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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Taylor stands with the DNA printout of paternity for Dominick. Felicia is so sure of what it is going to reveal, she urges Taylor to hurry and tell Dante so she can live the rest of her days in peace.

At Stephanie’s, she laments to Eric she just can’t understand why Felicia is giving up. Eric counters with that the doctors have told her, there is no hope. Surely she doesn’t think Felicia doesn’t want to live or raise that little baby. She states that is why they must find other doctors. She regales that she went down to San Diego to see some specialists. He reminds her she told everyone she was going down there on business. She tells him she did not want to get Felicia’s hopes up, if there wasn’t any. Excitedly, she tells him it’s a long shot, but she could have a liver transplant. And she will take that chance. He says no, but she argues she doesn’t want to lose her daughter. She doesn’t understand because Felicia used to be such a fighter. Emphatically, Eric says she still is! She’s trying so hard to put everything in place before……..he can’t finish, he just hugs Stephanie for some comfort. He tells her they have to respect Felicia’s choice. She breaks away and says not if they are the wrong ones!

At the beach house out on the porch, Nick sits strumming his guitar and trying to sing a hopeful song, only finding it harder and harder to sound upbeat. Tears come to his eyes and his throat chokes. Bridget watches from the door with tears in her eyes as well. She finally comes out and bends down and puts her arms around him from his back shoulders. Solemnly, he tells her it’s just “you and me” now…..and she adds Dominick and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He treasurers that and embraces her face with his hand.

Frantically, Felicia tells Taylor that Nick is Dominick’s father; tell Dante! Slowly, Taylor remarks that the genetic markers have been examined very carefully. There is a 100% certainly and the baby’s father…….Dominick’s father is…….Dante. Crestfallen, Felicia says there must be some mistake – false positive. Dante is stunned – he’s a father? Taylor shakes her head to Felicia, no, the markers are a perfect match.

Devastated, Felicia sinks to a nearby couch with her head in her hands. She cries he’s Nick’s, he knew that before he was born. Why do they think she named him Dominick? And every day he gets more and more like Nick. Taylor tries to reassure her that the important thing is that her baby is happy and healthy. And Felicia adds that she told stories about his family and where he came from, and now one stupid test ruins everything. It’s destroyed everything she has built her son’s life around.

Still wrapped around Nick, Bridget mentions having a memorial for Nicole and he simply replies, “okay.” He tells her that no one will ever replace Nicole. She adds but Dominick has his own place in their hearts now. “We’re a family.” They exchange kisses on the cheek.

Felicia sits looking at the sheet of paper and swears this is a nightmare. Dante thinks it’s better that they know. She barks, how is it better? She offers that she is dying and the only solace she has is knowing that her son will be well taken care of, by a mother and a dad. A quick thought crosses her mind, nothing has to change. Bridget and Nick can still adopt her son as planned. It’s what’s best for him. He’s already their son in every way that matters. Dante fires back in every way except BLOOD. She glares at Dante and rebukes him for making her take this stupid test and she furiously crumbles the piece of paper.

Again, Taylor tries to console her that her son would eventually have found out and knew that she lied to him, and she doesn’t want that. And she thinks they need some time alone and to talk and try to figure out what they want to do. Dante speaks up right away and says there is nothing to talk about. Nick has to be told the truth! Felicia is crushed and says she has NO idea how she is going to tell Nick……or Bridget.

Stephanie answers the telephone and it’s Bridget. She assures Stephanie that she is okay and the reason she is calling is to see if they could have a gathering at her place, a memorial of sorts to honor Nicole. Stephanie thinks that would be a good idea; when would she like to do it? Bridget replies as soon as they could, perhaps tomorrow? Stephanie says that won’t be a problem. She will take care of everything, Bridget not to worry. Eric is beside himself, but she tells him she has something to take care of and she will see him later.

Back at the guest house, Dante escorts Felicia in. She tells him if he cares about his son at all, he’ll put his needs first. He assures her that is what he’s going to do. A baby should be with his biological father. She tells him don’t even tell her that he’s falling in love with him just because he shares his blood? He says yes he loves him; he’s his son. She says love takes time to grow; just like he’s hoping Bridget’s will for him when she finds out he’s the father. Her argues that Bridget has nothing to do with this, but she replies she won’t let him use her son to worm his way back into Bridget’s heart. He tries to explain to her that no one loves Dominick more than his real father. She, of all people, should know that. They have a son together. He knows she did not plan this; neither did he. Choking back his words, he says he wants to see him; he wants to hold him; he wants to tell him he loves him. And he wants him to know his father isn’t going to walk away from him…..and that’s why he’s going there right now!

She begs him not to. What will that prove? “Hi, I’m his real father. I need to see my son. You can’t do that!” She suggests that she call Nick and get him to bring Dominick over to them.

A shirtless Nick is lying in bed reading “A Shared Journey”, with Bridget sleeping beside him. He gets the phone. Felicia asks if he can bring Dominick over? She says she misses him and really needs to see him. He asks now? And says he will be right over. She tells Dante she can’t believe this is happening. He tries to tell her everything will be okay, but she slaps his hand away when he touches her. She sighs that it will NEVER be okay.

Bridget wakes up just long enough to realize Nick is getting ready to leave. He tells her Felicia called and she’s scared and lonely so he’s taking Dominick home. Bridget offers to just call Felicia and calm her. He tells her no, she’s pretty scared and needs her son. He kisses her and tenderly touches and caresses her face and says besides they are going to have Dominick for the rest of their lives.

Back home, Taylor is looking over papers when there’s a knock at the door. Stephanie apologizes for it being so late, but Taylor invites her in. Stephanie gives Taylor a peck on the cheek and asks how she’s doing? She cajoles that considering her marriage just fell apart, it’s been fun, but hey she’s not the only one. Seems like everyone is going through something right now. Reverently, Stephanie tells her that Bridget called earlier and wants to have a memorial service at the house tomorrow and Stephanie would like Taylor to be there. Stephanie offers that she knows it can be difficult her seeing Ridge with Brooke, but it could be the beginning of the healing process. Indeed the service could be a healing process for the entire family.

Taylor shrugs and walks away without saying anything. Stephanie awaits her answer. Stephanie spies the paperwork and asks what that is – Felicia has had some blood work? Taylor takes it and replies that is confidential. Stephanie tells her that is the other thing she wanted to see her about. She had gone to San Diego to see some specialists. It was a long shot but there is a chance and she wanted Taylor to talk to Felicia and make her understand convince her not to give up. She asks if Felicia is considering a new treatment? Is that the reason for the blood work? Taylor says it’s privileged. Stephanie states that she is her mother; she has to know what’s going on, but she says she will talk with Felicia when Taylor tells her again that it’s confidential. Taylor begs her not to; it will only make things worse. Stephanie opines that her daughter is dying; how can it be any worse? She says she doesn’t understand. Everyone is acting like they have all the time in the world to deal with Felicia. And she’s not going to sit around until she might be ready to talk. Taylor grabs her by the arm and hems and haws, that there are other people involved.

Bridget is in the kitchen drinking some tea when she spots the pink Nicole blanket. She walks over to it and lovingly picks it up and caresses it to her face and bosom. Choking back the tears, she lets her eyes wander to the mantle where she sees a photo of Nick and she with baby Dominick. She gives a slight laugh. She goes to the picture and picks it up, smiling and still hugging the blanket, says “my family.”

Nick shows up at the guest house and announces Marone and Son at Felicia’s service. And he jokes don’t say anything until she sees their act. She apologizes for calling him out so late. He remarks it’s okay, one of their favorite things to do is car rides. They have some of the best deep discussions, who’s going to win the World Series, the market updates…….She remarks again that she hates to have to take him away from Nick. And Bridget needs Nick as well. He fills her in on the memorial service tomorrow, if she is up to it.

He’s holding Dominick who is standing up on Nick’s knee. Nick beams that he loves him more than he ever thought he would. As Dominick wiggles, Nick tells her that he’s going to grow up to be a fine, young man, one she can be proud of. He hands Tiger over to his mommy and gives him, both a kiss. She just about dissolves as Nick innocently walks off, still not knowing the truth.

Dante walks out of the shadows and he absolutely is devastated and biting his lip to hold back his emotions. As Dante sits down, Felicia hands Dominick to him. He flashes those dimples as he looks over this adorable, little person, his son.

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