayed in this stupid city ever. She begs him not to say that. Dominick will always be a part of his life. That isn’t going to change. Besides, that is what Felicia wants. Snidely, he says that it doesn’t matter what she wants. It’s what the father wants! “And I can deal with that. Believe me, I’ve had plenty of practice.” But he doesn’t know how Bridget will react and that’s what scares him. She believes they are going to raise this little boy that she’s come to love.

At that moment, Bridget walks in and says her little angel is so tired. She thinks she should go put him right down. Nick gives her a forlorn look as she says she will be right back. Brooke whispers that he has to tell her; he can’t put it off.

Stephanie laments that she thinks Bridget needs Nick now more than ever. They just lost a baby girl and now she might lose a son. He tells her that’s his point. She won’t lose a son. She’s going to gain a husband who loves her and respects her more than any other man. A man devoted to HER! Stephanie asks if he means himself? He says yes, but she needs someone to show her the way. Stephanie has a powerful presence in her life and with her guidance, everything will fall into place. He pleads with her to let him take care of Bridget and his son, and Felicia will have her peace. Because she’ll know that her son will be raised by two parents who are committed to one another. (uh, isn’t he overlooking Bridget’s okay in this?) And he claims that her family will be safe, and he will be HONORED to be part of the Forrester family along with his son. But, he tells her that he needs her support. And if she gives him that support, he swears to God that he will never let her down.

Nick waits for Bridget. He picks up the Nicole blanket and presses it lovingly to his face. She comes out and mentions that Dominick is the perfect little angel. He went right out, very peaceful and happy. And she remarks he’s going to have the best parents. They are going to give him so much love. She sees her mother is gone and he replies yeah, she only came by to bring the things from the memorial. Bridget asks is he okay? He says he’s good. He asks how she is? She says she’s fine; she knows they will get through this together. She remarks that she was afraid it would be weird having a service for Nicole, but it wasn’t. She was a part of them, a Forrester and a Marone. Everyone there acknowledged her. It felt good to have them all there. And, she adds she never thought she’d need someone as much as she needed that child.

She comments that he would have made a really good older brother to Nicole. He had his father’s sense of humor and sense of adventure and she laughs that she thinks he really would have looked after her. She cries as she prattles on how she had these images of him on the beach pushing Nicole in her swing. She covers her face, now all these wonderful moments that will never happen. Throughout all of this, Nick has been very quiet but finally says they can have other children. Still be the family they want. She tells him they already have a family. And it’s weird but she doesn’t want to go anywhere. She just wants to stay there and nest with him and Dominick. She smiles at Nick and says, “he’s OUR son. The two of you mean more to me than you’ll ever know.”

He literally grabs her and pulls her close and tells her that he loves her. She pulls back and looks at him and tells him she loves him too. She asks is he okay? She apologizes for going on and on and she remembers he wanted to tell her something. By his look, she is afraid it’s bad news. What’s wrong? Why is he looking at her like that? He turns away, then back. He tells her it’s about Dominick. She asks is it because he didn’t want him to come back there tonight? She justifies it by saying Felicia wanted her to, and she felt really close to him.

He shakes his head and says no that is fine. She asks again then what is wrong? He gulps there has been a big mistake made. But, Dominick is fine. She utters, “then what is it? Tell me what it is, Nick? I need to know what it is.”

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