The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/17/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Dante shows up super early at the guest house. He takes delight in giving Felicia a large nonfat decaf just the way she likes it and a formula-style latte for his son. She quips she likes them at noon not at the crack of dawn. Then he segues way into when was she going to tell Nick and Bridget about Dominick? She tells him he’s relentless. He reminds her she could have told him last night. She remarks the timing was wrong, so he advises her to call them now. She says they are having a memorial service for Nicole. Does he really think now is an appropriate time? He tells her she can’t set it off forever.

He goes over and picks up his son from the playpen and sits with him. He lights up as he speaks Italian to him then gives him the bottle. He tells Felicia he’d like to stay with him while she goes to the memorial, if that is all right. She’s softened a lot since yesterday and as she watches him with his son, she looks much more peaceful. She tells him she needs to shower and dress so he can come back in ten minutes. He hands the baby to her and says in ten minutes, ciao. Felicia gives her son a kiss while he finishes the bottle.

At Stephanie’s, they are already dressed for the service. She and Eric discuss the previous night with Felicia’s folder she saw at Taylor’s with DNA written on it. They surmise it might be some sort of new treatment, but Taylor wouldn’t confide in her. And that’s why she wants to speak with Felicia, who should be up by now.

Before she can leave, the door opens and Bridget and Nick walk in. Solemnly, she goes to her dad and they hug and she thanks him for letting them have the service here. Stephanie says of course, anything for her…….for the both of them. Bridget tells Stephanie too that she appreciates it, as the women hug, and states they are going to get through this, but thank God they have Dominick. Bridget is hugging her Nicole blanket and Nick is holding onto her and tells Stephanie that Dominick is that special light in their life. Bridget asks if he is coming to the service and Stephanie states she was just going to check on them now.

Dante is sitting out in the pool area when Taylor comes by and asks if he is going to the service? He tells her no, but Felicia is going to let him keep Dominick while she goes. Taylor wonders if this means they are working things out? He tells her she agreed to tell Nick but then backed off. It’s like if she holds off long enough, she might not have to deal with it. Taylor offers she might have to deal with it sooner than she thinks as Stephanie stopped by her place last night and picked up Felicia’s medical files. She states she did not tell her anything, but he knows Stephanie. And it’s only a matter of time before she goes and gets her answers.

Stephanie steps into the cottage and Felicia tells her she has just put Dominick down. Stephanie remarks that Felicia’s color looks better; she must be stronger. Felicia says she has to be…..for Bridget. Without missing much of a beat, Stephanie asks her if she has changed her mind about other treatments? Felicia scoffs no, why would she? And why are they discussing this now? Stephanie tips her hand that she knows Felicia is seeking other options, and so is she. And she thought they could discuss them before Felicia made a decision. Felicia is aghast since she truly is not seeking more treatment. Stephanie asks then what about the tests she took at the hospital with Taylor? She saw the file.

Bridget sits quietly on the sofa in the living room with Eric and Nick over in the corner. Brooke walks in, puts her purse on a nearby table, looks at Nick, but walks directly to Bridget and sits with her. Bridget asks her if she thinks she is crazy to have this memorial? Brooke comforts her by saying no, she was not crazy. She will be surrounded by people who love her and Nick and want to pay tribute to her daughter. Bridget laments that it is a lot harder than she imagined. She felt like she knew her even though she hadn’t been born yet. She whispers she was her daughter, her baby girl. She bites her lower lip. And continues that she knew what it was like to hold her and touch her baby soft skin. She hugs her mother and thanks her for coming.

Taylor tells Dante she hopes Felicia can avoid running into Stephanie today. Dante adds because if Stephanie knows, the whole family will know. And it will be devastating. Dante reminds her that it might be painful, but it is the truth. Dominick is his son and he wants to be the best possible father he can be. He states he is not going to hide his love for him. Taylor assures him no one is asking him to. But, he’s going to have to understand how Felicia feels about this. She’s found comfort in knowing that her son is going to be raised by Bridget and Nick. It’s really the only thing that is helping her cope with knowing she is dying. He tells her Felicia still feels that way; she said so last night. But, he’s not going to turn over his son to Nick to raise. She reminds him he can’t really raise a child by himself. He realizes that; he’ll need help; Dominick will need a mother. Taylor asks if he’s not using Dominick to get Bridget back? He gives her a quiet stare.

Felicia asks her mother what did Taylor tell her? Stephanie opines that she told her nothing; that is why she is talking to Felicia. She and her father love her more than anything in this world and there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do or anyplace they wouldn’t go to help her beat this cancer. Felicia relies, “there is nothing you can do to fix this one, mother.” And she confides in her that the test results were devastating, but it wasn’t about her cancer, it was about Dominick. Of course, Stephanie doesn’t understand and she jumps to the sudden conclusion that the baby is sick. Felicia quickly reassures her that he’s fine; completely healthy. Then she wonders what this is all about? Felicia hesitates, then reveals that everything that she had planned for him. His entire future. And Nick and Bridget already loving him so much…’s all falling apart. Stephanie asks how? Nick isn’t going to let anybody or anything interfere with raising that child.

Felicia confesses that he’s not Nick’s. Softly she tells her that Dominick isn’t Nick’s son. She thought he was, but he isn’t. Dominick’s father is Dante Damiano.

While Eric and Bridget prepare a table for the service, Nick confesses to Brooke that Dominick was going to spend the night with them last night, but Bridget again had a problem; she couldn’t hold him. She didn’t want to look at him. But she stayed with it and stayed with it and she was able to open up her heart to that little boy. Then Felicia called and wanted him to bring Dominick back home and he really couldn’t say no given what she is going through. He ssys it is all so complicated, but at the same time the boy brings such focus into their lives. Such joy, he doesn’t think they could get through this without him.

Taylor advises Dante he can’t take Dominick away in hopes of getting Bridget back. He assures her that this is not what this is about. He would never hold his son hostage for anybody’s love, not even Bridget. He tells her he was up all night thinking what was best for his son. And it’s no secret that he and Nick don’t get along. And he questions when Nick finds out that Dominick is Dante’s son and not his, will he still love him the same? And what about Bridget; will she still want to raise him? Is he going to stay with her? And what if he doesn’t? If he doesn’t want to stay with her? You know where he’s going to go; straight to Brooke!

Taylor admits she really doesn’t want to hear this. He knows it affect her. Taylor denies it. The only person affecting them should be Bridget and how this affects her. Her life is hell right now. She needs her husband. She needs Dominick and he can’t just take that baby away from them right now. He states he is not going to do or say anything, especially not today. But, he also states that he cares about Bridget too much. He’s not going to keep any secrets from her. She tells him the truth will come out; it will come out later. But, they can’t do it right now while everybody’s emotions are running so high.

Stephanie is beside herself. She bellows, “Dante? Dante? Dante…..How? Where? When?” Felicia states it was in France. She was on the rebound from Nick and had too much to drink. Stephanie gives a sarcastic chuckle; “oh there’s a shocker.” Felicia continues that she thought they used protection. Stephanie regales, “oh, my God.” Then she blasts her with hand gestures of, “how many times did I tell you? How many times? You can’t jump in bed with every bum that you meet. What did you think would happen eventually?” Felicia tells her she could do without this lecture, thank you. Stephanie is on a rampage now. She shouts that she could have done without a LOT of things in her life. Like trolling bars for men that will buy her a drink. “God almighty! And then you came back here and you let him think he’s the father.” Felicia states she thought he was. She really thought he was! Stephanie’s veins are bulging and she’s red in the face as she screams if she wasn’t worried, why did she have the damn DNA tests run then? Felicia fires, “well at least I didn’t wait over 40 years, like you did with Ridge.”

Stephanie hauls off and slaps her hard and Felicia shrieks loudly. She tells her to stop it and starts crying. Stephanie envelopes her in her arms. Felicia tells her this isn’t about her sexual habits. It’s about her baby’s future. Can they just try to deal with that? Stephanie closes her eyes and grits her teeth, calms down and asks if Dante knows? Felicia sobs that he’s the one who insisted on the tests; he was there. She begins to tell her how she thought she had everything covered; everything worked out…and now……Stephanie holds her again on her shoulder, pats her hair and lets her sob.

As Stephanie consoles her, Felicia asks her perhaps she can help her talk to Dante. Help her try to convince him that Nick and Bridget should adopt Dominick. Stephanie wonders what makes her think Nick would raise another man’s son? Simply, he loves him. But, Stephanie points out that he loved R.J. Then he found out he wasn’t his. Now, he’s lost his baby. She thinks it might just be too much for him and Bridget. Felicia says she just needs to know her son will be raised in a loving home. She begs Stephanie to help her talk Nick into not rejecting her son. Stephanie tells her this is her grandson no matter who the father is and promises her that she’ll never let Dante take him away from them. She gives her word; her father and her won’t let that happen. One last hug, and Felicia says they are going to be late to the service. Stephanie gives her a kiss and cups her face and tells her to wash her face; she’ll be waiting for her.

Everyone is gathering and mingling at the main house. Darla and Thorne have joined them in their condolences. Stephanie enters and tells Bridget that Felicia is coming, but the baby was a little cranky and she just put him down for a nap. Bridget tells Nick she doesn’t care how Dominick behaves; she thinks he ought to be here. He’s Nicole’s brother. It’s okay if he’s asleep. Nick tells her why doesn’t she just let him mosey on out of there and he’ll go get him?

Stephanie corners Taylor and starts to talk when Felicia comes in assisted by her walker. Stephanie tells Taylor that Felicia should be part of this conversation too. Taylor looks worried, but Felicia tells her it’s okay. She told her mother about the paternity test. Stephanie says the problem is, the problem they have to deal with is how to tell Nick and Bridget. Taylor reveals that she just ran into Dante outside and he’d assured her that he wasn’t going to say anything to anyone; at least not today. He had promised.

Unbeknownst that Dante is there, Nick walks into the cottage and comes face to face with Dante and asks what in the hell is he doing there? They see-saw back and forth that he’s there because he offered to watch Dominick while Nick knows Felicia wasn’t happy with him last night. Dante says they did have a disagreement but thanks to Taylor’s help, they’d worked that out. They argue when Nick says he’s taking Dominick to the house and Dante tells him he’s not; Felicia left him in HIS care. Each man squares off, taking their stand. Nick suggests that Dominick belongs to him and Bridget today. Maybe Dante should get his own babysitter. Dante responds by saying why don’t they bury this animosity between them for good? Nick isn’t having any of that and asks why would he want to do that? Dante opines because it would be best for everyone involved. Nick comes back with, “for everyone? Or for you? I don’t like your act. I don’t like the way I turn my back, and you’re always drooling over my wife." And he accuses him of thinking that his marriage is going to fall apart because they lost their daughter. Dante asks is it?

Nick assures him that they love each other, so stay away from her. And stay away from his son. He takes a step toward him and tells him now get out of the way. Dante stops him and says Dominick isn’t going anywhere. Nick chuckles and says he’s really not serious, is he? Dante begs him to just let it go, please! Nick is adamant; he’s not going to let him keep from taking his son. Dante looks at him and tells him he’s not his son. Nick is stunned only temporarily and tells him to shut up and takes another step. Dante barks louder, “Dominick is not YOUR son.”

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