The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/14/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Stephanie’s, Felicia feigns abdominal pain in order to keep Dante from telling Nick that he could be Dominick’s father. Nick helps her sit down. Dante has said he had some concerns and Nick asks what the hell was going on here? Felicia indicates to Nick that Dante is what is wrong when Nick asks. Nick barks to Dante that obviously his presence is upsetting Felicia so whatever he has to tell him will have to wait. And he tells him he thinks he ought to go. Get out! Dante glances at Felicia and then does as he is told.

With Dante gone, Nick wants to call the doctor, but Felicia asks him not to; she says she is feeling much better. And that he doesn’t need to stay either; Bridget needs him. He says he will take care of Bridget, but he wants to know what was going on here that got her so upset.

Brooke marches into her bedroom and goes, “what in the…….?” Her bedroom has been transformed into a boudoir with dozens of lit candles, flowers, music. Ridge, holding a wrapped gift, steps out of the shadows and tells her before she says anything, he knows it’s been a rough couple of days. And she replies which is one of the reasons she is in no mood for one of his romantic gestures. She doesn’t know what he’s thinking. (doncha just love how this guy is given carte blanche just to come and go at will anytime, anyplace in her home?)

She even goes and starting by blowing out one of the candles. He replies that he is thinking he’d love to see her in this….and hands the package to her, which she does not take. So he proceeds to untie the ribbon himself while saying he’ll do the honors himself. With a smirk on his face and a frown on hers, she daintily holds up a garish red and black valentine bra and matching thong (about all that was missing on the strategically placed valentines were the little tassels strippers might use). She utters, “oh my God, you are unbelievable. You still have no clue what I need from you.”

Felicia puts Nick off by saying this is not the time. Dante is gone, she’s fine and this is over. He knows she just doesn’t want to talk about it. And it’s not over, and he’s pretty sure it has something to do with him. Why isn’t she telling him? What’s the big secret here?

At Taylor’s, she pours herself a big glass of wine and sips it. The phone rings and it’s Hector. He says he hasn’t heard from her since her accident and he wanted to make sure she was okay. She seems pleased he has called and says she just got her car back and it looks great. He asks how is she? She remarks the cut on her head is fine, and she takes another sip. She tells him she knows that is not the reason he is calling. He says he worries about her and she asks him not to, she is adjusting just fine. He asks,“life without Ridge?" and she replies yes, it can be done. And she takes another sip. He offers he’d like to help any way he can. She tells him thank you and says he’s a sweetheart. His reply is that he wants to be more; she knows that. The doorbell rings and she tells Hector she must go get that; she’ll call him back a little later. He hangs up with a worried look still on his face.

She opens the door and Dante comes barging on in; saying he didn’t know where else to turn. He needs her advice. He immediately starts rattling, not making a lot of sense about a kid, and if he was the one……Taylor says she is confused; what is he talking about? Again, talking in riddles he mentions one night in Europe when he was still there. He dismissed it, perhaps he was in denial; he usually took precautions, but this wasn’t a typical night…..He sighs, what a mess, if it turns out that he is……

Taylor guesses by this point. Is he trying to tell her he might have gotten a woman pregnant? He replies yes, it’s a possibility, but he needs to know for certain. She asks why doesn’t he ask the mother? Then she is astounded when he says that’s where he has been; the mother is Felicia. Her little boy Dominick could be his son.

Brooke can’t stand to hold the outfit any longer so Ridge stands there with it. He states that she doesn’t like it? Brooke sighs, what she doesn’t like is that he thinks that lingerie is the answer to all their problems. His typical male chauvinist answer is, “then again, it might be. Come on, Logan, just try it on.” She admonishes him not to call her that anymore. She is NOT his Logan anymore. And he should take his lingerie and leave. She brushes past him. He asks isn’t she even going to read the card? He hands it to her so to oblige, she takes it. Opening up a large pink card with big red heart outside, she recites, “roses are red, violets are blue me, this card is cute, so why don’t you ……..” (be creative, fill in the blank). She says, "oh, my God, Ridge, you think this is going to work? Just get out!”

He throws up his hands and says okay, hold on, hold on, maybe that wasn’t the right card given her reaction to the lingerie. But if that wasn’t the right one, maybe one of these will be. He pours out a whole sack of a couple of dozen cards on the bed. He opines to her that he bought almost every damn card in the place, trying to find the right words that would win back her heart again. He begs, “come on, that’s got to account for something.” She laughs in amazement.

Nick puts Dominick back in the playpen, seems to be determined that Felicia does talk. She says she doesn’t want to talk about Dante. What she wants is for him to reassure her. That he and Bridget are going to be okay. He confesses that losing a child is like losing part of yourself, so it’s going to take Bridget time. Felicia admits she’s not sure she did the right thing putting Dominick in her arms so soon. But, Nick assures her they both know she was only trying to help. Felicia wants to make sure that Bridget understands that; she is worried about her. She’d been counting on the two of them to be Dominick’s parents, and now…..He does reassure her that they both love the little boy; they are both committed to him. But, this isn’t going to go away overnight, but they still want to give him the life he deserves; the life she wants for him. That hasn’t changed unless she knows something that he doesn’t.

Dante explains as best he can to Taylor about the night in Nice with his buddies, going to a club and finding Felicia dancing on the tables; the life of the party, or so it seemed at the time. And he senses she was on the rebound from some guy, and she was. It isn’t the way it sounds, but what happened between them seemed to be what she needed. Felicia thought he used protection, and he did the first time, but as the evening went on…..Taylor adds, so Felicia’s son could be his. He says yes, and he’d just come from her place. He told her everything and she is furious with him. He doesn’t blame her. She still thinks Nick is the father.

Taylor is still sipping her wine and tells Dante they need to get him a glass. (obviously she thinks everyone’s problems will be better solved with some alcohol). He declines and tells her he didn’t come there for wine. He thought if anyone could help him, it would be her. She confides that of course Felicia would be upset. She’s dying and she was counting on Bridget and Nick to raise her baby, but if Nick isn’t the father…….Dante starts doubting if he should have even told Felicia at all. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut, especially if it meant Felicia keeping her peace of mind where the kid is concerned. Because, he confides, the truth is, raising a child is the last thing right now he can imagine. She’s confused, then why did he go to Felicia in the first place? He replies that shouldn’t a child know who his real parents are? Taylor confesses in most cases yes, but there are always exceptions especially if one is ambivalent about being a parent. Which is what she doesn’t understand. If he was willing to raise Nick’s child with Bridget, then why wouldn’t he want to raise his own child?

He tells her it wouldn’t be the same thing. With him and Bridget, they would be a family and bring up the child together. So she asks, without Bridget in the mix, everything’s different? He replies that no, if the child is his, he will have a responsibility to him. But that means he will have to raise the boy as a single father. He asks is that better than him being raised by Nick and Bridget, in a stable two-parent home? She hesitates before offering that all relationships, no matter how solid they seem, always have their challenges. Nick and Bridget have just lost a child, one they wanted very much and a tragedy like that can either bring a couple closer together or…..He finishes the sentence…..or pulls them apart. And he believes that Nick went back to Bridget because of the baby. But, now things are different. Maybe the only thing holding them together is their obligation to Felicia and the child. She says she hardly thinks they look at is as an obligation. And that is not even the issue now. He knows, the issue is who is Dominick’s real father? And the only way to know is to have a medical test, but Felicia refuses to have one. She thinks that is understandable, but the first thing they have to remember is he needs to put what is best for her son first. He tells her that is what he’s trying to do, but he can’t do that without Taylor’s help. She shrugs she hasn’t talked to Felicia yet, so she doesn’t know anything about this. Dante begs her, then come with him, talk to Felicia. He’s got to get some answers and he has to get them tonight. He’s going to find out the truth, with or without her help!

Without revealing too much, Felicia continues to drill Nick if Bridget still feels the same way he does about raising Dominick? He understands her concerns. They lost a child and she might think they will have problems in their relationship, but that’s not the case, so she can just forget that thought. There will be adjustments, but hey, this guy is going to make the difference, especially for Bridget. He goes to Dominick and picks him up. He fusses a bit and Nick has to re-adjust and turn him around in his hands. He says Bridget will have to spend some time with him; feel that energy. He coos to Dominick he will have to throw some of that charm on tonight. Look at that face; he’s going to give him a nickname – cool breeze. Cool Breeze Marone. A fleeting thought goes through Felicia’s head with Dante telling her Dominick could be HIS son.

Nick confesses she really threw him the first time she told him this little guy was his, but now he couldn’t love him any more than he does. And there’s something he wants to talk to her about. It may not be the right time to bring it up. He knows Dominick is his son in every way, but…….She asks what? He replies that he’d like to make it official. He knows it probably says Forrester on his birth certificate. And it’s not a big deal, but if she doesn’t mind, he’d like to include his name. He’d like to call him Dominick Forrester Marone.

She beams, “mind? Nothing would make me happier. But, you’re wrong about something, you know.” She snuggles closer to him and Dominick. “It IS a big deal. Dominick Forrester Marone---it’s perfect, in more ways than you know.”

Sitting on the bed, Ridge laments that is every card he bought and not one of them says the words he wants to say. What’s a guy in love to do? She grins and asks is he giving up? He tells her no, he’s not giving up. He’ll never do that and he calls her Logan again. He can’t give up. Just the thought of them, holding her in his arms, her lips against his, it’s seared into his mind and his heart. It always will be for the rest of his days. He reaches out and puts his hands on hers. He knows it’s probably very hard for her to imagine considering how he has hurt her. She nods in agreement while still looking like she is contemplating and leaning toward what he is saying. He implores her if there is the tiniest hope that he could win back her love and her heart, even the tiniest bit, then please tell him. “Tell me, and make this the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had in my life. But, tell me there’s some hope for you and me.”

Felicia sits before the fireplace looking through a photo album of photos of she and Dominick and him and his grandparents. And out loud she comments that he’s such a lucky little boy to have such a loving family who will love him and take care of him always. From the front door, she hears Taylor’s voice calling her name (again, don’t you hate when people just walk into other people’s homes?). She obviously doesn’t mind Taylor coming in, but stiffens when she sees Dante as well. She blasts them and hopes they didn’t come together. Dante had NO right.

Taylor says she came because she is concerned and wants to help. Felicia barks that if she wants to help, then tell lover boy here to take his stupid ideas and take a hike, and leave her and her son alone. Plunging ahead, Taylor sits her purse down and asks is she saying there is not a possibility, not even a chance? Felicia is adamant – NO! And she turns on Dante and says she must have been out of her mind to go to bed with someone like him. Dante blasts back, but she did! Because she was on the rebound from Nick, a guy she had just had sex with a couple of weeks before. So, how can she say Dante is not the father? Felicia fires back because a mother knows who’s her baby’s father. So, for the last time, he’s to drop this! He tells her she might be able to go on instinct, but he can’t. She mocks and that is because he is such a fine and upstanding man. Yeah, so upstanding that he picks up drunk women in bars and takes them home and has sex with them without protection. “Yeah, you’re a real choir boy, Dante.” (well, what does that say also about herself?)

Taylor tells her this isn’t helping. Felicia points at him and says she wants him out NOW! He points right back to her and says throwing him out isn’t going to solve a damn thing, because he’s not going to stop until he finds out the truth. Taylor tries to referee by saying this won’t help anything. They are emotional and it’s not going to help them resolve anything with them attacking each other. Felicia declares there is NOTHING to resolve because he is NOT the baby’s father.

Dante urges her to PROVE it. Let them take a test and find out! Felicia blurts out she can’t believe she is listening to this, or that Taylor is. Taylor reminds her that she is not taking sides. She hopes Nick is the father, for everybody’s sake. But, even if Dante is the father, wouldn’t it be better for her to know so she could plan her little boy’s future? Emphatically Felicia states that her son’s future is with Bridget and Nick. Taylor tells her then they need to put this to rest right now and settle it once and for all with a medical test. Because until she does, that really is the only way.

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