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Written By Wanda
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At Stephanie’s, Taylor still tries to convince a panicked Felicia to have the medical test then she will know who Dominick’s father is for certain. But, Felicia is adamant and says she told both of them, Taylor and Dante, who her son’s father is. She repeats again that Nick is Dominick’s father and he and Bridget are going to raise HIS son. Dante argues that’s because that is the way she wants it, but if he turns out to be the father, doesn’t he have some rights too? He tells her he is NOT backing down. They glare at each other.

At Brooke’s in her bedroom turned Love Den, she and Ridge sit casually on the bed, and he asks her to tell him they at least have a chance. She gives an innocent, coy look and says she never said there wasn’t. But, he admonishes that she hasn’t exactly been encouraging. She replies they both know why. He acknowledges that it was because he had hurt her terribly and she’s afraid of opening her heart to him. She tells him it’s a little more complicated than that. He states that he thinks if she is truly honest with herself, part of her still misses him. Part of her still wants back what they had.

At the beach house, Bridget pours herself some orange juice (good for her, at least it’s not booze like some people knowingly choose). Nick bounces in and apologizes for being a little later than he thought. It’s obvious she wasn’t expecting Dominick. Nick says he hopes it’s okay; he thought he could spend the night with them. She fakes a smile and says okay, sure, he’s his son. And it’s past his bedtime, so maybe Nick should put him down. Nick asks if she wants to help? With deer-in-the-headlights look, she proclaims she will do that later.

Felicia barks to Dante to turn around and go out that door and never mention a word again about this. Taylor tries to come between them as Dante fires back that she knows he can’t do that. What if?…..She barks right back, she can’t live her last days on what ifs. Taylor tells it straight; maybe she should. Maybe she should think about that. Because she is dying and her son is going to end up with only one biological parent. What if there is a medical situation? What if the doctors have to have critical information about who the real father is? Felicia justifies it that Dominick had a complete physical with blood work when they came back; he’s in perfect health. Taylor tells her that she, of all people, should know there is no guarantee in life. It doesn’t matter who’s going to be raising her son; they still have to know the biological father. Dante adds that is very critical and besides if she is so sure that Nick is the father…….Taylor tries to convince her that on the off chance that Nick isn’t the father, Dominick’s blood work is already on file at the hospital. They don’t even have to use him, and she can use her influence at the hospital and it can be done very discreetly.

Felicia softens a little and asks if nobody has to know? Not even Nick? Taylor nods; all they need is a sample of Dante’s DNA to compare with Dominick’s. Excitedly, she tells her they can put a rush on it and find out tonight. She slowly sits down and the others join her. Dante tells her he knows this sounds unfair, and it is. But, he honestly doesn’t know what else to do. He can’t walk away from this. His conscious and his heart won’t let him. Taylor asks will she do it? Reluctantly, Felicia nods okay. Dante reaches out to touch her and she recoils from the touch; a steely hatred in her eyes.

With his hands on hers on knee, Ridge asks how can he convince Brooke? She slips her hand away and tells him she is not sure he can. She sighs, or that she is even willing to take that risk of putting herself in a position of losing the man that she loves. Or opening herself up to all that pain….if she can’t be sure she is with a man who can commit to her. He asks but what if she can be sure? What if he would make that commitment to her right here and now? She bolts up; he stops her by putting his hands on her shoulders and remarks that they love each other like no two people ever have…..or ever will. But, he wants to make something very clear. He doesn’t want her coming back to him because she’s not able to make a life with Nick. He confesses he doesn’t really want to be with her if her heart is with someone else.

Nick comes out of the bedroom and tells Bridget that Dominick went right out. She apologizes for not helping him. He puts his hands on her and turns her around and tells her it is he that should be apologizing to her; it’s just too soon. He whispers he knows what she is going through. The pain inside like it’s never going away. But, he wants her to know she is not alone here. Nicole will always be a part of him. She always will be. He takes her by the hand and sits on the couch with her on his knee, his arms wrapped around her. He states that it’s like she said; Dominick will never be a replacement for Nicole, but he does need them. And maybe they need something else to think about other than what they have lost. Maybe if they focus on this little guy, it will help them both.

At the hospital, Felicia fills out papers with Dante hovering and pacing about. Taylor is conferring with the technician who will be conducting the test. Dante comes in and takes off his jacket offering his blood sample. The technician says they just do a simple finger prick or a swab from his cheek. Both are accurate but the swab is less invasive. Dante asks what about the mother’s sample? The guy says they can do it without her sample, but since she is here…..Felicia interrupts and tells them to please quit talking about like she isn’t there. All she cares about is accuracy, and once they know the results, there won’t be any question who the real father is….not that she has any doubts! Taylor asks is she having second thoughts about this? All eyes turn to Felicia.

Bridget pulls a tissue from the box and dabs her nose. She confesses to Nick she is trying to move on, but there are moments when she so at a loss. He’s sympathetic, but she breaks down again and dabs her eyes. She’s not sure she has room for anything else, or anyone else. And she does love Dominick; she loves him so much. She just doesn’t know if she can take care of him. She tables her doubts – what if she is so brokenhearted that she is unable to take care of his son? He shakes his head and says he doesn’t believe that for one second. He KNOWS her heart, “search it……it’s going to take time.” She cries that they don’t have time. Felicia is dying and she needs to know that someone will be there to take care of Dominick the same way she would. To love him the same way Felicia would and what if she can’t do that? What if she can’t love him and take care of him like she is his real mother? She pulls her feet up underneath her and bawls until finally Dominick fusses and Nick has to go to him. As she hyperventilates, he kisses her and pats her and says he will be back in a minute.

Brooke stares at Ridge and tells him what he is asking is if she will ever be over Nick. He contends he doesn’t really understand what the two of them shared, but……if she wants to be with him……She says what she wants is her daughter’s happiness. She and Nick may have lost their baby girl, but they still have a son to raise, “just like we do. They’re a family like we are.” She relays that he IS R.J.’s father and as much as he frustrates and angers her, she really does want to trust him. For themselves and their son. And for what may be in the future. But, he offers she is still not sure she can trust a commitment from him? She tells him she is sure of one thing; he is never going to stop reassuring her. He confesses, “I will do whatever it takes as long as it takes.” As long as he thinks there is a chance for them and their family. “Will you help me? Will you help me make it right this time?” He takes her into his arms and gives her a big hug, waiting for the answer, the answer he is looking for.

She finally pulls away and he says he has a million memories like this. And as the music plays, he listens intently and asks her to please dance with him. “Share those memories with me…..all of them…..just once more.”

She glides into his arms as we see flashbacks of a much younger couple, Brooke retrieving her engagement ring out of a champagne glass, him lovingly putting it on her finger, pillow fights, the birth of Bridget, a wedding on the beach, frolicking at the beach house, kissing in a mud bath, strolling the streets of Venice, another wedding, the birth of R.J. ….all to the tune of “Just Once More”. He muses so many memories, but none of them compare to this. He tells her he has loved her his entire life and always will until the day he dies.

Nick comes back out with Dominick. He can’t sleep and Nick doesn’t know if he’s thirsty or what. Bridget offers to hold him. Hesitant, he counters with he thinks he will take him for a walk, the fresh air and all. He starts to get up and she offers again. He stops in mid-stream, giving her a long, hard look. He asks is she sure? She says yes, she needs to try. Concerned, he gently hands him over and she puts him on her shoulder as Dominick fusses.

While waiting, Felicia sits and tells Dante that she realizes he has issues with Nick, but Dante knows what a special person Bridget is. How caring and compassionate she is. When Dante speaks, Felicia realizes he must think there is some chance that he and Bridget will raise Dominick together. He tells her no, it never crossed his mind, but, would it be so terrible? He admits that he loves her. Felicia counters with that Bridget loves Nick, they love each other, they’re married. He states Nick married her because of the baby and he’s not sure he loves her more than he loves Brooke. She barks for him to stop it. The tests will prove that Nick is the father and he and Bridget together will raise her son. That is the way it is going to be; that is the way it HAS to be.

With Taylor overlooking the technician’s shoulder, he pulls up the tests on the screen and asks her to look at the markings. She asks if they are conclusive? He nods yes and asks if she wants to tell them or should be? She replies she will. He hands her the papers and says he will give them some privacy.

Taylor glances at the paper and walks into the waiting room and announces to them that she has the results. And there is no question who’s the biological father. Felicia asks the big question, “tell me, Taylor. Who’s my little boy’s father?” Poker-faced, Taylor glances at the paper again and we see three sections of marks which I can not decipher for Dominick, Felicia and Dante.

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