The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/21/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In the Forrester study, Nick states that Dante is Dominick’s father. Does she have any idea what that is going to do to Bridget?

In the guest cottage, Bridget tells Dante that it’s obvious that he wants to tell her something. She wants him to just come out and say it. But he speaks in riddles, first telling her there is something she needs to know, then followed by he’s really sorry about the loss of her daughter. He can’t imagine the pain and he knows she will be sad for a little while. Then he follows that by that something is happening. Something that is going to change her life. He continues that she won’t understand it at first, but when she does, she will know it’s not going to be all bad. She tells him she is sorry; she has no idea what he’s trying to say. He only warns her that soon she will know what he’s talking about.

At Stephanie’s she says goodbye to Darla (off camera) and then Taylor tells her that was a wonderful thing she did, opening up her home to Nick and Bridget and helping them with their loss. Stephanie says she just hopes it will start the process of closure. Taylor tells her it will. She puts her arms around her and asks how is she? Stephanie chuckles then touches her temples and expresses that she doesn’t even know if she can absorb it all, it’s happening so fast. She sits and states that it’s her and Ridge…… Felicia. God, she doesn’t want her daughter to die without knowing her baby is all right. And now the stability Felicia thought she had with him and Nick and Bridget is gone!

Taylor offers that Felicia knows no matter what happens that little boy is going to be loved. And she knows Bridget is a strong woman; she will survive. Stephanie seems doubtful. Really? She hasn’t been told about Dante yet. Taylor knows Bridget needs to be told, but today is just still not the day; it’s only her daughter’s memorial. Stephanie agrees and asks Taylor did she notice Nick? She maintains that he was very emotional, but also there was something a little off-kilter. She asks Taylor if she saw how he held the baby? She wonders if he has any idea what is going on? Taylor confides that Dante told her he would respect the day and wouldn’t say anything to anybody. Stephanie reminds her they can’t be absolutely certain of that. She thinks she needs to speak to Felicia. They need to figure out a way to tell the couple; they have been through so much already. How much more can they take?

Nick plunks down on a padded bench in the study. With tears in his tired eyes, he tells Felicia that he held him in his arms. He looked him in the eyes and he was his son. Symphatically, Felicia swears to him that she thought so too. She wasn’t lying. It was a mistake. She really thought Dominick was his son. Nick whispers, “he’s not.” Then he gets louder as he says, “I’m batting a thousand when it comes to kids, you know that? Every time I love one, they are taken away from me.” Felicia assures him that he can still be a part of Dominick’s life, both of them can. They’ll work out something with Dante. He’s skeptical; does she really think he’s going to let him be part of that boy’s life? Felicia states that she knows he wants what is best for Dominick. Nick answers, “what’s best?” He doesn’t know what he’s been telling her, but he points his finger and says eventually Dante will take over and will be calling the shots. “The boy is not mine, nor Bridget’s.” She asks him to please not say that. He barks at her that it’s the truth! He’s worried about Bridget now. He reminds Felicia that she told Bridget that Dominick was now her son. She had seen her at the memorial and Felicia could see how much he means to Bridget. How is he going to tell her that the boy they love isn’t theirs?

As Taylor leaves, she stops by the pool and Ridge isn’t far behind. He hesitates but eventually goes up to her and asks is she okay? She remarks it’s heartbreaking. He agrees but says now they have Dominick and he and Nick can take care of Bridget. She opines that no parent should ever lose a child, and they commiserate how lucky they are to have three grown children and doing pretty darn well. She comments under the circumstances, yes. He asks how she is doing? She confides that considering that she’s pretty much alone in a big house in the middle of a great big city, she’s doing fine. She walks away.

Bridget takes Dante’s hand and tells him that he’s been such a comfort to her. He took care of her during her pregnancy when she really needed someone. And she will always love him for that. He remarks it was pretty good there for a while. She smiles and agrees yes, and he is great company, an amazing cook. He suggests it might have worked for them if they’d had more time. Bridget agrees it might have. But, things felt right with Nick; he was the father of her child, so surely Dante could understand that? He tells her more than she knows, repeats, “more than you know.”

Felicia confides in Nick that she has to do what’s best for her son. Dante knows that Dominick needs a mother and he knows that she needs Bridget to be that mother. Nick wonders if she even knows what she is asking Bridget to do? What they have lived through? The unexpected arrival of his son, the death of their daughter and he states that Bridget has been a CHAMP through it all. She’d gone beyond what anyone had expected. And she has accepted these impossible situations. She’d put aside her jealousy and pain and opened her heart to “YOU and your son.” And now he has to tell her that he isn’t even his. But, he guesses Felicia just wants to take it in stride. Just another bump in the road. He asks her to tell him how she really feels? She asks how does she think she feels? He smarts that let’s just chalk this up to another mistake, shall they?

Stephanie walks in and hears the latest and tells him that’s enough. Her daughter did not deliberately set out to hurt him. He glares at her and tells her to go ahead, comfort her daughter, but just remember because of this, Bridget’s life will never be the same.

Ridge follows Taylor and tells her that he doesn’t expect her to forgive him, but he was a man with two families. She assures him she knows the story, and she shrugs that she is okay. Probably better than he is. She understands that Brooke has him jumping through some hoops. He smiles slightly and says yeah, not that he doesn’t deserve it. Taylor agrees, it’s hard to argue with that. He gives her an eyeball. Then tells her that he appreciates her being there today….for Bridget and Felicia. They’d both told him how supportive she had been. She tells him that she may no longer be his wife, but she’d never stopped loving the family, and she never would.

Bridget picks up some of Dominick’s toys from the floor and tells Dante that they did have some good times together, but he was the consummate bachelor. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with whomever he wants. So he should enjoy that. He tells her he does, but he’s not a kid anymore. And he wants something more. Something deeper. She asks does he really think she could have given him more than he had in Italy or the life he has created for himself here in L.A.? He reminds her that he came to L.A. to be with her. She’s embarrassed. He continues that he knows it’s crazy. To think that she’d be there waiting for him with open arms. And now everything is different; everything has changed. But he claims that he still believes in his heart that he made the right decision; that he was meant to be there with her.

She shakes her head and politely tells him he is SO Italian. So much passion, and he’s wasting it on the likes of her. He answers never. She knows he was ready to be the father of her child and he answers yes, and he’ll BE a good father, she’ll see. She says she knows he will. The baby cries and she suggests that he let her do it.

Nick walks slyly toward Stephanie and states that she knows too? Who else is in on this little secret? Comforting Felicia, Stephanie replies that Taylor knows. He adds and not to forget the father! This is a surprise to Stephanie and she asks if Dante told him? Nick offers that he guesses he just couldn’t wait. Stephanie tells him it’s safe to say they were all shocked. He sarcastically opines it was a little more than a shock! Stephanie assures him she understands, and she can see how upset and hurt he is. She is sorry about that, and she thinks Felicia is even more sorry. Felicia pipes up that of course she is. None of this was supposed to have happened. He wonders if that is what he’s supposed to tell Bridget? That the child that she loves and the child she made part of her heart is not his. But, it’s okay because everybody is really sorry.

Stephanie states that the baby will be taken care of by all of them; he’s a Forrester. He barks that he’s a Marone! Stephanie says they will talk to Dante; they will work something out. Felicia steps forward and tells him she just needs to know that her son will be raised by two loving parents. With a scowl, he asks just who these two loving parents should be, him and Bridget? When she says yes, he reminds her that he’s NOT the father, Dante is. He’ll be making the decisions, so where does that leave him and Bridget? She answers that Bridget will be Dominick’s mother. Nick makes a face while stating, “so Bridget and Dante are a happy family?” Felicia says that is not what she said. He remarks but it’s not a bad option, and he directs that at Stephanie. He wants to hear her two cents. She’s never really been on board with him and Bridget being together. She offers that she just wants what’s best for everyone involved in this. Nick adds and now Dante is right in the mix, isn’t he? How does he know he hasn’t planned this whole thing? After all he came to this city for a reason; he came here for Bridget.

Trying to calm Nick down, Stephanie tells him she doesn’t think Dante wants to cause problems. He shouts how does he even know that he is the father? Felicia cites she was there when they ran the paternity test. Stephanie adds that Taylor was there too and she believes the tests are accurate; Dante is the father. Nick paces, then repeats it’s just too much for Bridget to handle. They saw her at the service; she loves that little boy.

Dante stands staring out the window holding one of Dominick’s teddy bears. Bridget comes back with Dominick in her arms and tells him that Felicia said she should take him home tonight. He tells her maybe after today she should. Bridget remarks that she thinks she really needs him. Dante says that Dominick needs her too. She reflects that there was so much sadness, all in one day. He assures her that she will be happy again, he promises. And when nothing makes any sense, just for her to remember that everything that is important, everything she needs is right here in this child; being a parent to him. She denies that he hasn’t when he says she means so much to him, and he never meant to hurt her. He tells her that if he does, just know that it wasn’t his intention. He wants to support her. She made a promise to Felicia to be a mother to this child. And believe him, he wants to help her to keep that promise.

Taylor confesses to Ridge that this family means everything to her. She knew that even when she was gone. But, ever since she’s been back, she has felt so lost. She has no direction, no sense of purpose. Ridge states that he certainly hasn’t helped. She shrugs they all have tried the best they could. He tells her she deserves better. She nods and agrees that yeah she does. And adds that now she’s starting to feel like she’s getting in touch with who she really is. Ridge says, “the amazing person you are.” She comments that she didn’t say that she had the confidence that she once had. It hasn’t been easy and it hasn’t been fun. But she is living her life again and it’s all good. She has her practice, she has her patients. Ridge may not need her, but there are people out there who do. And she’s grateful for that. He compliments her by saying she always gave more than she got. She realizes she is very fortunate, all things considered that is going on right now. The one person they do have to worry about is Bridget. She is not sure she can handle it all.

Felicia tells Nick that if he can stay strong; perhaps all of this will work itself out. He replies that no one is getting off easy here, especially what she is going through. But, he and Bridget lost their baby. “She promised to be a mother to your child -- a child she thought was mine.” But, he’s not sure she can keep that promise or that she should. And he doesn’t mean to be cruel, but his main concern now is Bridget. She’s who he cares about and who he’s going to protect.

Bridget comes in with Dominick; the tension is thick and she feels like she is possibly interrupting. Stephanie assures her she is not. Bridget takes Dominick to his daddy who holds him. Almost speechless, Nick gulps that he has something he needs to tell her. Her eyes are wide with anticipation.

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